25 GENIUS Travel Essentials from AMAZON! Everything is linked below & in the comments!!
1. Upgraded Perfect Travel Set(S):
2. Aluminum Carry-On Suitcase:
3. Luggage Tags:
4. Pink Duffle Bag:
5. Tube Pillow:

6. Pillow, Blanket, and Foot Rest Set:
7. Zipper Theft Clips:
8. Drawstring Makeup Bag:
9. Wide-Opening Drawstring Bag:
10. Leak Locks:

11. Saie Tinted SPF Moisturizer(Shade 03 and Half):
12. Tower 28 Spray:
13. Small Pill Organizer:
14. Jumbo Pill Organizer:
15. Snack Dispenser:

16. Mini Steamer/Iron:
17. Foldable Hangers:
18. Water Shoes:
19. Wireless Waterproof Mini Speaker:
20. Motion Sickness Patches:

21. Magnetic Hooks:
22. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit:
23. Healthy Laundry Detergent Sheets:
24. Mini Sponges:
25. Toilet Seat Covers:

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These are genius Amazon travel musthaves Or travel Essentials I've got something For every type of travel out there Whether it be by plane by cruise maybe You're going to an Airbnb or maybe You're going camping these are just very Unique and useful travel Essentials Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section the Last time I did an Amazon travel video It was one year ago I will link it right Up here you might want to consider Watching that one too it has all Different stuff is really really good Too but in that video I recomm Recomended the perfect travel outfit and So many of you called me out on it Because it was a sweatshirt like this With shorts it was like a matching set And most people including myself don't Really want to travel in shorts because Airplanes especially like it can get Pretty chilly and I don't know what I Was thinking there because you're Totally right so this is a set that I've Had for over a year or two I don't know Why I didn't put this in the video but It is a sweatshirt on top I love the Half zip it opens nice and wide and then There's matching pants it's just a Complete set I love this color but There's probably 10 different colors to Choose from it's an instant outfit you

Look really comfortable you feel Comfortable but it's still stylish and Just the actually perfect travel outfit Next I want to share a new piece of Carryon luggage that I got from Amazon And I'm just so impressed with this Because it has such unique and Interesting features all over it that I've never seen on any luggage before And I hope I can even explain it well And like show everything because I like I was just like oh my gosh I can't Believe it does this so I got it in the 20in size which is the carry-on luggage Size there are other sizes and colors I Did get it in the silver metallic Aluminum color it is like a hard metal Case but there are again other Shades Where do I even begin first of all There's no zippers on the luggage which Is very different um there are also TSA Locks that you can use if you want to There are USB and USBC charging ports Right on the side and then you can also You know adjust the handle I feel like That's pretty standard but there's also A phone holder at the top of the handle So if you want to prop up your phone and Like watch movie or watch something While you're waiting at the airport that Comes in really handy there's also a Front compartment that literally just Like pops open and it's the perfect spot To slide in your laptop for easy access

Because when you go through security you Have to take it out um you can also put Your travel documents there just Anything you want to reach quickly right There and then on the other side I love This there is a cup holder oh my Goodness I can't even tell you how many Times I have purchased a water bottle at The airport and maybe like a coffee or a Green drink or something and I can't Carry everything now you can put one or Just just your drink like in the cup Holder in the luggage it's just genius I Feel like there's other things I'm Missing overall this is just such a good Piece of luggage and the price is really Good too I also recently got these super Sturdy luggage tags they come in a lot Of bright colors and I just think They're really great to have because They are like they're not going to ever Fall off you have to like screw on the Tag and then you do see your name here But then if your luggage were to get Lost the person like the rest of your Information is in here they could screw It off and like actually see but you're Not revealing it to the whole world or Anything like all of your personal Information but they come in tons of Bright colors so if you have a boring Piece of luggage this just like black You could get a brighter color and Something just to help you kind of

Identify your piece a bit better now in All my years on Amazon ordering Different bags uh travel bags weekend Bags gym bags this is by far the best One I have ever found if you're looking For anything like this this is the one You want now I did get it in pink um it Also comes in Black which would be good For hiding dirt there's other Shades It's all quilted super high quality you Will not even believe the price it's Such a good brand though um the zippers Are all so smooth and I just love again So many features about it so it is great When you are traveling by plane because The back section here will slide on top Of your luggage handles really easily so It just sits on top and then there is a Nice front compartment here I always put My cell phone there just again easy Access and then there are big main Compartments on the top so this is a Huge section I love how there is a wet Bag built in so if you're coming from The beach or the pool if you you don't Want to get everything else wet you can Stick your stuff there everything has Different compartments and then this is Kind of the electronic section there is A specific spot where you can slide in Your laptop if you want to do that and Then different uh compartments for maybe Your charger and electronics and that Kind of the thing there are cup uh

Bottle sections along the side um There's different handles if you want to Carry it by shoulder or maybe like cross Body as well it is just the most easy Most functional bag I have found all Right guys circle this next number write It down this next item is so freaking Cool it is so genius it's called the Tube and you might be thinking oh it's Just a neck pillow shade that you bring On an airplane when you're tired and you Can sleep no I mean it is that but it's So much more it's for all of you people Out there like me who hate checking a Bag I will do whatever I can to pack all My stuff in a carry-on piece of luggage I don't have to check a big bag and so This is actually a pillow that is empty It's just kind of like this uh nylon Material with zippers on either end and You can fit an entire outfit everything You're seeing here fits in this but Honestly that I could have fit so much More this is the first time I ever tried This so I had underwear bras um a tank Top a shirt a pair of pants and I was Able to fit double that in here so you Can bring this on the plane as just a Personal item and you have got like two Full outfits in here but it's just a Pillow and then when you get like it's Oh my gosh like this thing is so Comfortable I mean it's so this next Item is also meant for traveling by

Plane and if you're taking that cool Neck pillow you probably wouldn't need This this is just kind of a different Option but I shared something similar in The past but this is an upgraded version This one is much better because it is a Pillow for the plane it's So Soft you Can you know just stick it right on top Of your luggage handle as well or just You know attach it but it's it's a Really comfortable pillow now if you get Chil on the plane you just unzip this And it has a really comfortable soft Blanket inside now the problem that the Old one had is once you took out this Blanket this pillow was kind of deflated And then you didn't have a pillow well This version comes with this pillow Insert that you blow up it takes like 7 Seconds and then you can insert this Into the pillow casee and then you have Both a pillow and a blanket so it's just Really nice and then obviously at the End of the flight you can just deflate It um put everything back in here and You're good to go now this version also Comes with a foot dangling rest which I Don't feel like I need this but it's Really simple to use you just attach it To the tray table in front of you and Then you can have like a foot rest in Front of you so it like really makes Flying like pretty luxurious and it's Just included now if you are trying

Traveling with a backpack whether it be At an airport or maybe you're just Exploring a big city and you're wearing A backpack behind you I really encourage You to get these zipper theft add-ons They're so cheap but really worth it Because they protect you from you know Anyone stealing anything behind you it It really prevents the zippers from Unzipping but you just take one of them It takes like two seconds to add them But you'll connect the two zippers for a Compartment on either side of this Attachment and then hopefully you're Seeing here if somebody work to try to Unzip your backpack it will keep the Zippers together next I have two Toiletry bags for you to consider I feel Like I'm always ordering new toiletry Bags from Amazon just because I feel Like they're becoming more and more Innovative so I'm going to link them Under different numbers because they're Completely different so this is the First one it's a little bit more upright It is in the large size there's tons of Color options I just really like this Elephant print with the blue and white Um but basically what you do is you can Fit full fulls size products upright in This and then whatever el else you want In there whether it be makeup or other Toiletries or whatever and then there Are cinches on the the top here you just

Cinch it together and then you can just Place it directly in the suitcase and it Just keeps everything upright and you Can just carry full-size products so This did I say this is a large I think I Said that now the next thing I love this Maybe a little bit more because not only Does it fit toiletries like shampoo Conditioner body wash that kind of thing But you can also lay your your makeup Brushes in the center and then just pile All of your makeup in the middle and It's one of those toiletry bags where it Opens so wide you can see everything and So you're not digging as nearly as much There are cinches on either side you Just cinch the top fold it over there's A nice little velcro thing and it just Compacts it and then when you get to the Hotel or wherever you're staying you can Open it wide up again and just see Everything and not have to take anything Out it can just kind of live in here Because the opening is so wide now I did Mention these leak locks box in my last Travel video but they're just so good And I ended up ordering them in Different colors just because I needed a Few more of them but because we just Talked about fullsize uh toiletries like Shampoo body wash things that can really Leak you should absolutely have these on Hand they're kind of I think I said this The last time they're kind of like

Condoms for your body wash I mean They're they're silicone and stretchy And you just stretch them over top the Lid like the top of them and it just I Mean it it makes sure that nothing is Going to leak in your suitcase or your Bag they're kind of weird looking but They really work now I do have some Toiletry or makeup travel must haves Like these two things are so good uh Just in general but more specifically For travel so this is the SE tinted Moisturizer it's called the slip tint And in general if you're looking for Just a good Tinted Moisturizer you Should get this one it has zinc oxide in It though so it's a healthy mineral Based sunscreen most everything out There is the chemical sunscreen so I Love how this is kind of like a Healthier version But in general it's just like a good Tinted Moisturizer and it's perfect for Travel because sometimes you're going to A tropical place and you don't want to Put on like a full you know cakey face Of makeup but this will at least kind of Just kind of go over your skin make it Look a lot better but it will also Protect you from any sun that's maybe Harsher than where you live so I love Having this anytime I travel and then Also this is the tower 28 rescue facial Spray so this is probably more for

People if you're traveling by plane Because I know I'm not the only one but When you you get on a plane and I don't Even understand the theory behind this Maybe it's the air up there I don't know But afterwards it just your skin is dry Sometimes you break out and this you can Spray before or after you get on a plane And it's going to soothe your skin it's Going to hydrate your skin um it's going To help you from breaking out later it's Just good to have and I specifically Bought it in a travel size um so you can Take it on a plane but it comes in the Bigger size if you just love this in General you can definitely get it in a In a bigger size moving along to pill or Medication or supplement organizers Again through my years on Amazon I've Tried so many of them I think this is The best small compact one it's magnetic And as you can see there are tons of Little spots for Advil Anison uh exed Migraine maybe your favorite Multivitamin I've got magnesium that I Really like to take in here and it's Just small compact not going to take up That much space now if you are somebody That you like to travel with all your Supplements or maybe you're on a lot of Medication morning and night that kind Of thing this is is the best of the best I love how huge it is and all of the Pods it pops off it's actually pretty

Easy um it pops off and you can you know Take these on little weekend getaways if You want but if you want to just pack Like a whole week's worth of morning and Night medication vitamins supplements Whatever you are set and it comes in Other colors you don't have to get you Know rainbows but I feel like it I don't Know it makes me happy so these were Actually recommended to me by my dear Friend Rachel so shout out to her uh They're actually meant mainly for baby Formula though that's not how we use Them but if you are a mom out there you Can put baby formula in here it Separates everything and it's just kind Of a good on thee-o way to do that this You can just like pour out the formula And it's it's not it's like mess free And everything but you can also just Pack different snacks if you've got kids Toddlers whatever so I've got like the Little cheddar bunny things um some Cereal some almonds and everything is Completely separated so it doesn't get Stale it doesn't mix together uh my Friend Rachel actually likes to put all Of her protein powder Shake stuff in Each of the little sections and then she Can make one every day while she's Traveling I have shared many clothing Travel Steamers in the past and they've All been really good but this one was Recently just launched and I did not

Need it but I wanted to just try it and See if I liked it because it's a little Bit different than every other mini Travel steamer out there because it's Actually also an iron and like sometimes You don't need an iron like I feel like Most times you don't but sometimes you Want to crease a pair of pants or or Something like that where like an iron Would actually come in handy and Grant If you're staying at a hotel I'm sure There's an iron in your hotel room but Maybe you are going somewhere where that Might not be that whatever so this is Mini it's going to you know not take up Much space at all it comes in so many Pretty colors you just turn the handle Here and that is where you add the water And then you just flip it back and you Turn it on it gets hot within 5 seconds And you can either Steam and it steams Really nicely like shoots out lots of Steam or you can lay your clothes or Your pants or whatever on a table or Whatever and iron with it it gets very Hot and it works really well so the Price is great and so I just thought if If this called to you it is a good Option speaking of wrinkles and needing To hang up your clothes so they don't Get wrinkly this is one of my all-time Favorite travel items I've ever Discovered they come in like a big pack You can like pack a lot of them in your

Suitcase but look you might not know What they are just by looking at them But Boom look at this instant full-size Hanger I love these so much because Usually hotel rooms come with like three Four maybe five hangers Max and I like To hang up my clothes it's just easier To see everything that I have it Prevents everything from getting Wrinkled and these are just so Compact And amazing next I want to share a Couple things really good for Beach Vacations or places with water these Water shoes if you don't have water Shoes these are like $8 or $9 like Totally worth it come in tons of colors They're so comfortable and like look at The tread on them so you just slip them On and maybe you go to a beach where It's just a little bit rockier it's a Little bit more uncomfortable to walk Around in the water get these um also Maybe you're at a water park that's Another thing like sometimes I'm walking Around those areas I'm like this is kind Of gross and and again I'm not even a Germaphobe it's just like slimy slippery Even uh it's just good to have water Shoes they don't take up much space and I don't know I was just really impressed With them especially the price point now This has nothing really to do with water Or Beach vacations but it could because

It is a speaker it's a waterproof Wireless speaker again this price point Blows my mind for like how well the Sound projects out of this I mean the Base is pretty good it's like crazy but It's completely waterproof it it lasts Like the charge lasts a long time you Just you know connected to your phone You could be sitting beside the pool the Beach or somewhere on vacation and You're having like really good sound Coming from something so small now the Next few items I think are definitely Really good for cruises specifically but This is great for a cruise but really so Many situations they are motion sickness Patches that you just put on behind your Ear and it completely gets rid of any Motion sickness that could be caused From like a cruise or uh a car ride like A road trip type situation maybe you're Going to an amusement park that it Really helps with that trains like just Weird that things with like vomiting Nausea dizziness that kind of thing it's Crazy how well these work they have Insanely good reviews my kids actually Just went on well like last year went on A fishing Expedition trip and Paxton was Fine Hayes by the end definitely should Have had this and I wish I would have Had it on hand now these really are Specific to cruises and I've never even Been on a cruise but apparently if you

Go on a cruise like everyone has these And so I thought they should just go in The video if if you've never been on one Either but I guess when you're on a Cruise the walls and the ceiling of your Room is all metal so these are very very Strong magnets that you can stick on the Wall or on the ceiling with hooks like This will hold up to 80 lbs like it's Crazy how strong these magnets are but You can stick them on the walls or the Ceiling and you'll have different spots You can hang up your swimming suit or Your clothes to dry or whatever again I've never been on a cruise but like People that have been like swear by These things hold up I just had an Epiphany with these I bet they're so Popular because on a cruise sometimes You don't have a balcony or if you do Have a balcony you are on a cruise and You can't just like drape your towel or Your swimsuit over the ledge cuz you Could lose it so people probably stick These on the wall to hang up and dry Things now if you are traveling the World I'm going to link the Apple World Traveler kit under this number I don't Personally have this but it has amazing Reviews and basically it just has I Think like seven different adapters in It that will work for all of the Different Outlets across the world it's Just like a good good kit to have and

All of your bases are covered so if you Are a world traveler you probably Already have this but if you don't have This you might want to consider it next Let's talk about airbnb's or traveling By camper or just going camping this Next travel item so good to have it's by The brand kind laundry and they are very Healthy travel size laundry sheets so if You want to do your laundry on the go You don't need to bring a huge jug of Laundry detergent just one of these you Just put in the washing machine and you Can wash your clothes and um it comes With different packets but I really Researched this there was another one I Was almost going to get but I think this One is healthier and better and again my Friend uses this brand and swears by it Too so this is the one that I got and um I did get fragrance free but you can get A few scents that I think are healthier But I always I always opt for fragrance Free these are Spong and go instant Sponges with builtin dish soap so They're really cool you can pack this Whole thing if you want or they are all Individually wrapped if you just want to Grab a handful and pack them away but When you open this um it's like this Small little thing that as soon as you Put underwater though it instantly Expands to be like three times the size And there is a buil-in little tablet

That you can either leave in there and Then wash the dishes one by one like That or if you want to pop out that Little tablet in a sink full of water it Will Fizz and then you'll have soapy Water that you can use the sponge with And just wash your dishes so this is Again great to have everything's Biodegradable it's plant-based and I Really like it if you're traveling to Weird places or maybe camping or Something like that and using some maybe Not so nice uh restrooms these toet seat Covers are great to have very small and Compact each pack actually comes with 10 Sheets and it's super simple you just Pull one out um open it up and then just Put it over top the the seat the middle Section actually goes down into the Water to keep it in place and then it's Completely flushable so you just put it Down the drain and flush it and you're Good to go I feel like if you have Daughters like I don't I have two boys And I never really had to like wipe down The seeds I can kind of hover and pee if I want to but these can come in handy Again especially if you have little Girls everything in this video will be Linked Down Below in the description box And I'll also pin everything in the Comment section please subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next Video bye