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1. BEIS Luggage:
2. Luggage Scale:
3. Suitcase Covers:
4. Perfect Travel Outfit:
5. Butter Leggings:
6. Anti-Theft Backpack:
7. Eversnug Pillow/Blanket:
8. Portable Hangers:
9. Pill Organizer:
10. Makeup Bag:
11. Large Toiletry Bag:
12. Leaklocks:
13. Flyaway Wand:
14. Lint Rollerball:
15. Small Jewelry Case:
16. Hanging Jewelry Organizer:
17. Tech Carrying Case:
18. iWalk Phone Charger:
19. Travel Converter:
20. Apple Airtag:
21. Packing Cubes:

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(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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Today I'm sharing 21 genius travel Essentials or travel must-haves these Items are so good they're going to make Your life easier more organized you're Just gonna really enjoy having them so Everything is from Amazon it'll all be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comment section None of this is sponsored but I think It's the perfect time for this video Because we're gearing up for some summer Vacations but honestly all of this is Just good to have on hand now if you're Wondering what I'm wearing it is the Perfect travel outfit airport outfit I'm Gonna get to it in a minute but first Let's talk about the number one travel Essential which is a fantastic suitcase And this is the only thing in the entire Video that's actually not from Amazon I Just wanted to recommend the best of the Best and this suitcase is by the brand Base or base I think it's base it's Actually founded by the by by Shea Mitchell another Shea in the world I Know although she spells her name a Little better it's s-h-a-y so you know No one's mispronouncing that but I like My name so it's okay this is her brand And oh my gosh it's so good her luggage Is so stylish the quality is great it's Not insanely expensive but wait till you See the features so this is the 29 inch Check-in size it comes in a lot of

Different sizes you can also get the Carry-on size but let's just start with The wheels oh my gosh it Glides like Perfection it's just silky smooth that Is nice also the handles like grippy I Like the rose gold detail comes in a lot Of colors too I also like that it has a Built-in TSA lock with the zippers you Can set your own combination and then This is my favorite feature oh my gosh It's the weight indicator so when you Pick up your suitcase it will turn red If it's 50 or more pounds oh my gosh and It's so accurate I love that and then When you unzip it it opens up into you Know two different sides on the one side It's two sections one is like a Waterproof section and then you can pull Out these pouches that it comes with one Is for dirty laundry the other is for Basics Um and then on the other side is like a Good little Zippy section for maybe bras And underwear and then when you open That whole thing then you have a nice Lined larger section on the other side It has this flat piece which is great For lining something super flat and then You can flip that over you have another Section and then throughout the luggage There's different pouches and it's just Seriously so well thought out and really Makes packing way easier number two is This luggage scale I think everyone

Should have this now like I said this Particular line of luggage has it Built-in genius so cool if you don't Need new luggage this is the way to go You just hook it on to the handle of Your luggage and then you lift up and Then you can tell if your suitcase is Overweight and you need to remove items Or or whatnot this is just really good To have so inexpensive next we have Something that I actually don't have yet But I'm gonna be purchasing ASAP it's Suitcase covers like clear suitcase Covers again very inexpensive they come In whatever size you want and they Protect your luggage from getting Damaged getting scuffed getting marks I Mean those guys they they just throw Your bags down that conveyor belt and And this protects it also if you have a Cloth suitcase it's also waterproof now Let's get to my travel outfit because I Think this is one of my favorite things In the entire video I cannot tell you How nice this two-piece set is I mean Even if you're not traveling this is Just nice to have it is a half zip Sweatshirt with like you know you can Open it up open the collar and then it Also comes with a matching pair of Shorts but this is unbelievably plush And soft I mean hopefully you can even Just tell by the footage like how Expensive this kind of looks and it's

It's again it's a two piece it comes With the tops in the bottom so it's an Instant outfit very very soft and Comfortable perfect for traveling Perfect for lounging around at your House Aaron's like just great to have Comes in probably 20 to 30 30 different Colors I really love this color though Cannot recommend it enough now sometimes The beauty of a two-piece set is you Kind of get more bang for your buck like If you want to just wear this and wear It with jeans or leggings that's Actually my next travel essential I hate Leggings for traveling which is against What everyone always says because usual Leggings dig into me they're too tight I Don't know how you guys do it but these Leggings the butter leggings that I've Recommended for the last couple years Are game changing they're like 11 or 12 Dollars they're just buttery super soft Look at the stretch they're one size or One size plus and so they just stretch To fit you so if you gain weight if you Lose weight they still fit you and They're so comfortable for traveling I Wear them every single time so these are The black they come in tons of colors You can also get them with pockets but Humor me if you haven't tried these yet Just get them they would also look Really good with this now because I Tried this backpack on with this outfit

I'm just gonna jump to this and then We're gonna to get into like the Nitty Gritty like travel items but this is a Really good travel backpack this Particular size is the medium size which I also think is a great everyday bag but The reason I think it's so great for Travel is because the main compartment Is hidden in the back so if you're going To you know Disney World or or a park or A festival or something or you're in a City when you carry this no one can come Up behind you and steal anything so this Is just such a good backpack to have It's like 25 Um it comes in lots of Shades this is Like the tan color it's really buttery Again this is the medium size so if you Want this for like an everyday purse you Can get this or if you want it bigger They have a larger size but again the Back compartment total genius Game Changer this next thing is so good and I Was so skeptical but this this is like Shea to a tee this is called the Ever Snug and so it is basically a pillow and Blanket for the play Lane but it's so Soft and I love how this is actually Open in the back so if you want to slide It down your the top of your luggage It's really easy to carry with you but Then you can use it as a pillow or if You want to unzip this the blanket is Hidden inside and it's a really soft

Like kind of large blanket that you can Then cuddle up with on the plane which I'm always freezing on the plane Um and then when you're done you can Just like really fold this up and it's Not hard to fit it back in like Sometimes these types of pouches you Have to fold it so perfect and it takes Forever to put back this literally takes Like five seconds oh my gosh I love it Moving right along with the genius items These are travel hangers they're so Inexpensive but worth it so they're like Look at they're really small and then You know when you go to a hotel they Usually have like three or four hangers Max well this allows you to bring Hangers and then you can actually hang Up your clothes and they they're so Compact and then they just fold up and There's like you can take so so many of Them this comes with so many super quick If you're enjoying this video and you Like to show up on Amazon maybe like Amazon videos please consider Subscribing down below this next item I Discovered when I ordered tons of viral Best-selling Amazon products and this Has been a winner I love this pill Organizer or supplement organizer it is So nice lots of color options and I just Love how the sections are really big and That was my problem with so many pill Organizers like I could barely fit

Anything in there so I've got my Multivitamins I've got my magnesium Vitamin D my fish oil I have you know my Anacin my Advil if I have cramps or Something like that and it's all Magnetic so it just like snaps together Super compact Um but then each section has its little Little door where you can you know you Know keep everything you need let's talk Toiletry bags next and I think everyone Should have have a good one there's Actually two that I continually use all The time I order seriously so many but These are the best of the best so I'm Starting with the smaller one you may Have seen this before it's the best I Actually had it in a camel color before It looked way too orange for me but I Loved it so much that I ended up Ordering it in pink and I just I love it A lot more but guys could use this for For themselves if they get it in black Or more of a masculine color but I Actually use this for makeup so as you Can see the zipper is diagonal so this Just makes it really Innovative so that When you open it up it opens completely Flat so you can see everything inside Really easily no longer you digging Around and things are laying on top of Each other and you can't find what You're looking for so I typically keep My makeup brushes on one side my makeup

On the other side usually like a compact Or my eyeshadow palette on the side Compartment and then yeah there's just Sections on either side and then down The center which is the section that Kind of keeps things from you know Getting all mixed up up that I actually Keep all of my pencils like my lip Liners and eyeliners but oh my gosh this Is such a good toiletry bag at a really Good price now this one is my other Go-to I also have this in two colors it Holds a lot more this is the larger size So when you unzip it it folds open and It hangs and you can hang it on the back Of a door or the back of the shower at The hotel room and it keeps all of your Products off the the counter and you can Again see everything really really well And this holds full size products guys So this just this is like you can take Everything that you that you need and Again I love that you just open it up Hang it up and everything is off the Bathroom counter next we have condoms For your shampoo just kidding did I wake You up are you guys still paying Attention these are called leak locks And they look like contraception to me But wow they really really work so they Just go over top of your products and They prevent any leakage and and when You're seeing me do it here I know your Mind is going to the other thing that I

Agree me too I was laughing through all Of this but they really really do work Um and and I can't tell you how many Times where I don't know if the pressure From the airplane or whatnot but this Really prevents leakage I want to talk About this next because I always travel With it it comes in so handy again so Genius it's really just great for any Day it doesn't have to just be for Travel but it's for flyaways and usually When I am traveling I have my hair back And so when I'm like sleeping on the Plane or just like sitting in the Airport my hair gets like weird this is You just brush your flyaways away oh Like it's like kind of like hair gel in A mascara wand and you just brush your Flyaways away and freshen yourself up in The bathroom and it just it's it's nice But again for those of you that slick Your hair back or you just don't like Those stupid baby hairs this works Wonders this is also great for travel But also great to just have in general So it is a reusable lint roller and it Has this sticky ball here that you know You can just like you know run over your Clothes so again it's so Compact and Small great for travel but the the Genius part of it is this can be removed And you just you run it under warm water To clean it and it gets sticky again so You can use it over and over and over

Again we're going to talk about Traveling with jewelry next so the first Option is this small compact jewelry Case which comes in tons of colors I Just have the basic black but you unzip It it's a super smooth zipper and then You open it up and there are different Sections for rings necklaces earrings Bracelets obviously you're not going to Take tons of jewelry but maybe you don't Need tons in which case I think this is A perfect option now if you're somebody That does want to take a lot of jewelry This would be more for you this is also Really good you could also use this at Home as well but it's very very flat so It folds and it comes with this hanger So there's velcro you just open it up And then look it fits a lot of jewelry So there's a lot of large compartments Medium small compartments and again once You get it out of your suitcase you can Just go hang it up in the closet and you Can you know see everything you have but Again if you want to use it at home and And keep it in your actual closet it's a Good space saver too next we're going to Talk about some genius Tech items so First I wanted to share this travel Accessory Tech case which I actually Like way more than I was expecting it Holds a lot more than you might think so Lots of color options but I went with Pink if you open this up you'll see it

Holds a lot of things so you can put Like your phone charger headphones cords It's like really nice and then Everything kind of just has a spot in Your bag now when I was filming the B-roll or the extra detail footage of This I completely forgot to put my next Recommendation in here it fits perfectly But this is a portable phone charger This is another item I think everyone Should just have regardless of travel it Is so lightweight so small you can just Slip this into your purse and if your Phone is getting low you just plug this In and it completely recharges your Phone so I love a good portable charger A lot of them are really big and bulky Though and heavy whereas this one is so Small and compact now this Tech item is Under 20 bucks but so useful for all Over the world 150 countries this is a Travel converter So what you do if you see the side you Just move the slots over and like this Is for the US or Australia then this one Is the UK C then you can like plug it in And it allows you to use your your Things that you can charge your phone Use your curling iron it's not a voltage Converter so you just have to make sure That like your curling iron is like okay With the voltage of that country which Most are then there's also the EU one See what I mean it's just like so handy

To have and there's USB ports down here So yeah I love this now the last text Suggestion I have for you is just Apple Air tags I think they're so genius for Your luggage you'll never lose your Luggage again ever ever ever people use Apple Air tags in many ways a lot of Times people put them in their wallets Or on keychains and you just go into Your phone if you lose it and you can Track exactly where it's located so I Think it's perfect to just stick one Into your luggage and then if an airline Loses it it's sent off somewhere else You can check your phone and track Exactly where it is next we have packing Cubes some people love them some people Haven't even ever tried them if you've Been interested in packing cubes though I think this is the best set I've found It's an eight piece set I'm just going To insert a photo of everything you get There's like a lot of things in this and It's one of those situations where I Don't even want to open it up because Like once you like like if to fold it All back up if it is a little bit tricky So Um I'm just gonna tell you everything You get you get a medium a large and an Extra large packing cube a drawstring Bag for dirty clothes you get an Underwear bag you get a sock bag you get A shoe bag you also get a cosmetic bag

Now I don't think the Cosmetic bag is Nearly as good as other ones I talked About but still it is a cosmetic bag and It and it comes with everything and uh This is all nylon all washable so if You're interested in them I think this Is a really good set everything in this Video will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comments section please subscribe if you Are new and I'll see you in my next one Bye