25 “MOST-LOVED” Items by Amazon Customers! Everything is linked here & in the comments!
1. Mary Ruth Liquid Morning Multivitamin:
Mary Ruth Liquid Nighttime Multimineral:
Mary Ruth Chlorophyll Liquid Drops:
Mary Ruth B Complex Liquid Drops:https://urlgeni.us/amzn/T20kJ
Mary Ruth Elderberry Liquid Drops:
Mary Ruth Liquid Iodine Drops:
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2. Waffle Knit Sweater(S):
3. Gold Earrings:
4. 3-Pack of Socks:
5. UGG-Inspired Boots(true to size):
6. Flared Leggings (XS):
7. Oversized Puffer Vest(S):
8. Turtleneck Sweater(S):
9. JW PEI Handbag:
10. Tank and Cardigan Set(S):
11. 5-Piece Bracelet Set:
12. Boldify Hairline Powder:
13. 3-In-1 Shower Bar:
14. Nighttime Bath Soak:
15. Tea Tree Scrub:
16. HydroBoost Body Gel Cream:
17. Disposable Face Towels:
18. Heel Socks:
Castor Oil:
19. Essiac Tea:
20. Glass Tea Pot:
21. Aztec Slippers(true to size):
22. Satin Pillow Case:
23. Reusable Paper Towels:
24. Battery Converters:
25. Laundry Door Prop:

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*FTC Disclaimer: This video is in collaboration with Mary Ruth Organics, but all opinions are my own. I use affiliate links. As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support of my channel!

All of these items have either four and A half or five star reviews on Amazon And a lot of reviews meaning they are Extremely loved by Amazon customers and Are continually repurchased time and Time again so everything in this video Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section by the number you see on Screen number one I think these are the Best products of the entire video and I'm flattered to be teaming up with them Because I've been personally ordering Their products for years and I'm talking About Mary Ruth organ Oh my gosh I love their stuff under this Number one I'm going to link all of my Personal favorites but you can just Scroll all through their their Amazon uh Store and just see what you might be Interested in they did give me a a code A special promo code and I'm excited to Use it myself it works for all of their Products 20% off I'll put it here on the Screen but it's mro for Marry Ruth Organics but mro Shaw for 20% off all Their stuff so again let me just share My personal favorites they're number one Bestseller is their liquid multivitamin Which that's not what this is it looks Like this I'll put it here on the screen That's what everyone loves and I really Like it too I just kind of go between a Lot of different multivitamins but if

You have trouble swallowing pills get This you literally just put a spoonful In your mouth it tastes delicious and You get all of the nutrients and Minerals you need um I also love Something similar but this is their Multimineral liquid it's it's like a Liquid nighttime thing it has magnesium It's really good for calming Rel Relaxation you sleep better but it has a Lot of minerals and just good things for Your body it tastes delicious I have the Coconut flavor and then here are some Other liquid drops that I just love you Don't need all of this but again I I do This stuff like almost every single day So the chlorophyll I have talked about Chlorophyll drops in the past um this is Derived from a plant it's like super Green it's minty it tastes delicious but It's so good for our body I feel like I Get an energy boost from this I also Love their uh B complex drops again I Just do it directly in my mouth I feel Like it's super absorbable into our Bodies if you hate taking capsules do This it tastes delicious you could put It in a smoothie or juice but again I do It directly in my mouth speaking of Directly in the mouth I also love their Elderberry liquid drops again super Delicious great for immune support so I'll actually give this to my kids and They love it and then the last one I

Have here is the liquid uh iodine drops Which I do this because my mom has Thyroid issues and this is so so good For thyroid support so I kind of just do This because I feel like it it might be Good for me um in the long run but There's uh gummies they have for kids That are organic and delicious vegan Just like so great so again I will have Them linked down under number one click Around use my code for 20% off on Amazon I'm so excited next we're going to move On to what I am wearing because Everybody just loves this waffle knit Sweater or sweatshirt whatever you want To call it myself included it has so Many good reviews and I think it's Because it's just so comfortable it's Casual and it's really easy to wear it Looks great with jeans I love it with Light wash jeans um and just for sizing Reference I'm wearing a size small so It's meant to be a bit oversized for all Of the fashion pieces I will have my Sizing details listed below but I think It looks great just slightly tucked in Um you could even wear it with leggings Like I'm wearing it today so it covers Your butt and again it's just a really Comfortable casual easy sweatshirt and The the waffle knit just kind of I don't Know makes it look nicer and then these Earrings are also extremely popular Right now they're only

$33.99 amazing reviews like I keep Saying and they're just really stylish But not crazy in your face they look Great with this sweater which is like Really casual but you could wear it with Tons of outfits it elevates your style It's kind of like a drop earring but It's lightweight but they don't feel Cheap or chintzy the coloring is nice it Comes in silver it actually comes in a Lot of different colors they're just Really nice and different and they make A slight statement now I did kind of Already show you these but the socks oh My gosh these socks are so nice so Popular that's why I discovered them Because they're just getting rave Reviews so it's a three pack I think you Can even get maybe a bigger pack Different color combos I went with black Gray and then beige they're just so soft I'm telling you they're like different Than other socks and they're like a Great length for them to be slightly Peeking out of either boots or even Sneakers um you can lounge around in the House in them like they're just really Really nice feeling for sure and so that Leads me though to these boots which I Have shared before these are by the Brand cushionaire which I'm telling you Totally rival the Ugg brand I know Everyone loves Uggs myself included They're just so expensive and these are

On Amazon for a fraction of the ug price But they look identical and the quality Is except exeptional and I think these Look so nice with the socks that can Peek out so if you you know if you're Kind of like drawn to that style get Them um I feel like they just I don't Know they're just kind of they just Bring it up to date even though it's Like a style of the 80s but it's Definitely back if you hate it then just Ignore me now speaking of leggings Though as I just was showing you the Classic skinny black leggings which I Think will always be a thing some people Love them some people hate them some People wear them all the time other People only wear them at home or when They're working out but there is a new Legging style that you should definitely Consider and it's the flared leggings Okay they're like yoga pants or but they Have the flare oh my gosh people love Them and I do as well they are so nice They're so comfortable I feel like They're slightly less restricting and They look really good with sneakers I Feel so much better about wearing them Out and about to run errands you can you Know just wear them at home if you want But I'm telling you you won't understand Until you order them put them on they Are just way more comfortable but they Just bring your style up a lot now

Another piece that is so well loved Right now and it's going to look amazing With regular leggings or those flared Leggings but it's an oversized puffer Vest and this is the number one Bestselling one on Amazon it's the best Price the quality is amazing tons of Color options I got it in this beige I Think black would be great too or really Any color and it's so easy to style Because at least for me I think it's It's the easiest when you just do all One color as your base and then you put This on and you have an instant cool Looking outfit at least in the US if We're in the cold winter months and I'm Seeing turtlenecks make a big comeback Now of course turtlenecks are classic However I'm seeing them a lot more than I used to and this one is just great Everyone loves this one um many many Good reviews and I really like it too Because it is ribbed and it has this Nice accent around the chest now it's no Weird cutout or like cold shoulder or Like hole I feel like I can't stand Those but this is nice and I love how It's form fitting you can tuck it in That's my personal favorite way to wear It lots of colors I did pick it up in This nice mocha brown which is something I don't have so anyway this could be a Nice addition to your wardrobe for the Winter season next I wanted to share a

Handbag now there is one brand on Amazon And you can actually get it off of Amazon but they're kind of known on Amazon as being kind of like a designer Brand but not Designer prices the Quality is amazing I have another bag From a couple years ago anyway it's Jwp okay so the their styles are so Current up to-date quality of these bags Topnotch um usually their bags run from Like $60 to $80 um so I found this bag Which I'm going to unbox for you here it Comes so beautifully packaged it comes With a dust bag and then this is what I Got so I picked out this black bag which I just love in the crocodile print I was So close to getting it in the brown oh My gosh I almost got the brown but I Figured maybe black I might wear a Little bit more but I'm telling you guys This feels so designer the it'll last You years and years and years like There's so many cheap or like I guess Affordable bags on Amazon that I love And I do recommend but this just feels Like another level up like many many Levels up you can also look at their Other styles if you want just like a Good bag consider this brand and then we Have this tank top top and cardigan set That comes together so it's kind of more Bang for your buck you get two pieces For the price of one and I love it Because if you wanted to wear this

Sweater tank top completely by itself Maybe in the spring or summer you could Or you could wear it now and maybe pair It with something different like a Blazer or you know you could just wear It in different ways or if you did want To pair it with the cardigan that it Comes with it looks super cute and Coordinated too and I love how this Cardigan is more of a a cropped cardigan Which we're seeing a lot of now um I Still love all Cardigans even the the Large oversized ones but I do think the Cropped ones are making a strong Comeback now this is the last fashion Item before we move on to Beauty but This five piece bracelet stack I'm going To insert a photo here for you because I Did order this so I definitely think the Quality is good but I gave it as a Present this year for Christmas so I Don't have it to like actually show you But it is 14 karat goldplated it's like $15.99 four and a half to five star Reviews I mean this is like so popular On Amazon people love it and it's just Like a nice coordinated bracelet stack And I think you can also get it in Silver if Gold's not your thing I just Love bracelets in general so this is Right up my alley now this boldify Hairline powder needed to be in the Video because it is most loved it is Viral at this point I first discovered

It from this Tik Tok which I think I Have shown before so I obviously have it In brown because I have brown hair and I Get Grays and this you know just really Extends how long you need to go between Dying your roots or touching up your Roots or or whatever um but it works for Blondes and so my Mom saw that Tik Tok And that I shared and she ordered it so She has gray hair but she dyes her hair Blonde as well so she got it in a blonde Shade she is oh gosh she wanted me to Tell you guys it works so well she's so Thankful for this product so it comes in Tons of colors I obviously have brown It's great for red heads different Shades of blonde medium brown um and it Comes with a little puff thing and you Just dab it on your hair and it works Like magic now this is something that I Actually discovered myself on QVC like That's where I saw it and now I just Repurchase it over and over again on Amazon and I saw that everyone else Loves it too because it's a threein one Bar which I'm not usually a fan of soap Bars but the reason it's so good is Because it is a shampoo bar a body bar And a face bar um which again I'm not Usually like like I feel like all of you Are watching like I would never like That and I get it but guys it is so good Like you it lathers so well for shampoo You would never think this would lather

So nicely and it's just like oat milk It's so natural so clean and healthy Like minimal like really no fragrance at All and it just it washes your hair so Well it cleans your whole body um and It's also great to wash off your makeup And your face it literally does Everything in the shower and so Sometimes I'll even travel with this but It's really just like I'm just starting To just use only this in the shower I Love a good bath I love a bubble bath um I am very picky about what I will soak In the bath that sounds oh man I know I'm weird but I just don't feel good About putting weird bath bombs and um Just like bath soaks that you're just Like literally your body soaking in the Toxins and so this is by the brand Maple Holistics again from Amazon and it's a Nighttime bath soak and it's lavender And it's just like a bubble bath and It's just so nice and I just feel so Good about the ingredients in this um It's like real lavender essential oil no Sulfates no parabens just no weird Artificial colorings and it's just Healthy so I love this and then one Other thing I like to do in the bathtub This is a very new discovery for me I Think my assistant put this on the list Of things I should try um but this is by Theat tree and it is a Scrub but again Super healthy so sometimes I will do a

Big scrub when I'm in the bathtub um and It just really kind of exfoliates my Skin in a nice minty way I guess I have Used this in the shower as well but it's Just again has really good ingredients There's charcoal there's willow bark Like all like tea tree neem hoba oil Like dious Earth like it's just really Healthy and good and then this stuff Also viral people are obsessed with this And it's only $8 I feel like you guys Need to really try it um because it's Only $8 and it's it's really good so It's by Neutrogena it's their Hydra Boost body gel SLC cream it's really a Mix between a gel and a cream the Consistency is very interesting and it Has hyaluronic acid and it's so similar To the necess a stuff that I love like Their body lotion I love that it's very Clean it's fragrance free just like this It's expensive though it's very Expensive this is the first thing I've Ever found that Rivals that stuff so if You like that and haven't wanted to Maybe pay that price try this instead It's so hydrating especially with the Hyaluronic acid and I feel like it's It's just amazing because it's Fragrance-free it absorbs well it Hydrates you it's great you should also Consider these disposable face towels Hear me out they're completely Compostable but you get a new one each

Day and you can use them in so many Different ways they they were and are Very popular in Korea and they have Since made their way to the US and now Everyone loves them and they are Especially great for people that Struggle with acne because every single Time you wash your your face rather than Drying your face on uh a towel that Might have bacteria um you get a new Face towel and you can dry your face or You could actually exfoliate lightly and Like actually wash your face with it but Every single time you get a fresh new Completely clean bacteria-free face Towel and even if you don't struggle With with acne it's still just like a Nice luxury the price is so good it Comes with so many towels and I just Really enjoy them like way more than I Expected these sleep socks are also Popping off right now and they are Perfect for anybody that struggles with Dry cracked heels and I actually want to Take it a step further because I have Been using these with castor oil which I Can also link castor oil I had a whole Video you guys maybe saw it maybe you Did but castor oil is like the new Elixir it cures everything in my opinion Um but I struggled with uh pler Fasciitis and so I would put this on my Heel or put castor oil on my heel then Put this over top of it to to really

Keep it there and then I could sleep With it you don't have to use castor oil You could use lotion or whatever but put This over your heel and your toes can Still breathe you still feel normal when You're sleeping like I don't love Sleeping with socks in bed but this Doesn't feel like I'm sleeping with Socks but it hydrates your heel it gets Rid of the dry cracked stuff and then The castor oil it just oh my gosh it's So great if you don't have dried castor Oil I didn't even explain the best part Of these so there's like a jelly Material here that really keeps the Product or lotion or oil on your heels So it doesn't get absorbed by the sock And your skin actually absorbs it now Since I mentioned castor oil I wanted to Go down another Health Rabbit Hole have You guys heard of essic tea am I even Saying that right I don't know but this Is organic Asic essic te oh my goodness Go down that rabbit hole this stuff like I don't want to make any claims like Maybe it's not going to cure anything But there are some wild claims about how This can cure things in your body it's Crazy Uh so I ordered this and I feel like It's just something that before bed Overall just your overall health it is Good to do so I got it um and I can also Under the next number I'm going to link

This glass teapot that comes with like a Mesh thing where you can put loose leaf Tea this stuff is almost like a powder Um andan you can put it directly in this Mesh container fill it up with hot water And then you can just Brew the tea in Here I can link this I'll also link this Just Google what this stuff can do um And you'll be you'll be yeah you just I Don't even know what you'll be but I Just wanted to share it since we're kind Of on the subject of things you do Before bed I wanted to share these Slippers the Aztec slippers that are so Loved um I love these this is like the I Guess maybe the second year that I've Had them and just this Aztec print is so Nice I love the stitching I love how It's like a full hard bottom and I love How it comes up it's not a slip-on where It's going to fall off your foot like This is a a legit slipper it's going to Stay on and style is so nice they're True to size I just love them and so Does everyone else silk pillowcases Definitely had a moment and they still Are popular but satin pillowcases are Now more of a thing and this is only $7.99 so I think you should consider Getting a satin pillowcase instead Because it looks just as luxurious this Comes in like 30 different colors I went With black just in case if I'm like if I Lay down with lip balm or makeup like it

Hides any spots although you can Definitely wash this really easily it's Still so cooling it's antibacterial it Helps with wrinkles and it looks really Luxurious so definitely consider this Especially for $7.99 now I'm going to Share a few random household items that Again are just popping off and I held Back on this next thing for so long You've probably seen it before maybe you Are the ones out there that just are Obsessed with this but they are Reusable paper towels but they're not Paper they're like cloth towels that's What they are reusable cloth towels that Are like paper towels and the thing is I Was so confused by this but I mean like Five star like every single review every Review people love this and you just rip It off like a regular paper towel it Cleans up spills so much better people Actually keep this you know in their Kitchen they'll keep it in their car Even um but the beauty of it is it's Better for the environment and it's Better cost wise because you just wash Them and reuse them but where I was Confused is like how do you get them Back on the roll but they are microfiber So they stick to one another so you can Actually wash all of these and then lay Them out flat and literally roll them up Again on this roll and just rip them off Again so anyway now I kind of now that I

Understand that this makes more sense oh My gosh this is the coolest thing ever So this is a battery converter and and It comes in a box of I don't even know How many but it converts a AAA Battery To a double A battery size and that's That's what you need I mean we all know That almost everything takes double A I Mean some things take AAA but usually We're out of the double A and so what You do is you just take this pop in a AAA Battery click it together and then You instantly have a doublea battery and It works just as good okay now this next Thing I don't have because it's for your Was washing machine and I have a top Loader and this is for people with a Front loader washing machine but it has Amazing reviews and I wanted to share it In case it might be helpful to you Because everyone loves it it's like one Of those genius products so it is a Magnet that you stick on the front of Your washing machine to slightly prop Open the the lid and you know how you Have to like leave open the washing Machine lid because it will grow mold And Milo inside and so for people with Frontload washers they understand like This could be so amazing because it will Just slightly leave it open rather than Having it flung like open in everybody's Way it just looks stupid it's annoying Again it gets in people's way and so

This is a genius product that is very Inexpensive but really solves a problem So everything in this video will be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comment section By the numbers you saw on screen and Don't forget about Mary Ruth guys Because this stuff all of their products So good I have them linked below don't Forget my code I'll put it here on the Screen again where you can get 20% off All of their products on Amazon I'm Going to be using the code to stock up On more things so thank you so much Subscribe if you're new and I will see You in my next video bye