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Hi guys so in today's video I'm sharing My annual Black Friday SL Cyber Monday Roundup so lots of really good sales Today so essentially in this video I'm Just sharing all of my favorite clothing Pieces and everything that I'm sharing Today as far as my favorites will be on Sale and I have lots of really good Sales to share with you guys and of Course everything that I'm sharing will Be numbered and you can reference that In the description box so you can find Links more easily I will let you know What size I'm wearing and lots of really Good sales so let's go ahead and hop Right in okay so Banana Republic Probably has the craziest sale going on Right now they have 60% off everything Plus an extra 20% off checkout I have This trench coat from them this T trench That I've raved about since the spring I Love it fits really well I'm wearing Double extra small petite but I highly Recommend checking out their other items Because they have so many good sales on Amazing pieces right now truly I'm Actually really shocked about the sale Prices so I definitely recommend just uh Browse to their site and see what they Have they have some beautiful coats Sweaters and beautiful classic Basics so I have this trench from them that I love And it is low in stock and this trench Is the reason why I'm posting this video

Earlier I usually post it on Friday Black Friday but it's running low in Stock so I wanted to share it in this Video early uh because the sizes are Running low so anyways I highly Recommend checking out Banana Republic Factory 60% off everything plus an extra 20% off checkout which is honestly kind Of shocking to me I almost forgot to Mention this next one this is the Hayden Taper pant by and a republic Factory so Such a good deal on these right now they Come in petite regular and Tall I'm Wearing them in a Size0 in a petite if I were to Repurchase these I would get the zero Petite I would say it's definitely good To go true to size these are a mid rice By the way they're not high-waisted so If you prefer mid rice I think you'll Really like these and then next up is Ever cromie they're doing 25% off their Entire site these are their '90s Straight Jean that I love so much they Do run long so I would suggest going Down in a length if you don't want the Ankle scrunch here they folded this is The short and I need the extra short and Then uh this next one here is the Classic skinny jean and I've said this Before but these two jeans they feel Like my premium designer jeans that I Have from a Goldie and girlfriend um but For much more affordable and you know

Honestly just a much more uh budget Friendly price and the quality of these Are absolutely incredible like totally a Really good designer dupe and then this Next one is an off-the-shoulder uh Bodysuit it's rouged I love love love The back of it the front is super Flattering it's a really great basic That's dressy that you can wear with Jeans or you can wear with skirts it's Definitely really versatile and I think It's such a fun top especially right now During you know all the holiday season And festivities great for party Something that's still basic but dressy And then this is their Chenille sweater It's super stretchy super soft has more Of like a vintage '90s look to it so if You like that style I think you'll Really like this one and it comes in Multiple colors as well so very soft Stretchy Great '90s fit it runs big I'm wearing a Double extra small so keep in mind you Might want to go down a size and then Next up is the abomi blanket coat I love This so much that if I needed another Color in this style I would pick the ABI Version honestly because uh I feel like It's a really petite friendly fit that Doesn't look too frumpy on me I have it Tight in the back here and it's really Soft and I would say it's quite warm and I can layer thicker knits underneath it

I'm wearing a double extra small regular And I would say it fits really well and Then this next one is this uh wool blend Blazer coat I also love this one and I Have it on my wish list to get this dark Charcoal gray color uh I've been really Wanting that color of this style of a Coat in by wardrobe so it's on sale now And I really good price so highly Recommend checking this out and then This is the classic abber cromie dad Coat I've had this for 3 years if I were To repurchase this I would suggest Staying true to size I'm wearing a Double extra small petite I would would Now pick an extra small so that way I Could layer thicker knits underneath it So it kind of limits me that I went down A size so if you're buying this for the First time I suggest staying true to Size and then next up is everlan uh I Love their dream pant these are on a Really good price right now originally They're $88 now they're on sale for 53 These are perfect for work for travel They look like a trouser but they Absolutely feel just like a sweat pant The most comfortable pants you probably Ever put on I'm wearing an extra small And they're folded by the way they come A little bit long and then these are Their cheeky Jean love these I've had I Have them in two colors so I light wash And then this dark navy color which I

Think is great for this time of year uh They do run a little long so I did have To end up uh cutting these myself but Otherwise they fit great I'm wearing a Size 23 they also have this in a curvy Option and these go on sale every single Year so if you like this style they're On sale now and then next up is Amazon So this Blazer is phenomenal it's a Little bit long in the sleeves has a Petite but it fits really well in the Shoulders and I love the length of it I Have this in this black color and then I Also have it in a printed version which I'll share next but um it slightly Cinches in around the waistline but it Still kind of has a little bit more of a Looser fit but it's a really flattering Cut it's kind of like a boyfriend style But it still has that beautiful A-line Silhouette just ever so slightly and I Love that especially like paired with Like a mini style here I really love how This looks so this is the printed Version that I have great for fall and Winter it's more of like um a wool Blended material so it'll keep you a Little bit warmer and it's lined as well And then this turtleneck is also on sale This is again from Amazon uh I have this I think in like three or four colors It's a really good classic it's thin so It's really easy to layer and if your Winters are a little bit more mild um I

Think you'll really like this turtleneck Actually as I'm filming this I'm wearing It right now um and I love it it fits Really well it's a little bit long in The sleeve so they do have to be cuffed But other than that it's great basic for A great price next up are these heels They're on sale for 40% off and uh these I love they are a great very minimal Dainty heel that I think works all year Round uh I wore it with my pleated dress Here I wear it with my trousers they're Truly so versatile and they're Surprisingly comfortable you can wear Them for a decent amount of time and They comes in tons of colors tons of Patterns and then the next shoe are These nude strappy heels you can kind of See them in this footage here but I Styled it with this slip dress um also This slip dress is on sale as well so The slip dress and the heels both on Sale both from Amazon again uh very Flattering very comfortable and this Dress comes in multiple colors and then These are the heels uh they come in many Colors and they're just so so pretty I Love the square toe I love the minimal Straps been really into that the heel Love it they're not too high and they're Very wearable very comfortable so here's Another footage of me wearing them and I Love that they're not tightly around the Ankle they're just uh kind of go behind

My um foot here so it's not wrapped Around my ankle and then these oh my Gosh I've shared these before I'm Obsessed with them these sparkly bow Heels that I feel like are perfect for The holiday season so dressy so fun so Different as well and just absolutely Stylish and so beautiful I paired it Here with this beautiful green silk Dress that I think combines perfectly With it uh there's just so fun to style And then this is a quilted bag also by Amazon love this one I think I have it In two colors just one big open pocket And a zipper pocket on the inside I have It adjusted here for my height uh but Love it I think it's very stylish and Very minimal and simple next one is even More minimal this has like a snake um Skin texture to it which I really like Cuz it kind of elevates it I I love this I actually get so many compliments every Time I wear this bag I just love how Minimal it is it also comes in other Colors as well the strap is so petite Friendly no adjustment needed this is How it comes with M 51 for reference This is the most petite friendly bag That I think I've ever come across in my Entire life and the quality of this is Incredible next up is goelia so they Have really good sales going on right Now and you can also use my code Elana 25 I'll write it down below to save

Money so everything I'm wearing here as Far as clothing is from goelia the coat The shorts the sweater truly I love Their stuff because they're modest They're classy they have lots of wool Cashmere uh silk options as well the Shorts are probably my favorite out of Everything I'm sharing they're just so Versatile this top is gorgeous this is The silk Woolen knit top you know I've Been reaching for these p pieces over And over again I just love how classy They are but yet they have a lot of uh Areas in their wardrobe pieces that are Elevated like this Keyhole Design This Ruffle turtleneck sweater is also so so So stunning it's hard to tell in the Footage but it has like a subtle Sparkle To it which I think is so beautiful and It makes it really perfect for the Holidays and of course I love the ruffle Neck and the ruffle shoulders and then This next one is this Mandarin blouse um It's knitted in the body but then the Sleeves um is like this lighter I think Chiffon material uh slightly pleated it Also has this beautiful bow around the Neckline uh I would say it fits really Well very petite friendly and this Trench coat I love this one I believe This is a wool trench coat this is Honestly mostly great for spring and Fall um but if you've been wanting a Trench coat this is a really amazing

Petite friendly option like so petite Friendly and then this uh out ofwar Piece I think this is the double faced Wool coat I again been reaching for Constantly I especially love wearing Turtlenecks underneath this because it Doesn't have a collar and then yeah here It is with the turtleneck here I think It looks so pretty together the Turtleneck Peaks out it doesn't have a Collar It just fits beautifully comes With a belt and so so petite friendly And then this chocolate colored Button-up sweater truly you guys I love Goelia I keep actually going back on Their website to see what else they come Out with I love how modest their tops And sweaters are and how classy their Pieces are truly it's a side that I'm Just going to keep going back over and Over and over again because I really Truly love their pieces the sweater as Well it's so gorgeous I keep wearing Them over and over and over again Totally worth it next up Macy's has Great great deals for cyber week so These riding boots included they come in Two other colors they are so gorgeous And I would say they're quite petite Friendly they don't cut behind my knee Which is great I would say they're great For average calves and they're great for Wide calves they're very stretchy in the Back and they're just so stylish and

Then next up are these Heels by an Klein Now from Macy's they are low in stock But I did find them on Amazon and They're also on sale on Amazon so you Might have to browse through to see uh Which one carries your size but I love These very classy very comfortable and They're padded on the inside so very Comfortable very wearable and they also Come in a tan and black color Combination and then this hounds tooth Printed coat has been a favorite I Actually just wore this out right before I came here to film uh I love it it Comes with the hood and the hood is Detachable Deep Pockets fully lined it's Actually a really warm coat and it comes In um tons of other colors the buttons Are stunning The Print is just Absolutely gorgeous just such a classy Very chic and beautiful coat and I love The printed version It's just stunning And then next up mango I believe mango Is having 30% off or up to 50% off their Site so this is their blanket coat that I've had for a year and a half now and I Love it I do I would say I probably Think the ABI one yes the Abra comi one Is more petite friendly uh cuz this one Just definitely runs longer and bigger So if you're taller I think you like This option more it is also a little bit Thinner but this one is very easy to Layer because of how big it comes this

One is the only one where I'm not sure If it's on sale uh just because they had On sale for Labor Day they usually only Put on sale on that day but worth Checking and then this is their ribed Long sleeve I don't know what it is but I keep reaching for this one it's so Basic and so simple but for some reason I just keep reaching for it grabbing it Uh the quality is amazing it's stretchy I I honestly just really love it if You're looking for a super basic top Like this I love this one and it fits Really really well and then another Thing I would recommend checking out From mango are their purses they have Some really beautiful minimal Chic Handbags purses totes I love this one I Keep wearing this one whenever I need to Carry extra snacks for my kids or extra Things I would say it doesn't look too Big next to my like petite frame and it Holds a lot of stuff in it and also Comes in another color too so very Stylish super duper minimal holds all The items that I need to and with that You guys that actually brings it to the End of this video that was 33 fashion Items that are on sale I will have Everything again linked down below According to the number that you saw on Screen today and I will also have a Master list in in the description box of You know just what uh brands are on sale

And what the sale is throughout their Site so you can just browse through my Description box and just see what's Marked down uh so that way shopping is Just a little bit easier for you guys And just keep in mind keep it minimal Keep it simple don't go overboard I know A lot of items are on sale but we Absolutely do not need to go overboard I'm personally just making this video For you guys so you can just have a good Guide uh to look through if you are Looking for any of these specific items Or if you've had any items that I've Shared on your wish list that's Essentially why I make these videos is Because you know I share products Throughout the entire year so just in Case you had something on your wish list Now would be a great time to grab it Because I truly do believe the sales are Really good at this time of year I'm Shopping all year long you know I'm Checking sales remembering them writing Them down this time truly is the best Time of year to get something so um just Keep the list minimal simple grab what You need maybe a few wants shop for Others for Christmas time if you need to But uh again everything will be linked Down below thank you so much for Watching I love you guys so much I hope You have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll see you in my next video bye