25 Best-Selling Amazon BEAUTY Products You NEED! Everything is linked here & the comments!!
1. Razor:
2. Scalp/Dandruff Shampoo:
3. Color Gloss Shampoo:
4. Color Gloss Conditioner:
5. Keratase Gloss Treatment:
6. Tangle Teezer Brush:
7. Root Lift Spray:
8. Thermal Brush Hot Tool:
9. “Wet” Dry Shampoo:
10. Powder Dry Shampoo:
11. Makeup Erasers:
Makeup Eraser 7 Day Set:
12. Snail Mucin Serum:
Snail Mucin All-in-One Cream:
13. MAREE Eye Masks:
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14. MAREE Glycolic Facial Pads:
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15. Cleansing Balm:
16. Queen of Thrones Castor Oil:
Goodbye Company Castor Oil:
17. Tarte-Inspired Makeup Brushes:
18. Makeup Brush Cleaner:
19. Elf Halo Glow(Shade 2 Fair/Light):
20. NYX Brow Glue:
21. Naked Eyeshadow Palette (cool tones):
Naked Eyeshadow Palette (warm tones):
22. Eyeshadow Stick(Pearl Shimmer):
23. MAREE Lip Butter:
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24. Melt-Away Cuticle Exfoliator:
25. Cuticle Oil:

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Today I'm sharing 25 best-selling Amazon Beauty items for 2024 a lot of these Things you've never even heard of before But I've been saving up for this video Other items might be a repeat because I Just love them so much but as always Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and I'll also pin Them in the comment section by the Numbers you see on screen all righty so We're starting in the hair category with This bad boy this is the Phillips Nelco One blade and it does involve hair but It doesn't OLV this hair so I just Didn't know where to put it so we're Just starting with this thing because oh My goodness women need this it's Marketed to men though so I feel like so Many women don't know this exists it's The most interesting razor because it's Like this blade that you can go in 360° You can go up down around diagonal and You can use it on dry skin and you can Use it on wet skin but it gets the Closest baby bottoms shave ever with no Razor burn no bumps or anything it's am Amazing because I do really like that Kenzie IPL hair removal device but I Don't use that everywhere if you know What I mean this you can use everywhere And it is this it's the cleanest like Smoothest shave no Pain this thing is so good and this is An electric razor by the way so you just

Hit the Button and go to town um and it comes With different blades but you don't even Need to change the blades for like four Months number two now we're actually Moving into hair so I want to share two Shampoos and conditioners that I love From Amazon but they are very different Very different routes so we're going to Start with like the healthy one um this Is puror but this is more if you Struggle with dandruff I mean if you Want if you love this and you want to Use it every day that's great I save it For when I have really bad dandruff Which isn't that often but sometimes I Can get it super bad and I do not want To be using the medicated shampoos like Head and shoulders and there's other Like hardcore ones this stuff knocks it Out like it's insane to me there is tea Tree oil peppermint oil oil a few other Essential oils and the key is if you Order this just remember you have to Leave it on your scalp for at least 3 Minutes in the shower sometimes I'll go Up to like 5 minutes and it'll tingle And it just it feels amazing and then You rinse it out and your scalp is just The best so highly recommend if you Struggle in that department okay now if You are somebody that has color treated Hair you would love the redkin acidic Color gloss shampoo and conditioner so

You do have to buy these separately so I Will link them under separate numbers But that's again it's just so good if You do color your hair which my hair is Naturally brown but I do have different Shades throughout and this will just Extend the life of your color but it Also adds just like a really nice Sheen And kind of gloss and shine to your hair So that's another reason I've been Loving it so I especially notice that With the conditioner so I just make sure That when I am applying it to my hair I Really like work it through the ends and Let it sit there for a few minutes and It just really helps but if you are Somebody that loves Shine On your hair I Mean don't we all let's move on to this Because this is a new discovery love it Love it love it I don't even know how You pronounce this name it's kisto I Think it is a professional hair care Line but this is the chroma gloss it's Like a rinse out gloss you put on your Hair in the shower so I will go through The shampoo conditioner like my whole Routine and you don't do this every time Like this is like a like a little Treatment you can do every few weeks but It's a very liquidy stuff and you just Like pour it through your hair run it Through let it sit there for at least Two minutes and then you just rinse it Out but it ju oh my it just adds so much

Shine to your hair but again you're not Going to use this every day or anything It's it's like every maybe like once a Week maybe once every two weeks but it Is such a nice thing to add to your hair Care routine honestly I can't even Believe I am sharing this brush because I am a wet brush obsessed girl okay I I Have like seven wet brushes around my House because I love it so much but then Enter this I have had this probably for The last couple years I think it was Sent to me in a PR box I didn't even Know I had it it was somewhere in my Basement then my assistant Katie yay Katie love her she was there she was Like Shay this is like you should try This why is this still in a box like This is the best I use it I've gifted it To my friends it it it beats the Wet Brush and I'm like I don't think so so I Whipped it out and now I understand it Is so good don't get me wrong if you Have the Wet Brush it's it's good but This thing it Glides it Glides through Wet hair it Glides through Dry Hair it Doesn't rip your hair it's just like the Best so if you have tangly hair you Should try this this is another new Discovery and I'm still kind of Experimenting with it but I really like It so far it is by color wow it's called Raise the root it's like a thick Thickening and like lifting spray for

Your roots which if you can tell I Really struggle with volume Mega big Time and so I did not use it today at All or like since I've washed my hair But in this b-roll clip this is like me Like you can just really see a Difference so what you do is you you Know after you get out of the shower you Spray this on damp hair at your roots it Doesn't make your roots greasy it Doesn't make them gross or anything like That you would then proceed to blow dry Your hair and it lifts your roots so Much like hopefully you can even tell a Difference in these clips compared to Like today so I just really need to get In the habit of actually using this Because I can tell a major difference Another day another hot tool I will Never not test out new Hot Tools it's Really fun for me but this one is Actually worth it it's viral for a Reason it is the viral thermal hot brush So it's different than what you may have Seen this does not dry your hair it's Not shooting out hot air or anything so You would use this on dry hair um but You can make it super hot or you can use It at low temperatures and it works Really well it does not damage your hair But it Glides through your hair um There's actually different ways that I Use it sometimes I will kind of like Pull my hair taut and tight the whole

Way down and kind of you know Glide it Down and then curl the ends and it it Just you know it's like a really nice um Hairstyle for really anybody but Especially people with layers or um People with curtain bangs another way to Use this is you can actually just fully Wrap the hair the whole way around the Barrel and then again it just Glides the Whole way down it doesn't rip or pull or Tangle your hair at all and it just Gives you a blow out look without the Work it's super simple to use it doesn't Rip your hair I don't know I'm just like Really impr impressed with this and the Price is the price is so good it's like $30 now once your hair is dirty Obviously it's time to wash it but I Like to first use dry shampoo for a few Days to extend the time before I need to Actually wash it but there's two dry Shampoos that have continually really Impressed me they're very different so I'm going to start with the one you Probably haven't heard of or maybe even Ever tried before it is a wet dry Shampoo so it's very different you're Not spraying a lot of powder and residue On your hair so when your hair is greasy You take this um it's by the brand arnco And you just lightly Spritz your roots Where it's greasy then you take a blow Dryer and blow dry your hair there and I Don't know what it does I don't know if

It evaporates the oils or what but it Literally makes your hair look like you Just washed it so I love this very Impressed with it if you really feel Like you are just super greasy and this Is just not working working I mean I do Think it works well but if your hair is Like Mega greasy uh you should probably Just wash your hair but I do think that This particular powder it's by bioio It's a scalp Revival so it's a really Clean healthy dry shampoo it doesn't Come in an aerosol spray can but it has Charcoal it has biotine it actually has Good ingredients for your scalp but it Is a manual pump and it does shoot out Powder and let me just tell you it Really really works on greasy hair but I Feel good about using it because it's a Much cleaner formula and it's not Spraying the bad aerosols all in my face It's like a chemical bomb this is just So much better and it works really Really well all right moving into the World of skincare which is like my least Favorite topic I find this so boring It's so overdone I feel like people Really over complicate their skincare Routines so I just guys hear me out on This stuff I've shared the makeup Erasers time and time again but I want To share them in this because they just Need to be in the video because I'm Obsessed with them but then also for

Another purpose regarding your skin so Makeup erasers are what like literally Remove everything from your face as in Like makeup eyeliner waterproof mascara Red lipstick only with water there's Like millions and millions of these Microfibers and it just pulls everything Off without having to use face wash and All kinds of stuff but I have recently Started using them in the morning like I Will wake up in the morning and just do A quick run with just water over my face To kind of get off some of the excess Oils but it's not stripping my skin from The natural oils that have accumulated Overnight I mean that stuff is what your Body wants and craves and so to just Strip it with a lot of face wash and It's just it's not good my skin has Looked so much better ever since I Started using makeup eraser cloths in The morning and the night now if you are Somebody with dry skin in the morning And you do this you know once over with The makeup erasers and you're just like Oh my my skin is parched highly Recommend the snail m in serum or All-in-one cream which is more of like a Moisturizer I can link both of these I Go back and forth I love both this is More like a serum this is more like a Cream um but the snail Muse in essence It just it hydrates it moisturizes and It goes really far deep into your skin

Quickly so that's why I actually like to Use it in the morning because I don't Feel like it slimes up my face for the Rest of the day or anything um I think a Lot of people think this is super slimy And it is at first but it just again Sucks into your skin very quickly and It's perfect in my opinion for a morning Regimen now if you really want to be Looking good that day you should try the Morray eye masks um I still checked I Have that promo code s whitney3 for 30% Off the morray products um I have a few Other products I'll share in this video Not sponsored this entire video is not Sponsored and I don't use these every Day by any means I would say maybe like Once a week it's like a treat it's like A little luxury that I you know I'll put The eye mask on my skin like while I'm Brushing my teeth doing my hair I leave It on for maybe 15 minutes maybe 20 Minutes it's cooling it has Marine Collagen in it and it just plumps up Your under eyes I feel like it makes the The crepiness kind of go away it really Helps with dark circles I don't know I Just find that when I use the eye mask The rest of the day I look better on my Face it really works um but you know Some people do use these every day I Just don't but anyway highly recommend These use my promo code s whitney3 at Checkout on on Amazon and you'll save

30% on these which is really good and They also have the 24 karat gold version Which I think my code also works for Those two so that was the morning now We're going to move into the night so Again I would use the makeup erasers to Get off all my makeup with just water And then I go in with these morray Glycolic acid pads they're like facial Pads phenomenal this is one of my Favorite new products oh my gosh I just Love this stuff so much uh so they're Very similar to the element Dynamic resurfacing pads that are $64 They're great I've repurchased those Time and time again this is $24 plus that promo code you can use for 30% off brings this down to such a good Price and it's it's very gently Exfoliating I will use it all over my Face it works to smooth out the texture It's kind of like a polishing pad I'll Use it on one side then I'll flip it Over I'll use the other side I'll bring It down my neck and I am always shocked That I got I get off even more dirt and Makeup but it has really good Ingredients for your skin like nicomide Glycolic acid there's vitamins B3 B5 e Um tea tree oil it's just so good highly Recommend this stuff so I decided to put This in the video because I know there Are people that just legitimately want a Cleanser like a facial cleanser and I

Sometimes in the shower will use this Elmus Pro collagen green fig cleansing Balm it's really the only facial Cleanser that I use and to be honest I Mainly use it because it's like the best Scent in the entire world I'm not a Fragrance or scent person this is like Very natural but it's just like the best Smell but it is a cleansing balm and it Works to melt off all of your makeup so You actually use this dry and just like Put it all over your face it melts off Everything then you rinse it and your Skin is so soft hydrated it just feels Again kind of like a luxury experience I Personally don't use this every day Although I think most most people do use This every day um but it is just my Favorite facial cleanser if you're Looking for one and then the last thing I put on my skin before I go to bed Every night is castor oil so I'm just Putting the two Brands here that have Really kind of popped off on my channel We've got the uh goodbye company one Then we've got the queen of Thrones one These are so good they check all my Boxes of like what a good castor oil is I mean I can use this in my belly button I can use it on the bottom of my feet I Can use it all over my body but it's Like the best natural just real skin Care just watch my other videos go to my Channel watch the different things you

Can do with castor oil but this is about Beauty skin care so put it on your face A little goes a long way and to me it's Like the best skin care routine out There moving into the world of makeup I Want to start with some very popular Makeup brushes that truly impressed me So this is what they look like and they Are very similar to this tarte Foundation brush that I've been using For so many years um this thing is very Expensive it's like $45 or something Like that um and it's like a really good Foundation brush but I saw this this you Get two of them for $10 like $9.99 and I definitely use this one more Um here's what they looked brand new Okay this is brand new I I filmed it I Just wanted you to see kind of like the Bristles the bristles are super super Soft now they're they're used their Whatever but they are it's very similar To this I would say this is like a Little heavier feeling this is a little Bit lighter but the bris like the the Head is super similar So Soft um so this Is more of like a rounded brush this is More of a flat top I love both I'm Shocked that you get two for $9.99 and Then if you need to clean your makeup Brushes which I probably do every few Months I it's like I'm so bad about Cleaning my makeup brushes you need to Try the cinema SE Secrets makeup brush

Cleaner I have shared this probably like 2 years ago the original formula is Bright blue it smells kind of chemically Um but it literally melts it melts off The makeup from your brushes it makes Cleaning them a breeze um but I saw they Recently launched it in like a a lemon Flavor not flavor do not eat this but The scent is much fresher smelling and It works just as well I mean look at This clip it it just it melts off the Makeup and you can just see you run it Under water and it it's just it makes Cleaning your brushes super simple and Fast and then we have this such good Bang for your buck it's the elf Halo Glow liquid filter so it's going to give You such a nice subtle Natural Glow and They're totally trying to be Charlotte Tilbury with this but this actually Works and it's such a better price point Um and then look at this applicator it's So thick and chunky I love using it and There's a lot of ways you can use this You can use it completely alone you know Without any other makeup you just put it On your skin it gives you a subtle glow It's not going to be full coverage or Anything but it looks really nice I Actually like to use it on top of my Foundation so again I don't know if you Can tell it just gives you a subtle glow No sparkles or anything like that it's Not glittery it's just like a nice kind

Of youthful radiant look um I am wearing The shade number two and it's named fair And light but there's a lot of different Shades and you just blend it in Seamlessly it's really nice another Super cheap product that packs a punch Is this NYX brow glue it's like a clear Brow glue and I have been spending so Much money on clear brow glues like from Expensive Brands and I thought they were Great because they are great but this is Just as good this is just as good so Just get this it's so inexpensive and it Just kind of you know manipulates and Moves your eyebrow hairs to be exactly How you want them to be and then they Just stay in place all day let's talk Eyeshadow next because I do get a fair Amount of questions about what eyeshadow I use on a daily basis and it's always One of these it's the smaller naked Eyeshadow palettes there's the original And then there's the naked to and I love Both today I am wearing this one as you Can see it's a little bit warmer of a Tone but this has some Shimmer in it This has more cool tones and matte Shades the price is so good and I love That there there's like a lot of product But they're not crazy huge palettes They're great for everyday use but also Perfect to travel with and they're just Actual wearable Shades now at this point I've talked about the julip eyeshadow

Stick in like a zillion videos but I Don't care everyone needs it and it's Going to take your eyes and your Eyeshadow to the next level like that's Really what I think people are loving um So I have the shade Pearl Shimmer but This comes in so many different shades But I do recommend maybe a lighter shade To put in the corner of your eyes to Instantly brighten them make them pop It's going to make your eyes look better It's going to make your whole face look More youthful it's such a a simple trick You can do and it looks amazing on Everyone and then we have my beloved lip Mask by morray this is like it's turned Into one of the best purchases of the Entire year and it's only January like This is going on my list I love this Stuff so much it's meant to be an Overnight lip mask kind of like the Lan Lip sleeping mask but this is 10 times Better in my opinion but I like to use This throughout the day as well because It makes my lips look so nice so I have It on over top my lip liner today but I Also love putting this just on bare lips As well there's just like a beautiful Light pink very sheer color to it and it Just fills in all of the fine lines and Wrinkles and it just Smooths over my Lips and it makes them look so pretty um But then again like I'll use it before Bed and it works all night and I just

Wake up and I feel like my lips look a Lot better so again you can use that Promo code s whitney3 for 30% off of This I have no idea how long they They're going to give me that code um Hopefully at least through the end of The month I don't know and again not Sponsored but just it's truly turned Into just like my favorite my favorite Thing right now let's move into the Category of nails I found this product Recently it's by Butter London it's Called Melt Away cuticle exfoliator it Has amazing reviews tons of people love It I don't know why I didn't know this Existed but it is so genius you just Paint it on to your cuticles let it sit There for like 2 minutes and then you Wipe away your cuticles no more do you Have to like push them up cut them off Like scrape them peel them this is so Much better and so much easier and it Works really well and then again my Assistant Katie shout out to her um she Does my nails uh she's amazing but she's Really gotten me into to loving cuticle Oil so I got this one by the brand Essie It's like a a roll on one so I just like To keep it in my purse and and I'll just Like put it on my my cuticles and it Just first of all it smells really nice But it just makes my nails my hands in General my cuticle area just it just Makes them look so much better I feel

Like I don't love using a lot of hand Cream but I do notice some dry skin Around my actual nails and I feel like This just takes it away and it just Makes my hands look so much younger and Better instantly so that is everything It'll all be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the numbers you saw On screen and I'll also have all of the Promo codes listed down there beside Each item and you can enter that at Checkout on Amazon Please Subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next One bye