23 BEST Amazon BACK TO SCHOOL Items 2023…everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. Freezable Lunchbox:
2. Kids Ice Packs:
3. 100% Compostable Ziplock Bags:
4. BentGo LunchBox:
5. Best Water Bottles:
6. Jansport Backpack:
Kalidi Backpack:
Columbia Backpack:
7. Stretchy Textbook Covers:
8. Binder & Divider Tabs:
9. Notebooks(6-Pack):
10. Pencil Case:
11. World’s Best Pencils:
12. Best Pencil Sharpener:
13. Bic Mechanical Pencils:
14. Erasable Highlighters:
15. World’s Best Pens:
16. Wite-Out Tape:
17. Kids Scissors:
18. Index Cards:
19. Welly Bandages:
20. Sperry Shoes:
21. Under Armour Sneakers:
22. Under Armour Boys Shirts:
Under Armour Boys Collared Shirts:
23. Best Girls Clothes:

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It's that time of year back to school Are we happy are we sad are we ready I I Am not I like summer but I still thought It would be super fun to share the best Amazon back to school items so Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you see on Screen now I wanted to make this extra Special for the teachers out there so if You are a teacher and you have one of Those Amazon teacher lists please post It down below in the comment section I Am going to be going through and Ordering a lot of things for a lot of Different people and then also you as The viewers watching if you are Interested in helping out some teachers Out there then scroll through the Comments click around and just just help Them out a little bit if you can no Pressure I just thought that this could Be a great way to kind of spread the Love and share the love so if you are a Teacher or you know a teacher you can Even share this video I really think we Could make a big impact up first let's Talk food kids love food I love food Let's talk about some lunch boxes I have Some really good unique interesting Options starting with this one now I Just want to say I have two boys so some Of the items in this video look a bit Boyish

Um but actually not everything but Everything in this video truly comes in So many different colors where there Would be neutrals or fun bright girly Things or more like manly camo boy boy Things so this is a really nice lunchbox It expands up like it's actually really Thick it holds a lot but the the Interesting part is when you unzip it it Actually is an entire uh like freezable Thing like you just put the whole thing In the freezer and then when you get it Out in the morning to put yogurt Sandwiches juice boxes like it keeps Everything really cold and again this is Like it holds it holds a lot now say you Have an existing lunchbox already that Doesn't have the built-in freezer pack You should consider getting some kids Ice packs in fun shapes so these come in So many different fun kid shapes so we Have the sharks Um you could get flowers princesses are So many options really fun colors as Well and they're really thin and they Stay frozen a long time now here I'm Kind of showing I'm a little weird maybe I'm a little crunchy in some areas but These are 100 compostable sandwich bags And as you can see they're they're not The typical like plastic bags so I don't Love that for two reasons obviously They're not great for the environment to Be using them over and over and over

Again but they're also just not great Plastic that is then putting like bad Chemicals into the the sandwiches and The snacks we're putting in them like Just look into it ignore me if you want That is totally fine but these are way Way healthier they're also just better For the environment they are a bit more Expensive but I just feel so much better About my kids using these in their Lunches okay this is the last lunchbox Related item but it's a game changer I'm Late to the game with this I'm sure a Lot of you already are aware of this and Have it it's the bent go lunch box oh my Gosh I love this thing it just feels Nice it's Sleek it's cool and then when You open it up it has all of the Different sections for your kiddos food And like sealed sections so they don't Like spill into the other section so you Can put your sandwiches some veggies and Fruit and maybe some snacks or cheese or Crackers or something and again Everything has its own spot and you Don't have to use the sandwich bags that I just showed and it's so easy to clean This comes out very very easy to clean And wash this is the one you should buy Because there's a lot of different Models but this particular one has a Removable freezer pack so you just put This in the freezer and then this gets Super cold and so you can have it

Chilled too I just I love it these are hands down the best Kid water bottles out there I promise And it's not even necessarily kid water Bottles adults can use these as well They're designed so well they do not Leak they're they actually hold a like a Lot of water which is nice and I just Love kind of how the top is so there's a Lock here so that it doesn't Accidentally spill you just press the Button it pops open and they can easily Drink water there's no annoying button To press that releases the water or Straws you have to worry about cleaning Or breaking and that's the thing there's So many water bottles out there it's Just very difficult to clean them or They break or they leak and it's just This is so much better so my kids have Had these forever they've got stickers All over them I just like you just need To get these let's talk backpacks next So I have several options for you all of Them are top rated most loved Best-selling starting with the number One best-selling backpack on all of Amazon and really just out there and General it's the JanSport backpack Um so you're you're seeing a Paxton Model it here we did get it in a fun Kind of like Galaxy print but there's so Many colors and designs to choose from It's just like the perfect size smaller

Kids can use it all the way up through You know college like it's just such a Well-rounded good quality backpack at a Fantastic price and then we have this Backpack which is just popping off in Popularity people are loving this Backpack so we did get it in a beige Color which I just love like I kind of Just want to keep this backpack for Myself but I'm going to show some other Colors here on the screen that are also Available like there's just really nice Colors I don't know I like the aesthetic Of this backpack but when you unzip the Whole thing like it really opens wide it Holds a lot there's different sections Inside for you know pencils and your Computer your laptop like this would be Great again for all ages it would also Be even be great for hiking and like That kind of thing too I think it's just A good overall backpack and then we have This Columbia backpack which we did not Get because it is quite a bit bigger so This is for a kid or a student that has Quite a few books it just holds a lot But the price is so good and and the Quality is Top Notch I mean the reviews Are so good so anyway it's just another Well-rounded backpack that everyone Loves this is such a good find I love These so these are textbook covers that Are stretchy they're like a material you Can get them in so many different

Patterns so we went with ones that are Just like really fun and bright but look It like stretches over and when kids get Their textbooks at school rather than Those like do you remember those paper Ones that you would spend like hours Like putting together it was so annoying I don't even know if they do them do That anymore Um but this is like the better way to go It just stretches over whatever size Book it just stretches to fit the book And it protects it all year long my Oldest son is going into fifth grade and On his school supply list this year he Needed to get a two inch binder Um so I scoured and I think this is the Best one out there because you can get It in different sizes different colors It has like the clear plastic thing on Top if you want to slide down you know a Cover page you can also add on the Divider tabs and this comes with eight Separate divider tabs to separate Subjects and it has folders Um and it's just a fantastic price and I Feel like a lot of kids need this if Your kids need subject notebooks I think This is the best bang for your buck Because it comes with six separate Notebooks in various colors and also you Can choose whether or not you want them To be College ruled which are thinner Lines or wide world which would

Typically be for younger elementary Students so we got the wide ruled and Again I love all of the different colors Now a pencil case or a pencil box is on Literally every kid's list and this is The best one it it's kind of a material Like spandexy material and it's you know I keep say saying this about everything But you can get this in so many Different colors and patterns but this One's fun you just unzip it and you'll See it's bright red inside it holds Quite a bit and it's just way better Quality than the cheap plastic ones that Just keep breaking okay let's talk about Some classic school supplies next man This is this stuff I I love it I don't Even go to school anymore take me to the School supply section though everything I'm about to share I eat up so let's Just start with the good old world's Best pencil the Ticonderoga I mean if Your kids just need the regular classic Yellow pencil this is the best of the Best literally the world's best pencil Um and I'm also going to include next This pencil sharpener this is the best Pencil sharpener every person like you Should just have this in your house and Then the kids should just have this at School like in there love a little Pencil case but it's a pencil sharpener That you can actually change to be super Sharp or you can actually make the

Pencil be more blunt and thicker so it's Just really customizable I love it and I'm your kids will too now if you're Talking mechanical pencils Bic is the best big is the best you'll Never change my mind bic is the best and And sometimes a brand or company just Gets it right the first time no need to Be Innovative with this the clear the Clear outer shell with like the perfect You know it's just it's just great your Your kids again will love this just like You did back in the day now these were Not around back in the day and they are Erasable highlighters yeah and they Really work I was skeptical so here I am Just you know I'm highlighting I'm Markering and then you just flip it Around there's like this clear marker on The other end and it literally erases Instantly the highlighter so your kids Will really love this Um but if you like to take notes whether It be in like a journal or like a Calendar or like your planner even oh my Gosh this would be amazing for a planner You can you know highlight things or Whatever and then just erase it if Things change now we talked about the World's best pencils let's talk about The world's best pen it's the G2 the Pilot G2 I didn't even know this okay I Just was researching like the best pens Like it's a fun thing for me to research

This is like my thing this kept coming Up so I ordered a box and when it came In Josh was like yeah that's that's the Best pen like he already like he does he Already has them in his office Glides gloriously obviously you can get Them in you know black red blue lots of Colors but black to me is like my go-to And it does just Glide effortlessly now If you're using said pen and you mess up You need white out yes you need white Out and this white out this is a perfect Example of innovation they needed to Reinvent the white out don't use the Kind that you paint the gloopy kind no This is white out tape and everybody Needs this in their house for when they Are writing a letter or like I know who Does that anymore I mean like maybe You're writing a check or you're mailing Something again no one does that anymore Still this has come in handy so many Times the kids do enjoy using this a lot Of times kids don't necessarily need to Take this to school but this is still a An office slash school supply thing that Needed to be in this video now these are Something that really is on a lot of Kids school supply lists and their Scissors these are great kids Scissors Because they are not going going to Injure anybody and they work perfectly For a left and right-handed children and My kids are a perfect example of that

Paxton is in fact left-handed Hayes is Right-handed and they both work well and I don't have to worry about anyone Cutting themselves I wanted to share These index cards next because often Children need to make flash cards with Them or prepare presentations or Whatever and I think that this is just a Good deal you get 300 index cards for Only seven dollars so it's not that Exciting but still a good deal Band-Aids I don't really know if this is a school Thing but I feel like it is because kids Play on the playground they come home With a scraped knee these are the best Band-Aids they're by the brand Welly and I just don't get to talk about kid Things that much so hear me out if you Have not tried the Welly Band-Aids your Kids will love them they stay put they Come in so many fun kid patterns and Themes and like they're just so cool and They just they work better than any Other Band-Aid out there he's saying Band-Aid but really Band-Aid is a brand I don't like that brand I mean it's okay Wellies are better try them if you Haven't we're gonna talk some clothes And shoes next starting with these Sperrys which I just love honestly some Of the girls look super cute wearing These but these are I would say probably Boy shoes but I love them the younger Children that you just slip on you don't

Have to worry about tying them I love This style this is great if your kids do Have to wear a uniform even if they Don't they're just really stylish shoes That hold up a long time so I I wanted To have my kids try these on but they Are like a hair too small so I do feel Like these run a bit small so I think I Am going to send these back and order Them in like a half a size larger but Still these are great shoes now for Tennis shoes or sneakers it's kind of a Big deal because the kids literally live In them and I feel like I have so much Experience with trial and error with Different brands and I want to bestow Upon my thoughts do you need to try the Under Armor Tennis Shoes for both boys And girls I mean hands down the best Sneakers the best quality they last the Longest I know that kids grow out of Their shoes fairly quickly however They're not off the charts expensive but They're not as cheap as like Walmart Shoes either but I'm telling you they're Worth it they last they don't rip they Don't like get dingy and these are just The best quality tennis shoes I've ever Tried and so when they finally grow out Of them we basically just go to that Brand and pick a new style if you do Have boys like me I want to keep the Under Armor train going here again the Best quality clothes in my opinion so we

Have tons of more casual t-shirts like You're seeing Hayes model here I mean we Have so many different styles and colors And they just they hold up the best and Then we also we play a lot of golf um we Go to church we have some like dressier Functions and the nice collared under Under Armor shirts it's just like the It's like a really silky spandexy Material that doesn't wrinkle that's the Other thing the Under Armor shirts they Don't wrinkle so yeah I will link all of These Styles under this number but that Leads me to the girls clothes which is Number 23 I have no experience in this Department so I'm going to link under Number 23 the best girls clothing According to Amazon everything will be Ranked from the most popular Best-selling and you can just scroll Through and Order what you think you Guys might need so I hope you enjoyed This video please please please Subscribe if you're new share this with Your friends your teacher friends Comment down your teacher list down Below and hopefully me I mean I will Definitely order a lot of things for you Guys but maybe some other people Watching this will do as well so thank You again and I'll see you in my next Video bye