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Hi guys welcome back to another video so Today I'm sharing 24 wardrobe Essentials That every woman needs in 2024 now Disclaimer obviously you don't need Every single thing I honestly thought The title was really fun and really cool 24 wardrob Essentials in 2024 I just Haven't done one of these videos in a Long time just like rounding up orob Essentials that are great for all year Round and like I said you clearly don't Need all of these but if you are looking To add in some really practical stylish And simple wardrobe pieces this year Whether it's for the winter time right Now spring or summer or fall I have many Different pieces that will carry you Through this entire year that personally For me are one of my most worn wardrobe Essentials especially as a petite person This video is specifically petite Related and I love making these videos For my short girlies out there because Any clothing recommendations we can get For us petite gals is amazing let's Start with the accessories category Because I always start with fashion but I want to share accessories and just the Importance of accessories so first I Want to share jewelry so I always Recommend Anna Louisa I'm obsessed with Them so you know I really do believe Every woman deserves to look and feel Their confident and best and jewelry I

Really believe is one of the pieces That's overlooked that was in my case You know I always Focus so much on Clothing I kept forgetting about the Jewelry amazing thing about Ana Louisa Is that whatever your price point is Whatever your budget is Suits all price Points starts at $39 all the way to more Higher end pieces and these pieces truly Make me feel so feminine so confident Let me share some classic pieces I Totally recommend from them one of the Pieces that I think are the most classic Are these medium-sized Hoops uh they're Very dainty very minimal very simple and I think every girl will love these I Mean who doesn't love just a simple pair Of Hoops they literally go with Everything and they have so many Varieties of Hoops they have like chunky Hoops these minimal ones really small Ones ones larger ones these are the Medium size I think they're great Classic cop because they're not too big Or too small they're you know there Where you notice them and just look very Classy next pair of earrings that I love That are a little bit different uh but Still look really classic are the Sloan Earrings uh these again very minimal Simple very light on your ears and just Look absolutely stunning and I also want To mention on a lot of the jewelry Pieces and Louisa cares they have gold

And silver options so I know some people Prefer silver I always share gold cuz That's what I like but they do have Silver options if that's what you prefer And then this beautiful Twisted ring I'm Wearing here I love uh stocking up on Their Rings because they all mix and Match really well whether I just wear it On its own like this mix it with other Pieces okay then this necklace here that I'm wearing it's this little pendant Necklace it is so gorgeous I love how Minimal it is and how it just really Dresses up outfits in a very subtle way Then I actually have it layered with the ENA necklace here uh you probably see me Wearing wearing this like thicker gold Necklace with every single pendant Necklace I have as always I'll have all The information linked down below for You guys definitely don't skip out on Jewelry when you're adding pieces to Your wardrobe because something subtle Like this jewelry really makes the Difference when you're putting together Outfits okay next up belts I really Think I don't share enough belts on this Channel and that is going to change Honestly I used to not be too into Wearing belts but lately I've been Loving how much style it adds to my Outfit one I love because it has such a Minimal and Luxe look to it this is Actually from goelia but I was able to

Get it off of Amazon I love how minimal It is it goes perfect with pants with Trousers you can even wear it with jeans If you want to and I think it looks Absolutely fabulous and then a couple Purses that have been my most worn and I'm really excited about sharing these Because they're actually at a really Reasonable price point which I love First one for a tote bag I love the Options mango has so I'm not sure if This one is still in stock if anything I'll link something similar for you guys But honestly just a really minimal tote Like this goes such a long way in your Wardrobe I love how this one is petite Friendly too it's not too oversized or Big but it's enough space for me to fit So many things in there a very minimal Design that I think compliments a lot of Outfits next up is the gabian cross body Bag I love this one so much it has such A designer look to it with the Hardwear And the price on this I feel like is Pretty reasonable my only thing I wish Is that they came in a lot larger size Because I wear this so often that Sometimes I wish I had like a little bit Of a bigger size so I can fit just a few More things in there but right now I'm Able to fit a wallet in my phone in There and that's kind of it it's pretty Small but it is so adorable you guys Probably see me wearing this in so many

Outfits that I'm styling on YouTube on My Instagram reels YouTube shorts these Two are my favorite bags my most worn a Tote bag when I need to carry more items And then this minimal cross body one if I just need to carry just a couple Things from time to time time I get Asked often what is your favorite basic T-shirt I feel like it's one of those Things that can be kind of hard to find Like the best one this one by nudes it's A newer brand that I discovered is by Far my favorite It Takes the Cake on the Best basic tea what I love about it is That the sleeves aren't tight they kind Of flare out a little bit and they're Looser and they're not long but not Super short feels more relaxed and more Comfortable and then on the side seams The seam is crooked and that's Intentional so that way when you do like A front tuck the way it lays Lac Perfectly and beautifully you don't get Any weird bunching so it tucks in the Front easily all right layering tanks I'm not sure if they sell these right Now they're probably going to restock These closer to summer so I'm not sure You know when you guys are watching this But these are my favorite layering takes As you can tell they are a bodysuit and I love that they're scooped in the front Scooped in the back it's very fitted I Love the thicker straps uh I think it

Just makes a little bit more comfortable And also I can wear a regular bra with It which is a big deal I love wearing a Regular bra during the day I don't like Wearing strapless unless I have to so The fact that it's scooped in the front Scooped in the back thicker straps and I Can wear regular bra these are just so Flattering fits so well I would love to Add more colors in these but I went with Just a classic black and white then in Everybody's wardrobe I really think Women need a minimal midi Maxi flowy Summer dress this was my favorite one I Purchased last year it's from Amazon uh Actually this was probably the most Inexpensive dress I purchased last year And this is my most MN so I will be Grabbing this in another color or two in The summer it is just so flattering Feminine gorgeous okay so for a very Classic rib sweater the fisherman crew By Quint by far Takes the Cake I've been Recommending this for about a year and a Half now they are my favorite they are Constantly coming out in new colors it's A heavier thicker rib so if you need Something that's really warm chunky like This these are so lovely I've collected Three in my wardrobe so far this Beautiful Oak color white and black I Think this is where they gained a lot of Popularity from it's this sweater uh They have it at a really affordable

Price point So Many Colors the fit is Amazing now along with sweaters I Recently last year have been loving Since last year thinner sweaters they Just I don't know what it is but look Really flattering feel really Comfortable so easy to layer and I Suggest if it's in your budget investing Into like 100% cashmere On's by goelia By the way from goelia I have a discount Code Elana 25 it'll be written down There so I'm sharing some goelia pieces In this video but I have this in black And then this like oat beige color and It's really thin and stretchy and this Is just the perfect layering piece out Of like all the sweaters I definitely Wear the thinner cash beir sweaters way More often okay let's talk about Stripes So I know this one from suzan is a Splurge I keep recommending it because Is truly just one of the best Investments I've made it is so French It's the frenches stripe sweater I have And I'm utterly obsessed with it uh so That's why I keep sharing it I know it's A Splurge but if it's in your budget or Something you want to save for which is What I did when I initially wanted it Highly recommend this definitely the Number one best stripe sweater I've ever Purchased something more budget friendly Which is what I'm wearing which is Honestly the quality is just as good

It's this striped sweater from Quint uh I think they price this like right at $50 so much more reasonable price point This is a thicker rib knit so it's not Obviously comparing Apples to Apples It's just different strip sweaters but It is lovely in its own way and I think They also have this color combination in A navy and white but I got the black and White chunkier thicker ribbed petite Friendly okay one more stripe top Because you guys know I love Stripes uh Is a tank stripe tank for summer is Absolutely wonderful to add into your Wardrobe uh this one can you just look At it right here look how PE friendly That is just a cute little front tuck And it fits so well I love the thicker Straps here the scoop is great it's not Too low so your cleavage isn't just so Exposed um you can wear regular bra with It it's thicker ribbed not see through Just all around a very wonderful piece And again this is from goelia I have a Code with them so you can get this for Even less another essential that I think Every petite needs every woman needs is A beautiful blouse to wear to work Outside of work to They're very versatile very feminine uh This one is by saon so again it's a Splurge it is so lovely I have it in White and then a printed floral it is so Gorgeous they are so petite friendly

Sleeve length is amazing the where the Seams on the shoulders hit is fantastic The length is great it's also really Thin and very airy the white is a little Sheer so you definitely want to wear a Nude bra with it love this like baby Doll style scallop detail it has it's Definitely unique I don't see this in Other blouses you know I said to this Was 24 wardrobe Essentials for 2024 this Makes it 25 so I mean we're not on the 25 thing but adding this makes it 25 uh This is the Abra cromi just classic Cru Sweatshirt I share a lot of dressy Pieces but I really think we need to Have casual pieces in our wardrobe so Like something like this that you can Wear at home lounging you can wear Running errands if you want to go on a Walk with some kind of like athleisure Inspired outfit these are great to have In your wardrobe because they're very Practical very warm very soft they come In Many Colors the next thing that I Think every woman needs in their Wardrobe is a lounge set a super cute Cozy Lounge set so this is actually the Uh newest item I have in my wardrobe I Got this set from amberi I literally Couldn't resist it is so cute it's like This micro waffle knit that's really Thin and really flowy and it's just so Flat Ing and also it's petite friendly I Think it just barely touches the floor I

Think it doesn't touch the floor for me I'm 5'1 I can wear it with slippers and I got this matching tank with it shirt And it looks so dang cute together so This is like a wideleg flowy pant and it Really sold me especially like the style The fit the comfort and petite friendly Next up is bottoms okay I keep Mentioning the same jeans over and over Again because I'm literally obsessed so The gold Riley jeans my favorite petite Friendly straight Jean they are Absolutely incredible so if you have it In your budget to splurge on a pair of Jeans these are my top recommendation The color is so classic um it's not a Vintage wash a lot of other light wash Jeans I have are like a vintage wash not These these are very classic that's why I wanted to recommend them because They're not like a really trendy style It's just a really classic lightwash Jean that will last and look good Forever black Jean I love the girlfriend Carolina Jean so this is also a splurge And I know you know for jeans I'm always Sharing like the Splurge options but It's because I love them that much and These are the most reached for most worn Um I love the fit petite friendly they Are just so so pretty on and so Flattering so picky with how jeans fit On me so when I came across girlfriend And a Goldie I mean literally

Lifechanging just like the best Investments I've made and then for a Trouser pants these by Quint have been My freaking favorite I want to get these In the dark Navy color eventually fit is Amazing I'm wearing them in a size two I Love how they look it's like a little Bit high-waisted uh the straight leg fit Is incredible the inseam I believe is a 25 in inseam which is like the perfect Inseam for me little bit cropped can Wear with sneakers can wear with sock Booties ankle boots flats and they just Are so versatile they have deep pockets On both sides the back of the waistband Is nice and stretchy if you're looking For something very petite friendly Highly recommend checking these out and Especially the price is so reasonable so Next up we're doing outerwear so trench Coat this one by goelia is my most Recent one I have a coat for this one so Again Elana 25 that'll give you 25% off The coat uh which is amazing so this is Actually made up of 100% wool the lining On the inside is polyester and the Buttons are absolutely gorgeous it fits So well the sleeve length the shoulders The length of it is absolutely wonderful And this is just like the most classic Of classic trenches I also that the Collor of this is structured and it Stays up on a lot of trench coats that Are less expensive the color kind of

Wrinkles gets kind of frumpy looking so It's a lot more work and maintenance to Maintain it and make it look sharp and Polished but this one just stays put Because it has the structure in it so it Just lays flat and beautifully and There's no fuss to it which is something I noticed and that is amazing next thing Every woman needs in their wardrobe now Of course this depends where you live But a wool coat uh I specifically love Recommending a blanket wool coat because They're so cozy and you can easily layer Them with thicker knits thinner knits Underneath it uh they lay beautifully And this one is petite friendly so I'm Actually wearing it in a regular double Extra small sleeve length is great the Length is wonderful I usually tie it off In the back here so uh it gives me a Little bit more shape especially being Petite I also love the lapels in the Front a nice like medium size so I think It looks really flattering uh has Deep Pockets on the sides and this also comes In Black now this one definitely depends Where you live cuz I don't think this Will work for everybody but it works for Me uh it's a winter parka so this one is Rated for really cold temperatures and I'm so happy I got this this was my Birthday present from my husband I will Never complain about being cold again in The winter this is a midlength uh size

Double extra small I would say for a Petite this is just wonderful it's Really hard to find a petite friendly Parker can I just say this one does it So the fur is removable it's also quite Heavy like I'm holding this I'm like Okay I probably should put it down Because my arm is starting to hurt so This is something that'll keep you so Freaking warm but it looks stylish and Feminine it has big deep side pockets Here and then it also has an interior Pocket closure over here is magnet so Magnet closure not need to fuss around With buttons closes easily so anyways so Warm so thick really good investment so If you're sick and tired of being cold In the winter I just highly recommend Just go ahead and invest into a really High quality Park that'll keep you so Warm last category shoes so these are my Top two recommendations the black ones Are by old birds I've been sharing these For a while now for something very Practical very sporty especially if the Weather the ground isn't that great Outside these are just great to have Much easier to keep clean and the white Ones are something that's more stylish Minimal classic um I personally love vas I invested into these like last summer Almost a year ago highly recommend them Honestly I love them I reviewed them Many many times these are the v10s more

Sporty look to them but they look great With like trousers and jeans and Leggings and athleisure wear so they're Very versatile I've done a video styling Actually both of these sneakers they are Just my top two favorites they're Absolutely wonderful then two-tone Flats I've been recommending these not these Specifically but just two- tone Flats in General on my channel for 4 years guys This style is absolutely wonderful if This is your style this one I purchased Last year at the Nordstrom anniversary Sale uh these are by Steve Madden I love Them they work really well for wide feet So if you have wider width feet these Are fantastic if you have narrow feet I Don't recommend them but for average and Wider feet they're fabulous super Comfortable so stylish and minimal and Then for summer slip-on one I love so Much I wore and recommended so much to You guys last summer slip-on ones are Great with like denim shorts Mini skirt Mini dresses or even like midi maxi Dresses just so versatile practical very Simple elevated at the same time last And final item are these black Chelsea Boots I think I've had these bad boys For close to two years now yeah just About 2 years really really good Wardrobe investment or piece I purchased I think they sell these exact ones on Norstrom Rock now and then there's like

A little bit of updated version on Nordstrom site they have like a little Bit of a thicker heel in the back I wear These all the freaking time in the fall And winter so wearable so practical Especially where I live Washington State Uh it's always raining so these are just So wearable and they're stylish for just Like an ankle Chelsea boot honestly These are very stylish okay so that Brings it to the end of this video that Was 24 wardrobe Essentials for 2024 I am truly out of breath that was So much to share with you guys and go Over I really hope you guys enjoyed this Video and hopefully this is something You can use to reference back at if You're ever wanting to add anything Specific into your wardrobe that's very Wearable practical stylish amazing Quality I really want it to be like an Ultimate guide for you guys to reference Back at and again big thank you to Anna Louisa for partnering with me for this Video I really believe every woman Deserves to look and feel confident and Feel their best again um their Information will be linked down below Thank you guys so much for watching this Video I love you so much and I'll see You next time bye bye