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1. Tank Tops (3-Pack):
2. Waffle-Knit Top (M):
3. Jumpsuit/Romper (S):
4. Birkenstock-Inspired Slides:
5. Pink Cut-Out Dress (XS):
6. Skort (S):
7. Heel Foot Pads:
8. Levi Shorts (25):
9. Sweat Shorts (S):
10. Chunky Sneakers:
11. Cargo Pants (XS):
12. Smoothing Bodysuit (XS):
Smoothing Tank Top (S):

13. 4-in-1 Makeup Brush:
14. Korean Lip Oil:
15. Snail Mucin Serum:
16. Clean Face Towels:
17. ColorWow Dreamcoat Spray:
18. Butterfly Hair Clips:

19. Under Sink Organizers:

21. Quick Dry Sink Stone:
22. Sponge Bed:
23. Dishwashing Brush (new version):
24. Automatic Towel Dispenser (IN STOCK!):
25. Ice Pop Molds:

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Today I am back with another Amazon Video but this one's different and kind Of fun it's all about Amazon's most Wished for products so maybe when you're Shopping on Amazon say you really like Something you might add it to a wish List and so Amazon has compiled many Many many most wished for lists and I Ordered probably 50 things not even Exaggerating and I've narrowed it down To about 25 things that I really love And I think actually are worth it if You're interested so I'll be going Through it all everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and Pinned in the comment section by the Number that you see on screen okay so we Are starting in the fashion category There's so many good things truly so We're going to start with this Three-piece tank top set it's actually The tank top I'm wearing right here it's The number one best-selling tank top set It comes in like 25 different color Combos and they're just so nice I really Really like them Um they are ribbed they're thicker I Don't even really wear a bra with them I I love them on their own especially Since we're into spring and summer but They're also just a perfect base layer If you do want to add things over top And again you can get them in so many Colors and it is a three pack now if you

Noticed this waffle knit top it is very Very high on people's wish lists Apparently everybody wants it I don't Blame them definitely if you are drawn To this buy it it's I'm very impressed With it I love it Um it totally looks like a free people Top If This Were Free People it would be Like 90 bucks this is such a good price On Amazon I love the texture again it's Like a waffle knit material I love the Color that I got I think it's coffee but It comes in like 30 different colors Um I got a size medium I did want it to Be a little bit oversized and you can Definitely wear this as a shirt but I Prefer to throw on a tank top with it And then kind of wear it as a cardigan Or a jacket next we have this long flowy One-piece jumpsuit I guess you would Call it it's also very similar to The Free People version and so if you've had Your eye on that get this instead such a Better price point tons of colors I went With the color that I wouldn't normally Pick and I think it's super fun for Summer but even the beige and the black Something more neutral is great too but It's so easy to wear again you just Throw on a t-shirt or a tank top put This on over top it's an instant outfit So comfy so wearable so easy I swear you Will love it now these are also very High on people's wish lists and they're

Obviously kind of similar to the Birkenstock slide sandals but they're by The brand cushionair which is a really Good brand on Amazon and you know the Birkenstocks are great I think the Quality of Birkenstocks are awesome they Last for so many years they're just so Freaking expensive I mean they're like 160 dollars so these are a fraction of The price and they truly are very good Quality like they're sturdy they're not Cheap feeling at all they're extremely Comfortable and gushy and they come in Tons of colors so I'm I'm typically a Seven and a half and I did get these in An eight just because again I always say This I didn't want my heel to kind of be Off the edge but these fit great and They're super comfortable oh okay next We have this cut out dress which I've Already recommended before I've already Put it in another previous video but It's so high on many people's wish list Everyone's loving it and I also really Love this dress it comes in truly so Many different color combinations and I Didn't expect to like it because of the Cutout on the stomach but it's Surprisingly flattering based on like How high up the cutout is and it's just It's just the dress of the summer I Think that's what people have dubbed it So if you have seen this around or maybe You saw in a previous video and you were

Kind of on the fence I really really do Recommend it for this summer next we Have this skirt or skort so it does come In different denim colors but I actually Went with a white Support So as you can see here it is a Skirt but it has shorts underneath so It's really comfortable easy to wear you Can bend over you can be super careless And free and don't you don't have to Worry about revealing anything so I do Really like the length of this it's Really cute you can add it with like a Nice tank top or summery top and again Be kind of dressy but comfortable now Since we are talking about dressing up a Little bit whether it be with a dress or Even a skirt I want to throw this next Product in here because it involves Wearing heels and so I have recommended Something similar to this in the past But apparently these are the best of the Best they're called walkies and they are Foot cushions for your heels and so There is a sticky side on the back you Just peel it off and then insert these Into whatever high heels you want to Wear and even just the way it's designed It just instantly relieves pain at the Ball of your foot and allows you to wear High heels all day and be comfortable The Levi 501 denim short or it's most Wished for most loved best-selling like Everyone loves these including myself

I've had these for a couple years now I Only typically wear the a Goldie denim Shorts which are like 150 denim shorts And I always feel guilty recommending Those but these were the first pair of Shorts that I ever found that rival Those the price is so good they come in Different washes they are excellent now These are sweat shorts I guess you know Like they're in a sweatpants material Totally would have never ordered them Had they not been on the most wished for A list but I did order them Um and now I I really like them they are So plush you can kind of just tell in The footage hopefully that they just Kind of look expensive even though like They're in a sweatpant material they do Come in different colors but they're Definitely just a really cute pair of Shorts that kind of surprised me now These next things I'm totally torn about I almost did not put them in the video But clearly a lot of people really like Them I was pleasantly surprised so They're the Steve Madden sneakers like The chunky Steve Madden sneakers uh they come in a Lot of color combos I just went with Something neutral I was surprised at how Comfortable they were how cute they Actually look and yeah there's like a Lot of support I don't know so if you're Drawn to this kind of like chunky

Sneaker style get them in the Steve Madden version and you can click around And see the other color combos Um but to me this one kind of would just Be the version that would go with the Most outfits moving right along another Item that's on the trendier side are Cargo pants and these are very well Loved um everybody wants them they come In tons of colors I got them and I also Very much love them they fit me so well I think that's why I like them so much They just fit me really nicely it's Definitely just like a trendier style But they're not too expensive so if this Trend only lasts a couple years who Cares they're just easy to wear you Could pair it with like a tighter shirt On top maybe one of this like the tank Tops and then this is baggier on the Bottom and it's just a really cute Outfit okay now this had to be in the Video but I've recommended it before so I put it like lower on the list but it's Really high on everyone else's list it's Like the number one most wished for item In the fashion category it's the double Lined bodysuits or tank tops so again it Is double lined you don't have to wear a Bra with it it's super silky smooth and It comes in So Many Colors this is a Brand new color for me it's like a Chocolate brown I have it in white Black Ivory now this color and I wear it all

The time I mean truly it's a great base Layer like a great essential but also a Great Standalone so again I will link Both the bodysuit version and the tank Top next we're moving into the beauty Category and I'm actually starting with Something that I'm not fully Recommending I don't think it's terrible I I'm not really saying you should go Out and buy it I think some people might Like it though so it's actually a four In one makeup brush so on one end it's More of like an angled fluffy brush I Actually use it to to put on some blush And then this side is more of like a Beauty blender foamy applicator some People really like that especially for Concealer and under the eye I just don't Really love that but where it gets Interesting is if you unscrew it Actually turns into two different makeup Brushes entirely one is more of like a Flat top Um like a flat brush and then the other Is an angled eyeliner brush or eyebrow Brush again these are just not styles of Makeup brushes I'm typically reaching For but maybe it is something that you Would use and I feel like this would be Great for travel and saving space and if You are enjoying this video maybe you Like Amazon videos in general I would Love for you to consider subscribing Down below it's totally free and I would

Love to have you back okay now this I Really like this is actually Korean lip Oil and it's called nuni I got it in the Shade apple berry and so there's a lot Of different colors I just want you to Know what color I have I know it looks Small but let me just tell you it's a Lot of bang for your buck so when you Put it on your lips instantly look super Glossy super shiny and juicy it just Makes your lips look really good but it Also stains your lips like really stains Your lips so that all day long even as The gloss goes away your lips are still A beautiful color and I mean like I mean All day your lips are are just like a a Pretty shade of pink so again I got the Appleberry color you can get other Colors but I was very very impressed With how long this lasted on my lips now This is another Korean skin care product Okay I am so just like what it like I'm I can't even believe I'm sharing this But I kind of really like it a lot of You are going to be super grossed out About it but it's the snail mucin Essence so it's kind of like a hydrating Moisturizer serum it's super shiny and Yes I'll just cut to the chase it's Literally like that snail stuff it's Like filtered and it doesn't smell like It this actually has zero fragrance but It's so incredibly hydrating the the Snail mucin is blowing up in Korea

Apparently it's like the best selling um Ingredient in skin care and it just Really quickly absorbs into your skin Makes your skin feel super super soft And hydrated so I gave this a go because Again it was so high on the wish list And I actually really like it okay now Continuing on with skin care and face Your face this is something that's Probably not for everybody but a lot of People love this and I probably wouldn't Even know it existed had it not been on On these these wish lists or whatever so I don't think it's for everybody it's For people that struggle with acne or You know they're always breaking out and They're trying to find ways to reduce The bacteria on their skin and then There's a lot of ways you can use these So these are called clean towels and They're 100 biodegradable but basically You remove a towel every single time you Wash your face you can wash your face Like nor normal you can use this to Actually wash your face but I actually Like to use it or I think the best way To use it is to wash your face like Normal and then grab one of these and Dry your face off with it and then Whatever's left you can wipe off the Counter and then you just throw it away Like they're just you just re use like a Fresh one every single time you wash Your face which sounds crazy but again

The people that struggle with acne a lot Of times they're wiping their face off With towels that are collecting dirt and Bacteria and it's just causing breakouts Whereas this is completely sanitary and You're getting a fresh one every time And the price is really really good and Again there's a lot of ways you can Actually use these this next product is Probably something you've definitely Heard of before I'm sure a lot of you Really really love it it's the Color Wow Dream coat spray and I've recommended This for a few years now and it just Needed to be on this it's just such a Good beauty product um if you have not Tried this basically what you do is Spray it on damp hair and it's actually Heat activated and so it lasts between Three to four washes so you do not spray This every single time you get out of The shower but It Coats your hair and it Makes your hair so incredibly smooth and Shiny but again it's heat activated so Spray it on your hair dry your hair with A blow dryer or let it air dry and then Style it with maybe a curling iron or a Flat iron and it's just gonna make your Curls last longer it's going to make Your hair shinier it's just gonna make Your hair look way better especially in The humid summery months another Wishlist item are these butterfly Clips So hair clips in general are just super

Popular right now but usually they're Just the regular claw Clips but I guess These are very popular right now and I Just think they're stunning I think They're beautiful I love the tone of Them the coloring of them they open Really wide they really grab it onto Your hair and so I kind of did a style Like half up half down but a lot of People just like to twist up all of Their hair and clip it and these just Make it a little bit more stylish and Fun now we're moving into the home slash Random category there's some really fun Ones in here actually some funny ones I Actually do want to start with the under The sink organizers I feel like everyone Truly needs these whether it be for your Bathroom sink your kitchen sink maybe a Laundry sink I don't know but we all Have the sinks where you open it up and Everything's a disaster this the center Of it has like the the drain hose thing And it's just like really hard to kind Of organize that area and so these make It super simple I would definitely Recommend the two pack so you can get One for either side and you just put all The products it saves space because you Can put things like above each other and Kind of utilize the vertical space and Then the drawers pull out so you can Easily see exactly what you're looking For you can get it in white you can get

It in Black maybe even gray but again I Feel like it's something everybody Should get all right moving into the Kitchen now now this sink stone is super Popular a lot of people are really Liking this for their kitchen or even Their bathroom because it's some type of Stone that as soon as water touches it It instantly dries and so you can even Just see it in the b-roll here it just Allows you to set sponges or your dish Soap or whatever there and it just Instantly dries so it doesn't get sticky And gross and it's a really kind of like Pretty Decor piece as well now this is Not so pretty but I don't care it's Funny to me and it makes me laugh that This is so high up on people's wish Lists I mean heck I don't blame them I Ordered it so it's it's a sponge holder Bed yeah Um so if you use one of these sponges And and you need a spot to put it by the Bed buy the bed it's so cute and random And unnecessary and then we also have This dishwashing brush it's actually a Newer version like a new designed Version maybe you've seen this in the Past where again it's a dishwashing Brush but the core of it is filled with Dish soap and so you just fill it up and Then there's actually a button on the Handle that you can press to squirt out Dish soap onto a pan or onto a dish or

Whatever you're cleaning and it just Really makes your life way easier and so I do really like this I I had one of These brushes years ago and it broke it Was just skinnier it was just different This one seems a lot sturdier and Stronger this next paper towel dispenser Is so viral and I'm so mad because I Totally ordered it but I think everyone Wants it right now so it's now back Ordered and I feel like I'm not even Getting it until like two weeks from now So I still want to put it in this video If you're drawn to it as well you Literally just mount it underneath your Cabinets in your kitchen and you just Wave your hand over it and it Automatically dispenses the paper towels And then whatever you don't grab it Actually sucks it back in I am so in Love with this I have no idea if it's Really good or not it has good reviews And again people are loving it I just Didn't get it in time for this video Video and then we have these dinosaur Ice pop molds my kids loved this they Were like yes this is approved put it in Your video and so here we are again it's Dinosaur ice pop molds and there's four Different dinosaurs the little handles That you use have skeletons so that when They lick them it like turns into the Skeletons anyway you can use whatever Fruit juice you want I used orange juice

You can again do whatever you want and Then you just fill it up put the white Handles in put it in the freezer and Then it turns into ice pops or popsicles And the kids love it I feel like it's a Healthy way to kind of create the Popsicles Um and it's really fun with the Different dinosaur designs I think they Have some other molds as well but this Was definitely kid approved everything In this video will be linked Down Below In the description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number that you Saw on screen Please Subscribe if you Are new and I will see you very soon in My next one bye