25 Best-Selling Amazon FALL FASHION 2023…everything is linked here & the comments!!
1. Beige Sweater(S):
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2. Half-Zip Sweater(S):
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3. Striped Sweater(S):
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4. Green Sweater(S):
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5. Bubble-Sleeve Sweater(S):
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6. Cardigan(S):
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7. Cross-Wrap Sweater(S):
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8. White Sweater(S):
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9. Free People-Inspired Waffle Knit(S):
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10. Fuzzy Sherpa Pullover(S):
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11. Fuzzy Sherpa Hoodie(S):
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12. 2-Piece Sweatsuit(S):
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13. Corduroy Distressed Shacket(S):
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14. Aztec Denim Jacket(S): (40% OFF DEAL!)
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15. Gray Plaid Shacket(S): (30% OFF + extra 10% COUPON!)
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16. Cream Fleece Jacket:
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17. Fall Coat (S):

18. Pink Dress 2-Piece Set:
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19. Lavender Dress 2-Piece Set (S):
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20. Mauve Dress 2-Piece Set (S):
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21. Clogs(true-to-size):

22. Light Distressed Jeans(XS):
Dark Jeans(25):

23. Dress Pants(XS):

24. Belts:

25. Faux Leather Skirts(S):

***I will try to keep the promos, discount codes, and coupons updated, but things might change & not be exactly how I have it listed!! Some deals or promos might go away too, so I’m sorry! Thank you for your understanding!

0:00-1:01 Discount/Promo Code Info
1:01-5:24 Sweaters & Cardigans
5:24-7:21 Tops & Pullovers
7:21-10:21 Jackets & Coats
10:21-11:47 Dresses
11:47-14:32 Belts, Bottoms, & Shoes

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Fall fashion is here and I'm sharing 25 Of the best Amazon fall fashion pieces Now the way this is gonna work because I've never done this before I have Reached out and coordinated with all of The sellers and I'm going to save you Guys so much money there are special Promo codes and discounts and coupons so You can save a lot of money so I'm going To have everything linked Down Below in The description box and pin in the Comment section like normal by the Number you see on screen in the corner So as you go along write down your Favorite numbers and then down below Everything will be linked along with any Special promo codes discounts coupons I'm going to keep it updated but some of These are crazy good and then there's Also Lightning Deals things can be Combined I mean just jump on these while You can none of this video is sponsored I just did a lot of emailing requesting Some discounts and most of them said yes I will be going through the video by Categories so again it'll all be linked Down Below in that order by the number You see on screen up for we're starting With the sweaters and cardigans category Because to me that is a quintessential Fall let's start with what I'm wearing This is number one it is just a lovely Classic beige sweater now it doesn't Have to be beige throughout this entire

Video everything comes in So Many Colors So if you don't love a color I have but You love the actual item check out the Other options now this is so nice Because of the neckline there's so much You can do with it you can put it to one Shoulder like this I think that's kind Of cute and a little sexy or you can Even just pull it through the side kind Of like this or just have it up like Normal there's just a lot you can do With this it is slightly oversized but I Will have all of my sizing details Linked down below as well next we have These oversized half zip collared Sweaters oh my gosh I love these so much I originally had it in beige and then I Recently got this fall orange color I Love it because you can have kind of Like a tank top or some top underneath And then zip it halfway down you could Pop the collar if you like the the Collar actually stays up it looks really Chic or you could pull it down and just Kind of you know bend it down and just Kind of manipulate it however you want But these are meant to be a little bit Oversized but they're so thick they're Super buttery they keep you really warm And cozy they're just a perfect fall Sweater oh my gosh I love this so much It's a striped sweater obviously it Looks really good on its own but also There's a trick you can do with it to

Make you look extra stylish I'll share That in a second but just so you know as We go along everything that I'm styling Together the bottoms I will have towards The end of the video I'll flash them Quickly here on the screen some of the Like the jeans that like there are so Many good bottoms from Amazon so don't Forget about those I will definitely get To them but back to this this sweater Comes in a lot of colors I I really like The black and white I feel like it goes With everything Um but I think a really cool like little Extra Chic hack is to actually put it Across your shoulders and then tie it a Little bit in the front and it just Elevates you it makes you look extra Expensive extra Style English I just Love that little trick and then we have This thick sweater which it has a higher Neckline which is different but also the Reason I love it so much is again Because it is so thick and warm and I Obviously got it in emerald green again So many other colors but I did pair it With that faux leather skirt which I'll Get to a little bit later but it just Goes to show that all of these sweaters Can be very casual but you can Definitely dress them up as well and Just so you guys know the promo codes And the discounts are all going to be Different however as an example like

This is going to be 20 off with my Special promo code and then there's an Additional 20 off coupon that you can Check like on the product page to Combine it to be like 40 off making this Like 19 so I'm telling you guys the Deals are really good and then we have This bubble sweater as I'm calling it The sleeves are a little bit bubbly and Rippled and I feel like it just looks a Little bit different when it first Arrived I wasn't quite sure I liked it Just hanging here but then as soon as I Put it on I really really like I think It's just different and I love it in This pink color I kind of wish I would Have ordered it in this color but blue Is great too I tried to order different Shades just because I know everyone has Different preferences this is just Another amazing piece I love this so Much it is a cardigan and it's just Again a little bit different I love the Different color options again just look At all of the other colors because I was Truly torn on what I should get but They're all kind of in this nice Neutral-ish family but again it's just Like a nice warm cozy cardigan perfect For fall but a little bit different it's Something you don't see everyone else Have and then there's this I did not Have high hopes for this I really liked It on the model but I was like I'm gonna

Get it it's gonna be one of those things It just looks terrible it's stupid it's Cheap looking no I really like it on I Feel like this is the perfect sweater to Slightly Elevate yourself like just it's Like a more of a dressy sweater with the Crisscross and like the banding Um I don't love the color I picked I was Trying to be all fall like but I would See myself more in like a beige or more Just subtle color kind of like this Sweater so this is the last sweater we Have this is just very basic has like a Nice pocket this isn't like an insanely Different sweater I just think it's a Really good one you can dress it up Dress it down there's so much you can do With it I got it in white which is like A nice neutral shade but of course so Many other options now we're moving into The tops and pullovers or sweatshirts Sections so we're starting with this top Which I really like because of the Waffle knit texture it's kind of like a Long John texture but the reason I Really like it is because of the sleeves It just looks like free people I guess What I'm trying to say when like this is A popular looking Free People inspired Top and so if you get the free people One it's super expensive get the Amazon One especially while you can save and Like even more money on it like a lot of Money on it um and it just is really

Cute just it's warm it's cute it's full Next we have some fuzzy Sherpa pullovers Which are just perfect for cold weather I wear them all the time all the time And so the first one I'm going to share Is my favorite it is more of like a Popped higher up collar with kind of Like a diagonal zipper love this color Too but it's so soft and the inside and The outside is the same material but it Is pretty thick but again the inside is Even super soft and cozy like it just Feels amazing now the next one I wanted To share is the same material again the Same on the inside and outside but the Neckline is obviously different with the Buttons and it's more of like a hoodie Style which some people really like if It starts to rain you're covered just You guys can choose what you prefer Super quick if you're enjoying this Video and you like Amazon please Consider subscribing down below it takes Two seconds and it's totally free now This next sweatshirt or hoodie is more Of like a zipped hoodie but it is a Two-piece set so it also comes with Matching joggers now the reason I love This so much is because the sweatshirt Or hoodie is so fitted like it it's so Flattering it really shows off your Waistline it looks a little bit more Feminine but the whole thing together is Just an instant outfit it's great with

Slides or sandals or sneakers like how I'm wearing it you can lounge around in The house in it or you can wear it out And about run errands do whatever moving Right along to the jackets and coats Category I wanted to share this corduroy Shirt jacket or jacket now what makes This different because these were very Popular last year they still are but This one looks a little bit distressed Which I really like and it's not like There's holes all through it or anything It's just the coloring is a little bit Washed with like the distressing vibe You know what I mean and this is a size Small like this is meant to look Oversized so keep that in mind now the End of it has kind of like a raw Edge so Again slightly distressed nothing crazy But I love that detail now these next Items I'm putting under the same number Because they have a very similar Characteristic but they are different Different but it's the Aztec print now I Am obsessed I'm obsessed with this denim Jacket with like the Aztec kind of Westerny print um it's just such a nice Denim jacket like I've had it for a year I'm still wearing it all the time and The reason I I like I realize why it's So wearable is because this is like a Medium-ish wash but if you notice There's other colors in the in the Pattern here so it looks great with dark

Wash jeans light wash jeans like you can Literally just throw it on with anything And it totally goes now there's this Which has a similar yeah different Aztec Pattern it is another corduroy shirt Jacket and I don't know I just love this Vibe you know I'm gonna get to Plaid in A second because that is a classic fall Pattern but to me this print also Screams fall but again is just different But we can't forget about plaid because These are just a go-to I love them so Much I have them in probably five Different colors so again I will link These under this number you can click Around to whatever color your preference Is like this one I like it's a little Bit more taupey and gray whereas this One is a lot more warm with like warmer Beige tones with like hints of orange Like there's just so many to choose from And I you know put this under the Jackets category because I tend to wear Them open like a jacket but you can Button them down and wear them as a Shirt now this really is a fall jacket You would throw it on when it's chilly Outside but I think it's a little bit Dressier of a jacket I almost think it Reminds me of a Blazer I think that's Why I was attracted to it because There's no zippers or buttons you would Probably just throw it on to look a Little bit more dressier elevated

Although I think I styled this with Jeans but dress pants would have been Good too I love the puffy sleeves the Broad shoulders the material is really Interesting it's not the fuzzy Sherpa Material but it is kind of a fuzzy Tightly woven warm material and then This really is a fall all coat so it's a Little bit longer a little bit oversized On purpose the material is so buttery Kind of like a Barefoot dreams buttery Material love the fall color other Options though you could totally dress It up like it could be a dressy office Workwear type coat or of course this Would look great casual as well now We're moving into the dresses category I Am going to put all of these under Different numbers but they're kind of Similar in the fact that they're all Two-piece matching sets so are they Really dresses I guess they're kind of Skirts because the tops yeah skirts Dresses whatever we're going to start With this pink one now all of these keep In mind you can mix and match things I Think they look great together like this Pink set is kind of cropped with a Longer skirt I love the color not as Much fall but just something different It's warm it's like a nice sweater Material so it definitely is like fall Winter but you could also wear that pink Sweater with a pair of jeans you could

Wear this Gert with maybe a light Colored sweater like you know what I Mean like this is more bang for your Buck because you can do more things with The two items you get and then we have This two-piece set that I got in this Beautiful lavender color again it is Definitely fall winter in the style Because it's long sleeve longer skirt Um but it's different in that it's not a Sweater material it's actually like a Textured material which some people Might prefer but this two-piece set is In a sweater material I ordered it in Like a mauvy color I do think it's best That you slightly tuck in the sweater to The skirt just to give your body some More shape but it's definitely an outfit That's going to keep you warm and it Would be perfect to wear to a lot of Occasions in the colder months next We're moving into the category I'm Calling belts bottoms and shoes and We're actually going to start with shoes Because throughout this video you may Have seen me wear these clogs which are From Amazon they are not Birkenstocks Which are super expensive they are a Fraction of that price but they look Identical to Birkenstocks and they're The color that are often sold out at Birkenstock it's just wearable color it Goes with everything you slide them on I Know many many many many moons ago these

Are popular they've made a strong Comeback and and I'm just here for it Because they're comfortable they go with Everything and the price is so good we Have to talk about these jeans so I'm Going to link the light wash and the Dark wash under this same number but I First want to share the light wash jeans That you've seen throughout this entire Video the price is insanely good and It's literally all I'm reaching for I Love these jeans so much I think because They are a little bit distressed which I Personally like but they're done in such A good way and they are slightly cropped They're not like capri pants or anything They're just slightly cropped meaning You can wear whatever shoes you want Like the clogs sneakers slide sandals They just look good with everything Highly highly highly recommend this then We have the Levi dark wash jeans which They do come in tons of colors but I Love this black almost like gray black Color they are the rib cage jeans Meaning they're high waisted and the fit The everything about them is perfect I Also love these flowy dress pants from Amazon I think they're great for all the Seasons but they look especially good With many of the tops and sweaters that I put in this video and it comes in So Many Colors you'll be able to wear the Office to you know Church dressy

Functions dinners whatever Um but with that pair of dress pants I Do like to sometimes add a belt and so These belts I've had for years from Amazon I still wear them all the time They come in so many different color Packs I just got the neutral color pack With black gray white and camel they're Very stretchy and they like they show Off your waist they add some accent with These pants there's a lot of ways you Can wear them and then if you were Eyeing up those tight faux leather Skirts I have them in black and camel They're also from Amazon but they're by The brand Commando so they are pricier Than a lot of these other items and I Was not able to get a promo code for Those unfortunately I just love them a Lot they're like it's literally called The perfect skirt and I just wanted to Share in case any of you were interested But everything will be linked Down Below In the description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you saw on Screen along with the special promo Codes and discounts so jump on things Quickly just in case items sell out but I hope you enjoyed this subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next One bye