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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing 20 Chic winter Wardrobe Essentials so I do this video Every single year I'll be sharing some Accessories clothing pieces some shoes I'm really excited to share everything I Have some stylish yet really warm and Also practical wardrobe pieces that I Wanted to share with you guys today as Always everything will be linked down Below if you happen to be interested in Anything and let's go ahead and hop Right in start off with outwar because I Have some outerwear that is really warm That I think is perfect for winter so if You're looking for a blazer that you Want to wear to work or even outside of Work uh this wool Blended blazer from Abian fit is fantastic it is fully lined On the inside it's really thick really Warm and it comes in multiple colors as Well it comes in petite regular and Tall Too for size reference I'm wearing extra Small petite I shared this recently and Actually I've had the cream color of This coat for years this is a great Great jacket even for fall you would Just wear a lighter layer underneath it But perfect for winter you can layer Thicker knits underneath it if you stick With your true size so that way you have A little bit of extra room to wear Thicker knits underneath it but it is Great to style with like skirts trousers

Jeans it's all around really good basic And then if you look close up it has a Hering bone pattern to it like a very Slight Herring bone pattern I think just The gray color has this the other colors Are different now if I'm suggesting a Warm wool Blended coat also a couple Options from abomi I think I've compared These two before but the chamel colored One is the classic dad coat and then This gray one is a new one ever comi Released this year this is their blanket Coat I love both of them so much but it Purely just depends what your personal Style and preferences obviously the dad Coat is more fitted really classic but The blanket coat is also slightly fitted But still has a relaxed yet classic look To it and both of them are really warm So the blanket coat is unlined but the Dad coat is fully lined if we're Comparing worms I feel like they're Quite similar on honestly if anything Maybe the dad coat is a little bit Warmer for the dad coat I would suggest Staying true to size with this one I Personally went down to size and I've Been saying for years that if I were to Repurchase it I would get my normal size Uh the blanket coat I actually did go Down to size in this one it went with Double extra small and I actually really Like that fit on me it's not too Oversized because blanket coats tend to

Run kind of big and oversized so for me Being petite I like going down a size in This style but if it's a fitted style Like the dad coat I definitely suggest Staying true to size but both are Fantastic for winter if you have more Mild Winters meaning it's not too cold You know we have days here in Washington Where I mean winter is pretty cold but It's not like super cold where sometimes I don't have to whoop out like my really Thick coats I can get by with a little Bit of a thinner wool coat but still Wearing a thicker knit underneath it so This is the wool coat by goelia I love This so freaking much it has like such a Classy and elegant look to it I Specifically love wearing turtlenecks or Sweaters that have a higher col collar Underneath it since this jacket is Collarless the turtle that just Peaks Out really adds to the jacket and I love The button detailing on the jackets it Has two big pockets in the front this is A great winter fall winter coat uh but Specifically if your Winters are mild uh And this comes a little bit more relaxed So you can definitely layer thicker Knits underneath it I'm wearing a pretty Thick turtleneck under this jacket coat And it fits perfectly doesn't feel too Stuffy not too thick so I love love love This one okay let's share some top Sweaters so this one I shared recently

In my abber cromie haul if you haven't Seen that video I'll link it up here but This is a fantastic basic layering piece For winter it is so thick if you've Purchased it uh maybe you have it this Is so thick like if you're looking for a Just a classic layering piece for winter Truly you guys this is the best one and Abami I feel like are just doing so good In quality lately fits beautifully Sleeves are Tad long but folding them as I always say works fine for me and the Length of it is perfect not too long not Too short really easy to tuck in just a Great fitted long sleeve that's on the Thicker side or much thicker side to Keep you really warm but you can still Easily layer it because it's fitted this I also shared in my ab comi haul this Has been like a bestseller on their site I love it for more of like a fancy or Dressy sweater for winter time it's Definitely thick enough to keep you warm And as well as layer under some jackets To keep you extra warm love the button Detailing they're actually done really Really well quality is amazing the Length of this is incredibly petite Friendly I actually wore this to church The other day and I was just so happy With just how well it fit me I didn't Have to like fuss around with it during The day just sat laid beautifully on my Body and was just really comfortable to

Wear from morning to night so this is More of a lighter layer I'm always Putting striped shirts or sweaters in my Like capsule wardrobe Style videos uh This Alexa sweater makes an appearance Probably every single one of my C Capsule videos because I mean it is a Splurge for sure it's by saon it's Ridiculous in price but it is my most Worn striped shirt sweater it is so Versatile it fits really well this is Definitely a lighter layer so this is Something you know if you're wearing it For winter you'll want to wear some of Your like thicker wool coats with it to Keep you warm it just goes beautifully With everything it's transitional it can Wear all winter spring in definitely It'll be too warm for summer but you can Definitely wear it most of the year just Depending on where you live next next up For some thicker knits so this is a long Sweater shirt this is something that's Great to wear with full leather leggings Regular leggings so with some knee high Boots or some combat boots this is a Really really great piece for uh winter Time and even fall it's really thick Really warm love the stripes I shared This in my Amazon haul video recently And it comes in multiple colors as well I'm wearing the double extra small and This is just such a cute flattering fit It's split on the sides um very petite

Friendly really warm and just a great Piece I found from Amazon that is fairly Priced and that is so stylish at the Same time you live in an area where it Gets cold in the winter pretty cold uh Having like a thicker um 100% cashmere Wool turtleneck is such a must I love This one because it's uh thicker this is By Lily silk I've had this for several Months I love it so much I think it Comes in multiple colors and the Material this is 70% wool and 30% Cashmere it's definitely really warm I Love the ribbed turtleneck it's also Ribbed on the sleeves here the cuffs and Then on the hemline it's really Flattering definitely petite friendly And something that'll keep you so warm Because it's made up of wool and Cashmere so if you live somewhere where It's pretty cold investing into a Sweater like this I think will go such a Long way in your wardrobe it'll keep you Warm it's stylish it's classic you can Easily layer it under your other wool Coat I do love Lily silk I also love Quints their prices are a little bit More affordable if you're comparing it To Lily silk but this Lily silk sweater I feel like the difference between Quints is that it's much thicker uh so This is something I definitely suggest If you need a thicker sweater to keep You really warm next up is another Lily

Silk sweater uh I love this one because It's so petite friendly and I love the Ripped collor it's not like quite a Turtleneck um but it's not a crew Neckline it's kind of like halfway but It's done in such a flattering way so It's ribed here it's ribbed at the Hemline and on the Cuffs here the length Is perfect especially if you're petite Do a cute little front tuck fits Beautifully the material is made up of 70% wool 30% cashmere so uh I love this Option as well I mean I think between The two it's hard to pick a favorite but I would probably say the gray one is my Favorite so including thicker sweaters That are made up of like wool or Cashmere is such a must have in your Wardrobe especially for winter so that Way you can stay warm but look very put Together very stylish and you don't need To add a lot into your wardrobe Literally you can even add just one Maybe two start off with really classic Colors and they will go go such a long Way in your wardrobe and last forever Okay let's share a couple bottoms so I Really want to share the Abra comi Ultra Highrise '90s Jean because I feel like For ab comi jeans this is the best Quality denim that they make uh they Probably have denim that's similar but As far as I tried these are the best Quality that I have tried I love how

They fit the way they look very Flattering I'm wearing it in a extra Short so they do run long so double Check the Inc measurement so you can get Your correct length but I'm wearing the Extra short I'm 5'1 I've said this Before for these are the closest feeling And look and style fit to my premium Designer jeans that I Rave about so if You're looking for something more in a Budget but still has that really nice Luxe look definitely recommend Specifically the '90s ultra high rice so Flattering come in so many different Sizes extra short to tall so many Different colors went with this wash Black which I think is so fun to style And then a trouser that I think is Perfect for winter is the everlan dream Pant I've been sharing these since September and I love how thick they are And really warm they have Deep Pockets I'm wearing them in a size extra small I Would say they're true to size and the Size is actually pretty forgiving it's Really stretchy so you can say true to Size if you want them more relaxed you Can go down to size if you want them More fitted the waistband is nice and Stretchy but they feel like sweatpants But look like a trouser which is the Biggest reason why I love them and been Raving about them CU they are the most Comfortable trousers that I own and they

Also have back pockets so they really Look like a trouser and they have the Seams in the front as well well down the Leg they are such a good classic that Come in Many Colors as well so for a Trouser for winter these are fantastic Will'll keep you so warm yet looks so Stylish at the same time next up are These wool shorts that I'm wearing these Are from guia now I know for winter time It's like why the heck would you wear Shorts if your winter is more mild and Especially if you wear the right Layering pieces you can totally pull it Off so these are actually made up of 100% wool and they're really warm and They're also lined on the inside as well The quality is incredible deep Pockets I Love the button detailing uh right Around the pockets the hips the way it's Done makes your waistline look smaller Because they taper in to your waistline The buttons and it's just done so so Well so I love these I want them to come Out in more colors because I will Literally purchase every freaking color They come with then I actually wanted to Share these tights that I'm wearing next These are fleece lines and you guys have Probably seen tons of like ads for these I actually purchased these last winter I Love them because you can still wear Tights but you stay warmer than wearing A pair of jeans I kid you not so that's

How I can pull off wearing like little Shorts like this for winter mini skirts I just paired the shorts with knee high Boots here and these fleece line tights And shockingly I am incredibly warm like Honestly you guys I'm warmer wearing This outfit than I would be wearing like Jeans or maybe some trousers with a long Coat this keeps me warmer which you know Doesn't look like that people probably Think I'm freezing my booty off but Really I'm warmer than everybody else Especially if you're someone that just Loves to wear skirts and dresses and Little shorts like this all year round This is such a must have next up our Ribed scarves so I'm going to recommend A thicker scarf and then something a Little bit thinner this one is more Budget friendly out of the two that I'm Going to share so this is thicker rib This is from Amazon I love these I pull These out every single year I wear it With my outerwear pieces and I love the Ribbing to it and also what I love about It it's not tooo frumpy and too bulky Like you could definitely see like you Know it adds layers to me but it's not So frumpy which I love I hate scarves That are just way bulky oversiz and so Frumpy I just kind of want something That keeps me warm looks stylish but not Too bulky this is it and something That's more Lux so this is the Quint

100% cashmere scarf and then I also got The hat so I put these together in the Same number but I do love this actually This looks so cute with the shorts that I'm wearing actually literally looks Like it was meant for each other um wow I'm actually really surprised this one Is definitely not as bulky this is Definitely not as bulky as the ribed Scarf so if you want something a little Bit thinner a little bit lighter this is Great but it will still keep your neck Warm so it does the job and then the Matching hat is also great to have and Add on uh just to kind of make it look Cohesive I actually really love matching The color of my hat to my scarf so I Love that Quin has the matching colors Um makes it really easy to have like Really put together outfits see this put Together I think looks so cute I'm Actually I am literally going to wear This outfit probably this week um I love It with the shorts I'm literally so warm Right now but it doesn't look like it Because I'm wearing shorts but I totally Am anyways back to the hat and scarf Quality is great 100% cashmere comes in Many colors and the prices are Reasonable too a Quin does pretty fair Pricing so I really appreciate that Stuff is boots I get so many requests For winter boots now I don't have a good Recommendation for just a solid pair of

Winter boots that you can run around in The snow in and you know your feet and Shoes will be fine these are more of Like a stylish option so I've worn these In the snow I do think they're great and They do work however this is something I Probably wouldn't wear if I'm just full On in the snow playing running around With my kids like I'm probably going to Choose a different shoe um because these Are a little bit nicer but these are Still a great stylish winter boot They're by Mark fer I really love them Had them for years they're definitely Really warm as well especially if you Pair them with boot socks uh these boot Socks I recently shared in my Amazon Favorites video they are so warm so Thick I love The Ripped cuff as well and They just go perfectly inside your boot I'm in a three pack with uh different Color combinations I went with like the Two nude colors and then one black hate Having cold feet in the winter literally Sucks a pair a pack of these is Inexpensive stylish and it'll keep you Really warm and honestly I actually Lounge around in these at home next up Are these combat boots I've been sharing These for years won't go too much into Detail Nordstrom Rock sells these now These used to be like a Nordstrom item But I think now it's moved over to on Norstrom rck uh so you can get these for

Actually really decent and fair price Now uh these have been beat up like Crazy and the quality holding up so well I just cleaned them polished them up Good as new um I love how they're very Practical but yet they're really stylish At the same time I wear these a lot During fall and winter and I will Especially pair these with my boot socks To keep my feet extra warm next up are These knee high boots that I got Recently uh from Macy's they're by the Brand I think Tommy hillfigure I love These so freaking much they're my Favorite just like stylish knee high Riding boot they are true to size and I Would say these fit really well if you Have average and wide caps especially For wide caps see the back here it's Really stretchy so if you have wide Capvs I do think it'll work you can Double check and try it out if you have Narrow calves with is 13 in I believe I'll write on the screen exactly I Remember I wrote it down somewhere I Just can't remember exactly I think it's 13 in so they're not wide but I don't Think they're really considered narrow So I'm not sure but they fit me really Well and the height of the boot is Definitely petite friendly doesn't cut In the back of my knee and they're just The perfect length and what I love about These is that they're fairly priced for

Really stylish knee high boot I also Love the Gold Hardware on the side uh it Just dresses up the boot and looks Really flattering okay super random last But not least it's an accessory it's These beautiful bows right here hair Bows I've been really into them lately Now I'm not sure if they're little too Juvenile for me I don't know I think They look so cute and so girly and so Fun and this is something I mostly would Wear for winter time during the holiday Season the festivities parties and all That I think this kind of goes perfectly With it especially the red color so if You've been interested in trying it out I do like these from Amazon anyway super Cute I know it's not for everybody but I Personally really like them guys so that Is it for this video that was 20 Chic Winter wardrobe Essentials always I'll Have everything linked down below if you Wanted to check out anything for Yourself what size I was wearing in each Piece I will have it listed next to the Item too thank you guys so much for Watching and for your love and support And I'll see you in my next video bye