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It's a new year with new stuff to trash So happy 2024 I've got 24 things you can Instantly trash or donate in your home Now a few quick ground rules we are Doing this fast we're doing it quick We're not spending all day on this Project and we're using minimal brain Power minimal thinking we either trash It we donate it or we move on we're Going to start the year off fresh and go Straight to the calendar we're going to Throw away that old outdated calendar Now if you need to keep it for Sentimental purposes or for a date like Maybe when you had a procedure done then You can file it away but most often you Can trash that old calendar and the old Outdated planners number two this is the Perfect time to trash your old Toothbrush I feel like we go way too Long without replacing our toothbrushes So trash the old one get a new one this Next one is really good one because no One ever talks about it but you need to Donate the Christmas presents that you Just got that you know you don't really Want or that you're not actually going To use we feel like oh it's brand new I Should keep it maybe I'll find a a way To use this or maybe regift it it's like You never actually do it just sits there In the Box it takes up space you might As well just donate it now because of Those recent Christmas parties holiday

Gatherings maybe New Year's Eve there Might just be some actual trash around Your house like plastic bottles cans and That's something I just want to change For 2024 we just all year round just buy So many drinks that come in bottles and Cans that you have to then recycle and Trash and what all like I it's fine but Like I just want to limit it because I Feel like it's not great for the Environment it's not great for us I feel Like it trashes our home all the time And I just want to I just want to do Less of it next we have old or expired Medication there's definitely stuff you Can probably instantly trash there or Even just old supplements that you've Had for so many years like myself that Again I should probably throw away or Maybe even just give to my mom you know Like if I'm not using it anymore or I'm Never taking it maybe she could use Something um but that does lead me to Ritual which is one one of my favorite Favorite Brands um my favorite product Of theirs is the essential for women so It is a multivitamin I wanted to include Them in this video because now is Literally the perfect time to start this Ritual of taking a daily multivitamin Theirs is so good and they are having a New Year's sale 40% off okay I'm not Sure I've ever seen the price so good This is normally

$33 and with my code sha Whitney 40 I'll Have them linked down below you can get This for $19 80 so if you've been Wanting to start a multivitamin we are Missing so many nutrients from the foods That we're eating if You' wanting to you Know start this now's the perfect time It's the beginning of the year and I Don't know I feel like so many New Year's resolutions are never actually Kept but this is one that if you start At the beginning of the year it's so Simple you'll take two capsules every Day and it's something you can actually Do and you'll you'll just feel good About doing it so the reason I love Ritual so much there's actually a whole Lot of reasons I'm very very picky when It comes to supplements but everything Is very traceable you see where all of The ingredients are coming from it's Very high quality it's third party Tested which I really appreciate and Then my favorite feature about this Specifically is the fact that it is Delayed release so meaning when you take One of these capsules it doesn't start To dissolve until it gets to your small Intestine which is the perfect spot for Nutrients to actually absorb into your Body so this is a really good one I will Have them linked down below you could Also scan this QR code or you could go To ritual.com sha whitney4 and again get

40% off your first month now this next One I actually already completed like 2 Months ago um but it's clearing out the Old cleaning products that you never use I don't know why this happens to Everyone why do we collect cleaning Supplies that we never use it's usually Under the sink or it's in the laundry Room but usually for cleaning we reach For maybe two or three products but yet We have have like 16 bottles of things That have been sitting there for decades And it's just just throw it away just Throw throw away the stuff that's super Old or the stuff that you never use Excess flower vases that's a big one Because we get scent flowers through the Years and after the flowers die then We're left with the vase and we're like Ooh this is a pretty vase I shall keep This and then we collect like 12 maybe You need one or two on the off chance That someone brings you flowers without A vase but you definitely don't need That many moving along to similar kit Utensils okay now hear me out you don't Need three different Pizza Cutters you Don't need four different can openers if You just have multiples of like the same Utensil you should just donate some Because it's going to clear out the Space so that you can maneuver in those Drawers a lot easier things aren't Blowing out it's just going to make your

Life so much better now I recently Talked about this one but you should Consider trashing your plastic cutting Boards okay I know it's annoying however You are continually using and chopping And cutting on these plastic cutting Boards which is creating little chops That after you scrape the food into the Bowl you are literally scraping plastic Into your food that you're then Consuming and it's just really not good For you so you can ignore this one but If you want to maybe replace your Plastic cutting boards with a really Healthy cutting board consider this Acacia cutting board it is from Amazon It's so sturdy and strong and beautiful And it's such a good antibacterial w So I I don't know I've been loving it Now just humor me with this next one if You are a beauty or makeup lover maybe You're always buying and you know trying Out new makeup like me there's just a Whole stash I'm sure where you spend a Lot of money and you're like I need to Keep this because I spend a lot of money On it but the thing is you just never Actually use it and and and you need to Get rid of it you need to either trash It or you need to find it a new home Maybe your friend or maybe your mom or Someone would take it but we just need To part ways I know it's difficult Because we spent our hard-earned money

On it but it's something again no one Actually talks about and that leads me To the beauty and makeup samples that we All get for free I know it's fun to get Free samples to test things out but a Lot of times we don't actually use it or It just you know sits there and it takes Up space just throw them in the garbage Or again find them a home hair styling Tools is another big one I feel like so Many of us have like three curling irons Several hair straighteners we we're Always like trying out the new latest Thing myself included and they've really Gotten better and better and better over The years so I probably still will try Out new things as new things come along But that that means I probably should Get rid of a few things I have had since College let's make our way to the linen Closet some people actually have Multiple linen closets so I do want to Talk first about old towels and Washcloths now don't get me wrong I Think it's actually really good to have Some old ratty towels that have stains On them that are rough like just for Weird situations they actually do come In handy so I'm not saying you need to Get rid of everything I just think that As years go on you get new soft towels But yet we never actually get rid of old Towels so I think you should just get Rid of some if you have too many and

Wash claws especially do you actually Use wash claws they usually come in a Set but a lot of us never actually use Any washcloths some people do I know but A lot of us don't so I think we should Just donate those old sheets are also Something in the linen closet you can Consider donating because again through The years you get new sheets I mean I've Recommended those darn bamboo sheets so Many times they're the best and I've Gotten them in multiple colors meaning I Have just old ones that like I know they Fit my bed but like I've gotten so many New sets over the years I need I need to Get rid of some so take a take a little Inventory and let's let's let's do some Donations also just super quick I do Want to say something very important I'm Throwing out the word donate trash even Recycle a lot which is important but There's actually quite a lot of stuff in Your house you really shouldn't donate If stuff is stained chipped cracked or Just like there's missing parts to it Like do not donate it because they're Just going to throw it away anyway and You're actually making them take out the Trash and and I and I know this because I am actually friends with somebody who Works at a donation center and I feel Like just people just dropping off stuff They don't want is actually taking away Time for or like what they really should

Be doing so just use your judgment the Best you can sometimes it actually is Best to just trash things or recycle When you can now we're going to move on To your closet and again we're moving Fast guys but the first thing you can Pull out of your closet instantly and Donate this is a perfect donation Scenario if things still have tags on Them that is a clear indication that you Don't wear it like you have had it in Your closet forever you still have the Tags on it and yet you still aren't Wearing wearing it that donate it Bathing suits that's another really good One we just have a lot of them because Maybe summer will come around maybe We've lost some weight or maybe we've Gained weight or maybe we just were like I want a new summer bathing suit we get A new one but we never get rid of other Ones so we collect them a lot of us have Probably like seven eight nine different Swimsuits or bathing suits just get rid Of some now this stuff really is going To go in the trash anything stained so Like stained white t-shirts cammies tank Tops armpits stains it happens we're Going to trash it and then we're going To replace it PJs you never wear I took Inspiration from me out of this one and So maybe I am the only one but my Goodness do I like to buy PJs and I find The ones that I really really like that

Are comfy that I like to Lounge in and Then the other ones I just never reach For and they just pile up and and I just Need to donate the ones that I don't Actually wear and so do you downsize Your socks open your sock drawer pull Out the ones especially that have holes In them if they have holes in them I Think you should just trash them and Donate the ones that you just never Actually reach for because I I know We're all the same here there's ones That you're happy for when you grab and You're like oh yay these are clean and Then there's ones that are just like oh I don't really like these but I bought Them let's just get rid of the ones you Never actually wear similar shoes and Similar purses and bags I'm kind of just Putting this together because I feel Like a lot of us have multiple black Bags we have multiple beige shoes we Have I'm just like making stuff up here But a lot of us you know know what we Like and somehow we accidentally buy Similar versions of it which I guess Isn't horrible but we just don't need Multiples of similar things and it's Just a a clear indication we can get rid Of some donate some and it gives us some Extra space winter coats take up so much Space even if you get rid of one or two That you never reach for you'll Instantly have so much more room but

Maybe you have a big family and there's Not even that many you can get rid of Then consider those vacuum sealed bags That blew my mind I instantly had like 50% more space in my coat closet so you Can also consider those next you're Going to put the kids to work with a Task I hate doing and you probably do Too I despise going through their Clothes and pulling out the ones that no Longer fit and so now I make them do it Because they know which pair of pants Are too short they know which shirt is Too small and so now I make them kind of Sort it they just put a big pile in the Middle of the floor and I feel like it's Never perfect but they get me like 75% Of the way there and it's just so much Better so make them do it now everyone Always says to get rid of toys that the Kids don't actually play with which is Totally true but I guess I wanted to Take a little different spin or angle on That consider getting rid of the games No one actually plays like the board Games and I feel like that for some Reason comes along like with guilt Because it's like a nice game like That's in a nice box and it was money And and they kind of just accumulate in In maybe a closet or like or somewhere But the thing is there's games people Actually play and games that just sit There for truly decades with dust on

Them I think you should just get rid of The ones no one likes kids craft Supplies like broken crayons uh dried up Glue sticks like the list goes on Usually people have a box or a drawer of Just like kid stuff that's just a mess Um get rid of the stuff just just just Just trash the stuff that's bad and There you have it guys a quick and dirty Session of trashing stuff in your house You don't actually need and don't forget About ritual you could start a wonderful Ritual of taking a multivitamin every Single day I'll have them linked down Below you could also scan this lovely QR Code or go to ritual.com sha whitney4 For 40% off your first order please Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you In my next one bye