23 BEST Christmas Gifts for HER! Everything is linked here & in the comments…
1. Necessaire Limited Edition Holiday Bundle:
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2. Heated Robe:
3. Barefoot Dreams Inspired Blanket:
4. 5-Minute Journal:
5. Mini Wallet:
6. Black Purse:
7. Woven Purse:
8. Mirandra Frye Jewelry Bestsellers:
Nicole Necklace:
Wunderlust Charm (with Brinley Chain):
Shea Hoops:
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9. Watch Bracelet:
10. Scratch-Off Poster:
11. ‘I Wrote A Book About You’ Book:
12. Candle Lamp Warmer:
100% Beeswax Candle:
13. Magnesium Bath Flakes:
14. Viral Makeup Bag (improved version):
15. Makeup Case w/ Light Mirror:
16. Sephora “Clean” Beauty Set(Sold out):
Sephora Makeup Must Haves Set (similiar):
17. Gucci Perfume Mascara Set(Sold out):
Gucci Flora Perfume Set:
Gucci Mini Flora Gardenia Perfume Gift Set:
18. Corduroy Shirt Jacket(S):
19. Popcorn Cardigan(S):
20. Record Player:
21. Fleetwood Mac Record:
Taylor Swift Records:
Beatles Records:
Michael Jackson Records:
22. Herb Windowsill Garden:
23. Tumbler (my favorite):
Stanley Tumbler:

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays I am Back with my annual gift guide for her Video where I share the best Christmas Gifts for any female in your life like Your mom your sister your best friend Yourself some of these ideas are really Good you're going to like them so send Some ideas to your boyfriend or husband But everything will be linked Down Below In the description box and also pinned In the comment section by the number you See on screen I am so excited to share This deal with you guys it is The Limited Edition holiday collection by Ness a I love Ness a I I mean I know you Guys do too I've teamed up with them for This video to give you guys this awesome Deal but it's five full size of their Bestselling products products that I buy On repeat you will love them super quick Rundown of what you'd be getting um the Body wash this is one of my all-time Favorites I love it to Pieces it has ni Acetamide in it whenever this is done I Reby it um then the body exfoliator Which is a really good like physical Exfoliant you can use it in your shower Maybe like once or twice a week it's Great on just like dead skin like on Your legs you know you just scrub it's Amazing both the body wash and the body Exfoliator you can actually get in the Eucalyptus scent which I really like or You can get it fragrance free now

Everything else in this bundle Automatically comes fragrance free which I really love so then we have the body Lotion which is another one of my All-time favorites This truly the only Lotion I will use on my body it has Peptides in it it's so incredibly Moisturizing and then there's the body Serum a lot of people love this Including myself it's just a different You know serum consistency but it's so Hydrating it really plumps up your skin Because it has hyaluronic acid and then We have the body oil if you need some Extra nourishment this is it this is Cold pressed organic again fragrance Free all of these products are extremely Clean and healthy I feel so good about Using them again this would normally be $168 the bundle is on sale for 100 get This get it for yourself you could even Gift a few products and keep a few for Yourself I love this deal it will be Linked down below next we have a heated Robe I love this gift idea we're going To be jumping around to so many Different genres and so many different Price points but really any woman girl Anyone would love this it is so Luxurious and comfortable and cozy uh But anyway there's obviously different Heat settings and the robe is kind of Like a big blanket but with arm holes so You can actually wear this frontwards or

Backwards which maybe that sounds Confusing but you can put it on like an Actual robe um and then there's even Little foot slots you can really envelop Your feet in so that they stay nice and Cozy or you can flip it around and you Know put your arms through and that's Great for cuddling up on the couch maybe Actually holding a book but overall this Is such a good gift idea and it comes in Several colors as well okay guys hear me Out this video is not complete without a Blanket recommendation and this is by Far the best one I have ever found so The Barefoot dreams blankets that look Like this are between like $170 to $190 they've literally increased their Price like they're so expensive they're Amazing they're so expensive this one is From Amazon looks and feels Identical and it's massive so I got the 71x 78 in size it's huge and the price Is it's like $40 to $50 I'm not even Going to quote exact pricing because it Is from Amazon and everything kind of Fluctuates with pricing but this is a Fraction of the Barefoot dreams pricing And I'm telling you you would never Notice a difference there's so many Different colors it's so buttery it's so Soft it's thick it's huge buy this it's A great gift idea so while you're Cuddled up on the couch in that robe or The blanket this would be another great

Thing to have it is the five minute Journal or the Gratitude journal they're Essentially the same thing and this Price again I'm not going to be quoting Exact pricing because everything Fluctuates but check this out it is so Well priced and it feels nice it is hard Back it's almost like a linen cover and Then inside you literally spend just 5 Minutes a day writing down things you're Grateful for what would make the day Great daily affirmations highlights of The day things you learned you literally Just spend five minutes and it it it Kind of like keeps you in that positive Mindset people love this it has insanely Good reviews and again the price is is So good next I have a few Handbags and Wallets to share just because women love This stuff I mean they could have 50 Different things and they get a new bag And they are excited but I first want to Share this mini wallet again the price Is so good but there's so many women That actually don't have a mini wallet And they're missing out because this Will hold all of your Essentials all all Of your cards your driver's license your Insurance cards and then also the cash You know and so uh you just snap it Together so many different colors to Choose from but then it easily fits into Whatever size bag you're actually Carrying whether it be like a small

Clutch a cross body bag or even just a Big tote but then I also wanted to share This stylish handbag that I honestly Think would look so good on anyone of Any age it's so incredibly versatile and It holds a lot uh it's it's around like 30 bucks it comes in many colors I got Black the reason I like it so much is Because again I think the size is really Good but the adjustability on the strap So if you can notice here there's some Gold detailing notches which really kind Of just adds to the bag but if you have It on the full length It just fits so Easily over your shoulder which is is Great for when you're wearing a big Winter coat like this still goes over Your shoulder nicely but if you do want To make the strap smaller you just slide The notch here and then the strap gets Smaller and you can actually adjust it In three different ways but this is Great again it would it would look great On anyone and then we have this woven Bag which is so soft and Squishy and Buttery I did get it in a camel color And it's a really good camel shade but Other options of course so well priced I Keep saying that about everything um but This is also very adjustable so you can Actually make the strap very long and Make it a cross body bag or you can make The strap a lot shorter and just make it A shoulder bag but the zipper is really

Smooth again for a cross body bag or a Bag of this size it does hold a lot There are a couple compartments inside As well it also comes with an additional Chain strap which I don't love that as Much but it's still an option and again It's just the woven detail that kind of Sets it apart okay I have another Insanely good deal for you guys but it's Only until November 11th it has to do With jewelry Miranda fried jewelry this Is my favorite semi fine jewelry brand And I literally wear the sheay Hoops That are named after me every single day These are incredibly wearable they're Normally $86 the deal is if you spend $100 and You know she has amazing necklaces Chains charms bracelets earrings rings So stylish very high quality you spend $100 you add a pair of sheay Hoops to The cart and then enter freee at Checkout and the Hoops are automatically Free fre okay again these are normally $86 that is such a good deal only until November 11th so jump on it um and then The sheay hoops come in the regular White diamondy version but they recently Also launched them in the Smoky topaz Version which are a little bit more hazy And brown both are incredibly wearable I Love both options but hypothetically you Could spend $300 add three pairs of Sheay Hoops to the cart and then all

Three pairs will be free so just keep That in mind you could pick out some Gift ideas for your friends or your Family and then keep some things for Yourself like again such a good gift Idea now if you are watching this after November 11th you can always use my Regular code sheay for 10% off sitewide Last thing and I feel like this is an Important detail all of her jewelry Including the sheay Hoops do come in Either yellow gold or silver so we Talked about jewelry now I wanted to Share a watch that almost looks like Jewelry this is a dainty small watch is Actually by the brand Timex which is a Really good brand this is the number one Bestselling watch on all of Amazon for Women which is really interesting Because the Styles I feel like just Always change but this is like 30 bucks It's such a good price and if you can Even see it's so stretchy so it's going To fit on any wrist like I have super Small wrists and it even fits on mine But it stretches to fit much larger Wrists as well so it's extremely Comfortable able it almost just looks Like a bracelet it pairs very well with Other bracelets and and I also just love The style like I I honestly believe Older women and older ladies would love This but this is in style like people That are much younger are loving this

Including myself next I have some very Inexpensive yet very personalized gift Ideas and and this this one I feel like Would be great for any girlfriend or Wife to send off to their hubby and Entice them to buy for them you'll love It or maybe you're a guy watching this Video buy this for your girlfriend or Your wife she will love it it's it's a 100 date night ideas poster and you can Even go the extra mile and add a frame To it she will love this so much uh Basically it's a scratch off poster Where maybe once a week or maybe once a Month you take a coin and you scratch Off a circle and it will reveal a date Night you guys can do together and There's just so many different Interesting fun ideas and you can just Like work to scratch off everything just Very different and even I mean even just Seems like a gift there's a whole like Gift message thing you can write in here Or again get the get the frame and then We have this personalized book which is Called I wrote a book about you it's Only $13 it's a hard cover book and you Basically just take a permanent marker And go Page by Page answering the Questions about the person you'll be Gifting this to filling out the the Different sections and it's very Personalized it's very loving like this Is going to be the best gift that

They'll get all year because it's so Different and it really works for anyone It could be a love interest it could be A best friend it could be a mom your Sister really this works for anyone I Wanted to share a candle lamp warmer in This gift guide because candles believe It or not are the number one most gifted Item throughout the entire holiday Season so this is stunning and beautiful And I use it for my 100% pure beeswax Candles which I can also link this if You're interested it's very healthy it Is uh just on Amazon it's a small Business but you just put whatever Candle you want and people have so many Candles already you just put a candle Underneath this turn on the light and It's very warm and it heats up the wax And it slowly fills the room with that Smell um the scent uh it actually makes The candles last way longer but it truly Fills your entire home with the candle Scent so not only is it a really pretty Decor piece not many people have it but I swear they will love it oh my goodness This thing is massive this is an 8 lb Bag of magnesium bath flakes for $35 and I know most people give the cute Little bath bombs but people are Actually going to like this more they'll Actually use it so magnesium is so good For our bodies so many of us are very Deficient in it so this is one of the

Best absorbable ways to get it so you Just sprinkle it into your bath or even A foot soak and magnesium is great for Relaxation it calms you down it's great For muscle tension as well and like even Pain relief so um read the reviews People love this and again you're Getting so much next we have a makeup or Toiletry bag it's the viral one with a Diagonal zipper but this is actually the New and improved version so I'll just Quickly insert the pink one that I have I love that one um but they recently Launched it in just kind of like a Thicker nicer material and then even the Inside is more of like a wipable leather This is coming up very orange but inside It is actually camel um but there's a Center compartment that is actually Connected at the bottom there's Different compartments along the side But if you notice you know the size is So amazing in that it's like a regular Toiletry bag size but the diagonal Zipper allows you to open it up and see Everything inside so easily no longer is Everything just piled on top of one Another and you're digging and you can't Find anything so again such a good Design everyone needs this everyone will Love it um and I love the improved Version now this is like under 20 bucks This is not but I wanted to share Different price points this might be

More of a Splurge but it is a Next Level Makeup or toiletry case and I'll just Show you the footage of me demonstrating It cuz it's kind of hard to maneuver Just because there is a builtin lit Mirror inside that you can you know Store all of your makeup But then actually do your makeup in Front of it and the the lighted mirror Actually has different settings you can Make it cool tone warm tone a Combination of both you can make it Brighter um the the mirror quality is Exceptional uh and you can also travel With this like it's great to travel and Take to hotel rooms and and whatnot or You could do it at your home uh so Anyway definitely more expensive but it Includes quite a bit more than this I Still actually like when I travel I do Use this um but this would be a great Option for many people so to actually Fill some of those makeup bags I wanted To share some makeup sets that I think Are so awesome great value for the price This is a Sephora favorites kit it's Clean beauty though and I feel like so Many people are really getting Interested in using products with better Ingredients um but sometimes products Work some products don't these are the Best clean beauty products at Sephora Many of the products in this pack Actually are full size and it comes with

A really cute quilted toiletry case and Then we have this Gucci mascara and Perfume set which uh like this is me to A tea like I'm always in all of my Videos raving about the Gucci mascara Which is the best mascara of all time And then my favorite designer luxury Perfume really just my favorite perfume Is the Gucci gardinia uh so this is a Set you save money it's Gucci so it's Designer people are really going to like It and the value like the price on this Is so much better next I wanted to share A few clothing options because women Love getting clothes they just do so This corduroy shirt jacket had to be in The video because it works for anyone Like anyone of any height size shape age Teenagers love this all the way up to Like a 90-year-old would think this is Nice and it's on sale it's on Deal save Money on it I have it in three different Colors and I am always grabbing it Always beige is probably my favorite I Also have it in like a camel color this One actually is a size large so I Specifically ordered it a little bit Bigger just because I like to wear like A tank top I'll wear it open as a jacket You can even button it and wear it like A shirt so there's just so many ways to Wear it and it's a no-brainer everyone Will love this and then we have the Popcorn cardigan which again I have in

Like so many colors I'm always wearing This anytime without fail if I wear this Out and about somebody will come up to Me usually it's somebody I know but They'll be like oh my gosh where did you Get this it's so soft and it's from Amazon so this is another style that Will really work for anyone they will Love it the material reminds me of Barefoot dreams again but such a better Price point it is kind of textured but It's buttery it's soft it's cozy and It's warm this next idea is so different I love it it's actually a record player Like in a case like a full BL record Player or turntable and it's under $50 I Obviously have it in black and you can Get it in other Shades as well so many Colors to choose from uh very very Stylish but you just open it it plays Various different sizes of records and The sound is actually really good I Thought it would be also fun to add on Someone's favorite band or or singer Like here I have Fleetwood Mac the Iconic rumors album Maybe Taylor Swift You know you could maybe get them their Favorite Taylor Swift era album you know There's so many options you could go old School or or even just like a new album But this is a really interesting and Different gift idea moving right along We have this window sill herb growing Kit it's all organic and you get basil

Cilantro and chives and it comes with Everything you would need you literally Just set it on maybe a kitchen window uh And then plant the seeds it will start To grow this is great for anybody that Loves to cook and use fresh herbs I also Think it's just really pretty and cute And very again different when all else Fails get them a tumbler because Lord Knows everyone loves these but this is The simple modern version which I Actually like better than the Stanley Cup I still like the Stanley Cup but I Like the way this one is styled more the Price is way better it holds the same Amount of liquid it keeps liquids hot And cold for the same amount of time I Tested it and it comes in so many colors So you know you can't go wrong with this People love it and even if they already Have one they'll still like a new one in A different color everything will be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comment section But don't forget about that nesser Bundle deal and if you're looking for Gifts for guys that's my next video Josh Will be making his yearly appearance and These gifts are good so I will see you Then Merry Christmas