20 *BEST-SELLING* Fashion Items from AMAZON! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. 3-Pack Waffle-Knit Tanks (Waist Length):
2. Lounge Set(S):
3. Fuzzy Pullover(M):
4. Fleece Zip-Up(S):
5. Butter Leggings(OS):
6. Ribbed Leggings(S):
7. Ribbed Joggers(S):
8. Striped Sweater(S):
9. Pink Cardigan(S):
10. Scalloped Stripe Cardigan(S):
11. Elevated Sweater Top(S):
12. Trouser Pants(XS):
13. Lilac Dress(S):
14. Black Everyday Bag:
15. Scrunch Socks:
16. Converse High Top Sneakers(True-to-Size):
17. Flare Legging Jumpsuit(S):
18. Denim Vest(XS):
19. Leather Jacket(S):
20. 42-Piece Earring Set:

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Today I sharing 20 bestselling Amazon Fashion items that I really think you Will love for everything the quality is Truly impressive so if you're interested In anything it'll all be linked Down Below in the description box and I'll Also pin everything in the comment Section by the numbers you see on screen So as we go along just jot down your Favorites but if you're already eyeing Up this pink cardigan I love it and Don't worry it is coming up but we're Actually going to start with a couple Basics so these are waist length tank Tops so I have have recommended like a Three pack of crop tops in the past that I love but I know some people want them To be a little bit longer and so I Wanted to order these see how they were And I and I really like them because They're actually a waffle knit material Instead of a ribbed material which I Like both but I've realized that a Waffle knit it doesn't have a tendency To ride up as much it's just a different Type of material it's just really Comfortable this also comes in tons of Color options so I got black like a Chocolate brown and like a khaki beige And it's the waist length option so you Can definitely still get these cropped If that's your preference but I went With waist and if they're just longer And so I know some people out there

Might prefer that and it's just such a Good wearable basic you you wear them by Themselves or you can wear them with Dress clothes or wear them as a Bas Layer like they're just really good okay So I do want to say something and I know I've said this before but not everyone Watches every single video but obviously I don't need all of these clothes but my Job has kind of turned into ordering a a Lot of things and weeding out the bad Stuff and then sharing what I think is Actually worth it and what is really Good quality and it helps you guys and You guys really enjoy it like me so I Don't need this but it is a lounge set And also I donate everything that I Don't actually I mean some things I keep But a lot of things I end up donating to Different organizations that help women So I want you to know like things that I Don't always keep do go to good places But this Lounge set is just so darn cute It's so nice I love the pattern I love The style I love the quality I love the Material I love the length of the shorts Like it's such a good length of short Like they're not too they're not too Short um and they're yeah I just I Really like PJ sets that are shorts I've Been saying that for years I just feel Like you can actually wear them to bed And the the pants if you wear pants they Get all like twisted and mixed up in the

Sheets and you have to take them off Before you actually get into bed but These you can literally wear them around The house look really cute but then Actually sleep in them now what's ironic Is there's so many things in this video That I am planning on keeping for myself Because I love it so much like this Fleece pullover I don't normally go for Such a vibrant blue but oh my gosh I Love this now you don't have to get it In blue but it totally reminds me of Free People it is so soft it's thick it Is soft on the inside and outside I love The contrasting detail of the two blue Colors but again it does come in many Other colors and and this blue though And and some of the other Shades Available it's just vibrant and nice There are more neutrals as well but this Just it's a pop and it it looks so nice And I love it so much so definitely Recommend this but I will let you know I Got a medium in this most things I get Smalls but for everything that I'm Sharing in this video I will have my Sizing details listed beside each item Because I know that can be really Helpful when ordering now I also just Had to put this in the video I've had This for over a month and it's just what I'm reaching for daily I even put it in A recent obsessions video I don't even Know if I've posted that video yet but

This is great but it's a full zip so It's kind of different than the last Pullover which is a halfzip this is a Full zip so you can actually wear this As a jacket if you want but I tend to Make it kind of a half zip I'll pop the Color it's so soft and thick as well Tons of color options like everything But for this I actually did get a small So next we have two things from the Brand satina which is my favorite Amazon Leggings brand I've recommended the Butter leggings for years they're just The stretchiest softest one siiz only Leggings so I can I wasn't planning on Really sharing those but I'll just link Them down below if you want to check Them out they're like 15 bucks and just Like the best leggings but satina Recently launched their ribbed leggings So that's what I will link under this Number and they're very similar I mean They're leggings but they're a nice Ribed material so they have some texture And I just feel like they're thicker and They hide you know any problem areas I Feel like some people might might have The price is also just phenomenal and I And I really like them so that's that But then under the next number I want to Link the satina ribbed joggers that they Launched now between the two ribbed Options oh my gosh these rib joggers Guys so impressive I swear this is one

Of those situations where if you Blindfolded me or just handed me these Joggers and said these are $90 I'd be Like for sure you got this at like a High-end apartment store they are Amazing they look expensive they feel Expensive they're so stylish I love the Cut of them I just really really really Recommend these rib joggers now this Like a lot of things in the video is Just a very top rated best-selling Sweater but this especially like people Just love this and I actually have it in Another color I think but it also now Comes in a striped version I love the Black and white stripes it's just really Classic I feel like you can wear it in a Lot of different ways I love it with Leggings maybe a pair of boots I love How it's a little bit long so it covers Your butt it's just super soft it's Thick it's nice and it comes in a lot of Solid colors as well so if that is your Preference um definitely consider that As well and I am wearing a small so it Is meant to be a bit oversized all right So we have made it to this pink cardigan Which you would typically wear it Probably more as a shirt but I mean it Is a cardigan because it does button Down the front but I love it to pieces I Mean it's like way after Valentine's Day Now so I mean it would be great around The month of February but it's such a

Pretty pink and white color you can wear It year round perfect for spring into The summer because it is bright just Wear whenever but I love it it's so soft Um the print is vibrant I've worn it Twice out and both times I got multiple Compliments on it it's just eye-catching But in in a nice way so I definitely Recommend this and then another cardigan From Amazon that I've had this for Months and months and months but again Every single time I wear this I get Compliments on it or I'll get people Asking me where I got it so it's from Amazon it's held up great I love the Scalloped pattern that is what people Are drawn to it's just like a nice Contrast it does come in other colors But I really do like the ivory and black It's just warm it's cozy and it just Doesn't look like every other cardigan Out there and again the price is so good So yeah I love it fun fact did you know That 67% of you watching this video Right now are not actually subscribed to My channel which is totally fine but if You haven't yet subscribed and maybe you Enjoy watching my videos even the Amazon Ones I would love for you to subscribe Down below it's totally free now this Sweater top it's like a fancier elevated Sweater top with really detailed buttons The sewing the stitching like it is high Quality but it does come with a higher

Price point it's it's the most expensive Thing in this video I mean it's it's way Under $100 I'm just saying it is more Expensive than an average or typical Amazon piece of clothing but it's by the Brand Urban revivo or Urban revivo and So it's a brand that's also outside of Amazon I was drawn to it I wanted to see What it would be like I ordered it and I Think it's amazing like it it's it's Really high quality I love it even with Jeans you can kind of make it casual Kind of Chanel esque but it also looks Really good with dress pants and so that Leads me to the next um piece of Clothing that I wanted to share these Trousers so these are the bestselling Trousers on Amazon so many reviews People just love this you can get these In so many different colors I have them In a beige couldn't even find them I Know I have them somewhere I recently Got them in this camel color and they're Just so nice they look really good with This top even if you don't like this top Like if you're just you know maybe You're back at the office and you just Want to try a new pair of dress pants Definitely recommend these they're more Wideleg they're flowy they look great With Flats but you can even wear them With heels yeah I just can't say enough Good things about them and then another Dressier option is this sleeveless dress

Which I fully expected to be either a Hit or miss I didn't know what to expect But it's been a hit oh my goodness does This dress like when I'm wearing it I Feel like it looks really good um I love How the sleeveless detail like the Sleeves not that they're sleeves but you Know what I mean like it comes over far Enough on your arm that you can wear Whatever bra you want with it and you're Not going to see the straps and then I Love how there is a slight slit nothing Too high on your leg though but it Allows you to walk in the dress way Easier and it is really stretchy so it's Form fitting but not too tight I love The lilac color that I picked out but Obviously you don't have to get that Color um I do think this will be great For spring you can even throw on a Little jacket if you're too cold and Then like wear it into the summer it'd Be a great casual dress or you could Wear it to church or a dinner party or Maybe even a bridal shower I've also Just been loving this purse like every Day and it's funny that again it is just An Amazon bag and it's not nothing Designer or anything but it's just so Useful functionaly easy to use you can Just sit it there it stands up the Zipper is so smooth it holds like a Really good amount but it's not too big There's different sections in there it

Comes with an extra wallet and then the Drop length on the shoulder is perfect So that you know you can easily put it Over your shoulder and it just looks Good with everything so again if you're Just looking for a really good stylish Yet basic bag this one is it whoops I Should have talked about these scrunch Socks when I was talking about the Leggings earlier in this video because I Feel like scrunch socks look the best When you are wearing leggings but I put These in a recent Amazon viral video Because these These are so viral but They are bestselling and they're just a Fashion trend that people are loving Myself included so I got the variety Pack of some bright colors but also some Neutrals like gray black and white and I Really mainly go for the black and the Gray and the white but I think some of The fun colors could be nice but here's Just a quick video vertically of me Wearing that blue fleece pullover with Some leggings and some white scrunch Socks with sneakers and the whole outfit Just looks so nice I'm comfortable I Feel on Trend and stylish I know it's Not for everybody but scrunch socks are Just really nice to have and you can Wear them high up like under boots if You're wearing tall boots but I do like To scrunch them down and wear them with Sneakers oh and if you notice the high

Top sneakers that I was wearing in that Video with those scrunch socks they are The high top Converse sneakers that are Really chunky on the bottom and I just Feel like they look the best with the Scrunch socks they look great for all Kinds of different outfits especially Even with leggings um but I just love How much tread there is I love how Chunky it is and they're just really Comfortable they're gushy inside I got a 7 and 1/2 so they are true to size I Didn't size up or down now this flared Leggings jumpsuit it's like a one piece Jumpsuit it was also in the viral Amazon Video because this is so viral and Popular but I want put it again in this Video because it looks really good with The next item I am sharing but if you Haven't tried the one piece jumpsuit It's not for everyone but I love how This one again is an instant outfit you Can add a jacket to it and it just like Pulls everything together without really Putting much brain power into an outfit It's really comfortable and I especially Just love how it's flared leggings on The bottom which I just love flared Leggings and so this is whole overall Look I personally do really like but Let's move on to this next denim vest so There's just something special about This denim vest I was immediately drawn To it my assistant Katie actually put it

On the list for me to potentially order And try and I immediately loved it and I Don't I don't know why I'm so into vest Lately because I used to legitimately Hate them but I just feel like they're a Third accent clothing piece like you add It to something and it just puts the Whole outfit together kind of like that Jumpsuit that I just showed you you add This and it just looks so good and Obviously you don't have to wear it with That jumpsuit you could throw this on With a lot of things like maybe a Sweatshirt a t-shirt whatever leggings And it's just it's just going to elevate The outfit and then this is also very Impressive and shocking to me this is a Number one bestseller it is an oversized Faux leather jacket and let me just tell You it does not seem like it would be a Faux leather jacket this seems fantastic It's like4 something dollars it seems Like it could be like hundreds I did get A small so it's meant to be a bit Oversized and it comes in several other Colors to like a burgundy a deep deep Olive green would be really nice I just Got basic black but you can just again Throw it on um it can obviously wear it To actually keep you warm but it also Would make a really nice accent like Look at the outfit they styled even on The product page I just wore it with Jeans and the tank tops I showed at the

Beginning of the video and it's just a Really nice Chic outfit now I wanted to Share this 42 piece set of earrings okay This is the only thing in the video that I didn't order myself because Lord knows I just have so much jewelry but it's From a brand that I have ordered other Things from and they're great um and if You look at the reviews like I'll pop Some here on the screen like people are So impressed with this set of earrings Now 42 earrings is insane like you don't Need 42 earrings but a lot of people Said that they order some themselves and There's a huge variety and they've given Them out as gifts to other people and The quality is fantastic and it's like 145 bucks I think I mean I think it's on Sale but for 42 pairs of ear eggs that Are all just different so I want to Share that with you in case you are Interested but everything in this video Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section I hope You enjoyed subscribe if you're new and I'll see you in my next video bye