23 BEST Gifts for GUYS…everything is linked here & in the comments!
1. Portable Tire Inflater:
2. Electric Bottle Shaker:
3. Textured Shirt (only $25!):
4. Henley Shirt:
All Henley Shirts:
5. Fleece-Lined Hoodie:
6. Plaid Sherpa Jacket:
7. Weekender Bag:
8. Hiking Backpack:
9. Emergency Weather Radio:
10. Survival Fire Starter:
11. Body Warmers (40-pack):
12. Ratcheting Screwdriver:
13. 9-in-1 Multitool Pen:
14. Schick Beard Trimmer:
15. The Beard Bib:
16. Timex Watch (only $33!):
17. Slim Faux Leather Wallet (only $15!):
18. Loopy Phone Case:
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19. Neck Massager:
20. The North Face Slippers:
21. Nike Gym Shoes:
22. Spikeball:
23. Golf Mat:

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We need prayers at this point St prayer I'm Back I'm back guys for another gift Guide for guys we found some great stuff This year I'm excited we're going to Beat last year's we are everything we'll Be linked Down Below in the description Box and pinned in the comment section by The number you see on Screen this is a portable tire inflator And it's great because you don't have to Wait in line at a gas station or Anywhere else if your tires low you can Just pull over and inflate your tires if They're low it's got a ton of different Attachments it's very loud though but it Works there's not anything you need just This it's Great what that's good next we have Something that I found it is an electric Bottle Shaker but it's not a Shaker Because it's like a little blender in Here that's built and it's for anybody That makes those protein shakes you go To the gym you're always doing that and Most come with those balls that you just Sh Shake uh but this hopefully in the b Roll you can see you hit this button and It just Blends everything together and It's just really cool and also this is Very sturdy don't you think it's really Sturdy it's feels really nice um and There's no batteries you just charge it Up and it lasts a long time and if

You're wondering what awesome shirt I'm Wearing it's this number three what is It no it's this really cool textured Kind of fitted long sleeve shirt which I Really like I feel like it's hard to Find good fitting shirts that look good On guys that also are stylish and I Think this is a winner it is winner the Price is so good it's from Amazon on and There are tons of colors but then there Is this Henley which is a little more Loose and Casual if that's kind of more Your style it's got different little Detailing around the buttons it just It's Nice I don't know what to say at the end This is Something that I also really like all of These clothes by the Way are from Amazon and I think clothes Are such a good gift for guys because They rarely buy it for themselves and All of this is stylish and just really Good quality I love how your nose is Just like peeking Out roll the be- roll The inside of this is so soft it's a Hoodie obviously shows the outside yeah I know it's really thick they will love It the number one thing that I hate About hoodies is if they're too Bunchy Around the midsection and this hoodie Does not do that it fits so well around Your stomach and just makes you look Great what fleece it's a fleece it's

Plaid sh aine plaid flannel Sherpa Fleece plaid flannel Sherpa fleece There's no way you could say that well You've had SHP flee you've had this for I've had This for two years I had this in two Different colors it is my 100% go-to in Anytime fall or even winter cuz I don't Really wear jackets so it's very warm It's got the nice detailing around the Elbows uh just pick it up and get grab Pick it up and grab Too well also it's a lot of times it's Sold out on Amazon this is such a Popular brand true everything is back in Stock check out the different colors it Also comes in tall sizes oh that is true That's a great Point yes so like tons of Sizes the gift guide is not complete Without a Weekender bag and this is my Favorite one yet it is by far the best One that I found in many recent years it Is a huge opening on the top it's very Flimsy which I really like I don't like It be too stiff and not enough and too Much structure you want be relaxed the Zipper I mean wow look at that oh my Gosh so good holds a ton of stuff great For a gym bag or just actual weekend Getaway which we're doing soon I might Take this are you're going to Yes uh Shoulder did we say this already you can Take that off lots of compartments lots Of colors as we keep saying but like the

The leather detailing is so masculine And super well made tell if your guy is A guys guy then he needs this outdoor Small backpack but also water hydration System really it's just a nice Comfortable backpack I have so many Backpacks that I've used over the years And either uncomfortable or they're not Good on Space Storage this is just small Enough to be like light and you can kind Of do like a Day hike in it but it also Is comfortable and it has the water Bladder or water sack SEO Wat oh um I don't know but this is a Great brand has a ton of great colors uh And it's really great great great great I mean great Great's the word of the Video the new word it's the new word it Is great though now to go along with That backpack we have this bad boy this Does so much this is an AM FM radio so Say you're like hiking and you need to Get in contact With Surrounding peoples no um there's a Word civilization ah wait it talks to People is it going to rain no it's in Emergency weather yeah that's what I Mean radio yes I you can also send out An SL signal yes that's what I'm saying And then also you can charge it up with Solar power so say you don't have Electricity because usually when you're Hiking you don't you can just charge it

Up with solar you can charge your phone Up or say the weather is just not great It's lots of rain uh CLS clouds no sun It's at night time you charge it up with Hand crank your old hand crank oh my Gosh I caught that though this is Another great outdoors you thing to have And it's a survival torch it's a fire Starter uh unlike many other fire Starter kits that you can get like from Outdoor places they are literally Impossible to use unless you are an Expert Outdoorsman which I'm not Bear Grills if you're Bear Grills then you're Good if not like the rest of us human People you need something that actually Is going to work so this has a built-in Rope With the fire starter that's going to Catch no matter what so if God forbid You're out and something gets wet this Is literally I don't know how they do it But it's waterproof so the the Rope will Still light yes with the fire St it's Fantastic everyone needs this yeah okay This is the last outdoorsy thing and Then we're going to move on but these Body warmers I think would make a great Gift really for anyone like I would love This myself in fact I might take a few Of these but guys who are outside a lot In the cold would love these they're air Activated and you just open them up Shake them in the air they will stay hot

For 12 hours and you just stick them to The inside of your shirt or actually the Outside of your shirt you're not Supposed to put it directly on skin but You can like line your jackets with it And you just stay warm while you're Hiking hunting uh snowboarding a lot of People work Outdoors sking watching kids Soccer games something like that so the The the price is really good you get a Huge Box just kidding I thought she was Actually going to throw this one okay This is a ratcheting screwdriver many Guys do not have this and I don't know Why because this is one of the absolute Essentials it's like having to use old School wrenches every guy will choose to Use a ratchet over an actual wrench same Thing with this guy has this you're not Going to grab a regular screwdriver You're going to grab a ratcheting Screwdriver because it's going to make It that much easier so obviously it Comes with a ton of attachments inside Which is great it has everything you Need and obviously goes righty Tatty Lefty Loosey but this is a 100% great Gift for guy now this video is full of Different price points because this Would be a great stocking stuffer this Is a 9 in1 multi-tool pen and it does Nine different things uh what all does It do I don't know you found this

Honestly it has a flashlight it has a Ruler it has a pen obviously has a Stylist it has multiple screwdrivers in There Phillips and uh Flathead I'm Impressed with your knowledge of this a Bottle opener it does have a bottle Opener it also has a level basically Everything you need and a pen it's like It actually is a pen and it comes with Different uh ink refills too it does Okay next up is the shik body shmer that Can be used anywhere hint hint uh it is Fantastic because it's waterproof you Can use it in the shower if you need to It has no other attachments that you can Lose and misplace it just has this one Adjustable little what do we call this Thing clip the clip um so you can adjust The length that you're trimming it has An uh adjustable head so you can get all The angles that you need you know what I'm saying um it has a light when you Turn it on again it just the also the Charge last on this I don't I've had This thing I think I lost the charger we Lost the charger it's still going strong It's been like months you use it on your Face I know it works great should you Have done that I should have actually Done it this morning but I want to add Something on so the next item if you're Going to get this get this next thing um It's the beard bib I've recommended it In previous gift guides but every guy

Needs this thing it's literally this bib It's so inexpensive um and you attach it To the wall like with these little Sticky things and then when you're Trimming when your guy is trimming his Beard shaving any anything it catches All of the clippings right there and They can easily dispose doesn't get all Over the sink Yes buy it and next up we have this Super cool great it's a great watch this Is a Timex watch that is really great You can't go wrong with a watch guys can Have multiple watches this one you love This is like 30 bucks as well and it's So stylish it's so stylish it does come With different band side like you picked Out this like more outdoorsy army green Color but you can get it in brown and Just lots of colors I'm kind of taking Over for you but you can um I was Struggling for words but yeah I think It's very simplistic design I think it Looks classic like sh said you can get Different bands I just discovered that Actually lights up with a back lit so You can see it at night uh it just looks Really nice next we have a slim faux Leather wallet which I picked out Because you love yours so much and I Feel like every guy should have it Because they they're all carrying those Really thick bulky wallets that that are Just old and ratty and it's hard for for

Guys to sit down right it's unhealthy Yeah and so you can put this in your Front or back pocket um it's also RFID Yes yes protection right so they don't Steal your identity um but this is black Obviously it comes in lots of colors and It holds quite a bit of cards on the Front and the back also down the center And then also easy access to your ID the Loopy phone case is next Shay got me This years ago and I'm completely hooked Uh it still fits in your pocket which is Great but the rubber here is built into The case so it just doesn't fall off it Can't fall off you don't drop your phone Anymore let's face it guys are clumsy no Dropping it on your face in the middle Of the night and also none of this video Is sponsored but I do have a long Withstanding code with them it's shaw10 For 10% off sitewide and they have tons Of designs for guys like this is carb Fiber uh here's like a wooden one There's so many to choose from get one For yourself there's so many cool Designs that girls would love once you Try it you will never go back oh gosh it Feels good okay what is it it is a Lovely neck massager great for relieving Stress feels fantastic it has multiple Different settings speed how it massages Has heat in there as Well yeah feel like we're on the prices Right oh wait really wait why like I

Don't know it just gave me prices right Vibes cool that's awesome what is the Price I don't know actually but it's Almost irrelevant because I would pay Any money for this you used to have one I did I broke it cuz I was being too Rough with this no I think it was a Cheap one this is a very high quality One and I've had it for many many months Feels fantastic I actually got this from Amazon Amazon got this for me wait what It was a per oh yeah because I'm a high High high quality high quality Creator High value Creator no where where was it We were at a thing and they gave it they Gave it to me they said that is such a Great job good job Amazon I know my gosh I I caught them all uh these okay new Slippers every gift gu needs slippers Just letting everyone know the fuzzy man Old slippers that we used previously are Now dead these are the new slippers These Moon slippers I'm calling them They are awesome they're from North Face They are incredibly comfortable you can Just slide your foot in uh they're very Soft but they're also nice hard bottoms So you wear them outside you are very Excited about these I love these was Like the gift of the entire video he Wanted to lead with this and I thought We Slippers they're so cool though they're Like cool they're comfy different they

Are different I like Them oh my gosh that was a total fail That I think that hurt hurt the Microphone everything is fine if your Guy goes to the gym he might need these Shoes Okay most guys when they go to the Gym they're not wearing the proper shoes These are great they're Nike metcons They're specifically designed to keep Like your foot and your ankle and knees Working correctly so you're not placing Undue stress on your joints uh Deadlifting squats leg press all those Things are very important to have the Proper shoes they also are not too uh Smash at the front so your feet are too Narrow inside you need good stability uh They're great you can also I mean They're actually style enough to wear Around I do errands in them after I wear Them to the gym so next we have spike Ball I I picked this out because I Thought it would be a great gift for Maybe a guy in college or really any guy That likes to have yard games you know Everyone does the what do they do the Bag toss bag toss yes Jam all the right But this is spike ball which is super Popular everyone loves it um better than Pickle ball and you can set it up Anywhere is it really better than pickle Ball I think so really I think so it's a Hot take but I like it better I want Play Pokéball as we know winter is

Almost here which sadly means that There's no more golf but you can get Your guy this epic golf mat it's great For practicing it's probably the best on The market for like true medium to fast Green speed there's like a ton of Different practices you can do on there They have like an app uh there's a lot Of drills you can do on there hit the Putting stroke all winter long get good For next year is it fantastic gift yeah And it's approved by Jordan speed's Coach and like a few other like big name Golfers like this is a really good one Just on Amazon the price is really good Too I know this is more neat but there's So many golf lovers it's blown up Everyone's golfing you did it you did it Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you saw on Screen until next year Josh you have a Whole year before you have to do this Again okay until next year guys Merry Christmas bye