25 “MOST-LOVED” Gifts by Amazon Customers! Everything is linked here & in the comments!
1. Neck Fan:
2. Hand Warmers:
3. Happy Light:
4. Magnetic Phone Charger & Stand:
5. Bissell Cordless Vacuum:
6. Dual Divided Pot:
7. Veggie Chopper:
8. Portable Coffee Straw:
9. Tennis Bracelet:
10. Beige 2-Piece Tracksuit (S):
11. Barefoot Dreams Inspired Sweater (S):
12. Half-Zip Sweater (Cropped):
Half-Zip Sweater (Long):
13. Barefoot Dreams Inspired Socks:
14. Warmies Slippers:
15. Hootenanny Games:
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16. Shape Shifting Toy:
17. Storm Cloud:
18. Globby Stress Reliever:
19. My Last Nerve Candle:
20. Thumb Book Holder:
21. Cup Holder Lights:
22. Car Cleaning Gel:
23. Car Vacuum Cleaner:
24. Inflatable Lounge Chair:
25. Slim Elastic Wallet:

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These 25 Amazon gift ideas are so good I'm really proud of myself there's Something for everyone in this video Including stocking stuffers and it will All be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you see on Screen now I am doing a special giveaway In this video valued at $3,000 so you'd Win everything you're seeing here these Would make amazing gifts for yourself Your friends family it's valued at $2,000 and then I'm throwing in an extra $11,000 cash to the lucky winner so to Enter this giveaway all you have to do Is be subscribed to my YouTube channel And then comment down below your Christmas wish it can be anything and Then a bonus entry if you also follow me On Instagram shay. Whitney just be sure To leave your Instagram handle Down Below in your comment the giveaway will Be open for 2 weeks but all of the Specific details will be listed Down Below in the description box up first Number one we have this neck fan I had No idea this thing was so darn good so Many people in your life will love this Thing it's like 20 something dollars Different colors it's adjustable and It's literally a fan for your neck you Wear it around maybe you think it's Weird that's what I used to think until I got it Josh loves it my kids keep

Taking it it's amazing so if you know Anybody that is just kind of hot or this Is just great in the summertime maybe by The pool it literally just fans your Neck all the way around and there's Three modes low medium high oh my gosh Like I'm telling you so many people Don't have this but would love it now on The flip side if you know somebody That's just always cold these hand Warmers would make the perfect gift I Love this so much and my favorite Feature is the fact that they are Magnetic so you can pull them apart and You have one for each hand you can stick It in your coat and keep your hands Toasty warm so you just charge this up One charge lasts a long time and there Are three different levels so this gets Pretty hot which again I love and I just Think it's great for anybody that's Outside or maybe you're at a football Game there's so many instances where These come in handy that was a great pun Great gift idea and then we have the Happy light again such a good gift idea Because most people don't have this but Would benefit from it so much if you Don't know what a happy light is you Turn it on I'm not going to right now You'll see in the footage just so it Would wash me out because it's very Bright it's UV free light but it Simulates Sunshine so for those of you

Or people you know that just get really Sad and kind of depressed around the Winter time you can have this light Beside your bed you can even have it on Maybe while you're working in an office And it literally boosts your mood it Boosts your focus it helps you sleep Better in the night because it kind of Resets your internal clock it's really Really good there are again different Levels and it's it's it's like 30 bucks Portable phone chargers always make an Awesome gift idea just because it's Something people will actually use now As time goes on they're just getting Better and better and better and this One has some features that really sets It apart from the rest so it is by the Brand anchor which is the best of the Best it's very powerful it's efficient And it's really small uncom pack but my Favorite part is the fact that it is Magnetic so it literally sticks to the Back of your phone you don't have to Worry about bringing a cord it is Wireless charging but the magnetic Feature just really makes it convenient But an extra feature this has is this Flap which kind of looks weird at first But it acts as a kickstand or actually Just a phone stand if you want to prop Up your phone and maybe watch it while You're in the kitchen or you're doing Your makeup or maybe you're watching a

Movie on a plane now this is a small but Mighty handheld vacuum by Bissell but It's minisize like it's pretty small but It packs a punch this thing is really Powerful and I love the size of it I can Just go around and suck up the coffee Grounds I can suck up all the crumbs I I Just feel like this is just better and More manageable I I just feel like a lot Of people don't have it and I enjoy it So much I thought a lot of you would Maybe want to gift it or maybe just like It for yourself but this is like 40 Bucks I feel like it's a really good Price point for a good gift now this is Something new for me I did not have this Before I just feel like it's really Unique it's a dual divided pot do you See that in there so you can actually Cook different things in it at the same Time without having to dirty different Pots so like imagine you're cooking the Noodles on one side and then the the red Sauce on the other and like I don't know Again I feel like this is something that A lot of people don't have but might Really appreciate now I won't spend too Much time on this because I've put it in A lot of videos but it's the viral Veggie Chopper I just love this thing so Much and I use it almost every day for Either meal prep or chopped salads it's Just very useful and it works really Really well so if you know somebody that

Does like to be in the kitchen get them This rewind I actually hate being in the Kitchen and I still love this thing this Is called the Joo and this is a really Unique and different gift idea for Coffee and tea lover s and you can take This on camping trips hiking really just Anywhere and you can drink a really Delicious French Press style cup of Coffee or even use loose leaf tea with It so you actually just put the coffee Grinds and the water directly into the Coffee mug stir it around and then there Is this filter right here that you can Screw on and off so it's really easy to Clean but this filter allows you to suck Up the coffee and it's so smooth it's Delicious and again this works perfectly With loose leaf tea again you just put The loose leaf tea directly into the Water stir it around and suck it up okay Let's move on to some girly and just Pretty things so this is a diamond Tennis bracelet it's obviously not the Real thing but this is by the brand pooy On Amazon which is my favorite jewelry Brand on Amazon very high quality it Doesn't tarnish it's great but this Tennis bracelet is like $ 17 or $18 you Can get it in yellow gold or silver and It's so sparkly it looks so real it's The number one best-selling tennis Bracelet on all of Amazon and again you Just can't beat the price so this is

Great if you just love the look of it or It's great if down the line you do Actually want a tennis bracelet you Could get this and test it out and see If you actually love it let's move on to Some clothes because women of all ages Always love getting clothes and the Items in this video will truly work for Anybody of any age so I going to start With what I am wearing it is this Two-piece I guess you could say Tracksuit or just instant outfit it Would be the perfect travel outfit or The perfect running errands outfit you Could wear it around the house I love This so much I'm wearing a size small it Just looks great together the material Is exceptionally soft I guarantee you as Soon as you get it you will feel how Soft this material is it does come in Many colors and again so many people Would look great in this and then we Have this sweater which I I've dubbed The Barefoot dreams inspired sweater Because the material is identical to the Barefoot dreams material it's very very Soft and plush on the inside and the Outside again the style is something That would look great on a teenager all The way up to like an 80 or 90y old lots Of color options again I am wearing a Size small you could curl up on the Couch in this or you could literally Wear it with a pair of dress pants to

The office and then we have these Halfzip sweaters again a style that Would look great on everyone and I'm Going to link two different versions They're almost the same though one is Just a little bit more cropped or just Kind of shorter it's not really cropped And then there's a version that's longer And a little bit more oversized I love Both options it really just depends what You prefer or what the person you're Gifting it to might prefer tons of Colors as I keep saying about everything And it's just a Chic kind of more Elevated style of a sweater we are back To being Barefoot dreams inspired this Five pack of socks is 13 or14 like it's Crazy to me if you were to blindfold me And I were to feel these socks I would Definitely be convinced they are in fact Barefoot dream socks they're so so soft And stretchy again you get five pairs For like 13 or $14 you could gift the Whole pack to somebody or you could keep One for yourself you could actually get A few packs and break them up and put a Little ribbon on them and give them to Your friends or even co-workers Continuing on with the warm and cozy Theme these are warm they are Microwavable slippers oh oh my gosh These are fabulous so you literally just Put these in the microwave and there's Lavender inside so it smells really good

But once they're warmed up you can stick Your feet in there curl up on the couch Or in your bed and watch a movie all Right let's talk board games next these Would be great for kids and adults Actually they're very unique and Different they're actually a small Business on Amazon the brand is hotney It's a couple from Nashville they Reached out to me they created these Games themselves they sent them to me And we love them my kids especially love Snark I love the fast-paced dice game um Versus is more for couples more like an Adult game it has to do with music but They're just really well done and very Different like bestselling and they're a Small business and so if you want to Support like just a company that's just Trying to like make it on their own you Can get them on Amazon and they gave me A special promo code I'll put it here on The screen all of these are actually Already on sale just for Christmas but This promo code will give you an extra 10% off the deal already happening now This shapeshifting toy is great for any Kid of any age and what's interesting is We have given many Christmas and Birthday gifts through the years to our Two boys and I cannot be alone in this I I swear any toy we give they're Interested in it for maybe 2 days max But this bad boy we got like 2 or 3

Years ago and to this day they still Play with it so it's completely patented It's magnetic and it shifts and morphs Into 70 different shapes it's just Really interesting to flip it around and You can create spheres you can create Cubes you can create really interesting Shapes and both of my kids love it now This is a really unique gift it's a Weather predicting instrument so it's Kind of just something you would sit on Your desk or maybe a window sill it'd be Great for a coworker or a friend it was Invented I guess by Robert Fitzroy I Think this was like centuries ago but it Predicts the weather now this does have To sit still untouched for 5 days and Then crystals will form and change based On the upcoming weather so it will Change based if it's going to be sunny Or cloudy or fair or rainy so it's just Different I feel like it's a nice little Talking point and something most people Don't have this is globby now this would Make a great stocking suffer for anyone Of any age anybody that gets their hands On this is going to thoroughly enjoy Squishing it around it's a really good Dress reliever or just like fidget thing My kids love using this I discovered it At a friend's house it was just sitting In her living room and every time I'm There now I grab it and I just love Playing with it it's actually really

Really squishy so many stress relievers Are hard and just not even fun to play With um but this one's great price point Is awesome and and again a good stocking Stuffer idea now if you know me at all You know I hate candles but I still Bought this just because it makes me Laugh I have the perfect person in mind That I'm going to be giving this to but That says my last nerve oh look it's on Fire like it just makes me chuckle so You know you can get this for somebody That's just always stressed out and and I feel like this will make them laugh And apparently candles are the number One Christmas gift idea every year now This is another awesome stocking stuffer Idea because it's small and very Inexpensive but it's perfect for any Book lover out there like a real book Lover maybe your mom maybe your Grandmother who's not into Kindles so This is a thumb holder to prop open Thick books way easier it's kind of hard To explain unless you see the footage so You just put your thumb in the center And it allows you to read thick big Books so much easier next I have a few Car themed gift ideas just really Anybody with a vehicle so these are cup Holder lights I feel like the younger Generation would think these are really Cool but honestly anybody because it Just looks really nice in your car so

You charge these up and then there must Be some sensor on this but you just Stick them in your cup holders in your Vehicle as soon as you put your drink There it automatically lights up to be Kind of like a rainbow color or it can Be one specific color but it just lights Up the whole area and looks really cool And then there is car cleaning gel or Dust cleaning gel you really just keep This wherever but I think it's best in Your car I used to have blue um now I Have pink these this actually lasts a Really long time but you can clean your Vents you can clean all the little nooks And crannies and buttons in your vehicle And it's just great to have on hand you Can clean your keyboard and it just kind Of molds into whatever position it needs To be perfect stocking stuffer idea and Again I just keep mine in my car and Then this is the number one best-selling Car vacuum on Amazon it's such a good Price and I feel like everyone would Love this I keep it just in my car all The time in the back in fact it's in There right now and Josh has the car out And about so at least we have this Footage so you can see what it looks Like it has everything you need it comes With like a bag the different Attachments you just plug it directly Into your 12v Outlet in your car and so You can use it anywhere it's just like

On the- go so we use it after we go to The beach we use it if the kids spill Food in the back seat we use it if the Trunk's really dirty I just love it Speaking of the beach though this thing Is so interesting it's like an automatic Inflatable lounge chair that you could Take on the beach you could actually Just use it at home you could use it Outside and and I'm going to actually Insert a video of how you blow this up Because you don't actually have to blow It up you literally just like wave it in The air for like a second and then tie It up and it's instantly blown up and Then when you're done you just untie it Roll it up and it fits back into this Bag so it comes in so many colors Different patterns price again is so Good and I feel like nobody has this but They would love it now this super thin And slim wallet is suddenly blowing up On Amazon people are loving this thing Because it's so minimalist and slim so Guys love it because it easily fits into Their pocket it's like they're not even Really carrying anything it holds up to Eight CS cards and it comes in a lot of Color so if you wanted to get one that Was more feminine or girly looking you Definitely could get this for a female But I feel like in general guys would Really like this and it's only 15 bucks And wallets always make a great gift

Idea everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and also Pinned in the comment section by the Numbers you saw on screen and don't Forget to enter that $33,000 giveaway I Hope you guys are having a wonderful Holiday season and I'll see you in my Next one bye