25 VIRAL Amazon Products…everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. Free People Inspired Dress/Romper (S):
2. Free People Inspired Set (S):
3. Viral Denim Shorts(XS-11 Blue):
4. Viral Sleeveless Green Dress (S):
5. Colorful Blouse (S):
6. Cereal Bowl:
7. Plug-In Bug Trap:
8. Stanley Cup Spill Stopper:
9. Drain Hair Catchers:
10. Reusable Produce Bags:
11. Dust Collector:
12. Automatic Shut Off Plug:
13. Plant Moisture Meter:
14. Thera Ice Headache Relief Cap:
15. Makeup Brush Cleaner:
16. Cinema Secrets Makeup Cleaner:
17. Beaky Beauty Blender:
18. Ghost Hair Oil:
19. Gel Polish Remover:
20. Clear Cutting Board:
21 Clear Acrylic Computer Side Panel:
22. Cat Dander Reducing Wipes:
23. Soap Saver:
24. Egg Timer Pro:
25. Rechargeable Lighter:

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I am back with 25 viral best-selling Popular Amazon items you will absolutely Love everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and also Pinned in the comment section by the Number you see on screen okay the first Five items are all in the fashion Category and then the rest of the items Are just super random I mean like very Interesting really different so we're Gonna be jumping all around but I want To start with this Free People inspired Dress slash Romper I mean there's shorts Underneath it is so comfortable and so Cute like I highly recommend this I love It so I I obviously ordered it in this Neutral color which is just you know Goes with everything but I think it'd be Super fun to get in like a pink or a Blue just like a really fun bright color Um but yeah I I love it you can work out In it you can play golf in it pickleball You could run errands in it you could Lounge in it like it is just the most Versatile thing ever and again because There's shorts underneath like you can Be carefree it's just great definitely Definitely recommend and then here is Another Free People inspired set that is Very viral on Amazon it's a two-piece Set so it comes with a huge oversized T-shirt and then matching shorts uh but I I love it together like it's so loungy But it's definitely something that you

Could wear out and about and look really Chic and I love how the v-line V Line V-neck is really open like it's just Like a really nice open neckline type of Top you can show of some jewelry and Then these shorts are kind of like a Biker short style but it's like a really Nice cotton soft material it looks great Together and again tons of options and Just so you know for the sizing I will Put all of my sizing details down below Beside each item these viral denim Shorts I just love to pieces for a Certain reason so here they are Um hopefully you can see they have this Interesting crossover or like diagonal Detail tail you can actually get similar Denim shorts at Abercrombie for like way More but this is a really nice feature Because it makes the shorts fit you Perfectly it really shows off your waist And your hips it makes them fit Perfectly in the back it makes your butt Look better I just love these so much And you can obviously get them in Different washes and different styles But again the diagonal or crossover Zipper and button detail is key this Next dress is stunning I totally Understand now why it is viral because It's so flattering I love it and I did Get it in a very bright vibrant green Color which you totally don't have to There's tons of color options but this

Is so nice I love even like the fluttery Ruffle detail down near the skirt it's Just very chic it's very kind of like Upscale elegant Um and it's just I think it would look Really great on everyone Um but I do want to say I'm wearing the Bra it's like a push-up bra it was like The first one that I saw and Josh has Dubbed this particular bra the lubinator 3000 I mean like look at my freaking Chest that is not real I mean it it's Just it's just the bra that's not how I Normally look so I just want to call That out this is a really nice dress if If you're drawn to it okay this next Blouse is very viral on Amazon which is The only reason I ordered it some of you Are going to hate And then others might like it when I Hold it up I know I know I know hear me out It's very colorful when I'm holding it Here it looks like a clown shirt I know But when you style it with a pair of Jeans maybe some heels you tuck it in it Kind of like in real life I feel like This looks very high-end in designer Again I know a lot of you do not like it But if you're into color I really think This looks nice in person Um it's very eye-catching it looks Expensive like truly I also tried Pairing it with some tailored wide leg

Pants and that also worked worked I Didn't love it as much Um but if you're into color I do think That this is a nice piece and that Concludes the fashion portion of the Video now we're gonna move into super Random items that are freaking cool you Didn't know you needed These bowls okay so as you can see these Bowls have like this section I guess It's like a two suction bowl and they're Marketed as being like anti-soggy cereal Bowl so basically you could put like Cereal on one side milk on the other Scoop some cereal dip it in the milk and Then you never have soggy cereal I mean I don't really care about soggy cereal But the reason I bought them and I love Them is because there are so many times I want some chips and salsa and it's Like I can put salsa on one side chips On the other or veggies and ranch or Maybe your favorite chips in a dip like It's so cool I'll put apples on one side Cheese on the other for my kids and I Can like deliver that it's just so nice I know it's like simple but I get a lot Of joy out of these next we have a game Changer should have been in my life Changing videos everyone needs this Write down this number It is a bug Plug in light okay I have so much Freaking troubles with flies like the

The gnats the fruit flies I I hate it I Don't understand and I know a lot of you Struggle with that too so basically this Is something you just plug into really Anywhere in your house I always do in The kitchen because I feel like the Fruit flies kind of gravitate to that Area um but you could do it down your Hallway you could do in a bedroom but There's this Sticky Thing on the back And it you can like get refills and Whatnot but you just literally stick it In and then when you plug it in it has This kind of dim but bright purple light That is very attractive to bugs and this Really works at night when there's no Other light source around but bugs will Fly to the light and then they get stuck On the back and I don't know if you can See here this is actually the second one I shouldn't the thing is I should have Like filmed this one it was like stuck With a lot of bugs um there's only a few On here right now but this works so well And then once it gets full of bugs you Just get a new one another viral Bestseller if you are a Stanley Cup fan On and you have like the older one Um you can get this is so so inexpensive But totally worth it it's basically like These spill proof Stoppers so I have it Here you you plug the one hole and then You put this other piece on the straw And it basically you know covers up all

Of the spots where If This Were to tip Over it would spill like this prevents Any spilling from happening and then you Can even take this and put it over top Of the straw like that there have been Quite a few times where I have knocked This over and it has spilled now the Newer Stanley Cups do have like a leak Proof type lid it's not perfect it's Only not perfect Um but I guess I just have really been Enjoying this because it doesn't really Change any of the functionality of it But it does prevent spills I feel like I'm just sharing winner after winner in This video next we have this drain hair Plug thing even though it's not really a Plug so basically it's this flower with A long ball chain with these little Rubber catchers and what you do is you Fish it down your drain your shower Drain and you just like push it down the Holes and then it'll literally just hang There and then be caught by this flower You'll see it at the top of your shower And then over time as you lose hair hair Will go down the drain you know Sometimes eventually the water gets Backed up or it gets clogged Um or it's just not great for tons of Hair to be going down the drain over a Long period of time this catches Everything and then at some point later You can just pull this whole thing up

All kinds of hair will be caught on it And it's disgusting but you just throw It away these are super cheap you get a Whole pack of them you can put them in All of your showers and just throw it Away and it saves your drain next we Have these mesh vegetable and fruit bags So they're mesh and you can get these They come in a huge pack they're Different sizes so this is a smaller one There's like a medium and a really big One and you would just take these into The grocery store and put your produce In and what's cool is you don't have to Use plastic I'm not a fan of plastic Also not great for the environment Um but because this is mesh you can put Everything you need in there and then The check out the scanner person or you Can still scan the barcode and it's just Way better you can keep these in your House you know keep the apples the the Oranges whatever you have Um and it's just a much better Eco-friendly option Foreign This is called The Damp duster and it's A really interesting product that will Help you dust way better so I don't know What kind of dusting products you use There's the microfiber dusters there's All kinds of different things but Usually in my experience when I'm Dusting it will get some of it but then

The rest you kind of just see flying in The air but this doesn't do that it's a Very interesting material and and also Shape and there's grooves that catch Everything and it does come damp it kind Of comes pre-moistened but over time as It starts to dry out all you do is just Run it under water and kind of moisten It but I'm going to show you some before Clips of an area that was really dusty And it is a lot darker like these clips Are darker because I was trying to get The dust to actually show up but all you Do is take this and just run it over Really any surface and it just instantly Grabs everything nothing else flies away Everything gets stuck in these grooves And you can just go along and just dust And it's just like I said it just gets Everything and then everything will be On here all you do is just run Underwater it'll clean it right off and You can keep using it over and over if You are somebody that worries about Whether or not you turned off your Curling iron or your straightener you Should totally get this automatic shut Off plug you simply just plug it in and Then anything you plug into it will Automatically shut off to whatever hour You set it for so you just plug it in And then there's a one hour a two hour a Four hour and an eight hour automatic Shut off so for Hot Tools that's great

Like this particular curling iron Doesn't have an automatic shut off so It's just you know if I forget it's Totally fine I use the one hour for that Now this does have you know an eight Hour one which I think you could use This for other uses like maybe lights or Something like that now if you're a Plant person and you struggle with Keeping them alive I think this product Could be really good for you it's Basically a moisture meter like a plant Moisture meter that you can stick in to Like a house plant and it will tell you Whether or not this soil is dry moist or Wet and then based on whatever you know Plant you have you can kind of monitor That and then you'll know whether or not It does need more water or maybe you Should let it go for a couple days it Actually comes with like this nice Little pamphlet with like so many Different plants on there and what Moisture level it really should always Be at I feel like this is another Potential life-changing product that is Viral that I'm so happy I discovered if You are somebody that struggles with Headaches or migraines this is called Sarah ice and it's one of those things That you stick on your head okay so this Can you keep it in the freezer or you Can even put it in the microwave Depending if you like hot or cold but

This is just like a completely different One than I've ever found because I've Tried these things before this Particular one is all jelly and it's Like there's not sections of ice packs In it it's like this is all super gushy All streamlined to the same and you Stick it over your head it applies Pressure not too much pressure but Enough pressure that just like feels Really good and again if you like hot or Cold it just applies it all around your Head and it is glorious not to mention It blocks out all of the light I just Love having this and I'm thinking about Getting a second one so that once this You know like I like cold so once this Starts to warm up then I can just switch It out get the other one from the Freezer and just have it on like a Rotational basis this next viral product I was honestly very skeptical about so I I ordered it and I do I do really like It Um but I think you have to use it in a Specific way and I'm prefacing some of These items too much but this is uh Spinning makeup brush cleaner thing so It comes with this bowl Um it comes with this I guess like the Base and you put batteries in this and Then it comes with these adapters that Will fit onto any size makeup brush you Have and then you put some solution in

Here like soap or makeup brush cleaner Solution in here and then it it just Like spins around super fast and cleans Your makeup brushes really well now the Reason I'm like about it is because I Think it would have worked so much Better if I had this Cinema Secrets Makeup brush cleaner this is like the Blue thing I love this stuff I'm just Completely out of it right now I'm gonna Try to find some old footage that I have Of of this because this cleans your Makeup brushes so well I'm telling you Like if you have old makeup brushes or Dingy makeup brushes with just Gunk I Mean this will get it off I mean it Doesn't smell the greatest but it works Wonders it has amazing reviews so I will Link that under this number now I want To go back To this thing Um if you were to put some of that in Here I think this would work so freaking Well and it still does work well with Just regular cleaner I just wish I would Have had that but anyway another feature About this that I love is if you want to Dry off your makeup brushes you know Because they're kind of like soaking wet You can actually just spin it kind of Dry uh in the sink and it gets most of The moisture off and then you can just Kind of lay them out and it just makes Cleaning your brushes way faster now

While we're on the subject of makeup I Wanted to also share these beaky Blenders with you guys now I have shared These before but not this particular Style which is gaining a lot of Popularity because of this flat side or This flat surface so if you're not Familiar with what a beaky blender is or A beauty blender this really helps apply And blend in your foundation your Concealer your blush or your Contour There's so much you can do with it and Most of them are just very rounded with A point which is great for under the eye But because of this flat surface it Actually works way faster you can just Cover more I guess like square footage At one time if that makes sense I just Really love this flat surface now a lot Of people still don't know that when you Get these you need to run it under cold Water and they will double in size see How this one's smaller than this one It'll double in size and you should use It when it's damp it makes it much more Squishy and it makes everything apply And blend so much better another reason I wanted to mention these is because There's a huge sale right now they're Really really discounted right now and I Believe there's an extra coupon as well If you have the regular ones those are Great but eventually you need to get new Ones I just I would say try these with

The flat surface next we have a product For your hair that will instantly make It look more shiny the curls will be More defined your hair won't be frizzy It just it works instantly and it's Called the verb ghost oil and a little Goes a long way I learned that the first Time I use it so you just put a little On your hand it's like thicker than just A typical oil you know how there's like The olaplex hair oil that I love that is Just very runny this is kind of more Goopy but you just like put it in your Hair and it just adds instant Shine by Like 75 also just really makes the curls Like see I don't know I feel like my Hair doesn't always look like that like It gets rid of the frizziness it makes The curls stand out very shiny I just Really like it and it's it's just like Popping off so it's just getting very Very popular in the past I have talked About how much I prefer gel nail polish Over regular nail polish I mean gel is Just so much better in my opinion it Instantly dries when you cure it with The LED light I think it's way stronger It doesn't chip it lasts longer but the Number one question I get is how the Heck do you get it off now you can get Off gel polish I mean you just soak your Nails in acetone Um you have you know wait a little while And then you have to work it kind of

Like scraping it off but I have Discovered a much faster way of doing Doing this it is a gel remover it Basically looks like nail polish that You just paint on your nails wait a Couple minutes it bubbles up the gel Polish and you just scrape it off so This is a much faster way next we have a Clear acrylic cutting board which I First discovered from Brittany visor Here on YouTube my friend I you know I Love her but I don't know if I saw it on A YouTube video of hers or maybe on an Instagram I don't know but I was very Intrigued and then I just kept seeing it On Amazon it's definitely gaining Popularity probably because of the Convenience of it so it's a cutting Board but it's clear it basically just Lives on your countertop Blends in Seamlessly uh you don't have to like Always be getting in and out the cutting Board you can just you know conveniently Go over there chop your veggies or Whatever you're making and I don't know I just feel like it's like a nice Feature to have in your kitchen I'm Actually going to jump to this next Because it's another clear acrylic Productivity Gadget if you will so Basically it comes in a two pack and you Stick it to either side of your computer Monitor so as I mentioned there's you Know there's two one for the right hand

Side or the left hand side or both if You want but there's a 3M Sticky Side That you stick to your monitor and then There's a ledge here you can even put Your cell phone right here if you want To listen to something or watch Something while you're working there's Even an opening here if you want to Charge your phone at the same time you Can put like a to-do list here there's a Little clip you can stick stickies on Here to remind you of appointments or Meetings or anything like that it's just An interesting upgrade to your office We're back to the kitchen Um this next Gadget you totally do not Need unless you love cooking hard-boiled Eggs and you like cooking them at Different levels so it might not be for Everybody but I love soft boiled eggs my Kids love hard-boiled eggs and so this Makes it really easy so you just put the Eggs in the boiling water like normal You stick this in and as the eggs cook This will actually tell you whether or Not want its soft medium or hard boiled Because the red ring will start to get Smaller and smaller and smaller Notifying you or telling you like okay Like these eggs are soft boiled you can Remove them these eggs are medium you Get the gist again not for everybody but It is Handy now if you or your husband Or maybe even your kids use a bar of

Soap in the shower you totally need this Soap saver which I don't think I would Have discovered had I not been doing a Deep dive on viral products but I'm so Glad I have this now I keep it in the Shower and my kids shower actually and There's like this slanty ledge so when You put a wet bar of soap in it it Drains out the water and then every time You grab it later like it's like a it's Like a fresh bar of soap it's not goopy And gooey and you know you know how like Soap bars if you just lay them there it Gets really gross that doesn't do it With this so this is super cheap but I Really like it now if you have a Cat like me And you're allergic or maybe your your Family's allergic or friends or whatever I do think this next product is good to Have on hand but really again this only Applies for people that like are Allergic Um I I don't need to use these so this Is the Burt's Bees dander reducing wipes And so maybe you have a family member Coming to your house and like they're Just really allergic you just take these Wipes and you just kind of like run them Over your cat and it just drastically Reduces the dander and this is Burt's Bees it's like a really healthy brand Um again I don't personally need to use These I just saw that they were very

Very popular very best selling people Love them and I like I said I think that They are good in certain situations next We have something that has been viral For years and I'm sure a lot of you Already have it but I know some don't And I needed to order a new one because I lost my old one and it is a Rechargeable lighter and so there's no Lighter fluid in this you just recharge It when they battery starts to get low And you just turn it on you hit the Button Can you hear that It's like a purple laser it's so cool And you can light candles with it you Can start fires with it it's just great To have on hand so everything as I Mentioned it will be linked Down Below In the description box and also pinned In the comment section please subscribe If you're new and I'll see you in my Next one bye