25 “MOST-LOVED” Items by Amazon Customers! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. Mary Ruth Liquid Morning Multivitamin:
Mary Ruth Liquid Nighttime Multimineral:
Mary Ruth D3 + K2 Liquid Spray:
Mary Ruth Kids Liquid Multivitamin:
Mary Ruth Elderberry Drops:
Mary Ruth B-Complex Drops:
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2. NYX Butter Gloss:
3. Striped Cropped Tank Top(S):
4. Levi 501 Shorts(25):
5. Cut Out Dress(XS):

6. Racerback Tennis Dress(XS):
7. Spaghetti-Strap Tennis Dress(S):
8. No-Show Socks:
9. Birkenstock-Inspired Sandals(true to size):
10. Wireless Mini Waterproof Speaker:

11. Korean Cleansing Oil:
12. Dewy Setting Spray:
13. Handheld Fan:
14. Healthy Perfume:
15. Shower Steamers:

16. Thermal Label Printer:
17. Legging Hanger:
18. Tumbler Lid Organizer:
19. Lazy Susan Turntable:
20. Refrigerator Deodorizer:

21. Super Thin Spatula:
22. Oven Liners:
23. Four Sigmatic Organic Coffee:
24. Ring Size Adjuster:
25. Bug Bite Healer:

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Today I'm sharing 25 of Amazon's most Loved Amazon items meaning they just Have a lot of positive reviews and Things are continually repurchased so I've explained this before but I just Order a lot of stuff and then I dwindle Things down to what I think is actually Worth it so I will have everything Linked Down Below in the description Box By the numbers you see on screen and Then I'll also pin everything in the Comment section up first we have Mary Ruth which if you watch my videos you Are familiar with this brand but they Are definitely a most loved brand on Amazon thousands and thousands and Thousands of positive reviews for their Products on Amazon so I have teamed up With them for this video because they Reactivated my code for April so it is Different than before I'll put it here On the screen it is mro Shay w20 for 20% Off all of their products on Amazon and They definitely are a brand where I Personally like to place an order Usually every month and I'll get my Favorites that I use every day and they Just have so many so many things to Choose from that I'll usually try maybe One or two new things so just if you Want to give anything a go my number one Recommendation would probably be their Liquid morning multivitamin it's just Their best seller and it's going to you

Know replenish your body the vitamins And and nutrients that it's probably Missing from food so I take two Spoonfuls of this every morning it Tastes delicious if you're somebody that Doesn't enjoy taking capsules or Swallowing pills you need to try this Because it's so easy and you look Forward to doing it meaning you actually Stay on on track I've also said this Before but if you haven't tried the Liquid nighttime Multimineral this is my personal Favorite so I always get this in the big The big one so I don't do this every Month but I'm almost out of the coconut Flavor which is my go-to so for like When that's out I am going to be trying The pineapple dream but this is full of Minerals your body is missing so it's Like selenium copper manganese chromium Magnesium it's very calming you should Do this about 10 minutes to an hour Before bed and it really actually helps You sleep now this is new for us we Haven't had it that long but my kids Love it so it is an organic kids liquid Multivitamin they think it tastes Delicious it's the strawberry cherry Vanilla flavor and is a liposomal Version meaning it has Ultra absorption So I love that um my kids also they they Keep on top of this but they every day Want the Elderberry drops it's great for

Their immune system again it just tastes So delicious they always request it I Personally love their B complex drop Drops Josh always takes the joint health Drops so they've got gummies they've got Drops they've got liquid stuff Everything just tastes so good again it Keeps you on track so I'll have all of My favorites listed down below but you Can just click around and again don't Forget to use that 20% off code all Right let's just jump to the lip product That you're seeing because I don't Usually wear pink but I think it looks Really good especially for spring into Summer but it is the NYX Butter gloss Which has 105,000 positive reviews on Amazon it is A number one bestseller extremely loved Product and it's only like $5 there's Probably like 20 or 25 different shades I already have a few but my newest shade That you're seeing here is vanilla cream Pie and it is just such a pretty color But again if you don't love this look at The other options maybe get a few Because they're only $5 next I wanted to Share this striped tank top which was Actually just launched on Amazon so for This one there aren't tons of ratings Yet but all of the ones that have come Through have been five star and I Completely agree it is so good and it's Only $14.99 and I think it's on sale so

Keep that in mind so the price is Amazing but I just love them they fit Great I actually ordered it in two Different colors so the pink that you Are seeing and then I also got it in a Classic black and white stripe I think They look great on their own but I think They'd also be a really good layering Piece if you wanted to add a cardigan or A jacket I know not everybody loves tank Tops but I do think this is a simple top You can add on and I don't know I just Feel like I'm going to be reaching for It over and over again now these Levi 501 shorts absolutely most loved on Amazon so many darn reviews so many Different styles and color options so I Ended up getting a dark denim version Because I literally had no dark denim Shorts none so I got these and they are Amazing I totally understand the hype Now I think the price is great uh but Also they just fit really well the Quality is fantastic so if you're Looking for maybe just a new pair of Shorts for summer click around consider The Levi 501 and like I said just look At the different colors and there's Different distressing there's no Distressing there's just a lot to choose From so I do want to continue on with Just a couple more clothing pieces that I think would be great for spring and Summer so this dress I actually already

Have in a pink color which I can insert The old footage from last year this was Like my go-to dress I wore it on Vacation I wore it out and about I was Always reaching for it people Continually repurchase it because it is So good they'll get it in different Colors and so here I am I ended up Ordering it in a different color for This year it's like a two-tone option so It's like teal and green I love the Color combo but there's so many others To choose from it's just so comfortable And I know not everyone would love this Because you do see your stomach if You're interested it's like I definitely Recommend it but let me get into another Dress option which are tennis dresses Which are just super in style right now Now and I have a couple options that I Bought but they're also just really Practical and functional so I want to Start with my favorite one which is Actually this white one which really is Like a classic tennis dress just with The color scheme but surprise we're Going to the Masters I know none of you Care about we love golf and so Josh and I for our 15 year wedding anniversary Are going to the Masters this year to Watch the big tournament and so this is What I'm wearing with this vintage golf Sweater that I found on Etsy um so That's going to be my outfit but anyway

Back to the tennis dress you don't have To wear it like that but it is just like A really nice dress to you know you Could be athletic in it if you want play Some pickle ball play some tennis but Really they're just great to have to run Errands there's shorts underneath so you Never have to worry about revealing Anything and then I want to cut to the Darker green option that I got which is Also amazing just both options are Great Lengths um they again have shorts under Them both options have a built in bra so Many colors to choose from but again Just such a practical comfortable dress Option for the upcoming season oh and Not that you guys really care but I also Got this vintage golf sweater that I'll Be putting over top that tennis dress so I don't love this outfit as much as the First but we will be at the Masters a Few days so I wanted some cute outfit Options next we have the number one Best-selling brand of noow socks on all Of Amazon it's the wory brand which is Kind of a weird name but there are 7 5,000 positive reviews on these socks And so I ordered them and oh my goodness They are freaking good and I am very Picky when it comes to no-show socks Because usually no- show socks are too Thin they slip off sometimes they're too Tight it's hard to find good ones and so These are just sewn differently and so

They're very very comfortable and I feel Like you won't really know what I'm Talking about until you get them and put Them on your foot but they're extremely Comfortable and they stay on your foot Very well there's also like a a jelly Thing in the back to kind of add some Extra you know grip or whatever but re Like they're really good and you can get Eight pairs for like $16 I just got the Four-pack to try but you can get a Four-pack or an eight pack speaking of Feet I also wanted to mention these Birken stock inspired sandals that are By the brand cushionaire on Amazon again I keep saying this about everything but Extremely popular really high ratings And you can get these for under 30 bucks And they literally look identical to the Birken stocks which are like way over a 100 so get this if you love this style Um they do come in other colors I'll Link this shade which I think is Probably the most popular but I would Say they are true to size I got them in An eight they fit great and they are so Comfortable as well so this small But Mighty Bluetooth wireless speaker is Blowing up everywhere I literally see This multiple times a day on people's Instagrams Tik toks people in real life Like my friends in real life love this So I ended up ordering it and I am very Impressed with it so again it is just a

Very small But Mighty Bluetooth wireless Speaker that is completely waterproof so It's great for beaches vacations pools Um you can put it in the shower you can Take it anywhere it's so small and Lightweight it comes with a little Travel travel case you just connect it To your phone and it has like a little Subwo in there it sounds really good It's crisp it's clear the battery life Is really long and it's like 20 bucks Next I want to share a few beauty Products so this is a Korean cleansing Oil and I honestly don't think I ever Would have ordered it had it not been Continually recommended to me it has Really great reviews I would hear people Talk about it here and there so I Finally ordered it and it is really Really good if you're somebody that Likes cleansing oils so cleansing oils Are different in that it is very oily But you use it on dry skin so you can Use it on bare skin with no makeup like How I'm demonstrating it but it also Works really well with a full face of Makeup because the oil will actually Melt off your makeup and remove it Pretty darn easily actually so keep that In mind but this particular cleansing Oil just really is good for pores and I Think also hydration like afterwards I Felt like my skin really looked a little Bit more plump and hydrated um but

Usually what people do is they'll use a Cleansing oil first and then they'll go In with a regular water-based cleanser And then fully wash their face and it it Really does work to get off everything Now this shocked me because I am never a Fan of makeup setting sprays but this One is really good it's the Anastasia um Of Beverly Hills dewy setting spray and I just want to say something super quick This bottle is so glittery looking which Is odd to me because there's no Glitter In This whatsoever but it gives you like A glowy dewy finish which I have like Semi oily skin which I think is another Reason why sometimes setting sprays Don't work for me but this will also Kind of just make the powdery finish on Your skin not look powdery and Cakey it Just like makes your makeup look really Good instantly but then even later on Like 8 hours later when I went to wash My face off my skin just looked so Smooth and nice and so I've been using This every day for the last week and I Really like it I have it on today I Understand the high ratings oh and I Wanted to put this next in the video Actually so it is a handheld fan that You can dry your setting spray with your Makeup primer um maybe you have skin Care like there's different steps and You like want it to dry faster a lot of People including myself in the past

Would just use the handheld fans that You would have to recharge and those Work well but this works so much better This puts out so much more air and I saw This on Jaclyn Hills Instagram or YouTube channel and so anyway I got my Own these are the number one bestselling Handheld fans on Amazon super cheap and Really pretty I absolutely love this Next product and I am so happy that I Rediscovered it because I used to have It and then I I don't know what happened To it I almost feel like I lost it in a Move or something but it's a healthy Fragrance it's literally called the Healthy fragrance by La vanilla it is 100% pure vanilla so there's actually no Fragrance in this it is just vanilla and Uh sugar cane alcohols and you just Spray it and it's it's healthy there's No synthetic chemicals I am so weird About not wearing perfumes anymore Because you spray it all over your body Especially right here you continue to Breathe it in all all day it's hormone Disruptors it's just like it really just Messes with it's I I know people love Their perfume so they don't want to hear This but perfumes are just like really Not good for you and so I am so excited I found this again you can get it on Amazon I think they do have a few other Scents too so vanilla is what I picked But there's a couple others to choose

From now another scented product I am Very excited about are these herbal Zen Shower Steamers now these are different In that they are 100% hand made it's a Small business made in the USA inhouse Made by hand they're so good though zero Artificial fragrance in these shower Steamers only made by essential oils so There's eucalyptus peppermint and let me Just tell you these are potent okay the Shower Steamers I have shared in the Past they're good but these like take it To the next level I mean I'm not Exaggerating in my my my entire house Was filled With this scent but like in such a good Way the kids got home from school the First time I used it in the morning like Hours later they got home from school And they're like wow it smells so nice In here like it it's impressive so Anyway you could support a small Business use this when you want to just Like you know breathe better they're Amazing next I wanted to share some Organizational items and the easiest way To organize in my opinion is to just Label bins and boxes it's fun and it Just makes everything look better so This label maker is just the the the Best of the best and it puts all of the Other label makers you're probably Thinking of to shame so the price is Really good and there's no ink in this

So it just uses heat to change the Colors on the paper so you never have to Replenish the ink um it's so simple and It is really cute it comes in different Colors but you just download the free App again very userfriendly and you you Have tons of font options you've got Different border options you can use you Can even add pictures and barcode or QR Codes I mean the options are endless and You can just design whatever you want Whenever you're ready you just hit the Print button it instantly prints and you Can rip it off and label whatever you Want um so here are just a few things we Were kind of playing around with um my Son has this like thing at school where At recess they have like this little Restaurant game they play and so he Designed their restaurant logo which was Fun but yeah this is this is really Impressive now I did talk about this Hanger in a recent closet organization Video but it is such a good product Really great ratings and I have Thoroughly been enjo enjoying this since I got it so as you can see I do use it Just to hang up my leggings which I Think is a much easier way to store and You know keep your leggings but you can Hang whatever you want from this you Could hang hats you could hang scarves My mom loves this to hang socks to dry Actually it's just it's like really

Really easy to use and you can see Everything very well now I can't be the Only one with like a bajillion water Bottle and tum umbler Lids that are just A complete mess in the cabinet and so I Found this hook that you can just stick To the top of whatever cabinet you want And just slide on the tumbler and water Bottle lids and it just you know it's Like easy to store them and organize Them and find which one you're looking For now if you don't have a lazy Susan Or like a turntable tray for your Refrigerator you totally need one and Everyone loves this one the best because Of the track that it's on when you turn It it actually kind of comes out towards You and then you can decide what you Want and then you know you can just see Everything a lot easier in your Refrigerator you can see what's behind And just spin it around nothing gets Lost you could also use this under your Sink for cleaning products you could use This in a cabinet somewhere it doesn't Just have to be the refrigerator but it Really does make things a lot easier and Organized speaking of the refrigerator Though this refrigerator deodorizer Which it's down in my refrigerator right Now is amazing so all you do is you buy It and you stick it in your refrigerator And it eliminates the bad odor that can Happen in your fridge for 10 years you

Never have to mess with it you literally Just stick it in there and I've Definitely noticed a big Improvement and I I don't know I just love that you just Set it and forget it okay I'm going to Go into something that I'm going sound Like a little bit dramatic about but I Am ecstatic that I finally found this Stainless steel metal spatula it's by The brand Oxo it's like 10 bucks I have Been searching high and low for this Thing for years so I swear my mom's had It for like a decade when I'm at her House if we make eggs or pancakes or Really anything in the kitchen I'm using This because it's super thin but it's Stainless steel so it's not silicone or Teflon or non-stick stuff that I don't Like with the high heat but it's so thin That it gets under everything and I have Not been able to find it anywhere I've Looked at so many stores I've looked Online I swear I've looked on Amazon so Many times I've never been able to find It but but I recently found it and it Has a lot of reviews very high reviews So it's probably been there and I just I Don't know but I finally got it and I'm So ex excited about it if you don't have Anything like this you'll love it now These oven liners are most loved on Amazon and I didn't even know they Existed maybe you do but if you don't They're just like what their name says

You line the bottom of your oven with This instead so here's my oven before It's like all the stuff that like cakes On or like falls off when you're cooking Stuff but you just put this at the Bottom and it protects your oven and It's completely reusable wipable you can Pull them out every so often clean it Put it back in this works up to 500° in Your oven and it does come with a few of Them so it's going to last a long time All right so I decided to give this Coffee a try even though I thought I Would hate it because I'm so so picky When it comes to Coffee there's Literally one brand that I love it's Allegro organic coffee from Whole Foods Like that's all I buy I'll try other Brands friends will gift me coffee Because they know I love it so much and I hate everything but I kept hearing Such amazing things about this brand it Is more expensive but it's infused with Mushrooms and herbs and like really good Things that you can get into your body While you're enjoying coffee so I was Skeptical I thought it was going to Taste horrible so I brewed it it Actually brewed up really well you can Get whole bean or ground I went with Whole bean because I do have an espresso Machine and this is me trying it for the First time I had every expectation that I was going to hate it and I was so

Shocked like it tastes so good like it Almost tastes identical to my other Coffee that I love so I'm going to just Use this whole bag I might actually Order a few more of their like other Mushroom type things because like this Just like really good stuff to get into Your body and if you can kind of just Get it while you're drinking your normal Cup every day like why not so these Rings siiz adjusters have like 69,000 Positive reviews and it was just Convenient because I have been wanting To of fix up my ring to make it fit Better it's just a little bit too big I Maybe in the future will just actually Get it resized but if you want to just Get these instead I mean they work Really well they are so cheap and They're kind of like twirly like little Tubes that they're like silicone and you Just wrap it around your ring and the More you wrap it the the tighter or you Know smaller your ring will get and it Will fit better so if you just want it a Little bit just wrap it a couple times But you just snip it off and then you Can put it back on your finger and it's Like instantly a a a smaller size and You know you could wear it like this It's clear you don't even notice it very Impressed with this next we have this Insect or bug bite relief thing which Has great ratings and I've been wanting

To share this for months but I wanted to Wait until we were almost in the bug Bite season where you just have bug Bites all over you and you're itchy and It's annoying but this thing is amazing Because you just put two batteries in it It comes with batteries as well but you Just put this little circle over top Whatever bug bite is bothering you you Press the button and then it heats up For 3 to 6 seconds and it's a pretty Intense heat it's not like it's going to Hurt you or anything but you feel it and It penetrates the skin and it instantly Gets rid of the itchiness and discomfort So it's great to have on hand I think It's great for kids and adults so don't Forget to shop Mary Ruth and use that 20% off promo code but I will link Everything down below in the description Box and also pinned in the comment Section Please Subscribe if you're new and I'll See you in my next one bye