25 VIRAL Best-Selling AMAZON Products Worth Trying! Everything is linked here & in the comments!
1. Mary Ruth Liquid Morning Multivitamin:
Liquid Multivitamin + Liquid Iron Bundle:
Mary Ruth Liquid Nighttime Multimineral:
Mary Ruth Elderberry Liquid Drops:
Mary Ruth Chlorophyll Liquid Drops:
Mary Ruth B Complex Liquid Drops:https://urlgeni.us/amzn/T20kJ
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2. Fleece Zip-Up (S):
3. Shapewear Bodysuits (S):
4. Flare Legging Jumpsuit (S):
5. Flared Leggings (XS):
6. Puffer Vest (S):
7. Booty Biker Shorts:
8. Scrunch Socks:
9. Ribbed Slim Knit Top (S):
10. Black Purse:
11. Woven Bag & Toiletry:
12. Bow Earrings:
13. Bubble Letter Necklace:
14. Cold Face Mask:
15. Elf Halo Glow(Shade 2 Fair/Light):
16. SheGlam Blush (only $6!):
17. Korean Lip Stain Set:
18. Wrinkle Bounce Balm:
19. Sol De Janeiro Hair & Body Fragrance:
20. Kenra Silkening Hair Gloss:
21. Hand & Nail Cream:
22. Diamond Dazzle Stick:
23. Candle Warmer:
24. Pure Beeswax Candle:
25. O-Cedar Mop:

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These are 25 viral best-selling Amazon Items that are actually worth it now I'm Not saying you need everything in this Video but I really really like Everything in this video so if you're Interested in any of it it'll all be Linked Down Below in the description box And I'll also pin it in the comment Section by the numbers you see on screen So just jot down your favorites but First we have Mary Ruth Organics which I Have teamed up with them for this video Because they are absolutely insanely Viral on Amazon right now everyone is Loving this brand I've Loved this brand For years long before I started talking About I they weren't even on Amazon Before but I talked about them last Month and so many of you loved it and You know ordered some products but I Have a code with them it's m r shw for 20% off everything on Amazon and so many Of you used that code there was a there Was a few people that had issues with it And I think it was a weird Amazon glitch So I just wanted to say it's fixed now Everything on Amazon you can use that Code I'll link my personal favorites Down below under number one the Multivitamin the liquid multivitamin by Far their number one bestseller it's so Good especially for people that do have Trouble swallowing capsules or don't Enjoy taking capsules this is delicious

I have the raspberry flavor there's Other flavors you just take two Spoonfuls a day um and then you can even Give it to your kids just at a lower Dose my other favorite by far is the Liquid multimineral and this is a Nighttime thing so you would take it Before bed and it has minerals that are Going to calm you relax you like Magnesium I mean there's so many Different minerals in here and just like A lot of good things that again our body Is deficient in now both of these are Sugar-free which I really appreciate but They're still so delicious and then I'm Also going to link my favorite liquid Drops that me and my kids both enjoy um Again you don't need everything I just Want to share what I personally use all The time my kids are obsessed with the Elder Berry drops because they're just Super delicious but it's amazing for Immune support so I really try to give This to my kids every day so they don't Get sick the chlorophyll drops are Awesome in water I mean it's just so Pigmented green it's like extracted from Plants and it just gives your body so Much energy now if you are low in iron Which I am actually not um but if you Are you know anemic you should Definitely consider ordering their iron Drops again very tasty super easy to do If you are anemic um and then I actually

Just ordered this which I'm excited About it's just vitamin D3 liquid spray So you just like shoot a squirt in your Mouth and you know we're just so many of Us are deficient in vitamin D and this Can help boost those levels so again I Will link everything here's my kids Gummies I mean truly they've got women Men's so many things my code m o sh W For 20% off everything on Amazon all Right next I'm going to jump into some Clothes and fashion that are just really Popular and viral right now and so worth It this fleece zip up love it love it I Cannot say enough good things about this Thing because it is so warm and and soft On the inside and outside and it does Zip the whole way down so you can wear It like a jacket but I like to zip it Kind of half up pop the collar just a Little bit maybe show off some jewelry Maybe not but it comes in tons of colors The price is so good I cannot emphasize Enough how soft this feels and just like Very high quality my husband commented On like wow where's this from like it's From Amazon so definitely recommend this Next we have these viral bodysuit tank Tops that are a little bit different Than everything hear me out so um They're ribbed they're really stretchy They come in like a three pack so I got Beige black and like a taupy color so Very very wearable just really good

Basics but the difference is I don't Know if you can see in the B- roll or Maybe maybe even when I hold it up but There's kind of like a band right at Your belly section so it kind of sucks You in it's almost like shapewear I mean It's nothing uncomfortable but I Definitely can tell a difference and so I just feel like it's going to make you Look a lot flatter it's just going to be More flattering I am very pleasantly Surpris with these next we have Something that some people are going to Love and some people just would hate Like they'll never wear this but it's Still very very popular right now and It's like a one piece full jumpsuit Thing so you just put it on it's an Instant outfit but the legs do go down Into a flared style which is so popular Right now and yeah a lot of people love This because you just put it on and you Can either wear it by itself you can Wear it around the house but most people Do wear it out and about they run Errands with it they will put on like a Jacket or a vest over top and it looks Really Chic it's just kind of the style Right now so this is a really good one I Comes in tons of colors I got black I Feel like if you're going to get it Black is the easiest to wear it goes With everything and then the next number I'm just going to jump right into

Something I added on last minute but the Flared leggings or flared yoga pants so Popular right now I've talked about them In recent videos but they just had to be In this video because they are really Vital right now and the ones I love the Most are the ones that have kind of a Crossover waistline they're just so Flattering on you and a little bit Easier to wear than a full one piece Jumpsuit so I will link those lots of Colors too but again black is my Favorite now you may have seen this Puffer vest in that recent clip so I Wanted to mention it because again we're Just seeing this everywhere and I really Like it and I used to hate vests but This I am genuinely always reaching for Because I think it is really stylish but It actually does keep your core warm Which is I argued didn't happen with This but this one's really good um you Know I feel like the beige kind of just Gives it a nice contrast if you are Pairing it with black leggings or Whatnot um but again lots of colors Really good price and the quality is Great okay now this these next thingss Not for everyone uh but they work they Work really well if you want your booty To be popping um they're like booty Biker shorts which I can't believe I'm Saying that but like look at them so I You can see it the most with these gray

Like there's kind kind of um strategic Sewing and strategic placements of Different colors that make your butt Really look better um and then just so You know you it's again like a three Pack and I picked these colors but there Are ones that are more subtle like if You notice on the brown um not nearly as Contrasted it still makes your butt look Really good but there's not as many Contrasting colors um the black is a Little bit more subtle as well but There's a lot of color options if you Are somebody that goes to the gym or you Just want to be maybe looking good for Your husband or your boyfriend or Whatever I mean these these make your Butt look good another viral style that Maybe not everyone's on board with yet But I actually do really like they're Scrunch socks so they're basically just Really long socks which I did get a fun Variety pack of colors I mean some of Them are normal like white gray and Black but I I love the pinks and the the Purples but you can get just more normal Neutral colors but scrunch socks are Really nice because they're super tall And honestly they're just great for Boots if you wear you know taller boots You can wear these higher up but the Reason they're viral right now is Because they are kind of updating the Skinny leggings look where you put these

Over top you kind of scrunch them down a Bit and then wear them with sneakers or With Uggs and it's just more of the Style right now and I do really like it I know it's more of like a 7s thing and And some of you are just like ah I can't Do it it really it looks really cute Though um I love them with just White or Gray socks with sneakers or if you are Going somewhere and you want to be more Themed I feel like a fun bright pop of Of a color would be cute too now this Next top you know it looks kind of basic And boring but it's really popular on Amazon and so I ended up ordering it Because I thought it could just I just Had a good feeling about it I am so Impressed with this so when it arrives It's actually pretty small but it it's Very very stretchy it's like a nice Basic ribbed top and it's the perfect Length if you want to leave it out but I Love Actually tucking it into dress Pants or a pair of jeans here I'm Wearing it with a nice white pair of Jeans and it just looks so elegant and Nice I mean it can be casual or it can Be dressy I love how the sleeves are a Little bit longer the whole thing it's Just it's just a really really nice top Next I have two purses or bags that are Very viral on Amazon right now both very Good now I do have them in black but you Can get other colors I wanted to start

Start with this one which is a little Bit smaller just a great everyday bag That's going to look amazing with every Outfit it just feels nice it sits up by Itself the zipper is very very nice good Drop and it also comes with like a Little clutch wallet thing if you want To like take things on the go and I Don't know I it's just a very popular Bag but I feel like it's very Well-rounded and then we have this woven Bag which so popular for good reason on Amazon I cannot tell you how amazing of Of quality this is like I could be Convinced this is designer it is so Buttery and soft and Squishy and there's Like a magnetic closure right here it Comes with a secondary pouch like a Full-blown like toiletry bag you can use As a catch all in the bag or use it for Travel I mean truly this bag so good and And I I don't need any more bags clearly However I am very tempted to get this in Like a cream or beige or brown color Because there's other colors that are Just just as good as black but I feel Like I keep defaulting to Black because It'll just go again with everything just A couple more fashion items and then We're going to totally move on but in a Recent fashion trends video for 2024 I Totally called that bows would be really Popular this year like bows in your hair Bows on clothes and here we're seeing

Bows in jewelry so these are bow stud Earrings which are super cute I really Really like them I got them in both Silver and yellow gold and they are Really kind of like substantial feeling Like they're they're kind of heavier but Not like it's going to drag your ear Down they just don't feel cheap is what I'm trying to say and I feel like the Tone of them is really nice and I feel Like they're noticeable like they're not Super small and petite but they're not Going to like you can wear other jewelry With it too so again I also really like How you can get them in both silver and Yellow gold initial necklaces have been A thing for several years now but a Specific style is is popping off because Of Haley Bieber she is definitely a huge Fashion trend Setter she has recently Been seen wearing kind of like a Bubble initial necklace and it's just Turned into a craze and so I found a Very similar one that again very popular On Amazon it's just like a an initial Necklace it feels really nice and you Can get whatever initial you want so I Got an S for sheay but it has like this Bubbly kind of more noticeable pendant And so you could get it for yourself or It could also be a great gift idea okay Moving along to completely different Things I've got some beauty items and Then just random stuff but this is one

Of those cold face masks that you can Put in the refrigerator or the freezer But I really like this one because on One side it has like a jelly you know Material that's soft and like molds to Your face but then on the other side it Is kind of like a micro fiber fleece Material which it's not as cold and it's Not as jarring but this has straps and You can flip it to whatever side put it On your face it depuffs your face cold Therapy is really good for really all Over our body but especially our face to Make us look younger and I love this if You have migraines and headaches this Can also be really helpful now this I Put in a recent video probably should Have saved it for this one because this Is so viral right now it is the e.l.f Halo glow liquid filter and it's totally Trying to be the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless filter I have both and I would Say get this one it's way more Affordable and I feel like it works just As good now a lot of people use this in Different ways some people just put it On bare skin and it gives you a nice Glow it's not full coverage or anything But I feel like your skin still looks Like skin it gives you a nice glow it Puts a filter essentially on your face Like that's why people love it now me I Like to put this over top my Foundation That's another way you can do it and

Again it just gives your skin a very Nice subtle soft glow and yeah it's Great and oh my gosh the applicator I Think I talked about this last time it's So chunky and huge I love I just love Using it now this liquid blush guys okay This is by the brand she Glam it's only $6 and 10 million of them have been sold On Amazon so again very viral and I Think there's six different shades I Have the shade Hush Hush which is kind Of a lightish pink color but the Applicator again is so cool it's like This puff and you just dab it on your Cheeks it Blends so well it's very Pigmented you can get brighter sh Shades Or more subtle Shades but for $6 I mean This works really well it looks Beautiful lip stains are also all the Rage right now people are loving Korean Lip stains specifically because they're Just really good quality but then also You put it on your lips and you can go About the day and it as you eat and talk And do whatever put lip gloss on over Top it doesn't smear or transfer and so I found this one it comes with six Different shades some are more bright And some are more neutral here I'm just Wearing like a peachy color it's just Literally a stain on your lips you let It dry and then you can kiss someone you Can eat you can wipe it it's not going To come off you can put lip gloss over

Top and just all day long you rock like A really pretty natural looking shade on Your lips this is another Korean beauty Item that has gone crazy on Tik Tok I Mean crazy on Tik Tok it's a multiuse or Like all all in-one Beauty balm and it Has a lot of collagen in it so it's Going to plump up your skin to instantly Make it more hydrated but then also help With wrinkles so I think that's why I Went crazy on Tik Tok people love this Down their neck to help with the lines On their neck it's just a formula that Works kind of all over your body so People love it under their eyes to give Instant moisturization people will put It on their lips people will even keep It in their purse and put it around Their hands they'll put it on their Elbow and just like different places That needs instant hydration it's just a Stick that works everywhere so Everything in this video I purchased Myself I actually think is really worth It I really like it I recommend it Except for this this is the soul de Janeiro Brazilian Crush it's their viral Bestselling fragrance body spray it's Even like a hair fragrance it is so Freaking popular I did not buy this this Was sent to me in a PR box and the thing Is I wanted to put it in this video Because I understand the craze I Understand the height because let me

Just tell you this stuff is potent I Mean it is so popular this is the number 62 by the way pistachio and salted Caramel I mean like everyone is talking About this and I sprayed it and it does Smell good it's just a little too strong For me I'm just like not a fragrance Person at all but this is like $39 and a Little goes a long way you can use it as Perfume people will put it in their hair And I mean I I hate even saying this I Sprayed it to test it and I went out and So complimented me so I know I know People really like this and so I wanted To share that you know it's definitely Worth your money if you're into this Like it's going to last and make you Smell really good it's just not my thing But I understand why it's viral this Next item I was really hesitant to put In the video because I've just recently Shared a lot of products that make your Hair super shiny um I talked about that Vegamore hair oil that they recently Launch lach that doesn't weigh your hair Down I love that stuff and it really Works to make your hair shiny I talked About the hair gloss treatment that you Actually put in your hair when your hair Is wet in the shower but this is a new Product by Kenra and it's become really Popular in a very short amount of time It is their silkening gloss so it's kind Of different in that it's it's not quite

Like a hair oil like the whole purpose Of it is to just put a gloss in your Hair but you don't have to do it in the Shower and it smells really nice I feel Like it works really instantly and you Just wash it out so I feel like if You're on the hunt for something that's Just like the sole purpose is to add Shine to your hair this does work well Now I guess this is another product that I probably won't continue to use and I Ordered it strictly because of how Popular and viral it is right now Although this has been very bestselling For years it is by the brand Laton and It is their number one best-selling hand Cream I've just never been somebody that Feels like my hands are super dry and I Need hand cream but I know there's so Many of you out there that like that is A thing like that is an issue for you so If you are somebody that's never tried This Laton hand cream I definitely Recommend it I did get the larger size So this would be great to just keep it Home but it also comes in a smaller tube As well which I think would be great Just to have in your purse now I wanted To put this next for those of you that Do use a lot of hand lotion and get your Rings all gunky or for those of us that Just never really clean our diamonds I Mean that's most of us you need this This is blowing up yet again on Amazon

Rightfully so because it is so good this Is only like $8 it is the diamond Dazzle Stick just keep it in your bathroom and Every few days you just take this brush And twist the bottom here solution will Come up through the brush and then you Can take it and scrub and brush your Your ring and really get in all the Nooks and crannies the sides underneath And it dazzles up and sparkles up your Diamond like you will like you've never Seen before like truly the before and After is always always shocking to me This is the best thing I've ever found For cleaning your diamond so again just Keep it in your bathroom and do it every Few days I talked about this beautiful Candle lamp warmer around the holidays Because I suggested this as a great gift Idea for so many people it is so pretty I love it so much but it has since just Gone viral on Amazon and so I wanted to Share it again um so I will link this One and then I also have another one I Think this one is prettier though I'll Link both but I I think you should get This one it's just a better way to burn A candle it actually makes the candles Last longer and then if you have pets You're not actually lighting a flame or Anything like that so not only is it Pretty but it's also just like a really Functional pretty Decor piece but under The next number I'm going to link my

Personal favorite 100% pure beeswax Candles which are not viral on Amazon uh But they should be because they're way Healthier than other candles that have Bad fragrances and just bad chemicals That that you're you know breathing in Your home this is pure beeswax and you Can get it on Amazon it's a small Business on Amazon um and I like to use It together now this really surprised me Guys if you have hard flooring like Hardwood floors laminate vinyl tile and You like a good oldfashioned mop system This is like this is really good such a Good price um amazing five-star reviews Like everything in this video uh but it Comes with a microfiber mop head that is In a triangle shape so it's going to Move like 360° get in the nooks and Crannies the corners and then you can Fill this up with water the cleaner you Can dunk the mop and then you put it in This basket hit the petal and it will Ring it out completely and then you can Proceed with mopping so that really Impressed me don't forget about Mary Ruth and my promo code m r Shaw for 20% Off all Mary Ruth on Amazon so I'll have Everything linked Down Below in the Description box and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section by the Numbers you saw on screen Please Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you In my next one bye