22 Amazon Items That Make You LOOK EXPENSIVE! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
Pumiey Tops:
Pumiey Bodysuits:
Pumiey Dresses:
2. Black Shoulder Bag:
3. Chanel-Inspired Slingback Flats(true to size):
Chanel-Inspired Slingback Heels(true to size):
4. Tom Ford Inspired Sunglasses:
5. Tweed Blazer (S):
6. Striped Sleeveless Mockneck(S):
7. Tall Black Boots:
Designer Black Boots:
8. Black Belt:
9. Striped Vest Top (S):
10. Bottega-Inspired Pendant:
11. Van Cleef-Inspired Bracelet:
12. Striped Cardigan Sweater(S):
13. Zimmerman-Inspired Dress (XS):
14. Dior-Inspired Swimsuit Set (S):
15. Loopy Phone Case:
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16. Textured Top(S):
17. “Linen” Pants(S):
18. Puffy Clutch Purse:
19. Manolo Blahnik-Inspired Mules:
20. Camel Slides(true to size):
21. Barefoot Dreams-Inspired Sweater(S):
22. Matching Outfit Set(S):

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Today I'm sharing Amazon items that just Look expensive meaning when you wear Them it looks like you paid a lot more Money than you really did some items are Designer inspired others are not but Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section by the Numbers you see on screen so as we go Along just write down your favorite Numbers and you can easily find what You're looking for number one we have One of the best clothing brands on all Of Amazon because all of their wardrobe Essentials just look expens expensive They look expensive they feel expensive Without the crazy price tag so that is The brand pumy and I have teamed up with Them for this portion of the video Because they recently launched a few new Pieces for spring and summer that I Haven't shared before everything will be Linked down below under this number one Um I'll link my favorites along with the Best sellers the new launches you can Click around I feel like everybody Literally everybody of any age should Have a few of their pieces in their Closet just as wardrobe Essen now you're Going to see I'm going to try on some of My favorites everything comes in about a Bajillion different options they've got Shirts they've got bodysuits they've got T-shirts they've got longer sleeve

Options and they have tons of colors in Literally every item I do want to point Out one of my favorite features of their Pieces it's just double lined meaning it Feels thick you don't have to wear a bra With it I mean you can if you want to But you don't have to because it is Double line and because of the the the Material which again identical to skims At a fraction of the price point Everything is so smoothing like it just Makes you look really nice it looks Again very expensive and high-end so the New Styles they recently launched are The squared neckline tank tops and then Also the squared neckline shirts so like This one is more of a squared neckline It is just a shirt I love how it kind of Like opens up your neckline you can wear Jewelry with it or you don't have to Again everything is smoothing and just Feels great I also just love the tank Top options though because you can wear Them completely by themselves or you can Add things over top which you'll see me Doing throughout the video they're just Fantastic wardrobe Essentials so again Everything will be linked below but I Really encourage you to click around to See everything they have and maybe get a Couple pieces in the black white or Beige family and then also maybe order Something more bright and vibrant Because their colors really are

Beautiful and they really enhance your Features number two is this black Shoulder bag which just looks so High-end and any outfit you pair this With it's going to elevate the whole Thing I think this particular style just Exudes designer esque um even the Quality seems like it is designer every Time I reach for this bag I think to Myself it should be a designer bag but The price is phenomenal but it really is Just the style it looks expensive and You're going to see me style this Through throughout the video with Various clothing options and it's just Going to elevate everything now the Inside is pretty large it actually holds Quite a bit and there is a separate Zipper compartment along the side now The whole bag does zip at the top but I Never actually use it like that it has a Really nice just snap closure so it's Really easy to get in and out of the bag And then the drop handle is such a good Length it easily fits over your shoulder And is very comfortable and then we have The Chanel inspired SL backs but at First glance you're probably thinking You've already shared these before Shay And no I actually haven't because these Are the flat version they're not healed So these are what I've shared in the Past which are more of the classic Chanel sling backs with the the chunkier

Heel so I can link both Options under This number but I wanted to share these Flats because I do think that they are a Lot more comfortable and I do think with The spring and summer season coming up They are a little bit more casual and You can actually wear them with a lot More outfits and be comfortable all day And then we have the Tom Ford Sabrina Inspired sunglasses which are very Popular they look very expensive I did Get the two pack which comes with the Black and the brown torto shell this is The one I recommend because of the Gradient lenses there are other colors And other lens options but this one is The version I think looks the most High-end inexpensive they are pretty Large but again they look identical to The Tom Ford Sabrina version with the Tea along the side um I also just really Love the brown tortoise shell it starts Out kind of black then it you know goes Gradient to the tortoise shell they're Just they're just really nice all right So let's start incorporating some of Those accessories with the clothes so We're back to that black squared off Tank top by pumy such a good essential Now if you want to add a Tweed Blazer to It this just screams Chanel it also just Scams expensive I don't think anyone Would think that this is actually from Amazon at a really good price point um

The even like all the details it's Double lined again it's sewn beautifully Even the buttons are a really nice Pearl Detail they're also sewn on very nicely You can wear this unbuttoned like an Open cardigan or you can button it up And look a little bit more you know Highend you could also pair this with Shorts so even though Tweeds sometimes People think is only a winter option you Can actually just wear it with you know Shorts or skirt and wear it all year Round so again we're tying in the Chanel Sling backs the sunglasses I just shared The black bag with this Tweed Blazer and The whole outfit just looks expensive All righty so moving along to this Striped top so stripes in general if They're neutral just instantly look Higher end and so there's a couple other Pieces in this video that are similar to This yet very different this one has a Mock neckline and it is sleeveless so I Think this is a perfect piece to have For spring into summer there's a lot you Can do with it you can obviously just Throw it on with jeans or you could even Wear it with those black shorts that I Already showed um I love this outfit Especially if you pair it with tall Black boots and so that is the next item I want to share and I want to share it Because I found a very similar option on Amazon so these black boots that I have

Are in fact designer every time I wear Them people are like can you link the Boots and then I feel guilty because They are so expensive but recently I Found ones that look so similar on Amazon and so under this number I will Link the designer option and I will link The similar option from Amazon at a much Better price but this whole outfit when You pull in the boots the sunglasses the Bag the striped shirt it looks so nice Now if you want to wear that striped top With jeans it's going to look great on Its own but if you want to take it to The next level then I definitely Recommend getting this black belt from Amazon which I've had this for a long Time and I always forget it's actually From Amazon because it's only like $15 But it's heavy it it feels so nice it Looks so nice it is kind of like a Western style but not overpoweringly Western so you know it has some nice Detail on it so again it does look Expensive but you can pair it with white A white button up top add the belt um it Just gives it something extra and then Here is another striped option so again A similar color family but very Different in that it is a v-neck vest Essentially so I love this all by itself But just keep in mind it is very Versatile in that you could style it Over top a white button-down blouse but

Again I love it on its own I think it's Perfect for spring and summer and I just Imagine a French girl walking the Streets of Paris it just looks very Stylish now let's talk about a few Jewelry pieces that are extremely Impressive to me this first necklace is Very BGA Vanetta inspired with this Chunky pendant I mean this looks Identical to BGA and it looks high-end It's kind of artistic looking the Coloring of this does not look brassy or Yellow like it looks like it is real Gold I believe it is plated in Gold but Obviously it is not a designer piece I Would not get this wet but it looks so So nice it looks highend you can throw It on with anything now my personal Favorite is this van Clea inspired Alambra bracelet it is stunning it is so Much better than I was expecting it Catches the light so nicely the tone is Perfect it makes me want the real thing I love it um I love it paired with my Cartier Jewelry so definitely recommend This if you've seen it maybe on Pinterest or you've seen it on in real Life or a friend or whatever get this First enjoy it see if it's something you Would actually wear again I don't think This will tarnish but if you get it wet Over and over again I think it will but If you love it so much maybe in the Future you could splurge and get the

Real thing okay so this is the last Striped thing in the video and I'll be Quick about this but I wanted to include It because it is long sleeve so it is a Really nice expensive looking cardigan Mainly because of the pattern but really The gold buttons that there's detail on Them that it's it's kind of unexpected It just elevates the whole thing and I'm Am especially just cold year round and So I love that I can just throw this on It gives some Pizzazz um but it's going To also keep me warm super quick if You're somebody that maybe watches my Videos but you haven't yet subscribed I Would love for you to do that down below It takes 2 seconds and it's totally free All right so now we're going to move Into some color and this might actually Be one of my favorite things of the Entire video Beyond impressed with this Zimmerman inspired dress so Zimmerman is A very high-end designer brand known for Their complicated intricate dresses and So I saw this on Amazon I was very Curious about it my expectations were I Don't know I don't know what my Expectations were but the my Expectations were blown out of the water This is freaking nice so it comes with a Like an under shirt no it's like an Under dress um so you're seeing it here Which honestly you could wear this as PJs it's just a cute dress actually uh

But then you put put this over top of it And there is so much detail on this I Mean I cannot believe this is an Amazon Dress at this price point there's so Many nice buttons all of the details on The sleeve it's it's puffy the way it's Sewn I mean it's chunky but also really Flattering it comes with a really pretty Rope that you can cinch your waist it's Such a good length like I could go on And on this is like the dress I'm going To wear on Easter Sunday it's a dress That I feel like for any dressier occas This year like I want to be reaching for This so definitely something to keep in Mind I'm also thoroughly shocked by this Swimsuit that first of all looks very Much like Dior it is a onepiece swimsuit That also comes with a wrap now get this It's $15 I mean are they I keep thinking Are they going to increase the price Like how the heck is this $15 for a one Piece swimsuit and a matching coverup it Looks so so expensive so designer it is So nice there's even like like a bodice Kind of built into to this swimsuit to Kind of suck you in and then there are Like an underwire it's kind of like a Bra top and the pattern is so pretty so Well done and I love the matching wrap Like you can wear this obviously like Just if you have a pool at home but if You're going on a vacation or you're Going to a beach or somewhere this is

Such a nice set at a crazy good price oh And I thought I'd just throw this in the Video because I thought it was funny That my new loopy phone case actually Matches that swimsuit set so I know a Lot of you already have a loopy phone Case but some of you don't and you need To try it and I think some people also Get new phones and then want to order a New loopy so if you ever want to use my Code it's just Shay W10 for 10% off Sitewide but it's just a built-in rubber Loop into the phone it never pops off or Falls off and it just makes carrying and Using your phone so much better not Sponsored though it's just amazing all Right so back to clothes now this is a Really nice textured top it is not Designer inspired or anything but I Think because of the textured material It does look a bit more highend and I Love that there's just so many ways you Can wear this and I really love it Paired with the linen pants that are Next and I'm saying Linen in quotations Because I know they are actually not Linen in pants a lot of you called me Out on the Amazon Big Spring sale video That I did or the Amazon spring Prime Day video These linen pants were on sale And I love them though and I I I know They're not real linen they would be Quadruple the price point but they look Like they're linen and they're like 20

Bucks I love the beige color but they Come in a lot of other colors too and They're so flattering I love the length On them they look they look a lot more Expensive than they are now let's go Back back to that textured top with Those linen pans I just love this whole Outfit with all the cream colors again It just looks classy and elevated um but I love this clutch bag I'm going to get To the shoes in a second but this clutch Bag it just feels so nice I know a lot Of you hate the word buttery but it is Such a nice buttery soft squishy Material um I love the the drop handle You can just wear it over your shoulder But you could actually remove the strap And it can just be a regular clutch like An evening clutch but it also comes with A wrist lit strap that you could add Instead and then we have these Manola Blonic inspired heels which are very Comfortable actually the heel is a Little bit higher than a kitten heel but It's not crazy high and then there's Really pretty Buckle detailing on the Top it's a pointed shoe so it really Elongates your leg and my favorite part About the whole thing is they stay on Your feet really well so many shoes in This St style like you have to Concentrate with every step to keep them On your foot and you do not have to do That with these now that same outfit can

Look a lot more casual if you pair it With some Camel slides now these are Very arames inspired these look very Similar to the Hermes oron sandals I Love this camel color especially but you Could get them in black and there's some Other options too they are true to size So keep that in mind they're comfortable They're easy and they're going to look Great with everything these are these Are just great to have in your closet Now I know throughout this video I've Shared a lot of spring and summer Options which is great but it still is March like it's still really really cold Here so I wanted to share a couple Warmer things that I do think just are Great quality they look like they're Great quality but they actually are this Is the Barefoot dreams inspired sweater That I got many months ago I originally Got it in Gray and I loved it so much I Recently ordered it in this light blue Color it's just the most softest Fuzziest warm I mean like it literally Seems like Barefoot dreams material so I Will be wearing this year round I don't Care if it is like summer coming up um I Think it looks great with those linen Pants as well I mean it is kind of like A longer chunkier sweater but I can do That trick where I kind of crop it in The front too so definitely something to Keep in mind and then we have this

Two-piece sweater set where there is Kind of like contrasting piping around The edges this I believe is Seline Inspired but it is such a nice kind of Like vacation esque set price is so good For the top and the bottom I originally Got it in black but I do think the cream And black kind of like opposite version Like what you're seeing here is amazing For spring and summer if you are going Anywhere on vacation I really think this Is a great thing to pack it could even Be a travel outfit it so anyway but it Does look high-end and expensive so Again everything in this video will be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comment section But don't forget about all of the pumy Items which are just so amazing I highly Highly highly recommend them thank you So much for watching please subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next One bye