20 Best-Selling Fashion Items from AMAZON! Everything is linked here & the comments!!
1. Knit Set (S):
2. Dior-Inspired Tote:
3. Purse:
4. Earrings:
5. Chanel-Inspired Slingbacks (true-to-size):
6. Flowy Summer Dress (S):
7. Straw Prada-Inspired Bag:
8. Cover-up (S):
9. Lavender Romper (M):
10. Sequin Dress (S):
11. Blue & White Two-Piece Set (XS):
Straw Bag:
12. Form-Fitting Dress:
13. Nippies:
Nippies Uplift:
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14. High Neck Bodysuit (XS):
Tank Top(S):
15. Waffle-Knit Top (M):
16. Sweatshirt Short Set (S):
17. Black One Piece (XS):
Ivory One Piece (S):
18. Ray-Ban Lookalikes:
Sporty Sunglasses:
19. Flower PJ Short Set (S):
20. White Belt:

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(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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I have so many good Amazon fashion items In this video everything as always will Be linked Down Below in the description Box and also pinned in the comment Section by the number you see on screen None of this video is sponsored these Items are either best selling or I was Just really drawn to them I think Everything is super Chic and stylish Perfect for summer so let's get started With the first item which is this Two-piece set that I am wearing which I Did get it in like a beige Ivory neutral Tone but there's so many options as far As colors as with everything from Amazon But I thought this would be great for Vacation great for just really many Occasions this summer it's just very Very wearable and it looks so stylish I Love it so much you'll see me pair it With a few other things as well so like This top with the mock neck you can pair It with other bottoms but I don't know I Love the the pants that it comes with They're so incredibly soft it can be More casual or you can definitely dress It up now number two this tote bag It totally looks like Dior like a Dior Tote bag oh my gosh I just love it it's So nice it's nice and thick it's not Like insanely big either there's there's Other tote bags it's just like it takes Over your entire body this isn't too Small it's not too big it's obviously

Great for just carrying like your Everyday items also would be great for Vacation it's neutral So It Goes With Everything the actual print is really Pretty with the flowers and some some Tropical like tiger and and parrot I Don't know I just I really really like It and then there's this bag which I Think also looks really nice with this Outfit this bag looks great with Everything I think that's why I'm so Drawn to it it's just a very stylish bag That you can wear in a lot of ways Obviously it can be a shoulder bag or You can wear it crossbody as well but if You actually take the strap and actually Stuff it inside the bag it turns into a Clutch which would be great for like a Night out now I love it in this ivory Color I feel like it just goes with Everything and it's not so starkly white Where it's going to show dirt at every Angle there is still some color to this Obviously if you want to get it in more Of a pop like a brighter color that Would be good too next we have these Earrings I don't know if you notice them They're the number one best-selling Earrings on Amazon right now that's the Only reason I stumbled upon them so I Ordered them and they just look so nice They almost look like Hoops but they're Technically a stud but they're chunky They're noticeable but not weirdly

Overwhelming but they're Hollow as well So they're not really heavy but they are Gold plated so they look real they just Look so stylish they're kind of trendy And they're only 15 that is the best Part okay I'm sharing these shoes next Because again they look good with this Outfit and I did put them in another Video but people went insane for them uh So I think there's just a lot of people That if you missed that video you'd be Drawn to them so they are Chanel Inspired slingbacks these are so nice I Had the actual real Chanel slingbacks a Few years ago I ended up selling them Because they just didn't fit me well and I ended up ordering these because they Had amazing reviews a fraction of the Price and these actually are way more Comfortable so these are true to size so Keep that in mind I am a true seven and A half that is what I ordered sometimes When you see the back of my heel I tend To size up but based on the reviews I Did not and these fit me perfectly there Are other colors as well but this is Definitely like the classic Chanel color Combo I have so many other outfits and Clothes to get to so up next we have This flowy long summer dress perfect for Summer I'm telling you guys this is the Most comfortable easy to wear dress ever And I have it in this army green color That you're seeing

Um it's just oh my gosh it's just so Nice you can wear it in so many ways Super super casual like you're just Running to Walmart it's just such a Go-to dress that I reach for all summer Long so I've actually had this for a Couple years now another bag I want to Share with you is this Paris straw bag Which looks almost identical to the Prada straw bag that is ever so popular Um this is how much better price point Looks almost identical obviously it is You know kind of see-through but that's Kind of the fun of it this is perfect For vacation the beach the pool it could Even just be for everyday use Um especially in the summer this is Definitely a fun summer bag I just love The look of it okay now speaking of Summer the beach the pool things that Are see-through let's talk about this Swimsuit cover-up this is I guess kind Of like the the sexiest swimsuit Cover-up I think I've ever found and It's not like it's revealing it's just You know specifically holy you can kind Of like see your swimsuit peeking out I'm wearing a two-piece you could wear a One-piece it it cinches here at the Waist so it just gives you some nice Shape to your body it's really long so It's like a classic cover-up but it's Just a much more stylish one and you can Get whatever color you want as well to

Kind of maybe go with a swimsuit you Already have but to me this color would Really just go with anything now so far In this video I've shared a lot of Neutrals so let's jump into some color Some really pretty color starting with This lavender Romper yes it is a romper It is not a dress although it looks like A dress it there are shorts underneath So you can wear it and be comfortable And carefree uh and it does come in Other colors but I got lavender because I'm seeing the Taylor Swift concert in a Couple weeks and you know lavender Haze I'm not sure if I'm gonna wear it yet But there's just other there's other Options but this is really really pretty And the straps are adjustable so Sometimes that's helpful with rompers so That it fits your torso well it's just Super pretty now I also ordered this for The Taylor Swift concert I feel like not Everyone's gonna love it now this is the Lover era for all of you people that Have no idea about Taylor Swift this is Like going along with that particular Album A lot of people are dressing up in The different eras of her her career but I don't think I'm wearing this I feel Like I might be a little uncomfortable For like an eight hour day because it's Sequins but it's so pretty so again I Just wanted to share it in case you have Any reason that you could wear this

Because I do again think it is so Incredibly pretty it's like a subtle Sparkle oh my gosh this next outfit I feel like you do need to have somewhat Of an occasion to wear it like perfect For vacation or a party or get together I saw this photo and I just oh my gosh I Loved it on Amazon and I took a risk I Didn't it didn't have many reviews so I Was like this could be bad uh but no Turns out it's great it's a two-piece Two-piece set and so it's gonna show a Little bit of your stomach so some People might not like that but the Straps at the top are adjustable so you Can get it to fit you really nicely and Then the pants are high-waisted and this Color combo as I've said time and time Again is so classic to me so beautiful And feminine just like this white and Blue color it's just vibrant it's Eye-catching it's stylish it's Chic and Classic it just checks all the boxes for Me I love it oh and I am gonna link this Straw bag under this same number which I Wasn't planning on putting this bag in The video but since the model was Wearing something similar and I Remembered I had this bag and it's Really strong and sturdy I've had it for A few years I thought I would just share It with you guys or link it if you're Interested and we're back to neutrals uh But this I am so impressed with the

Quality of this dress oh my gosh it's so Stretchy So Soft it's very form-fitting Very tight very much reminds me of the Popular skims dresses that are very nice But very pricey expensive this is a much Better option so if you're into that Look where it's just kind of form Fitting the whole way down go for this Lots of color options I really like this Beige that I got it's a very neutral Toned beige oh and it looks so good Again with this Ivory crossbody or Clutch bag again just another example of Like this really does just look good With everything now if you're wondering What bra you should wear with that skin Tight dress it can be tricky a lot of Summer outfits sometimes you know you Don't want the bra strap hanging out so I wanted to share the silicone sticky Boobies as I call them these are the Nippies I wanted to put them in this Video because they work so well with That dress and so many other things but Really because I was able to get a Discount code for you guys this is not Sponsored I just reached out to the Brand said I was gonna share them and They did give me a code so I'll put it Here on the screen you can enter that at Checkout and you'll get a discount so These are by far the best silicone Covers I've ever used and I've ordered a Lot of Brands these are just the

Thinnest the most sticky you can reuse Them over and over again Um they're so thin around the edges so They're completely seamless I'm wearing Them you can't even tell and they also Come in a lot of skin tone so you can Really match your skin perfectly now the Code will also work for the nippies Uplift which I just got these they just Launched them but it's basically really Stretchy skin fabric that you can put on And that you like Stick It and lift it So it gives you more support you can Actually create cleavage and it again Comes in other tones and you can cut Around the edges it gives you an outline So this would be for like a double D but You can all go all the way down to an A Or a B now this bodysuit is also real Really tight and very smoothing it's Also by the brand rioria which is the Same brand as that tight dress that I Just shared now this is something that Is double lined though so you don't have To wear a bra with it you don't even Have to wear the sticky boobies with it It's just nice and thick and so smooth It's just like the best bodysuit or tank Top it also comes in a tank top you've Probably seen me wear it countless times In videos I have these in so many colors Like I just keep buying them um it's Just like a summer go-to wardrobe Essential so if you haven't tried these

Yet again either in the bodysuit or the Tank top you really should this is a Waffle knit shirt jacket that I often Pair with those bodysuits or tank tops It really looks like a free people piece That is like 80 or 90 dollars but this Is such a better price and I just always Throw it on like even in the summer this Would be great for fall winter all the Seasons but even in the summer I am Freezing in restaurants Mall like places Just blast the AC and so I love grabbing This and just throwing it on as a little Extra layering piece now this is another Two-piece set Beyond impressed with it Looks so Luxe and plush and soft it's a Two-piece sweatshirt and short set first Of all the color is stunning don't have To pick this color I shared it in my Travel Essentials video actually because I think this is a perfect airplane or Travel outfit because it is short so You're you're comfortable and then you Can you know put on maybe like a tank Top underneath this if you get hot you Can take it off but it's a just an Instant outfit looks so good together Coordinated but really it's like just so Plush and soft like hopefully you can Tell by the footage that it just it's Just thick and nice and looks expensive Now here is another instant outfit I Love grabbing these I've got two options One that is black with spaghetti straps

Um and the other that is more ribbed and It actually has short sleeves but as you Can see it's like a one piece you can Even work out and exercise in it but I Actually love Um throwing this on and then putting on A white button-down shirt as a layering Piece maybe throwing on some sunglasses And some sneakers and you just look Really sporty and Chic and it's just Like a nice stylish easy outfit it it's Just one of those things where it looks Like you tried you really didn't try and I don't know I don't know which one I Like better I love this ivory color but Black is also classic now speaking of Sunglasses I'm going to link both of These sunglasses under this same number Um let's start with the ones that look Like Ray-Bans that I just wore in that Outfit these are so nice they're like Pro I am I don't know they're like 16 And I'm telling you they look like Ray-Bans they feel high quality there's So many color combos if you like gold Silver whatever tone you want for the Actual glasses these are gradient they Are so darn nice so get these skip the Ray-Bans Um and then if you want something that's More sporty I also love these I believe These are currently the best selling um It fluctuates all the time on Amazon but These are the current best sellers on

Amazon Um just more of a sporty Vibe for some Bizarre reason I am continually drawn to Matching PJ short sets do I need them no I I have so many short sets but I feel Like some of you don't but anyway I was Drawn to the flowers the flowers got me Um just the color combo in general I Love it I also really like how if you Notice the inside is actually darker so That this isn't see-through whatsoever But it's still really light colored so If you don't have a PJ shorts set Consider them so much more comfortable Than pants I'm telling you they don't Get all twisted you can actually get in Bed or cuddle up on the couch and you're Just way more comfortable I literally Got this white belt yesterday so it's a Very last minute addition to this video But I really like it and I haven't been Into belts lately for some reason but I Was drawn to this gold buckle Um I think it's subtle yet noticeable And I loved the way it looked with this Outfit it just brought it up a notch it Just made it look a little bit more Elevated so I did get it in white though Because I thought it looked more summery And Airy but it also comes in Black so You can consider that one too everything That I shared in this video will be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comment section

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