25 Best DESIGNER INSPIRED Items on Amazon! Everything is linked here & the comments!!
1. Free People Inspired Sweater Set(S):
2. Skims-Inspired Long Dress(XS):
Beige Long Dress(S):
3. Gucci-Inspired Cardigan(S):
4. 2-Piece Set “Summer In The Hamptons”(S):
5. Alo Stream Line Bra Lookalike(S):
6. Lululemon-Inspired Strappy Sports Bra(S):
7. Free People Haley-Inspired Sweater Set(S):
8. High End Looking Bodysuit(S):

9. Paris Slides(8):
10. Hermes-Inspired Slides(8):
Amazon’s The Drop Slides(8):

11. Chanel-Inspired Flap Bag:
12. Chanel-Inspired Tote:
13. Dior-Inspired Tote:
14. Black Shoulder Bag:
15. Gucci-Inspired Bee Wallet:
16. Stoney Clover-Inspired Snack Pouch:
Stoney Clover Skin/Hair Bag(Neutral Colors):
Stoney Clover Skin/Hair Bag(Bright Colors):
Stoney Clover Stuff Bag:

17. Chanel-Inspired Earrings:
Chanel-Inspired Ring:
18. Cartier-Inspired Love Hoop Earrings:
19. Cartier-Inspired Love Rings:
20. Hermes-Inspired H Necklace:
21. Van Clef-Inspired Bracelet:
22. Gold Watch:

23. Gucci-Inspired Sunglasses:
24. Chloe-Inspired Sunglasses:
25. Tom Ford-Inspired Sunglasses:

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Today I'm back with 25 designer inspired Items from Amazon now I did a video very Similar to this a few months ago and it Was a huge hit so I'm going to link it Right up here if you want to watch it After this one because there's some Really good items in that video but I'm I'm back with more so everything will be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comments section By the number you see on screen so as we Go along just jot down your favorite Numbers I have decided to feature the Items by category so I'm going to start With clothing followed by shoes and then Handbags and wallets and then I have Some really good jewelry to share with You and then finally sunglasses up first We have this Free People inspired Two-piece sweater set which I have Shared before but I just love it so much And I know so many others are loving it Too and it looks really good with some Of the items that I'll be featuring in Today's video and just so you know many Of the items I would say most of the Items in this video are very high-end Luxury designer inspired like Chanel Hermes Gucci that kind of thing whereas Some of the other pieces like more in The clothing section are also inspired By Brands like Free People Lululemon That kind of thing they're just very Expensive brands that people love

Um and I found some very similar pieces That are a way better price next we have This skims inspired long tight dress now Skims is Kim Kardashian's brand which is Very high quality people love it it is Very expensive though so I do think this Is a great option if you love this very Popular tight dress style now with that Said I don't love this you're going to See in this clip here it legitimately is Hard to walk in this dress so I want to Warn you about that so under the same Number I'm actually going to link this Dress I have in beige also from Amazon Also reminds me so much of a skims dress But it's just better quality in my Opinion it's easier to wear and it you Can walk in it so much better so I would Say get this one instead next we have a Gucci and inspired cardigan which I Think is really interesting it comes in So Many Colors so I got the black and They all have the classic red and green Stripe or detail that is very very Classic to Gucci This is just something That I would never in a million years Probably buy a real Gucci cardigan but It's interesting to buy this and kind of Experiment with it see if I do like the Style that's what I like to do with Designer inspired things sometimes like I just legitimately don't want to spend Hundreds or thousands of dollars on an Item and I'll purchase the designer

Inspired version to see if I actually Wear it and love it and if I really do Then sometimes that shows me I do want To splurge on the real thing here is Another two-piece set so it comes with The matching top and shorts and I love This piping detail around the edges I'm Calling it summer in the Hamptons it Just looks very high-end preppy kind of Luxury elegant it's very easy to wear it Comes in so many really pretty colors Too I just went with black and I think This is fired by Chloe it's it is Definitely inspired by a high-end luxury Brand if you know comment down below now Here's actually a similar Style with the Piping detail but this is very similar To the super popular aloe streamline bra Um it's not a bar it's like a tank top Crop top sports bra kind of thing this Is just so popular very expensive if you Go the aloe route but this has great Reviews it's really nice feeling and a Much better price now this really is Like a sports bra for working out Exercising that kind of thing but it is Very very similar to the Lululemon Energy strappy sports bra so if you've Been eyeing that up and don't want to Pay that price try this first because I Think it's great there's padding here It's really nice I love the strappy Detail in the back and of course it Comes in many colors and then this looks

Very similar to The Free People Haley Sweater set so I mean this looks Identical so just buy this instead the The Free People version is a hundred and Thirty dollars and this is 50 I believe But again it comes with the tops and the Bottoms but I think it's on sale Bringing it down to 40 something which Is obviously so much better Um it does you feel like weird as PJs But the way I see everyone else styling It I mean they they wear it out and About as an actual outfit this is the Last clothing piece before we move on to Shoes and this is not really designer Inspired but I just love it so much I Had to share I want to put it in the Video because it looks expensive to me It looks very high-end and it comes in a Lot of colors that are fun and bright Kind of has like a 70s Flair to it with The swirls but I love it in this neutral Colorway like it just goes so well Together I think it would be great with Shorts or jeans but I styled it with Some dress pants and again it just looks Very elevated moving into the shoe Category here are slides that look very Very much like Dior also Steve Madden I Have a pair of Steve Madden slides that Also look like this so the Steve Madden Ones are 60. uh 60 or 70. the Dior ones Are like almost a thousand and then These from Amazon are like 30 something

And I would say get these they fit Perfectly they're only whole sizes Though so I'm usually a seven and a half Or eight I got an eight they fit great They're super comfortable Um I love the coloring I just I love the Style of them um so if you're drawn to This definitely I definitely recommend Them and then we have these Hermes Inspired slide sandals and at the time Of me filming this video I don't even Have them yet they're supposed to arrive Either tomorrow or the next day and I I Ordered them last minute because I Thought they would fit perfectly in this Video if they're actually good so I'm Gonna include a clip of me trying them On in the future okay future Jay here I Just wanted to quickly give feedback About these Hermes inspired sandals so I Do really like them I love the coloring Of them although you can get them in Different colors I think they're really Comfortable the only thing I would say Is you can only get these sandals in Whole sizes so I am typically a seven And a half or an eight so I did get the Eight and I do think they work like I Think they fit me but they're like right On the edge of potentially being too big Like I still think I'll be able to wear Them but ideally a seven and a half I Feel like would have been better it's Just you can't get that so I would say

That's the only thing that I don't love Here's another option that I will also Link under this number these are also From Amazon it's like Amazon's own brand The drop and I love these they're not Quite as similar to the Hermes but they Are very similar if you're enjoying this Video please consider subscribing down Below it takes two seconds it's totally Free and I would love to have you back Now we're in the Handbags and wallets Category starting with this bag that Totally reminds me of Chanel with the Flat bag design the houndstooth print I Do think it looks a little more fall and Winter versus like summer you know what I mean but I love the coloring it's a Really pretty neutral color color there Is a nice long strap which I like how it Has some silver tones and gold tones so It kind of mixes the metal so it works With whatever you prefer I like to mix My Metals there is a little chain strap Right here that you can even wear on the Crook of your arm Um this bag works either shoulder or Cross body and then when you open the Turn Style lock it is a flat bag and There's a nice zipper compartment and a Few sections this bag also reminds me of Chanel it is a tote bag it has the nice Top handles it's like a canvas material And then this is where it looks like Chanel Chanel is a very very similar bag

To this Um with the chain detail that you can Either wear on your shoulder or even Just tuck it in like that it holds quite A bit Um I would say if I mean if you love This style of a bag and you just think You would use it a lot you could try it I don't think the quality is as good as I was hoping so I don't fully recommend This if you're looking for like a Designer inspired tote I recommend this One so much more this is very very Similar to Dior again it's such a good Tote I love the coloring of it the Pretty like parrot and tiger designs It's it's just to me it's just so much Better again it holds quite a bit it is Like a big tote and it fits easily over Your arm now this black bag amazing Quality Top Notch I think this looks so Expensive so high-end very designer kind Of vintage in a way as well it is a Shoulder bag that you can wear and it Actually holds quite a bit I love the Push lock detail on it you just push it To open it and then um it does have an Additional zipper for extra security I Don't think I would use that but there Is another separate zipper inside it is A smaller bag but it still holds quite a Bit to close it you just push it in like That I just love it to pieces I want to Share a Gucci inspired wallet next and I

Just want to preface with I share this Probably three years ago and I loved it I used it a lot and then I recently Rediscovered it because I kind of had it Buried in my closet my mom was looking For a mini wallet and I was like I think I have one and so I found it I had it in Black before but I gave it to her she's Loving it as well and when I was kind of Putting this video together I was like You know what I want to feature the Gucci inspired mini wallet again so I Reordered it in this camel color it has The smoothest zipper ever and then when You open it up it's this glorious Accordion style design mini wallet so You can fit all of your cards like your Credit cards driver's license gift cards Whatever there's a section for coins There's also a section you can fold up Money and I just love mini wallets Because they can fit in any purse so if You're carrying a huge tote bag that's Fine if you want to transition to a Smaller crossbody you can just put this In whatever and this is such a good mini Wallet okay we're taking things down Just a notch with the the bags and the Pouches but the Stony Clover inspired Pouches and toiletry bags snack bags Stony Clover is so expensive and it's Really cute it's kind of it's kind of I Don't know it looks very juvenile to me And I used to hate it but now I kind of

Think it's cute for certain things so I Have this snack bag from Amazon and it's Clear and I love keeping it in the car We'll take it on vacation Um I have a few other uh toiletry bags Like this says skin this says face Um so I will link all of the Stony Clover inspired options down below from Amazon because the price again way Better moving along to the jewelry Category this is probably my favorite Category of this video because I found So many amazing designer inspired pieces Starting with these Chanel inspired Earrings they look very very similar to The Coco Chanel Crush earrings Um and so as you can see there they Don't scream Chanel like the the CC stud Earrings do but these are still very Well known so I really like them in the Earring style but I'm also going to link The ring option as well that also looks Like the crush ring Chanel Crush ring so Both of those will be linked on under This number but let's move on to another Pair of earrings which are the Cartier Love hoop earrings I wanted you to see Them kind of up close here I did get Them in yellow gold but almost all of This jewelry comes in either yellow gold Or silver whatever your your preference Is and then I also wanted to mention Under another number I have talked about This before but the Cartier love rings

And so these are only like eight bucks So I have the real ones here Um I like to stack the yellow gold with The white gold I love mixing Metals as I Already mentioned um you don't have to Stack them you could just get one or the Other now I do just want to preface These are like eight dollars so they're Not gonna last forever I'm sure Eventually I believe it's plated in like 18 karat gold but after that plating Wears off it's probably gonna turn your Finger green so this is a prime perfect Example of if you love some of these Items you should try them order them at The more affordable pricing and if you Love it if you feel like you keep Reaching for it and you're wearing it Then you could consider splurging on the Real thing and then we have this Necklace that really looks like an Hermes necklace I actually got it in an Orange color which is classic to Hermes But it also comes in a few other colors Like black I think white would be really Nice I do like orange it's like an Interesting Pop I feel like it's it is Pretty noticeable so I love this and Then I also got this Van Cleef inspired Bracelet so this is something that I Have I've wanted this in the real Version for quite some time and this Looks very much like the mother of pearl Version It's kind of twofold this has

Made me want it more like I really like The way this looks around my wrist I Feel like it would stack really nicely But if I were to get the real version of This you can't get it wet you can't Shower in it you really can't stack it With anything because it the stones will Crack because they're so soft and so I Don't know the real version is just like Not really wearable Um this I'm sure isn't gonna last Forever but I really like the way it Looks and then we have this watch which Just looks again so high-end so Expensive so luxury I mean you can even Tell by the coloring of the gold I mean This isn't even that cheap of a watch Like this was 60 so it is like a legit Watch it's just not crazy high-end Designer prices even though it looks Like one this would be really pretty on Its own very elegant sophisticated or I Also love it stacked with other jewelry Now we're in the sunglasses category and There are so many amazing sunglasses you Can find on Amazon at amazing prices so I'm going to start with a Gucci inspired Pair of sunglasses that I mean they look They look so Gucci to me they're Oversized there's tortoise shell you can Get them in other colors Um but they look so expensive they're Like under 15 I mean truly at this point I would never spend hundreds of dollars

On a designer pair and then these look Like the famous Chloe Celeste sunnies I Mean these are just so popular hundreds Of dollars if you were to get them by Chloe they're very mirrored you can Probably see all of my Lighting in front Of me but they are like a pink color They come in other colors even by Chloe They come in other colors but this is The one with like the pink tones that Everybody wants and then we have the Tom Ford inspired Selby sunglasses so these Are you know kind of like retro again Oversized has the tea emblem for Tom Ford along the side they just kind of go With everything uh very popular great Price point at this so everything in This video will be linked Down Below in The description box and also pinned in The comment section I hope you enjoyed It please subscribe if you're new and I'll see you in my next one bye