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Here are 23 things I no longer Buy in 2023 don't hate me because some of these Things you probably do still buy and That is fine I'm not here to fear Monger Some of them are more related to like oh I don't think this is good for our Health some are just completely random Things and I'm just like this is not Worth the money I'm not buying this Anymore so I hope you find this somewhat Interesting and enjoyable number one We're starting off scary because I feel Like a lot of people are gonna come After me for this but to each their own But I no longer buy aluminum foil Because the aluminum is a very low grade Sucky quality of aluminum the tinfoil uh It leeches aluminum into our food there It's proven I mean it's there's no Argument about it I mean yes it's in Small amounts but over years it goes Into our bodies and and aluminum is bad For our bodies everybody knows that and So it's the least I can do is just not Use it when cooking food especially Because when the temperatures are high That's when it leaches is the aluminum Into our food especially if you are Cooking with like acidic things like Lemon or vinegar or something like that If you're just wrapping like a cold Piece of meat or something in the Aluminum foil that's not so bad it's the High temperatures and the acidity but in

General I just no longer purchase it Number two very similar to the last one But plastic wrap or Saran Wrap they no Longer buy never use it it has PVC in it Which is a very toxic chemical and again It leeches into our food it's actually a Type of carcinogen it is a hormone Disrupter in fact so many brands or not So many some brands are recognizing how Toxic it is and they no longer use PVC They're using a different type of Chemical that is a little less bad but It's no longer as like clingy and so People are noticing that so a lot of Brands still use the PVC so I just stay Away from it in general Um there is the beeswax wrap that is way More environmentally friendly and it's Not as easy to use but it's just way Better for us and again better for the Environment I didn't even tell you that The the plastic wrap just it never Breaks down it goes to the landfills and It's just there forever also crock pot Liners which I know so many of you are Sad to hear that because it's so Convenient it's convenient for cleanup You just line the crock pot with these Liners it's cheap plastic again we put The food in there and then for many many Hours the food is cooking at high Temperatures again toxic chemicals are Being leashed into the food then we eat The food it's just not worth it to me um

Even though it's so easy to clean up the Crock pot afterwards maybe I'm wrong in All of this you can again just take Every single thing in this video with a Grain of salt but it's just not worth it To me I also no longer buy the cheap Plastic sandwich bags like for my kids Lunches again it is because of the Plastic but then also because they never Break down they're terrible for the Environment so I do splurge and I get These plant-based sandwich bags I do Have the ones that are reusable too like The stasher but then there's days where I'm just like totally honest it's nice Just to grab these they're quick they're On the go they're literally made of Plants and they are 100 compostable I no Longer buy most mugs now if it's Completely different reason than what You're expecting me to say it seriously So most people just love mugs in general Myself included I mean they're fun to Get when you go on a trip they're fun to Just oh one at Target it's like super Pretty I've been known to do that until This is like all my mom's fault she Really looked into the fact that most Mugs have a lot of lead in them and There's kind of like some layers Protecting you from that but then I Realized look how many of my mugs do you See that are starting to break down Inside check your mugs I have now

Completely switched to All Glass mugs Instead these are beautiful they're like Stunning honestly they're from Amazon I Can link them below but like you don't Have to get these you can get like I Think there's even some cheap glass mugs At the Dollar Tree like you can get Glass mugs but it's so much safer in my Opinion I'll make this next one quick Because I'm just kind of reiterating the Same things but I no longer buy cheap Plastic storage containers one just Because the the lids are annoying There's like so many different sizes It's just annoying but then also again The cheap plastic isn't great I much Prefer the glass okay let's get out of The health food plastic world let's just Talk about something kind of random that I no longer buy I mean I pulled this From a stash that I bought a long time Ago but it's anything regarding fake Lashes I cannot for the life of me apply Fake lashes I have so many of them I buy Them with hopes of like I'm gonna do This it fails miserably I just can't do It and so I've decided no more fake Lashes I'm just gonna rock the sucky Ones that I have likewise no more liquid Eyeliners I'm done I I try to pull off The winged eyeliner not only do I think I just don't pull it off I just can't Even do it that's really the problem I Can't do it and so many Brands keep

Coming out with new versions of their Liquid eyeliner with new tips and and Felt points and I I buy it and then I Fail I I no more moving right along Something else that I do always buy even Though I have too many of them are Blankets like I'm always up for a new Blanket I just love them to pieces I Have a whole basket full in many rooms I Mean I've Blankets have a good place in my heart But the ones I don't buy the weighted Ones I I tried I feel like a lot of People love them I do not I feel like oh It's like too much my kids don't really Like them I don't really like them I Know some people swear by them and That's great I'm just saying that I'm I'm not doing that anymore I am no Longer purchasing or recommending thick Planners I feel like it's taken me my Whole life to figure this out but I just Like the thin ones like this is where It's at this is so much more manageable It is not like overwhelming my life I Can write down the essentials but not Have a place for every single possible Thing in my life like most of those Thick planners like do you really do you Really use it all I'm sure a lot of you Maybe do and which good for you I'm Proud I just feel like it's a complete Pipe dream really so just go for the go For the thin ones I can try to find this

One it's it's amazing okay I have many Opinions about this next one but stop Buying the online courses in 2023 they Are just trying to get your money it is Getting out of control now there are a Few select online courses that can be Okay like if they are teaching you Something very specific very tangible Black and white step by step like how to Use a a program like okay those could be Fine but if they are claiming to have The secret to something like how to make More money how to get more followers on Instagram how to build your business Because they have the secret just stop Please please please do not give them Your money it's a scam I'm sorry I said It I'm sorry but they are getting out of Control okay this next one's kind of Dumb and to each their own I just no Longer buy souvenirs uh and and you Totally can't I mean I'm it's not bad It's not good it's just like whatever I Just find that I have like I had too Many things and I started like donating Some souvenirs so I just realized They're already overpriced to me I'd Rather just take a lot of photos kind of Have the memories rather than like Little knick-knacky things unless maybe You have one of those like cool little Spoon collections where it's like you Know every location you have ever been In spoons I mean that's that sounds

Interesting sorry guys we're back to the Chemicals so I no longer buy any laundry Detergent with fragrance and I don't Even have a specific brand that I swear By I just bounce around and I make sure It's unscented and kind of like a Cleaner healthier brand but I would Maybe advise you to reconsider getting This which is very very popular right Now because of how potent and how Fragranced it is I mean a lot of people Love it because it makes their laundry And their bed sheets and their clothes Just smell super luxurious but Fragrance things can be like a hormone Disrupter it's really not great for us And when it's on our clothes and you Know it's surrounding us day in and day Out I just don't think it's that great But again just my opinion I also no Longer buy or ever get dry cleaning like Ever again because of the chemicals I Mean those are those are very bad again That is something that's more known I Mean you can look that up it's really Not great Um and so if something says You must dry Clean it I just could I just ignore it And honestly it's very very rare that a Piece of clothing is ruined because I Didn't dry clean it I swear they say That you need to do that when you really Don't of course there are exceptions I Don't want to be blamed for like ruining

Your clothes I'm just saying I don't Ever do it I no longer buy mattresses That are just like at the mattress store Again because of chemicals um we're Sleeping on it day in and day out and I Just want like a healthy mattress and I'm kind of in need of one but I don't Know what to do I know there's like Healthier mattresses online I just feel Really weird about ordering something That I'm going to sleep on for many many Years and I don't even know what it Feels like so if anybody has any Thoughts or experience with this please Comment your suggestions down below I've Talked about this one kind of at length But I no longer buy just the typical Feminine hygiene products I much prefer The period underwear I can link my Favorites down below that do not have The bad chemicals in them I swear by Them and I always say don't knock them Until you try them uh but I think that If you are really into panty liners or Tampons I would just go for more of the Clean organic versions Um rather than the others pre-cut Produce no longer do that which is sad Because that I'm I'm somebody that would Love the pre-cut produce I I don't love Being in the kitchen I want to cut Corners at any moment at any chance That's why those crock pot liners really Upset me but the pre-cut produce not

Only is it way more expensive but as Soon as you cut into vegetables or fruit The oxygen attacks all of the Antioxidants and you know all the good Stuff is released and so when you're Buying the the produce that's supposed To be healthy it's not nearly as healthy When it's pre-cut and deli meats I miss The deli meats I don't buy those anymore Because they are full of chemical Preservatives they are pro it's Processed meat so essentially bacon Deli meats and also uh what am I missing Oh the hot dogs yeah not not great there Are ones that I do get that are like Uncured and they don't last that long Because they're not really as processed So sometimes I'll splurge on that Um but for the most part I don't buy That stuff anymore either I know some People thinking I'm insane I probably am Are you ready for complete Insanity this Also one people are really gonna come at Me for but I don't really buy that much Regular milk anymore because I Discovered a really really good company And farm nearby that actually gives raw Milk and a lot of places you can't even Buy raw milk anymore Um obviously because of like the Potential danger but I really really Really trust this Farm because they do Like tests on every single batch to Ensure that it is completely safe to

Drink so I feel really good about buying It I'll actually link it down below if You're in the Pennsylvania Maryland like This kind of area you can order from Them and they delivered at so many Different drop points I love them so Much so anyway raw milk to me it tastes Better I really think it's so healthy Because it's not homogenized and uh Pasteurized which basically just means All of the nutrients are there Um so again it's just my family's Preference and I you know just do it at Your own risk but I really do trust this Particular company we also don't buy Alcohol in 2023 which is a newer Development I never really liked alcohol I tried to especially in college it was Like the thing to do but it made me feel So bad and so I just no longer reach for It but Josh on the other hand he loves Alcohol I mean he loves wine he loves Beer he loves his old Fashions but I Would say in the last year and a half or So he started realizing that when he Cuts it out he also feels way better and So we just don't buy it anymore I'm just Done Getting wooed by the healthy cookware Brands with like the healthy non-stick On the pans I'm just I'm just sticking With the good old-fashioned stainless Steel because this to me is the best Option I know some of the brands have

Like ceramic Coatings and yes initially I think they are healthy but then that Coating starts to break down and you Don't know when it's really broken down And then the aluminum and the lead and All the bad stuff goes into your food so I've just I've just decided I'm going With stainless steel and I know it's Expensive but then also it can be hard To cook with because food can stick to This but I shared a very cool hack in This video that it's actually like a Scientific thing that instantly makes This pan non-stick and it really does Work so check that out gummy vitamins I No longer do those because they just are Not nearly as potent and absorbable as Just the regular capsule supplements so To me it's just worth it to get a higher Quality more absorbable supplement but Gummy vitamins can obviously be great For kids but if you are an adult and You're thinking like this is great like I just think that you're kind of missing Out I do think there are there's select Few like gummy things that are okay like The equilibria CBD to me like that's Okay because that that's giving you like A correct dosage the mushrooms from from Equilibria like again that dosage seems Okay but for like a multivitamin gummy You're you're definitely not getting the Levels that you really need and this one Is more Josh's apartment but Lawn Care

We just don't do it I mean we cut out Grass that's about it I don't care if There's there's weeds in our grass I Just don't care and our kids run around In their bare feet day in and day out in The spring and summer early fall I mean We are out there Non-Stop and so I'm not Going to be spraying it down with all This bad stuff and and there's probably Healthier options I just again I don't Care about the weeds so there you have It and I know we're all gonna die one Day so half this stuff like who even Cares but I know it's all stuff that I No longer buy but this is all stuff that Like I must buy that I don't want to Live without I mean I could but I really Don't want to live without it's a really Good video so I'll see you on over there Bye