30 INSANE Amazon PRIME DAY 2 Deals 2023 linked here…
1. Long Romper Pants(S):
2. Strappy Sports Bras(S):
3. 3-Pack Biker Shorts(S-M):
4. Workout Shorts(S):
5. Half-zip Sweater(S):
6. Sweater(S):
7. Cable Knit Cardigan(S):
8. Plaid Shirt Jacket(S):
9. Layered Necklace:
10. Long Floral Dress(S):
11. Nippies:

12. Viral Makeup Bag:
13. Olaplex Products:
14. Moroccan Oil Texture Spray:
15. 3-Barrel Waver:
16. Hot Tools Curling Iron:
17. T3 Luxe Hair Dryer:
18. Hair Wax Stick:
19. Clear Stackable Organizers:
20. Light Makeup Mirror:
21. Makeup Eraser Cloth:
22. OPI Nail Envy:
23. Waterpik:
24. Foot Peel Mask:

25. Bamboo Sheets:
26. Angry Orange:
Bathroom Spray:
27. Clear Organizing Bins:
28. Electronics Organizer:
29. Broom and Dust Pan Set:
30. Cordless Vacuum:
31: Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinders:
32. Clip-On Strainer:
33. Automatic Pet Feeder With App:

Dyson Vacuums & Purifiers:
iRobot Vacuums:
Kindle E-Readers:
Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes:
Samsonite Luggage:
Instant Pot:
Apple Airpods:
Apple Watch:
Olaplex Haircare:
Adidas Sneakers:


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It's Prime day two and I've got 30 Insane deals for you guys some of these Deals are even better than yesterday but If you missed my video from yesterday I'm gonna link it up here and down below Be sure to watch that one after this Because all of those deals from day one Are still live now until midnight so Everything in this video until midnight Is extremely discounted and I'll have it All linked Down Below in the description Box by the number you see on screen so As we go along write down your favorite Numbers and it's super easy to shop We're starting in the fashion category And I have a lot of info on my clipboard That I've been working on for weeks but I do want to start with my summer Uniform now this I know is very Discounted today but for this item I Don't know how much it's kind of Fluctuating but I wear it almost on a Daily basis I I call them like the long Romper pants they look like free people If you don't have this you need to Consider it it's so comfortable you just Put on a tank top or a T-shirt and then Slip this on over top and you can Lounge Janet you can go out in it like it's Just amazing I love it in Black I Recently got green I have it in teal Lots of colors okay I love this deal This is a strappy sports bra pack you Can get a three a four or a five pack

And they're like 43 off today it's a Lightning deal so like the five pack That I have here and you can pick Whatever colors you want but it's 33 Dollars for five of them and they're Really nice you can obviously exercise In them and work out on them or you can Just wear them as a tank top and I love The strappy detail in the back now with Those sports bra tanks you saw me Wearing these biker shorts so it's a Three pack and they literally call them The Buttery biker shorts and they really Are super buttery I mean really the Material is fantastic but this like I Said is an insane deal it's 37 off so You get three of them for 16 black is Classic gray is two but I really love This pinky purpley taupe you could also Consider these gym workout shorts Words Which would also be great for running it Has those hidden running shorts Underneath so they just feel like they Fit well and they're really comfortable There's also a pocket along the side They're high waisted and they're 41 off Bringing them down to 19 bucks the next Few tops and sweaters range from 30 to 50 off depending on the item and what Color you get but I want to start with This half zip collared sweater if you Know me at all maybe you don't but I Love this style I love that it's a Sweater it's like a pullover but to me

This looks a little bit more Chic and Elevated with this collar neckline so Anyway I love wearing this even with Denim shorts in the summer when I'm a Little bit chilly and then obviously This is a style that's perfect for fall Into winter and then we have this Sweater which is a little bit more Classic like this is your everyday go-to Just wearable sweater and you can get it In so many colors I went with white like I just love a good white sweater Although they don't last forever because You end up getting a stain on them but Still I really like this pick whatever Color you want yeah it can just be Something you grab and it goes with a Lot of things and then we have this Classic cable knit cardigan which I love The button detail on this is like a Tortoiseshell button detail so you can Obviously style this open like a normal Cardigan or if you want to button it Down you could do that as well but I Love the army green I was also very Drawn to the beige but as I keep saying Tons of color options and just for Sizing reference beside each item down Below I will share what size I'm wearing And then we have this creamy beige plaid Shirt jacket that I've actually Recommended many times in previous Amazon YouTube videos I love this I get So much wear out of it and it's very

Discounted today so if you don't have it Then maybe consider it if you've had Your eye on it in the past let's talk Jewelry next so this two-piece layered Necklace set was only 12 yesterday and It's still live today so I'm telling you Guys check out my video from yesterday But today I want to share my earrings Because this is a deal that was only Live for day two and I really think it's An insane deal you get six pairs of Earrings you're seeing a photo of all of Them that you get for fourteen dollars Today only okay that's crazy these are 14 karat gold plated earrings I've Actually had these for months and months And months they haven't tarnished at all You can get them in yellow gold silver Today I'm wearing the like scalloped Version there's also the Twisted Hoops There's chunkier more basic Hoops There's smaller Huggies they're all Really great and very different and then We have this long beautiful floral dress Which is 39 off today and just check out The different patterns I was very torn On what I even should order so I almost Got this one which I just still really Love this Floral Pattern but I ended up Getting the white with the dark navy Blue flower pattern which is also really Pretty it's just flattering feminine so Many different ways you can wear it it Just feels really summery it would be

Great for photos it would be great for Church a baby shower I just love it then We have the silicone nipple covers the Nippies the sticky boobies as I call Them I've recommended them so many times On my channel so if you want to get a Different pair you want to actually try Them out at a really discounted price I'm actually getting conflicting Information on how much these are going To be discounted but I know they're Going to be on sale today but they come In different shades so that they you Know blend seamlessly into your skin Color and they're just the best quality On all of Amazon it's very very thin Super super sticky you can stick them on And then wear whatever top you want Moving into the beauty category I wanted To start with a product that is so viral Everyone wants one of these so if you Don't have one you should consider it It's the it's the viral makeup toiletry Bag that has the diagonal zipper so that When you open it it opens completely Flat and super wide so you can see Everything in here this has been totally Game changing for me I even use it at my House to kind of just keep everything in One spot but it's also just fantastic to Travel with again the diagonal zipper is Really just what makes it so amazing you Can see everything that you have and Then when you zip it back up it's nice

And compact everything being olaplex is 20 off today so under this number I'm Going to link the best sellers of Olaplex I mean we all know the number Three hair perfector is what everyone Wants this is what got them famous I Personally am obsessed with the the Number seven bonding oil like I say try This out and like one or two drops is All you need and you just put it on the Bottoms of your hair and it just Controls frizz it makes your hair shiny It makes your curls stand out so many People swear by the shampoo and Conditioner so I'm going to link this Set as well but I want to move on to This Moroccan oil dry texture spray I'm Normally not a huge fan of texture spray Except for this one and I actually like It for different reasons I actually kind Of like it as a hairspray I find that it Gives my hair some you know texture and Volume but it actually allows My Curls To last longer so anyway if you haven't Tried provide this texture spray and You're a fan of texture sprays you Should give it a go it is 30 off another Thing you should consider if you don't Have one already a three Barrel hair Waver I love these things okay this is Only 25 today and I should have styled My hair with it today but I didn't even Think about it but I'll insert some Clips of you know previous YouTube

Videos when I have my hair like this It's so easy you just go down each you Know hair section and it just creates Beautiful natural looking waves and they Last for days it looks really beachy and Summery for me so to me this is like the Perfect time to get it the Hot Tools Curling irons are around 50 off so Depending on what size you get they're Around like 25 I would recommend either The one inch or the 1.25 inch those are The curling sizes I think look best it Gives you some curl it's tight enough That it doesn't just immediately fall Out but it's not too tight that it looks Weird but these are really good quality And a like a really good price now if You want some higher end professional Styling tools that are beautiful Consider T3 they're my favorite hair Styling but like I just love the way These look like this is actually brand New everything else in this video I Literally bought myself but they Actually did just send this to me but I Already have one so maybe I should give This away but anyway they're just Stunning they're 30 off everything T3 is 30 off so I have their hair dryers um They dry your hair so much faster There's curling irons there's wands so I Will link all of the best T3 items under This number another hair product that I Think is great and only on deal for day

Two this hair wax stick is 40 off today Bringing it down to only eight dollars And a lot of women actually like to use This you just open it and then push up The bottom but it's a completely Non-greasy wax stick where if you slick Your hair back you can control flyaways And frizz you can also put it on your Hand and put it directly into your hair But guys also love this to style their Hair as well another day two deal are These clear stackable drawers which I Think would be great for bathrooms or if You have a makeup vanity you can see Everything and it just like Glides open And close you can stack them or you can Actually make them horizontal you can Really just do whatever but I actually Think they look really nice well another Really cool thing so this is a Rechargeable light makeup mirror so if You like to do your makeup in weird Places like your kitchen or the living Room or you like to travel with Something like this this is 17 today It's like 30 some percent off and so you Just open it up it stands there you hit This button and it's super bright white You can easily do your makeup and see Everything really well the mirror is Really nice quality but if you hit it Again it'll be more of a warm tone and Then the third time is kind of a mix of Both so I love this and then when you

Close it up it's nice and Compact and Again great for travel my beloved makeup Erasing cloths are 30 off today these Are normally twenty dollars which these These are like the original I do think It's worth it to get the original There's some much cheaper ones you can Get that I also use and I have Recommended but to me this is the best And these are only 14 today so they're 30 off like I said and you can get them In different colors pink is classic but They literally remove all of your makeup With only water and I'm talking like Everything red lipstick waterproof Mascara all of your foundation and then You can just re-wash these and reuse These over and over and over again oh my Goodness I just realized I was filming This video with no mascara I knew when I Looked in this mirror I was like Something looks off Um which I don't think I've ever done Before but I don't even have a I don't Have long eyelashes anyway so you Probably didn't even notice but let's Move on to the next deal which is this OPI nail Envy so this is a nail Strengthening treatment and you notice a Big difference in only one week so it Makes your nails longer thicker it makes Them look better and it's 30 off so it's Only 13 today this water pick was a huge Best seller last year for Prime day and

It's back actually the new model is 45 Off so it's almost 50 off so if you've Been wanting to try a water pick this is Definitely the one I suggest because It's cordless so you can actually take It in the shower with you and it's way Less messy and you just go through your Teeth and it cleans your teeth it's Actually really good for gum health and It comes with several attachments this Foot peel mask is 46 off it's only 13 Today normally this is pretty expensive It comes with two treatments so Josh and I did this like a year ago with another Box that I had had and it was shocking So you put like these little socks on Your feet with this cream and you just Watch a movie for like an hour while it Sits in your feet and then you wash it Off and honestly you go about your life And think nothing of it but then around Day six or seven your feet start to peel Like crazy like you are a snake and for Like a day it's kind of gross but then It reveals super soft skin underneath so If you struggle with dry or cracked feet You should try this moving into the home Category I want to start with my bamboo Sheet Obsession so I've recommended These bamboo sheets countless times and They are very on sale today okay and I'm Not gonna quote exactly because it Really just depends on what size and Color you get so I'm going to link them

Down below obviously under this number Click around and save money I'm sure a Lot of you already have a set and you Love them and maybe you want to get a Different color I mean they are that Good these bamboo sheets are 100 bamboo They're the softest sheets we've ever Had Angry Orange is also a lightning Deal today so this is the odor Eliminator that I absolutely love this Smells so fresh and real and it truly Gets rid of any odor especially if you Have pets you guys need to get this it Instantly gets rid of any odor but I'm Also going to link their bathroom spray Under the same number because it's also A lightning deal today and this is great To actually just keep in your bathroom So if there's a situation you can just Like spray this and it truly gets rid of The odor rather than just simply Covering up and it smells amazing these Clear organizing bins another lightning Deal this is a six pack forty percent Off and you can use these so many Different places so I actually use them In my newer Pantry we have like a Secondary Pantry area you can put you Know cans and rice or whatever you could Also use them in your bathroom under the Kitchen sink really whatever and I just Love that you can see everything that You have another organizing item you Might be interested in is this

Electronics organizer so this is really Nice to keep everything in one place Like your cords your chargers your Headphones your battery packs so you can Use this at home to again keep Everything in one place or you could use It for travel but it comes in different Colors I have pink but I think black Would be good too this broom and dustpan Set is only 20 bucks today I think it's A great home item to have because it's a Little bit different so this dustpan Actually has little teeth at the top so When you are sweeping all of the dust And what ever's on the floor into the Pan you can bring the broom up through The teeth and it just releases Everything that's stuck into the broom I Do really like this sage green color That I got but it does come in black and Some other normal colors now if you want Just a good old handheld vacuum I use Mine almost every single day and this Black and Decker one that I have I've Had it for years and so the newer model Of this same version is on deal it's 24 Off so I just really recommend this I Mean it it charges it lasts a long time It's lightweight and it just works well Oh my gosh the gravity salt and pepper Grinders that just automatically start When you flip it over I know it's like Every time I mention them it just sounds Stupid but once you have these you will

Never go back okay so these are on sale Today you can get them in different Colors but I'm telling you these are Worth it you'll love them this clip-on Strainer is only 11 today I had to Mention it because it's one of those Household gadgets that I actually think Is worth it it's a silicone material you Clip it onto a pot or a pan and then you Easily strain out the water and it just It takes up such less space it's easier To clean it works really well and again It's only 11 bucks today under this Number I'm going to link even more best Sellers and Big Ticket items they're Keeping kind of hush hush until last Minute like this automatic pet feeder so You can actually feed your cat or your Dog via an app on your phone even when You're not home or you can just program It to be whatever you want and I feel Like this would be so helpful to so many People and it's really on sale today so I'll have everything in this video Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comments section Along with my video from yesterday so Happy shopping and I'll see you in my Next one bye