23 Amazon Items I use EVERY SINGLE DAY! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. Mirrored Clock:
2. Fluffy Robe (Taupe):
3. Glass Mugs:
4. Breville Espresso Machine:
Favorite Organic Coffee:
5. Decorative Tray:
6. Lap Desk:
7. Wireless Mouse:
8. Flossing Toothbrush:
9. Charcoal Toothpaste:
10. Favorite Deodorant:
11. The Wet Brush:
12. Kenra Hair Shine:
13. Jumpsuit/Romper (S):
14. Sweatpants (S):
15. Phone Stand:
16. Slice Box Cutter:
17. Key Fob Cover:
18. Miracle Gro Plant Food:
19. Breville Air Fryer:
20. Swedish Dish Cloths:
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22. Makeup Erasers:
7-Day Set:
23. Facial Sponges:

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So today I am sharing 23 Amazon items That I use every single day okay these Are my ride or die things I have to have I think some of them are really Interesting others are not exciting at All but again I they're just like Must-haves so I'm going to share them With you in the order in which I use Them throughout the day so there's some Really good things towards the end of The video but I'll have everything Linked Down Below in the description box And pinned in the comments section by The number you see on screen so when I Wake up first thing in the morning I Look at this mirrored alarm clock every Single day do I use it as an alarm clock No but I look at it you know in the Night throughout the day but first thing In the morning I look at it and I Appreciate it because it's just so darn Nice it's so darn nice I love how it's Mirrored so it looks kind of Minimalistic it just Blends in with the Surroundings I love how the numbers are White rather than ugly red or blue or Green it's just so aesthetically nice And every day I appreciate it now I'm Always cold in the morning even in the Summer year round I'm cold I have to put On a robe as soon as I wake up just to Feel cozy and it's just so funny because To this day I still always reach for my Amazon robe that was like 30 and I have

A lot of robes some were very expensive From Ugg Barefoot dreams but this is Still my favorite and it's still I just Double checked it's still available Um tons of colors I have the shade taupe But it's it's plush inside and outside So many other robes are really soft on The outside but the inside is scratchy And this is just so soft everywhere I do Try to chug a glass of water every Single morning just to replenish Hydration but then I beeline for my Coffee I love coffee guys it's my thing So I recently switched to these glass Mugs and that's the next thing I use Every day and I love them because not Only are they just super pretty I love The tech picture of them the design of Them but they're way healthier because a Lot of ceramic mugs that I used to use That you're I'm sure using unfortunately Do have lead in them not all of them but Some of them do and it's hard to tell Without buying a tester kit which Ceramic mugs have lead so I felt a lot Better about switching to these glass Mugs and then we have to talk about my Breville espresso machine which I've Mentioned countless times before a lot Of things in this video I wouldn't want To live without but this is really Something I wouldn't want to live Without and unfortunately when we bought This years ago the price was a lot

Cheaper and they have since increased The price as the years have gone on Would I pay the current price absolutely But I know a lot of people don't love Coffee as much as me I make my Americanos Josh likes to make you know His lattes and cappuccinos and flat Whites like he uses the the thing to Steam milk and you can grind your own Beans it's just fabulous and that leads Me to the next thing when which is my Favorite coffee of all time I do get the Whole beans because I can grind it with This machine but it's the Allegro Organic coffee and I really think it's Important to actually use organic coffee Because coffee is actually sprayed like The beans are just high in pesticides And this just tastes just the best and You can get it on Amazon and I buy it in Bulk like I'll buy like 20 packages at a Time but you can also get it ground as Well now after I make my coffee I have a Little routine where I'll take my coffee And my laptop to our couch I like to Check emails in the morning maybe Respond to comments I will prep video Ideas and I have a little setup on my Couch that just makes everything easier I'm going to start with a decorative Tray that I just love and we use that Even when I'm not working on the couch This is just nice to have if you have a Couch where you don't have anywhere to

Set things like maybe you bring in a Drink or you bring in food and it's like Where do I put it down so I'll put my Coffee be there it's also just a nice Place to contain things like remotes Um it's just I don't know it looks Really nice on the couch and on our Ottoman now I also use this every Morning which is a laptop tray I love it So much because it is super gushy it Allows me to set my laptop here and be At a really nice angle to actually work And then this little slot you can set Your phone in at just the right angle And kind of just work on a lot of things At one time sometimes I'll have YouTube Videos or a podcast playing on my phone While I'm working on the computer and it Just passes the time and makes it more Enjoyable this is actually a mouse pad Which I have found I love using an Actual wireless mouse for my laptop I Can really do things way faster than Using that trackpad I think I'm pretty Good at the trackpad but if you switch To a mouse I think you'll just improve Productivity by a lot now once I am done On the computer I will head to the Bathroom to freshen up and get ready for The the day so next I want to talk about My toothbrush and my toothpaste I Actually recently switched to a new Toothpaste that is so good please hear Me out but let's start with this

Toothbrush which is very different than Your average toothbrush it is a flossing Toothbrush I think I mentioned it like Six months ago maybe you missed that Video this is different because there Are microscopic bristles that are super Super thin and longer that literally Like get in between your teeth and like Floss in between your teeth and it's Just the best toothbrush I have ever Found now this toothpaste by the brand Hello is what I recently switched to and I've been loving it because it is an Activated charcoal toothpaste it's so Good for Whitening they do have like a Regular fresh mint toothpaste version as Well but you should try the activated Charcoal because I have tried charcoal Toothpaste in the past and I haven't Loved it because it's often very gritty And grainy and I don't love the way it Feel feels on my teeth and that is not The way this is but it is really weird When you're using it because it's super Black on your teeth but it pulls out all Of the stains and it just works really Well but the best thing is the Ingredients are so healthy it doesn't Have fluoride it doesn't have glycerin It doesn't have parabens it just checks All of my boxes and I'm very very picky When it comes to toothpaste because I Used to have tons of cavities and it was Just like all this this whole thing and

Once I switched to a healthier Toothpaste plus made of some Diet Changes I haven't had any of that now do I still have teeth issues from like bad Uh root canals yeah which I'm maybe one Day I'll give you an update on that I Just hate talking about it but this is a Really good toothpaste and it really Does whiten your teeth next I put on Deodorant and I feel like over the years I've recommended maybe four or five Different natural deodorants to you Without aluminum and just like good Ingredient deodorants and I love them All but I've I've come to the Realization there's really just one that I find myself always grabbing it's like My all-time favorite one and it's Schmitz it's the one that if a friend Texts me and says which one should I buy That's the one I ultimately say and I Love how it just feels like a a regular Deodorant just the consistency of it it Works really well it doesn't leave Armpit stains on your clothes and it Comes in tons of sense I will then brush My hair and this is the Wet Brush I have It in probably four or five different Colors I have them up here in my closet I have them in the bathroom I have them In my studio basement where I live Stream it like I have to have this wet Brush throughout my whole house I use it So much probably because I have a lot of

Hair but my point is I obviously use This every single day but if you do not Have a wet brush you need to buy one They're so inexpensive and they just Glide through your hair when it's wet Obviously you can also use it when it's Dry it's just the breast Not breast best brush of all time now I Don't use this next product at this very Moment all the time but since we're Already in the bathroom talking about Hair I will at some point throughout the Day use this Kenra hair shine it's Mostly because it works so well at just Instantly adding shine to your hair but Also I will spray it on my hair before I Film like it just literally serves no Purpose other than just adding shine to Your hair but I think it's the Mist is Just so fine and the product doesn't Make your hair oily I just think that Women would love it if they would try it Because it just makes your hair so Pretty if you're enjoying this video or Maybe you just love shopping on Amazon Or just finding random useful items Please consider subscribing down below Now that we're done in the bathroom I'm Going to head upstairs to my closet and Put on some clothes now obviously I do Wear different clothes every day but There are a few pieces from Amazon that I find myself wearing way too too much And they're just amazing so I want to

Share them with you first is this that I'm wearing it's this jumpsuit pants Onesie Romper thing I never know what The heck to call this thing but I have It in multiple colors and I love it so Much I'll just throw on a tank top a Cami a t-shirt literally just something Underneath and then I just slip this Whole thing on and I love it I just I I Lounge in it I will run errands in it I'll go outside in it I'll go to dinner In it I wear it all the time and it Totally looks like the Free People won This is a much better price point I Think if you're gonna buy one start with Black but then you could Branch out to Some fun colors I also wear sweatpants Far too much I live in them and it's this specific Pair okay I need to get a different Color because this is so obvious that I'm always wearing them because they're Yellow you don't have to get them in This mustard yellow color but guys they Are so thick and soft and and they look Designer in fact some random lady at Airport security flagged me down I Thought maybe she was a subscriber nope She just wanted to know where my Sweatpants were from so they are very Very nice they're just so comfortable You can get them in a more normal color Like black gray beige or something fun Like this yellow moving right along

We're getting into random things guys This is a phone stand I know a lot of You are not content creators or Influencers or whatever the heck you Want to say but maybe some of you are or Maybe you guys would find this useful This is the best phone stand ever it Looks kind of dirty uh but it has served Me well it's so strong and sturdy you Can just set it up insert your phone Right here and and flip it around give It all the Angles and I use this every Single day now because I am a content Creator I'm constantly ordering products And clothes and different things to test Out and try so almost every single day I Am getting boxes delivered to my door But I know I'm not the only one I know Some of you do the same thing and so you Totally need to try this slice box Cutter it's literally just like a Plastic thing maybe it's not plastic I Think it's plastic but your kids can you Know play with this and not get cut but Let me just tell you it slices those Boxes so darn good this is so Inexpensive offensive and even Josh with His like man knife was super impressed With how much better this actually works Now when I drive my car I always use This key fob but it's the key fob cover That I am talking about you can get a Key fob cover on Amazon for whatever Vehicle you have and make your key fob

Look so much more stylish and Chic and Cool so I have a white vehicle so I got It in white with chrome accents and it Just looks so much nicer it's also very Inexpensive uh and it's just it's like a Little upgrade that you appreciate every Day so all you have to do is just go to Amazon and type in the make and model of Your car and then add on key fob cover And it will give you tons of options now Another thing that I do every day or I At least try to do every day is water my Plants now there is a specific product I Want to share with you because it's been A total game changer for the plants in My living room and also the flowers Outside that I try to keep alive so if You're somebody that's just you think You kill everything or or you just want To see your plants or your flowers just Thrive I'm telling you guys you should Buy this Miracle Grow Powder stuff I will link it I forget Even exactly what it's called but you Just add it to the water and you only Use this like once a week but it has Truly made my plants look so much better And my flowers outside look so much Brighter and just healthier it's a Really good price and it lasts for such A long time alrighty guys so we've gone Through a lot of the day when it's Dinner time we're heading to the kitchen And there is something that we've had

For the last maybe like four or five Months it's another Breville machine That is too expensive but it's this Breville air fryer that to be honest It's too big for my kitchen there is one That is smaller but this is just the one That did everything and if you have a Bigger kitchen This is so nice and I do really love it And I use it every single day but again I just wish it wasn't so big but it is An air fryer that does literally Everything you can imagine it spakes it Broils it's a the best air fryer ever For French fries I mean like healthy French fries I will also toast things With it I will I will roast things in it Like roasted veggies there's just so Many things I do with this and I tend to Use it way more than my actual oven Truly so if you've seen this around or You've been kind of on the fence if you Have room for it in your kitchen I Absolutely think it's worth it now after You make food then you have to clean the Kitchen and it's just ah like I don't Like cleaning at all but one thing that I have found very enjoyable every day is A Swedish dishcloth yes so shout out to My friend Brittany who's also a YouTuber She has an Amazon brand named belt hair And she sells Swedish dishcloths which Are reusable paper towels towels they Are so nice and they they start out

Really hard and then water hits them and They're they're really moldable and Squishy and they are so much more Absorbent than a paper towel here's a Demonstration that I filmed months back I mean it just sucks up all the liquid And you can clean and wipe and I use it In my kitchen I'll use it in my bathroom And then I'll throw it in the dishwasher And I'll sanitize it and keep using it And it's just so much more cost Effective so I inquired about a discount Code and she gave me one for you guys so I'll put it here on the screen you can Use this code at checkout and get a Discount so when we've made it to the End of the day and it's time to wind Down and relax I must take off my makeup And the only thing I use Are these makeup eraser cloths uh I Don't use any type of face wash or any Type of product I only use these makeup Eraser cloths with just water and it Removes all of my makeup and I swear There's something with the texture of These that not only does it get off all Of my makeup but it also like gently Exfoliates and it's just it's just the Best I have so many of them and you just Throw them in the laundry and reuse them Over and over and over again highly Recommend if you haven't given these a Try this next thing might seem kind of Gimmicky I don't care it's not totally

Worth it you get 50 of these facial Sponges for like less than 10 bucks so It might seem weird but just listen it's Almost like that Swedish dishcloth thing Where it's hard and thin but as soon as Water touches it it expands into a Full-blown sponge like a thick sponge Now you could use this to wash your face If you like to use a specific facial Clay cleanser I like to actually apply Solution to this like some of my skin Care and it just feels like a spa Experience and it feels like really Thick and nice and it's just disposable Like you just use it one time and throw It away again you get 50 of them for Less than ten dollars everything that I Shared in this video will be linked down Below and also pinned in the comment Section please subscribe if you're new And I'll see you in my next one bye