30 *EPIC* Amazon SPRING PRIME DAY Deals PART 2! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. Corduroy Distressed Jacket – 43% off!! (S):
2. Ribbed Tank Dress(XS):
3. 2-Strap Heels(true to size):
4. Matching Knit Set(XS):
5. Roll-Up Sun Hat(M):
6. 6-pack of Earrings:
7. Jewelry Organizer (mine is Large – only $15!):
8. Black Belt Bag (only $15):
9. Slingbag:
10. Ribbed Shirt – 20% off coupon!! (S):
11. Linen Pants(S):
12. Camel Slide Sandals(true to size):
13. Nippies:
**Use code 20SWNIPPIES for an extra 20% off all Nippies products**

14. NuDerma Skin Wand:
15. Hot Tools Curling Iron:
16. Oral-B Electric Toothbrush:
17. Crest Whitening Strips:
18. Travel Light-Up Compact Mirror:
19. Lorac Gold Eyeshadow Palette:
20. Cover Girl Clean Mascara:
21. Sally Jensen Neutral Gel:
22. Sally Hensen Gel Topcoat:
23. Nail Lamp:
24. Unite Hair Detangler:

25. Bamboo Sheets:
**Use code 10HSDSHEA for extra 10% off bamboo sheets!**
26. 12×12 Pillow Inserts 2-Pack:
27. Dash Egg Cooker:
28. Gravity Salt Pepper Grinders:
29. Portable Phone Charger Bank:
30. Bissell Little Green Machine:
31. O-Cedar Mop System:

Clothing Steamer:
Viral Veggie Chopper:
Snail Mucin Essence:
Flared Leggings:
Built-In Bra Tank:
Levoit Air Purifier:
Hanging Toiletry Bag:
Adidas Bestsellers:
Instant Pot:
Dyson Vacuums and Purifiers:

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Today I am back with part two of Amazon's Big Spring sale where I'm Sharing 30 more epic Amazon deals with You guys if you miss my first video Though I will link it right up here you Should still watch that one if you Missed it because all of the deals in That video are still available for the Next few days but for today I will link Everything down below in the description Box and I'll also pin everything in the Comment section by the numbers you see On screen I'm going to start in the Fashion category which is my personal Favorite and I want to start with what I'm actually wearing which is this Corduroy shirt jacket now you may Remember I do already have this in a Grayish black color and every time I Wear it whether it be on YouTube or even Just out and about people always ask me About it and I don't know if it's Because it's a little bit distress at The bottom it's a little bit oversized It it's just really nice and I love the Darker color but for spring you could Consider this blue shade that I recently Got so all of the colors are 20% off for This sale and I will have all of my Sizing details listed down below beside Each item another great option for Spring is this tank top ribbed dress That is a bit longer perfect for spring Now I did get it in this camel color

Which I think is very versatile but you Could also get it in Black they have a Really pretty fuchsia color there's a Lot of Shades it was so popular when it First was released that they ended up Releasing it in many options ooh and I Didn't even tell you the pricing so this Is normally $50 it's very good quality But it's on sale for 39 now throughout The video I will be sharing a lot of Prices and percentages off and I really Try my hardest with the information Given to me to give you accurate Information but if anything is different I am so sorry things can fluctuate now With that dress and a lot of other Outfits I like to wear these two strap Heels that are also by Amazon's own Brand so again super popular shoe so Many color options with this one I Originally got these and I love them so Much I ended up getting the clear Version which I think really makes your Legs look a lot longer and these are 40% Off and then next we have this matching Knit set where you get the top and the Bottoms I love the accent detail around The edges and you can pick from a lot of Colors like everything so this is Normally like 50 something dollar again It's a little higher of a price point Because you you get the top and the Bottoms but it's 25% off bringing it Down to $39 which I think is a great

Price and it is very designer inspired That's the original reason I order Ordered this it just looks high-end and Expensive I think every woman girl Should get this hat because it is a Rollup sun hat so it's only $17 right Now and it's the coolest thing because It rolls up it can be folded it can be Squished into a suitcase or a carry-on But when you get to your destination you Can whip it out and it turns into a Full-blown sun hat where you can wear Your hair up or down it doesn't get Wrinkly you can Shield your face from The Sun but when you want to go out to Lunch maybe you're at the beach and You're like I'm gonna go go get some Food by the beach you can just roll it Back up and stuff it in your purse now If you haven't tried the viral popular Six-pack of Amazon earrings you really Need to try them because they are so Darn good for $13 today in the next few Days for this spring sale it's a steel They are such high quality they're Plated in 14 karat gold you can get it In yellow gold or silver I wear them all The time nothing has tarnished on me and They're all very different I just feel Like you get so much bang for your buck Because you have like a plethora of Earring options now speaking of jewelry If you have a lot of it like necklaces Earrings Rings bracelets anything this

Is the most skinny thin space saving Jewelry organizer I have ever come Across and it's incredibly easy and Functional so this is the side for Bracelets and uh necklaces as you can See you just simply hang them on these Little wire uh like hooks or whatever Very easy to take on and off then on This side I love there's just pockets And you can stick Rings you can stick Earrings in bracelets anything Everything has its own section but you Can slide it directly into your closet And it takes up no space I also just Love that it slides into your closet Because when you're getting dressed Sometimes it's easy to just go right to That organizer and look at what you're Wearing and pick out what you think will Complement it best now if you know me at All I love a good belt bag I have a Couple I want to share with you this one Is only $16 today in the next couple Days if you love anything in this video I'm telling you you need to just jump on It because things can sell out and I Don't know if it'll make it to the end Of the sale but this is only 16 bucks It's very similar almost identical to The Lululemon version which is super Popular and viral it's sold out half the Time but there is a main compartment on Top and then a hidden compartment in the Back if you want to slide your cell

Phone and I do just have a nylon Black Version but there are other options now I did share this sling bag in my first Amazon Big Spring sale video and I just Wanted to put it in this video again Because it is such a good price for this Bag it's only $18 this could be already Sold out I hope it's not I love this so Much it looks so stylish yet it's so Incredibly functional with the different Compartments in the front there's even Card slots there's a section on the back You don't have to get it in camel but I Feel like everyone should just give this A try because you're completely Handsfree but still look really good now In that bag clip you probably saw that White ribbed short sleeve shirt which is Only $16 I also love that again many Color options but I think it's a perfect Top for the spring especially if you get It in a fun color but again 16 bucks you Can't beat it then those linen pants oh My goodness I have fallen in love with Those they are 43% off bringing them Down to $28 I did get the beige color but check Out the light blue there's an army green There's a rust color there's so many Options and you can just slide them on Dress them up or dress them down if you Noticed these camel slides though these Are also on sale for $31 which is again A fantastic price they're so similar to

My Sam Edelman ones which are over $100 They're similar to the AES designer Aon Sandals get these if you're drawn to This simplistic style they like don't go Out of style they're so com they're so Gushy very very comfy um I'm usually Either a 7 and 1/2 or an eight and I got An eight in these and they fit perfect Now in the spring and summer a lot of us Will wear shirts or dresses where it's Harder to wear a bra so inert nippies I Have definitely talked at length about These they're silicone sticky boobies as I call them you just stick them over Your nipples and they come in a lot of Different shade colors to match your Skin but they're the best covers I've Ever come across because they are super Sticky and reusable but they're very Thin along the edges so they just blend In with your skin and you can wear the Thinnest material you're not going to See anything so they did give me a Special 20% off promo code for all of The nippies products literally it could Be these it could be other products they Have so I will put that on the screen You can enter that at checkout on Amazon And you'll save 20% moving on to the Beauty category I want to start with the New Derma skin wand which I have talked About in a previous video but you may Have seen it all over Tik Tok because it Is very viral right now it is normally

$90 but right now it's on sale for 69 so When you open it up it comes with the Full wand but then it also comes with Four different attachments and they are Glass and it's you have to be very Careful with them but what's interesting Is it kind of zaps you you can see it Better in the dark now it does not hurt But it does send some type of electrical Charge into your skin and it speeds up The ATP process which is actually the Adenosine triphosphate process that when You're younger that's what's happening All the time and it's kind of causing Your cells to turn over faster stopping The aging process but when you get older That slows down and this will Supercharge that and get it'll help get Rid of fine lines and wrinkles it'll Help get rid of age spots it'll help get Rid of acne spots so this is really good If you're in the market for a new Curling iron you can't go wrong with the Hot tools because they are great quality I love the way they look but they come In many different sizes so if you want a Chunkier curl you could get a bigger one If you want tighter curls obviously get Smaller my favorite is either 1 in or 1 And 1/2 in barrels so these are 42% off Right now this oral be electric Toothbrush very popular normally $130 it's on sale for $79 this is Josh's Holy Grail toothbrush he loves it and I

Actually get a lot of toothbrushes sent My way electric toothbrushes and he's Always testing them out I feel like I'm Not that picky but he really is and he Loves this so if you've been wanting This or maybe you just need to replace The one you have I mean this is kind of Expensive so the savings here are pretty High now the classic Crest White Strips This is a product that I only recommend On Amazon Prime events so it's never on Sale except for these types of events so If you wanted to get a box of White Strips to whiten your teeth these work Very well and only in like 7 days it's Crazy how well they work actually if you Just want to you know get these to Spruce up your smile for the summer and The spring and whatever you should get Them while they're a bit discounted I Wanted to move on to some makeup items But I first wanted to start with Something you can use to fix your makeup On the go which is this lit makeup Compact mirror which is only $8 right Now get it while it's $8 this is so Handy to have so you can open it up it's You know different um magnification Mirrors but then on the back you can Turn it on and it lights up so you can See everything really well and once You're done you can just flip it off and Throw it back in your bag and this comes In like four or five different colors

This is a classic eyeshadow palette it's An oldie but a goodie um it's the Lorac Gold unzipped eyeshadow palette it's Probably my alltime favorite eyeshadow Palette which is kind of saying Something because I've had so many in my Time this is actually a brand new one You should have seen the one that I Threw away because I had hit pan on like Every single shade it is just a bronzy Neutral pigmented palette that I think Would look good on everyone it just Warms up your face it brightens up your Face but it looks natural I feel like Everybody watching this video should try This new mascara because it's only $5 For this sale right now it is by the Brand Covergirl it's their lash blast Mascara but it is their clean formula Which you know I'm trying my hardest in A lot of different aspects to just use Cleaner makeup or cleaning products or Really anything in my life so this is Actually a very good mascara and you Can't beat the price especially now for Five bucks but the wand is kind of like A it's it's one of those silicone wands But it really does lengthen and separate Your lashes well let's talk Nails next If you like to use gel polish at home Then I want to share some Sally Hansen Products which are really really Discounted right now so I'm going to Start with the gel polish which I'll

Link it under this number but some of The colors are on sale and some are not So you'll just have to click around but I do know the shade in the sheer it Which is a really pretty neutral beige Color very wearable that's only like $5 Right now and it's a gel polish then Under the next number I'm going to link Her famous shiny top coat it's just a Clear top coat great to have and you're Going to need a nail lamp which that is Also discounted right now so under the Next number I will link the nail lamp That we have and I use and it's great You just cure the gel polish under the Lamp it takes like 30 seconds to a Minute and it doesn't chip it doesn't uh Break like it's just so much better than Regular polish now I did talk about this In my last video but this is the unite 7 Seconds hair detangler and leave-in Conditioner this again is a product that Is very popular but doesn't ever go on Sale but people love it so much when it Is a bit dis counted they will order Another bottle just to have on hand and Save a little money so if you have not Tried this hair detangler and you have Tangly hair or maybe a little girl I'm Telling you it's the best hair detangler Ever and because spring and summer's Coming up you should spray this in your Hair before you get in a pool or when You get in the ocean and it protects

Your hair from getting all tangled and Naughty when you get out you can just Glide the brush through your hair so get This if you haven't tried it yet now We're moving into the home cout or and I'm so excited to share this first deal Because it's the bamboo sheets guys I Know a lot of you like me are obsessed With the bamboo sheets if you haven't Tried the 100% bamboo sheets you need to Do it today okay they're the best sheets Of your entire life I'm not just saying That now a lot of the colors and sizes Are on sale not all of them again it's One of those things you're going to have To click around but they are discounted But they did give me a promo code that I'm going to put on the screen cuz I Reached out and saying like are you Going to be on sale for this event and They gave me a special 10% off promo Code you can then enter at checkout for An extra 10% so be sure to use that code Try them if you haven't already or maybe You already love them now is the time to Stock up on another another color now This next one I'm just throwing in the Video because I'm personally going to be Ordering them during this sale but they Are a two pack of 12×2 pillow inserts I Just need some and they're 50% off right Now bringing them down to only $9 for a Set of two this next home product was Actually in my best purchases of 2023

Video and it's this egg cooker it's by The brand Dash and it's only $16 right Now it's one of those little appliances That some of you might not think you Need and that's probably true if you Don't like eggs but I eat a lot of eggs And I cannot stand hard boiling or soft Boiling eggs and getting it perfect you Have to it's just like a whole thing Like I know it's simple but it's kind of Not this you just set it and forget it So you put however many eggs you want in There you poke a little pin prick at the Top of the shell you put the water in And then you set the button and you walk Away based on the amount of liquid that You put in there it will cook them to Perfection without even thinking it is So good I love softboiled eggs medium You can even poach eggs there's so many Ways you can cook eggs with this little Thing and I love it if you do not have The electric salt and pepper Grinders You you need to buy them this is one of Those life-changing products once you Have these you will never go back to Regular salt and pepper shakers okay I Know that sounds dramatic but it's Totally true you can get them in silver You can get them in black rose gold Whatever to match your kitchen or if you Know somebody that doesn't have these Yet you need to buy it for them itbe a Great Mother's Day gift maybe a

Housewarming gift um you just put Batteries in here they last forever we Broke one once when Josh threw it on the Ground and I missed it so much I ended Up order ing a new set I also wanted to Share this portable phone charger bank Which I have shared different ones in The past but this one is the number one Bestseller right now is 40% off bringing It down to $17 now I wanted to note that It is actually the thinnest and lightest On the market for how powerful and Highspeed it is so that is something to Keep in mind sometimes the portable Phone charger banks are very bulky and Heavy but this one is lightweight and It's very very very fast so believe it Or not bissell's Little Green Machine Upholstery cleaner is still one of Amazon's top selling items so I'm sure a Lot of you do already have it but if you Don't it is really on sale right now and It's it's such a good thing to have I Know it is kind of bigger but we do bust This out all the time we've used it in Our vehicles we'll use it on carpets We'll use it on the couch we'll use it On curtains anywhere there is a stain or A spot it gets it out so you put cleaner In it you spray it but then there is Suction and so it kind of like pushes The cleaner in but then it sucks Everything out and it cleans it well and Gets out all of the stains if you have

Hardwood floors or tile or anything like That then this mopping system is also Great to have this is a newer purchase Of mine and it seemed like when I Featured it in a YouTube video it kind Of went viral so you guys might be Interested in it it is 21% off right now But it is a mop system where there's a Bucket and then the mop where you can You know dip it but then put it in this Spin thing with a petal and it will spin It to not be dry but it won't be as Spping wet then you can mop up your Floors and then go back and forth and it Just kind of makes your life a lot Easier if you love a good mop everything In this video will be linked Down Below In the description box and also pinned In the comment section But be sure to Check out my first video covering this Sale because all of those items are also Still on sale assuming they're not Already sold out so jump on anything if You love it please subscribe if you're New and I'll see you in my next one bye