25 BEST Summer Fashion Trends from AMAZON! Everything is linked below & in the comments!!
1. Oversized Basic T-Shirt(S):
2. Tank Top (short or long)(XS):
3. Longer Levi’s 501 Shorts(25):
4. Blue “Linen” Pants(S):
5. Birkenstock-Inspired Sandals(true to size):

6. Palazzo Pants(S):
7. Shorts Romper(XS):
8. T-Shirt Romper(S) :
9. Alo-Inspired Romper(S):
10. White Gauzy Shirt(L):

11. Swimsuit(S):
12. Swimsuit Crochet Cover-Up(S):
13. Sunglasses:
14. Green Tiered Dress(S):
15. Pink Eyelet Dress(S):

16. Teal Long Dress(S):
17. Pink Vest/Pants Suit(S):
18. Beige Casual Matching Set(S):
19. Sweater Shorts/Tank Set(S):
20. Cropped Button-Down Shirt(XS):

21. Cream Belt(XS):
22. Flared Yoga Pants(S-32″ inseam):
23. Ribbed Top(S):
24. One Shoulder Tops(S):
25. Beige & Green Cardigan(S):

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These are 25 of the best Amazon summer Fashion trends for 2024 I think it's all So good I will try everything on for you It will all be linked Down Below in the Description Box by the numbers you see On screen and I'll also pin everything In the comment section now throughout This video you will see I picked up Quite a few items in some beautiful Colors but I do want to start out with Just some Basics so what I'm wearing This casual oversized basic tea it's Very similar to a free people style I Love it so much I got it in white I also Got it in Gray and of course it comes in Like 15 or 20 other colors but it is a Size small so it's meant to be oversize I will put my sizing details beside each Item Down Below in the description box I Know that's helpful when you guys decide What size you maybe want to order but I've just been wearing this like crazy It's just it's so nice highly recommend Number two is another closet essential It's obviously just a tank top but it's A really good one I feel like it fits Extra well it's cut really nicely it Obviously comes in tons of colors but it Also comes in long or short versions for Every color so keep that in mind now This is the short version so hopefully You can see by me trying it on here that It's not crazy short and cropped it's Not like you're revealing your entire

Stomach or anything but if you do want It to come longer you can get that Instead I just love wearing it on its Own but you can obviously dress it up With maybe a blazer or a cardigan so With that tank top I did also pair these Levi 501 longer shorts and as you can See again my stomach's not revealed but These shorts we just have to talk about These shorts because I already have have Them in a darker blackish gray wash Which you're seeing here I've had these For the last 2 months they are so nice I Ended up ordering them in more of like a Classic blue jean color again just so Nice I love that they're just they're Really in style right now with them Being just a little bit longer but They're still flattering they still look Feminine they really make your butt look Good they hug your hips in such a good Way the price is amazing they do come in A lot of different washes and they are True to size all right let's dress Things up a bit add some color with that White tank top again I love these blue Linen pants I know they're not really Linen but they look linen and they are So comfortable but they do look a bit Dressy they're stretchy at the top I Mean they literally just they just Stretch to fit you I did get a size Small but I feel like the sizing is very Forgiving they're flowy I feel like

They're going to keep you cool but just Really stylish all summer long and I Really was torn on what color to order I Think this blue is beautiful but there's Tons of options now this particular Style of sandal very on trend for summer 2024 they look identical to the Birkenstock sandals now this is by the Brand cushionaire on Amazon I have them In two colors this is my newest I Literally just got these like a week ago They're white I feel like I'll be able To wear them all summer long and I did Pair them with those blue pants so That's the beauty of those blue pants You can dress them up or down depending On what shoes you wear but I also have These in like a classic taupe color I've Had them for like a year and a half They've held up amazing they look Identical to birken stock the price is Way better for these and I'm telling you Like the quality they'll hold up is what I'm trying to say so if you like this Style you like this trend get this Version okay I do want to share one Other style of pants that are just so Good from Amazon these are Palazo pants And obviously I did get them in more of A neutral color but they are still so Eye-catching because they are so wideleg And free flowing they they flow so much That they it almost looks like you're Wearing a skirt so it does appear a

Little bit more dressy but again you're Just wearing pants and they're they're Again just like comfortable easy but They just take up your style a notch so You you'll wear these and I guarantee You you're going to get so many Compliments hear me out this next item Is going to be your summer uniform get This in multiple colors you're going to Be grabbing it all the time because it Is so amazing it is this shorts Romper All you do is take that white tank top Or whatever tank top or t-shirt you have Pull this up over top and you've got an Instant summer outfit it's so Comfortable so easy it looks so stylish I love it to Pieces it's adjustable There's Pockets you'll be wearing it all Summer long I also thought I'd throw in This t-shirt Romper that I shared a Couple months ago because a lot of People messaged me saying how much They're loving it that ordered it Because it's kind of reversible you can Wear it frontwards or backwards Depending on if you want a high neckline Or a low neckline but it's very similar To the last thing I showed you it's just More like in a t-shirt version so it's It's just whatever you prefer and again Tons of colors I'm saying that about Everything now this is another one piece Romper style but definitely more Athletic looking than the last thing um

I mean it's identical to the aloe Version literally looks identical I love How flattering it is I love the black And white contrasting piping detail you Could you know wear it to exercise and Work out maybe go for a run or a walk But if you do just want to wear it out You know as a summer outfit maybe to run Errands I would say maybe consider Getting this next piece which is kind of Like a white oversized Gauzy shirt so I Did get it in a size large though so I Specifically wanted this to be oversized But keep in mind it does look a little See-through but that's on purpose Because I feel like in the summer you Can just like throw it on I'm always Chilly wherever I go so I love just a Good white oversized little jacket um And I also love this as a swimsuit cover Up so you know here is this blue one Piece swimsuit okay I'm going to l this Under the next number because this is Becoming just my favorite swimsuit it is From Amazon I did not expect to love it So much it gives great booty coverage I Feel like it's very flattering in the Bodice it just really sucks you in the Pattern is just so high-end and Expensive looking so I'm definitely Going to link that it also comes with a Little wrap uh that you can cinch around Your waist like the whole thing is just So good and it looks so designer but if

You throw on this white Gauzy cover up It's great too and again because it's a Little bit see-through it just pulls the Whole look together now if you want more Of a classic swimsuit cover up this is a Great option it's clearly kind of like a See-through crocheted type of pattern I I love even just like the edging of it It's scalloped the sleeves are a little Bit belled you can see through to your Swimsuit so it Peaks out a little bit um So you can get something more neutral Black would also be a great option it's Just really nice you can throw it on When you're heading down to the pool or To the beach darn it when I was talking About this athletic looking Romper I Meant to also share these sunglasses That you saw me wearing with that whole Outfit because these sunglasses guys They are so on trend for 20124 they're Kind of like skinnier they're they're Smaller like I don't care who you are Watching this video you throw these on You're going to look good all right We've done a lot of casual pieces I do Want to get into some dresses lots of Colors coming your way so this dress I Feel like will look good on everyone it Is so beautiful it is kind of like a Roughly dressed which sometimes I feel Like can look cheap this one does not This one is nice and I I love how it Actually is long sleeves but it's a very

Thin material you can kind of see Through it so it's totally fine all Spring summer fall but again because It's long sleeve you could actually wear This in the winter depending on what Color you get now this beautiful green Color definitely screams kind of like Spring and summer to me but it's just It's just a dress you truly will be able To wear for so many occasions even just Something very very casual now this this Dress completely different vibe you know It's kind of an eyelet cutout pattern But the quality just looks Next Level it Does not look like it would be from Amazon it looks very expensive I love How the uh waistline is is kind of Stretchy but it's sewn in a way that it Looks like it's it's meant to fit you The length is great uh you know the the Pink color definitely looks very Feminine but with everything lots and Lots of options it's just a really Pretty feminine dress now this dress is A little more for fitting it's longer Again just a completely different style But I do think it would be great for Summer because if you wear it with a Pair of heels it can definitely look Really dressy or if you just slip on Some sandals it'll be very casual now I Love the squared neckline um the straps Are a little bit wider on the shoulder So you can wear a normal bra with it it

Has a little bit of a slit along the Side so it's very easy to walk in it's Just a beautiful dress okay so this next Two-piece matching outfit is also kind Of dressy but in a completely different Way it's creams business Vogue it's this Two-piece matching vest and and dress Pants set I love it you just you just Throw it on you don't even have to wear Anything under this vest I mean you Totally can you could throw on a Camisole or something underneath of it But you don't have to um it is oversized Though so I would say Do not size up I Love the dress pants and what I also Love about two-piece sets is obviously You can wear them together but you don't Have to like you could wear this vest With something else and have a Completely different outfit or you could Have a bright pair of of dress pants With a more subtle simple top speaking Of matching sets I actually have a Couple more to share with you this time A little bit more neutral very very Wearable this matching set just Fantastic it's it's this really like Silky ribbed material it's a different Ribbed material than what you probably Think it's very cooling feeling it's Flowy it's just a nice material and then This matching top it's kind of cinched Along the side and it just goes together It's a great outfit just to wear out and

About and and be comfortable all summer Long this matching set is very different Because it actually comes with shorts But it's still different than what you Might be thinking because the shirt is Very long so it almost looks like you're Wearing a dress at first glance but You're not because to the side there are Slits on either side that actually Reveal the shorts as you're walking so It's very unique it looks really stylish And elevated especially if you add a Pair of sunglasses maybe a cross body Bag it's just very on trend for 2024 Moving along to this blue striped Button-down shirt which just in general So in style right now but what makes it Even more in style for this year Specifically is the fact that it is Cropped it is a cropped blue striped Button-down shirt um and it is vertical Stripes which I know a lot of people Prefer because it does make you look a Bit leaner but you can just wear this With high-waisted jeans and it's it's Just going to it's just so flattering Like I love the cropped version it is by The brand the drop which is Amazon's own Brand so the quality is Fant fantastic And I also want to call attention to This cream belt that I actually got on Amazon but it is by Madewell so a lot of Stores that you know and love like made Well like that are you know in malls

They're starting to have stores on Amazon so I just love this belt so much With the cream color the Silver Buckle Detail I decided to throw it in the Video everybody watching this video Right now you need to Circle this number Write this number down you need to get This next item because they are the best Of the best not only are they so in Style right now and for the next few Years but they're just so comfortable You're going to genuinely love wearing These they are the flared leggings or The the the yoga pants whatever you want To call them these are the best of the Best because they now come in different Lengths so I am 5'5 and I actually Ordered them in the 32in inseam so they Are a bit longer as you're seeing here But that's perfect for sneakers like if You want to wear them out and about you Want to pair some sneakers you don't Want them to look short and stupid okay And there's just so many options Depending on if if you are really tall Or you're or whatever and I love how This style specifically comes in the Crossover waist so if you are showing Off your waist your waist just looks Even better um I mean some people don't Even show that off but still it even Makes them more comfortable it doesn't Dig in anywhere I just love these so Much and you need to give them a try if

You haven't yet next I want to share a Couple tops that are just so insanely Inexpensive that you would never know so I love this so much every time I wear it People are like oh my gosh it's so nice Like it just looks more expensive than It is I think this is like 15 or 16 Bucks I did get it in white with like The black contrasting detail so like the Squared neckline is really emphasized You could dress this up or down it's Just a good piece to have in your closet I think and again just such a great Price now this next item I've had for Like 3 years and it's still going strong It's so stretchy it looks stupid it Looks like a like a piece of underwear I Don't know it's again like 15 bucks and I have it in several colors I think I Got these when I went to Beverly Hills In California but it's like a One-shoulder top that you just slip on And it's super stretchy can wear it Frontwards or backwards depending on Which shoulder you want it to kind of Cross over it is a bit cropped but it's Just one of those pieces that I don't Know it just it's different there's like A lot of fabric here so you don't have To wear a bra I just I just love them And then we have this stunning cardigan That you would never think was from Amazon it's turning out to be my summer Cardigan of the year if I'm leaving the

House there's a good chance I'm grabbing This and just throwing it on it looks Different it looks high-end expensive Designer it feels designer it's super Thick the the details and even the Sewing is just great it does come in Other colors but I am very partial to The beige and the green but that's the Video guys everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and I'll also pin everything in the comments Please Subscribe if you're new and I'll See you in my next one bye