25 Best *DESIGNER INSPIRED* Items on Amazon! Everything is linked below & in the comments!!
1. Aritzia-Inspired Bodysuit(S):
2. Free People-Inspired Floral Jacket (S):
3. Beige & Green Cardigan(S):
4. Chanel-Inspired Sweater(M):
5. Free People-Inspired Set(S):

6. Chanel-Inspired Slingback Flats(true to size):
Chanel-Inspired Slingback Heels(true to size):
7. Gucci-Inspired Horsebit Bag:
8. Hermes-Inspired Black Sandals(true to size):
9. Hermes-Inspired Camel Slides(true to size):
10. Hermes-Inspired Makeup Bag:

11. LV-Inspired Makeup Bag:
12. Bottega-Inspired Ring:
13. Hermes-Inspired H Earrings (orange):
Hermes-Inspired H Earrings (white):
14. Hermes-Inspired H Necklace:
15. LV-Inspired Necklace: (Sold out.. will link if it comes back in stock!!)
Similar Option:
Another Option:

16. Van Cleef-Inspired Bracelet:
Gold Van Cleef-Inspired Bracelet:
17. White Button Down Shirt(S):
18. Gold Buckle Black Belt(25-28 inches):
Silver Buckle Black Belt:(23-27 inches)
19. Long Cardigan(S):
20. Bottega-Inspired Pink Sunglasses:

21. Vintage Oval Sunglasses:
22. Gucci-Inspired Headbands:
23. Hermes-Inspired Scarf:
24. Lululemon-Inspired Workout Clothes:
Square Neck Tank(S):
High Waisted Legging(S):
25. Norma Kamali Designer Swimsuit:
Amazon version:

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Today I am back with another Amazon Designer inspired video and I think this One is extra good but I think they're All good I've done three of them in the Past so I will link the playlist for Them right up here watch that afterwards Everything in those videos are still Available which is the beauty of Amazon But for today everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and I'll also pin everything in the comment Section but first we have this aritzia Inspired bodysuit that I'm wearing now Aritzia isn't like a crazy high-end Designer but it's definitely like an Expensive store and this is giving all The areta Vibes uh but in really good Ways I love this I love the color that I Picked although you know as always it Comes in a lot of colors I'm wearing a Size small on this down below where I Link everything I will put my sizing Beside each item just so that's helpful For you guys if you order anything but It is a bodysuit so it stays tucked in I Love the bodice of this whole thing it's Just super flattering to your waistline I don't have any cleavage but if you had Some it'd probably be showing it off so Keep that in mind but it's just a really Flattering feminine top that I keep Reaching for okay are you ready for this Next one I love it so much it is this Free People inspired jacket it's like

Embroidered look at all of the beautiful Colors the inside is like a satiny green I love this so much and it it it's Identical to the Free People version Which is so expensive this is such a Better price and the quality of this is Phenomenal you like would not even know A difference and I just want to say some People are probably like that's like an Old lady jacket which I mean years ago Yeah maybe but I wore this yesterday I Ran like four or five different errands I kid you not I got so many compliments I got compliments from young people I Got compliments from older people as Well like it is just great it's Eye-catching it looks expensive and Really is identical to the Free People Version I'm telling you guys the stuff In this video is so good you would never Think this was from Amazon look at this Cardigan look at this cardigan oh my Gosh I love this too and and you can Really do so much with it you could Dress it up and look preppy and Chic It's going to look high-end and designer It's thick it really feels expensive Actually but you could wear with white Jeans have it buttoned up again kind of Like a preppy Chic style or you could be Super casual with it wear some RI denim Shorts maybe a tank top have it Unbuttoned and it's going to be a lot More casual but still look designer I

Would never think this was from Amazon Now I have shared something like this in The past it's very Chanel inspired with The Tweed or hounds tooth like pattern But this one is very very wearable and It comes in different colors which is Nice now I love the black and white Still like this just really screams Chanel and designer but I love that this Also comes in fun colors like pink and Purple and light blue and it's just Better for spring and summer in my Opinion but it's still very Chanel very Designer and of course you can wear it Completely buttoned up and be a little More prim and proper or unbutton it but I love the button details too they're Pearls and they've got really nice gold Accents next we have the summer version Of this set you're seeing right here so This I shared back in the fall and you Guys loved it it kind of went viral it Is very Free People inspired but really It just looks very chic and classy it's Just an instant outfit and I love it so I got the summer version and I did get The same color scheme now this does come In other colors of course but it's a Very similar shirt with just perfect Shorts I mean they're not too short They're not too long you can kind of Tuck in the shirt a little bit and it's Just an instant outfit perfect for Summer now with that outfit I did also

Want to share the Chanel inspired sling Backs from Amazon because I always wear These with that outfit I wear these with A lot of outfits actually and I'm going To link both of these under this number Because one has kind of a a taller heel Not by much though I mean it's chunky It's very easy to walk in but then these Are a lot more flat I mean there's like The tiniest slightest little heel that You won't even notice and I don't even Know which one I prefer so I'm just Going to link both next we have this Gucci inspired horse bit bag it is so Nice I just think it's beautiful it's a Stunning bag the stitching the the Quality of it like it it really doesn't Feel cheap at all like truly it doesn't And there's a lot that you can do with This so the strap is definitely Adjustable if you want to wear it more Cross body you can do that if you want To you know adjust the strap make it More of a shoulder bag that's an option As well and then there is a magnetic Closure in the front and you just pull It out the top and then there is a Zippered compartment at the Top If you Want to be extra secure I never use that Um but it holds Quite a bit I mean it is a cross body Bag you're not going to carry everything But it's very very stylish looks very Designer and I love it now moving along

To AES I actually have a few things in a Row very Hermes inspired which is like The tip toop tier of designers now these Are by Steve Madden though and they are So similar to The Uber popular slide Sandals by heres I mean they're very Chunky you either love them or hate them But they are extremely comfortable and They look very similar to Ares now I did Get them in Black just because I don't Have a lot of black I mean I feel like When it comes to sandals I very much Gravitate to like Browns and camels so I Thought this would be great just to wear Out and about in the summer if they get Dirty it's going to hide everything They're so comfortable guys and Steve Madden is a really good brand so these Are going to last but under the next Number I actually want to link these Sandals that are camel that look so Similar to the Iran Hermes sandals now These sandals are classic like these are The ones that everyone wants to buy in a Lot of different colors from Ares I Personally love them in camel and I Think they're great quality from Amazon Now I do have some really good Ares Inspired jewelry coming up later in the Video I've got some really good jewelry In this video actually but this is an Arames inspired makeup bag and it's Really unique it's has the the classic ARS orange there's an H on it and it's

It's like a good size you can carry it Like this but if you unbutton it it Opens up the top the zipper super smooth And then it opens very very wide where You could carry your makeup your Toiletries makeup brushes whatever there Are a few compartments on either side It's all completely wipable but Definitely looks very designer now under The next number I'm going to link my All-time favorite toiletry bag which I've definitely shared before but it's The one with a diagonal zipper but I Realize if you actually get this in Brown it comes in brown it looks so much Like Louis Vuitton obviously it comes in Other colors I have the beige which I Think is still really pretty but if you Miss my previous videos the diagonal Zipper is a game changer because it Allows the bag to be opened so wide I Mean look at that you can see everything As you're getting ready no no more Digging for things you see everything so Well it's just really nice okay so now We are going to move on to some jewelry And all of this is really really Impressive so the first thing I want to Share is a ring from the brand pooy Which you've probably heard so many People say this but it really is like The best jewelry brand on Amazon Everything is you know goldplated it Lasts so long the prices are phenomenal

Look at this freaking BGA inspired ring It's so pretty like I just want to wear This I I just want to wear this now the Beauty of jewelry when it comes to Designer inspired from Amazon in my Opinion you know it's not going to last Forever but it really is inexpensive and It gives you an idea if you'd ever want To splurge on the real thing and this Makes me want to splurge on the real Thing hold up super quick if you are Watching this video and enjoying it even In the slightest bit I would love for You to hit the subscribe scribe button Down below I think there's some people That maybe watch my videos from time to Time and don't realize they're not Actually subscribed but it really helps Out my channel and the algorithm when People actually choose to subscribe now Back to AES inspired I wanted to share These H stud earrings which are just so Nice but I ended up getting them in two Different colors I will link both Options under this same number just Because they are from two different Stores on Amazon but I let me to start With the orange color because to me that Is the most classic to as the Orange is So iconic and they're just a nice pop of Color but if you're more neutral then Consider the white I feel like you can Just throw those on with literally any Outfit they're dainty they're noticeable

They look designer in highend but also They're not like in your face either now Under this next number I wanted to share Again this H necklace which I probably Talked about a year ago but again it is Orange very much like Ares it is still In stock I remember a year ago when I When I shared this so many of you loved It so if you missed it and you just love The arames kind of style you could Consider this now my personal favorite Designer inspired necklace that I have Ever found from Amazon has got to be This Louis Vuitton inspired necklace it Is so pretty it is so feminine and Dainty I've just been eyeing it up this Entire video but what I love about it is It does look really good on its own like I'm wearing it today but it's not Overpowering in that if you want to Layer it with something else it's going To look great too and the price is so Good and then we have the Vancleave Inspired bracelets guys if you have been Eyeing of this style whatsoever I'm Telling you get it on Amazon first to See if you love it if you want to wear It and then again like I keep saying you Could splurge on the real thing but I Will link both options here this is more Of like the the neutral like mother of Pearl style which I think is really Pretty but I think my favorite has got To be this Gold version with like the

Etching it is so so sparkly in person Like I can't even tell you how gorgeous This is it's like five or $6 again don't Get it wet don't wear it in the shower But it it it's not tarnished on me and It's going to last it's not going to Last forever but it's so worth it okay So now I'm moving back to some clothing Pieces that are just very classic and Because of that they just look high-end And designer looking so this is a white Button-down shirt it's just by Amazon Essentials but I kid you not every time I wear this people in the comments ask Me where did you get that shirt like I Think people think because I've had it For so long and it's just it's just Always going strong maybe it's designer No it is just from Amazon essentials and It's made in Bangladesh It's a cotton Poplin button- down it's so classic just Great to have in your closet I'm wearing A size small I love tucking it into High-waisted jeans even unbuttoning it Down kind of lower and just opening up The neckline it gives such a high-end Designer look and then that leads me to This black belt that I recently got it's Perfect because you can get it in Different sizes which I know sounds Stupid but there's a lot of belts out There that come in one size only and It's annoying this allows me to really Cinch my waist and tuck in the shirt I I

Love the black and gold color but I'm Also going to link one that is very Similar kind of more Wester Vibes with The silver and like the etched Buckle um But depending on if you're a gold girl Or a silver girl one of these belts will Fit you and they're just so nice paired With this white shirt now this beige Open longer cardigan I got a few months Ago and it's definitely not like Designer inspired by a specific brand But I was immediately so impressed with The quality of this piece it just feels Very expensive like I could be very Convinced that this was like $200 from a Department store I know that sounds also Kind of crazy but I'm serious like it Just looks expensive it's also very Classic and I feel like anytime you Throw it on with kind of a more neutral Outfit it's going to elevate everything And make it look like you're wearing Just expensive clothes moving along to Sunglasses I've always said this but I Only really wear sunglasses because I Think they can hands and outfit so much So these are BGA inspired sunglasses They're so pretty specifically in like The light pink color that's really what Is popular by BGA it's just so pretty Along the sides I'll put them on but I Feel like there's so many lights in Front of me that it just kind of Reflects but they're just they're so

Nice and I love how like gold and shiny The sides are now this next pair I Forget what brand this is trying to kind Of be like but they're very different They're very like vintage oval Sleek Like you're on Trend you're in style When you wear these if you are somebody That likes or wears headbands look at These oh my goodness they're so pretty They're so Gucci inspired it's all the Classic colors it is a four pack and They're vibrant and eye-catching they're So nice they've got the little be detail Again a lot of colors to choose from Depending on what you're wearing I would Say maybe picks more a simple outfit Again like that white button-up would be Good and then you could even wear this With your hair up or down but it's Definitely going to be a really nice Kind of designer accent I guess we're Back to Ares inspired but I want to talk About this next because this is an Ares Inspired scarf that you could actually Wear in your hair if you wanted there's A lot of other ways you could wear this But it has hes on it there's even like The horsedrawn carriage I love the Colors it's very wearable you could tie It around your neck if you wanted to you Could put it in your hair you could even Tie it around a bag is like a nice Little accent um but it's super silky And soft it's probably some type of

Satin material so I recently talked About the Amazon brand CRZ yoga it's a Brand on Amazon that is so darn similar To Lululemon specifically their butter Lux line okay so I ordered a few things To try and I'm telling you like Blindfold yourself like it is so Identical to Lululemon um I ended up Getting it in this uh bright red color Just because I have so much black but I Got leggings and I also got this really Smooth tank top that would be great for The gym working out exercising going for A walk whatever but it has like a Built-in bra it is so smooth I got like A matching set but there's tons of Colors so again if you love Lululemon You can kind of get that look for less Like way less with this brand next I'm Going to share a swimsuit that is not From Amazon this is me wearing it it's a Very expensive swimsuit it's $265 by Norma cavali I believe um and I Took this well Josh snapped this photo Of me a year ago when we were in Vegas And so many people loved it and I mean Part of me when I like shared it I was Like oh this is too provocative but it's A one piece swimsuit there's mesh like You don't reveal anything and it's Really nice so if you like this I can Link the real thing but I recently found A very very similar option at a much Better price on Amazon and it comes in

Different colors as well if you like That style where you're completely Covered but it's still kind of sexy and Just like a nice swimsuit um get the Amazon version but everything in this Video will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pin everything In the comment section by the numbers You saw on screen if you're new Please Subscribe and I'll see you in my next One bye