23 BEST Sephora VIB Sale Picks 2023…everything linked below & in the comments!
1. Refy Primer:
2. Illuminating Drops:
3. ItCosmetics CC Cream:
Haus Labs Foundation (Light Medium Neutral):
4. Tarte Foundation Brush:
5. Born This Way Concealer (Nude):
Haus Lab Concealer (Light Neutral):
6. Makeup By Mario Dual-Ended Brush:
7. Sephora Collection Brush Set:
8. Sephora Brow Gel (Ebony):
9. Anastasia Clear Brow Gel:
10. Gucci Bronzer (Shade 03):
12. Nars Liquid Blush (Orgasm):
Patrick Ta CrΓ¨me & Powder Blush (She’s Baked):
13. YSL Brown Mascara:
14. Gucci Mascara:
15. Gucci Perfume & Mascara Set:
16. Patrick Ta Lip Gloss:
17. Makeup By Mario Lip Pencil (Tan):
18. YSL Lip Glaze (Showcasing Nude):
19. Sephora Clean Beauty Kit:
20. Olaplex Bonding Oil:
21. Dyson Airstrait:
Dyson Blowdryer:
Dyson Airwrap:
22. Tatcha Rice Polish:
23. Sulwhasoo Skincare
Ginseng Renewing Cream:
Ginseng Renewing Serum:
Cult Classics Holiday Set:

Dior Lip Oil:
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask:
Rare Beauty Blush:
Anastasio Brow Wiz:
Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Setting Powder:
Paula’s Choice Exfoliant:
The Ordinary Red Solution:
ColorWow DreamCoat Spray:
K18 Treatment:
Living Proof Dry Shampoo:
Sephora Collection Makeup Brushes (30% off!!!):
ALL Sephora Collection Makeup:

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The big Sephora savings event is here And in honor of this 2023 Vib sale I Narrowed everything down to my top 23 Picks for you guys to consider so I am Actually linking things a little bit Differently than I normally do we're Trying out the YouTube shopping button Down below so you can see everything you Can scroll I'll just have everything Linked by the the order in which I share The products but you can actually shop And click on the products while my video Is playing which is really cool but if You just want to keep it like normal Everything will also be linked in the Description box down below and pinned in The comment section by the number you See on screen the Rouge members can Start shopping today and save 20% off Until November 6th or until things you Know sell out and whatnot um insiders And Vib members can start shopping on Halloween October 31st now just so you Know the Sephora collection all of it is 30% off for everyone which is a big deal I have so many Sephora collection Products that I love up first we have a Primer that is so incredibly viral for The longest time you couldn't even buy This it was always sold out but it's the Rafi glow and sculpt primer now I really Like this because of like a few reasons The uh applicator is like a roll on Thing so it's just you can roll it all

Over your face and I do just want to say I was testing out an exfoliator right Before I filmed the makeup portion and This kind of made my face look red it Never does that I know it's because I Scrubbed my face right before I used This but I only ever really use a Primer if I'm using this um drunk Elephant be gold drops I just love how You can even see my face is kind of Glowy and this combination together you Don't have to use them together it's Just I love mixing these golden drops Into a primer just to give a nice glowy Base layer and then whatever Foundation I choose to use it just Glides on I feel Like it gives just the perfect base or Foundation for the foundation also just So you know I feel like I always say This when I film any makeup or beauty or Sephora video and none of this video is Sponsored okay this is not sponsored by Sephora but I also just want to say I am So not a makeup artist I feel like I Have some skill with makeup when I'm Just doing it in front of my regular it But put a camera in front of me put a Weird mirror a weird angle I can't do my Makeup I can't do it trust the process As we go along it does turn out good but I swear as we go along you're going to Be like wow Shay is bad okay but now Moving on to Foundation which I order Any New Foundation that is released like

I must test it out and it's very rare That anything ultimately beats my It Cosmetics CC cream is just my all-time Favorite but I recently discovered the House Labs Foundation I've only been Using this for like 2 weeks I really Like it like love it like if you if you Want to try a new Foundation save some Money on it all of these things are like Never on sale give this a go it's medium Coverage so I feel like it's a good mix Between both but you can definitely Build it up and it looks great and I am Using my tarte foundation brush this is An oldie but a good the best foundation Brush I have ever ever ever tried and What's weird is the Sephora web website For this foundation brush doesn't have The best reviews which is bizarre to me Because this this brush is so freaking Good so I was reading the reviews and There's like this little section of time Where the bristles of this brush were Falling out and I feel like it must have Just been a bad batch unfortunately Because most people swear by this Foundation brush it will last you for Years and it's all I use and it just Makes applying your foundation so quick So buffed out it's just the perfect Density I use this I feel like it Matches my skin tone really great There's like 52 Shades or colors in this Foundation so you can really get a good

Um match on your skin definitely give it A try now under this number I am going To link two different concealers for you To consider um I've recommended the Born This Way the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer for so many years and then Because I ordered that house foundation Or house Labs Foundation I did order Their concealer because it has amazing Reviews and I think it is really good so If you're looking to try a new concealer I do think this is really good however I Still do prefer the Too Faced born this Way so that's what I'm choosing to use And I am going to blend it out with my Makeup by Mario dual-ended brush I love This brush too I'm really just giving You a rundown of some makeup brushes to Consider I I must use this every day if Something happened to this I would Repurchase this instantly the one end is It's just kind of angled really nice and It just Buffs into your skin so well I Just love it so much and then the other End we will use a little bit later I Tend to use this for blush speaking of Brushes though I also wanted to mention This Sephora collection complete brush Set so again all of the Sephora Collection items are 30% off this is Already such a good price with really High quality brushes that you'll Actually use a lot of brush sets out There you might use like one or two of

The brushes this you will use everything I have the I have the items this I Actually got as a gift idea so you could Even consider some of these items as Future gifts for the holiday season um But there's like these are really good But let's move on to brows with another Sephora collection product this tinted Brow gel has really wowed me and the Only reason I ordered it is because I Ran out of my favorite Mac brow gel That's way more expensive and so I Thought this looked similar so I decided To order it and it just as good just as Good and you can see here it's it just Makes doing your brows so incredibly Easy you just like run it through your Brows it creates very like lifelike Looking hairs it adds some color some Shape to them it's phenomenal and it Comes in you know tons of Shades to Match your eyebrow color and then I Always like to set my eyebrows with this Clear brow gel by Anastasia of Beverly Hills it's just completely clear it's Kind of like glue in a way and it just Makes your brows look fabulous all day Long it just keeps the shape I feel like Everyone needs this now throughout this Video there are a lot of new products That I've never shared before but for Bronzer and eyes Shadow I'm just taking It back again to my Gucci bronzer I've Recommended this so much I am wearing

The shade three which all of my shades Will be listed Down Below in the Description box as well I love this for A bronzer I just take you know a a Buffing brush and just go in circular Motions all of up around my hairline and I really try to keep the bronzer a Little bit higher on my cheekbone that Gives a much more lifted look rather Than a sunken look once I'm you know Done with bronzer I do go in and use This as eyes Shadow so I'm actually Using one of those Sephora collection Brushes it's fabulous for um applying Eyeshadow and I try to kind of go kind Of in the crease but kind of above the Crease again to open the eyes and this Just gives a really nice kind of Matching cohesive look and then I like To take a pencil brush and just use this Color again to smudge underneath my eyes Rather than using uh an eyeliner pencil That's just really harsh whereas this Kind of blurs everything it makes it Just it just you just look better you Just look way better and again I love Using the same shade kind of for my Whole face it honestly makes everything You know it speeds up the whole process It makes everything take way less time Moving on to blush now this this is Where things start to get a little wonky Which it doesn't make sense because the Reason I love these so much is because

They are so easy they're so blendable I Feel like I just again weird lighting Angle camera like I just don't perform Well under pressure when it comes to Makeup um but I narrowed it down to two Options these are phenomenal um I'm Going to start with the Nars it that is A naughty shade that is a naughty shade I'm not going to say it it'll be linked Down below but should it be linked down Below I don't know why are things so Naughty anyway the color is really good Though it's a liquid blush and this was Made viral by Alex Earl like she's the Big Tik Tok star um and it's just a a Really nice liquid blush that you just Blend in I'm again using that makeup by Mario dual ended brush such a good brush So that's this now on the other side I Decided to use the Patrick T the Double Take and it's called Double Take because It actually comes with the cream version And the powder version of essentially The same color and this has five full Stars on Sephora's website which is very Rare most things are like four four and A half that I really like you know but Like this is five stars and I think People love it so much because you can Use the cream first and then set it with The powder and it lasts all day now here I I was like looking down at my monitor And I was Like bad it was so bad too heavy um so I

Ended up just kind of blurring it a Little bit and I fixed it it's fine it Was salvageable it's good but I swear um If you want to try a blush one of these Or both of them you can't you can't go Wrong okay moving on to mascara I have Two very different mascaras for you to Consider both are designer though which Is annoying one's YSL the other is Gucci But again you're saving money so if There's any like higher price items you Would never normally buy I would say get It or try it out now um but the YSL I Want to start with this is a brown Mascara you can get it in black but They're known for the brown and it's Just so viral and it's more for like a No makeup makeup look like when you're Going for just oh natural like some Tinted Moisturizer a little blush maybe A balm and you can add this mascara That's brown and it makes your lashes Look so real it looks like it looks like You're not really wearing mascara but Again your lashes look fuller and longer And better so I do really like this but That's not really what I'm going for Today so I just am using my tried andrue Gucci mascara the best mascara I have Ever purchased I've repurchased this Over and over and over again it's a mix Between just being a really good formula And the bristles are just great it it Just it's almost like a comb and you can

Really separate your lashes lift your Lashes it's just worth the money to me Now because I do love that Gucci mascara So much and I saw this gift set I Ordered it I'm still deciding like Should I keep it for myself or should I Actually gift it away but it comes with My favorite Gucci mascara and the Gucci Flora perfume that is my favorite Designer perfume the best it is so nice And it's like this long tube and it's Just like a you save money with this but Yet you get two things you'll actually Use all the time and I love how the size Of this like you could throw it in your Purse I don't know anyway you could just Consider this for yourself or it would Be a good gift idea moving on to lips so I first want to start with this Patrick T lip gloss this again was made viral Just like sold out all the time by Alex Earl she's like the it girl I think she Actually used this in a lot of her Tik Tok videos before it was even released And everyone was like what's that lip Gloss and she like couldn't say what it Was um but again this is another product That has a full five-star reviews going On on Sephora's website but it's just Like it's a good gloss like a really Good glossy glossy gloss it's a really Pretty pink color you can wear it on its Own like I am here but it's also a great Shade that you could actually layer it

On another color um it is very Pepperminty it's definitely not like Going to make your lips burn but it's Pepperminty and it just feels really Nice on the lips so I took that lip Gloss off and now I'm going to share the Lip combination I'm wearing today and Many days I love the makeup by Mario lip Pencil in the shade tan I'm sure so many Of his other colors are great too but Tan is my favorite and this lip pencil Is dual ended so I always start with the Pencil side and I slightly overline my Lips just in the center and then I'll Take the other end of the product and There's actually a lip brush which is Really nice because I like to kind of Blend in and buff in the lip liner just So it doesn't look as harsh and then I Go in and layer it with something Sometimes it's a clear gloss sometimes It's a lipstick sometimes it's it just It can be whatever but I've continually Been reaching for this YSL lip glaze It's actually called the glaze lip gloss Stick and it's a really interesting Product it it genuinely does just seem Really expensive and it's because it is Really expensive it's again a YSL lip Product but I just really like it it's Kind of a a combination of a lot of Different lip products like it it feels Like a lipstick but also a lip gloss but Also a lip balm but also it has a lot of

Pigment and like it's they're calling it A glaze and I I guess that's like a good Description like it's so shiny but it Just makes your lips look really juicy Now I am not done yet I have more things I need to share with you but this is my Overall final makeup look it really Didn't take me too much time at all I Feel like this is just wearable normal Makeup for anyone but let's move on to a Few of things this Sephora favorites Clean makeup or clean Beauty set would Make a wonderful gift idea or you could Consider it for yourself if you've been Wanting to try some cleaner or healthier Products this comes with a really nice Toiletry bag it's actually quilted and It's all of the clean Beauty best Sellers and there's quite a few products Actually that are full size in here and You do save quite a bit of money like a Lot of money actually just trying out This set let's talk hair next because oh My gosh I cannot even take it any longer My hair has been so frizzy in this video Um this is the Olex bonding oil the Number seven bonding oil such a good Product you just need a few drops on Your hands like I just did and you just Run it through your hair and it makes Your hair it Smooths everything out Especially if you have if you have some Curls going on like I mean just look at That it instantly so much I should have

Done this at the beginning of the video Even if you have straight hair it makes It look super sleek and Olex is is Something like everything that doesn't Go on sale this will last you truly Forever too okay but honestly I'm mad I Didn't put that in my hair before I Started filming the video but let's move On to Dyson so I'm going to link the top Three big bestseller Dyson items under This number and I'm going to start with The air straight which I really like the Air straight I'm just going to give it Away I am filming a video that I'll be Posting I think after this one reviewing This and sharing some other viral Bestsellers that I think are actually Worth the money if you're interested in It so this is expensive all of the Dyson Things like the supersonic blow dryer The air wrap I mean very very expensive Never goes on sale so I'm not saying you Need it but if if you've ever been like Wanting to splurge now would be the time Since you're going to save money I feel Like skincare is another category that People like to try new things or maybe St up on what they just always Consistently use so I did want to share This tatcha rice polish this has been Around for so long um I'm sure some of You have it and use it or maybe you Haven't tried it before but it's really Interesting it is an exfoliator but it's

Actually a powder so you put it in your Hand and then you get it wet and it Foams up and you can exfoliate your face In such a gentle but like noticeable way Like it really makes your skin so smooth And soft and this is this is Japanese I Feel like people of like other countries Are just like way more advanced with Skincare than us but this is Japanese And then I also wanted to mention the Su Wasu I don't even know if I'm saying That right but this is Korean like this Is so popular and it's just like the the Top tier Korean skinc care I feel like They're again just so much more advanced But they use ginsing and ginsing is such A good ingredient for skincare but most Brands don't use it because it is a very Expensive ingredient and it's so hard to Grow um and so anyway I just learned all About it when I was at this conference Like a few months ago and and now I'm Just like totally sold on this brand um It's a little higher end but I do think It's worth it and i' I've just been Loving it so again everything in this Video will be linked Down Below in the Shopping button or in the description Box like normal by the number on screen And I also put everything in the comment Section too so you'll be able to find Everything I hope you found this video Helpful and interesting Please Subscribe If you're new and I'll see you in my

Next one bye