30 *INSANE* Amazon SPRING PRIME DAY Deals! Everything linked below & in the comments!!
1. Short Sleeve Ribbed Top(S):
2. Linen Pants(S):
3. Sling Bag:
4. Bee Wallet:
5. Camel Sandals(true to size):
6. Vintage Square Sunglasses:
7. Cardigan(S):
8. Amazon Essentials 2-Pack Tanks(S):
9. Flared Leggings(XS):
10. Sweatpant Shorts(S):
11. Duffle Bag:
12. Reusable Lint Roller:

13. Neutrogena Clear Face SPF:
14. Neutrogena Body Mist SPF 3-Pack:
15. Bubble Headband:
16. Self-Tanning Drops:
17. Snail Mucin Essence:
18. Castor Oil Shampoo Bar:
19. Scalp Exfoliator:
20. Tea Tree Oil:
21. Unite Hair Detangler:
22. Glass Foot File:

23. Levoit Smart Humidifier:
24. Portable Night Light:
25. Walking Pad Folding Treadmill:
26. Identity Theft Stamp Roller:
27. Neck Light:
28. Car Cleaning Gel:
29. Breville Smart Oven:
30. Stainless Steel Baking Sheets (3-Pack):

2-Piece Jogger Set:
Lash Growth Serum:
Levoit Air Purifier:
Bagsmart Hanging Toiletry Bag:
Adidas Bestsellers:
Women’s Swimwear:
Instant Pot:
Dyson Vacuums and Purifiers:

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Today I'm sharing 30 insane Amazon deals From Amazon's Big Spring sale which is a New event they're doing for spring so I Will have everything linked Down Below In the description box I'll also pin Everything in the comment section by the Numbers you see on screen so as we go Along write down your favorite numbers And it's really easy to find what you're Looking for and just so you know this Event will be lasting until March 25th And things will be going on sale off of Sale everything in today's video should Be on sale the entire duration but I do Think things could sell out in the first Day or so so jump on these items if you Love them because you can save so much Money I'll be covering Fashion Beauty And home items but first I wanted to Start in the fashion category with what I'm wearing so number one is this short Sleeve ribbed top now I did get it in a White and black um version but this is One that comes in a lot of colors and I Was really drawn to other Shades as well So check it out because it's 35% off Bringing it down to only $16 and this is Just such a nice top especially with Kind of the the squared neckline it's Something you can make very casual with Jeans or you can dress it up so these Linen pants I just love them and they're Normally $50 but they are 43% off Bringing them down to $28 they just look

So nice I did get the beige color which I think is very classic and wearable it Looks great with this shirt actually but Look at the other colors too because I Almost ordered the army green pair um I Also love the rust color there's a light Blue shade I mean there's so many and I Did order a size small so I will have All of my sizing details for every piece Down down below in the description box Just because I know that that is really Helpful for you guys when ordering oh my Gosh then we have this sling bag which Is what I'm calling it you guys need to Jump on this circle this number guys This is so nice so this is 49% off today And again I don't know if it's going to Sell out but it's normally $35.99 and It's only $18 today like this is so darn Nice and you just put it over the front Of you you're completely hands-free Again it looks great with this outfit um There's different sections on the front For your wallet for you know different Essentials then there is a hidden Compartment in the back as well which is Really nice and you have a spot for your Phone it's very adjustable it looks Chic It's stylish and it does come in other Colors than just camel now speaking of Wallets I know that last sling bag did Have card holder slots which is really Cool so keep that in mind but if you do Want a mini wallet this is the one you

Should get it's 52% off today like I'm Throwing out a lot of numbers so as Always things always do fluctuate on Amazon so if my pricing and numbers Aren't perfect I'm so sorry I really Tried my hardest with the information Given to me but this is supposed to be $9 guys get one for yourself get one as Some gifts people would never think this Freaking card holder wallet would be $9 I I've had it for so long it hel holds Up fantastically I used to have a black I ended up giving that one to my mom I Ordered a camel one for me you can get It in again so many different shades it Fits so many different cards you can fan It out see everything there's also a Section for coins I could go on and on Like this thing is amazing for $9 okay I Swear there's different colors than just Camel in this video but I saw that these Slide sandals by Amazon essentials were Were going to be 20% off and I just love Them because they're so similar ilar to My Sam Edelman ones and the viral Aires Oron sandals these are 20% off bringing That down to $31 and they're really Really gushy and comfortable I'm Typically either a 7 and2 or an eight And I did get an eight in these and they Fit really well perfect for spring and Summer coming up and then we have these Vintage looking squared sunglasses that Look very designer to me they just look

Highend they look more expensive than They actually are because they're only $14 today and I just love I love the Detailing of them again they're kind of Squared off they feel kind of like Heavier and nice so if you're into Sunglasses you should try these and then We have this open front longer cardigan Which is 30% off bringing it down to $33 Which I think is a great price for the Quality of this cardigan it feels super Soft it's nice and thick I feel like it Looks really stylish you'll be able to Throw it on it just kind of elevates the Entire ire outfit let's move on to just Some more casual loungy pieces so this Amazon essentials twack tank top set is Only $111 now I do have the black and White I think but there's a lot of Different options I don't think every Single set is on sale so you'll have to Click around I know the black and Olive Colors on sale there's some brighter Colors there's more neutral colors but $11 for two tank tops is a great price And again you'll be able to wear it for Spring and summer by itself or even Under sweaters and cardigans if you have Been eyeing up those flared leggings or Yoga pants that I've been talking up in So many YouTube videos I love them you Should jump on them now if you haven't Already because they are under 20 bucks Right now for this sale and they

Recently released them in three Different length options so short Regulars and tall and they are just so Comfortable great for lounging around The house but if you throw in a pair of Sneakers with them perfect for running Errands and they're just they're just Stretchy and comfortable and I just Think you should give yoga pants or Flared leggings a try and then there's These sweatpant shorts which again maybe You should get a pair for spring and Summer coming up these really do come in A pleora of color options I mean there's So many bright vibrant colors to choose From I did get like a a greenish blue Color that's a little bit different I Love it but of course they do have you Know black and beiges and more neutral Shades and these are under 20 bucks this Is another number I think you should Circle or write down this is a bag smart Duffel bag or carryon or travel bag Weekend or whatever you want to call it It is so good so this is 43% off this is Normally like 50 bucks and it's on sale For $28 I almost got it in black but I Decided to be a little girly and I got The pink but there's other Shades it's All quilted very very high quality the Bags smart brand on Amazon is next level So this has two two main compartments One is just massive there's different Compartments there's even a section for

Like wet things you can put in here in The other section it's more Electronics There's a spot for your laptop and Charger and whatnot there are sections On on the outside for easy access if You're on a plane or maybe in a car or Something then in the back there is a Section that goes over top the luggage Handle so you can easily wheel it around There's different you know handles and Different l that you can adjust Depending on how you want to wear it I Mean the price of this it it's just it's So good now this bad boy I have shared Before this is a reusable lint roller Ball and it's only like $8.99 today so I Feel like every woman should just have This maybe get one to try it you can Keep it in your closet or I actually Like to keep it in my purse because it Is pretty small but you just hit the Middle button and it'll pop off and this Is a really sticky ball that you can you Know remove lint or cat hair or whatever Ever and then to reuse it all you do is Run it under water and it cleans itself And gets super sticky instantly you can Just use it over and over again all Righty guys moving into the beauty Section these first few again write These numbers down I'm not just saying This these are really freaking good Deals I want to start with the Neutrogena clear face oilfree sunscreen

This is 59% off bringing it down to $7 this is an oxybenzone free sunscreen Which makes me feel way better but the Thing is it's their clear face version Meaning if you tend to break out with Lotions and whatnot on your face you Should get this because it will not Cause breakouts but it is 50 like 50 SPF Um so again spring summer coming up get This for $7 and then this is also just Crazy this is the Neutrogena body Miss Sunscreen it is an SPF 70 again no Oxybenzone but this three pack is 46% Off meaning you get three of them for $21 so you should just stock up for the Summer for yourself and then especially If you have kids because let me just Tell you you need to try the body mist You know sunscreen if you Haven an over I'm sure a lot of you have but it's just The easiest because you just spray it You quickly rub it in especially with Kids it will make your life 10 times Easier and then I saw that this headband Was going to be on sale for like $5 and Some change and I just really like it It's very bendable and movable and it Does doesn't hurt my head but it's Squishy I think it's almost made from Like a bath towel material so I will use It when I wash my face in the morning or At night or putting on makeup now these Are self-tanning tanning drops it's by The brand Beauty by Earth so they have

Really good ingredients I saw this was Going to be on sale for the event I Ordered it and I did get the light shade So it comes in light medium or dark and I just wanted to go subtle and I do have It on now um I think it actually looks Pretty darn good but it's one of those Situations where you add the drops Directly to your favorite moisturizer so I did like three or four drops two Nights in a row you just like blend it All together put it on your face before Bed and then you wake up with like a Subtle tan glow and I think it it worked Really well so this is 20% off and um so The bottle is like $25 now one of the Most popular items I think I've ever Shared on Amazon believe it or not is The snail muin Essence so this is going To be 50% off so I I think that brings It down to like $122 so if you love the Snail Muse and Essence which is Secretion from snails everyone initially Thinks it's so gross but it's a a Life-changing serum that goes on your Face and it it hydrates your skin like Nothing else like it's shocking so I Know there's a lot of you that already Love this and just maybe want to stock Up on another bottle maybe there's a lot Of you watching this that still haven't Tried it now is your time now this Really intrigued me this is a castor oil Shampoo bar it's on sale for $11 and I

At first was kind of skeptical just Because it is like a soap bar but it's a Shampoo which it's like how would that Work but it actually works really well And if you know me at all I love castor Oil like I could slather that stuff all Over my body it it does wonders but it's Really good for your scalp and your hair But it's it's so thick that it's really Hard to actually put it on your hair and Have it easily wash out so this has Castor oil in it and you just rub it Between your hands also rub it on your On your scalp and your hair and it Lathers really well and it fully rinses Out it smells so nice but it truly Hydrates and nourishes your hair and has Really good ingredients and then by the Same brand is this scalp massager or Scalp exfoliator which if you already Have one then just skip over this but if You do not have a scalp exfoliator yet You should just add this to your bag Because it's only $5 right now and I Actually like to do it before I get in The shower and really go in in circular Motions it gets off all the dead skin Cells even if you have dandruff it feels Really good it brings the blood to the Surface a lot of other people like to Use this in the shower while they're you Know lathering their hair and for me I Think my hair is so tangly it doesn't Work the best in the shower but a lot of

People like to do it like that I also Love this write down this number guys You need to try it it is organic tea Tree oil it is therapeutic grade it's Only $9.99 right now and it's a pretty Darn big bottle now the reason I'm Putting it in the beauty section is tea Tree oil is so good for our scalp so Again if you struggle with you know Dandruff or or anything like that you Can actually put it in your shampoo and Make your shampoo actually have some tea Tree which will treat those you know dry Itchy scalp conditions you can also put It in your moisturizer put it on your Face I know some people are like oh I Would never do that you could just try a Little bit but I actually love to do it You can also put this in you know Humidifier or diffusers tea tree just Smells so good it's invigorating so I Love this deal now this is the unite 7 Seconds hair detangler and leave-in Conditioner this is a very popular Product I'm sure a lot of you watching This already love this and it it never Goes on sale so get it while it's a Little bit discounted if you've never Tried it though it really is the best Hair detangler out there but it's also a Leave-in conditioner so it's kind of Like a twoin one product now this is Something I've definitely shared before But you guys love it I mean everyone

Loves it that tries it it's the bear August glass foot file it's the most Interesting material it's like glass but It will file off the dead skin on your Feet like nothing else this is like the Product that my mom tried beine for me The second she saw me the next time I Was like this is the best thing you've Ever recommended she's tried a lot of Things I mean the reason I even bought This was actually for Josh but I mean it Really works well to get the dead skin Off your feet without causing any damage Or harm um and it's only like it's like $9.99 today moving into the home Category I wanted to start with this Lavo humidifier which I already just Love the brand Lait for air purifiers But I saw this humidifier was going to Be on sale for $44 and it's really good So you can have all the different Settings here you can have it on a timer You can fit so much water in this and You can use it as a diffuser so again Going back to that tea tree oil that I Showed on Deal previously you can put Some drops into the water and it's you Know it's such a massive Reservoir that You're not going to have to keep Refilling it over and over again this Will last a long time but you can put Essential oils in and it fills up your Home you don't have to use essential Oils for this like this really is a

Humidifier so it's going to add moisture Into the air which can help with dry Skin it can help you breathe better A Lot of people do need humidifiers in Their home but I'm actually going to put Put this in haz's room because he he Just loves a good diffuser so this is Really cool this is actually a kids NightLight that they can carry around or You could carry around but you just Double tap the top and it will turn on And then there's different light modes So you can make it a little bit brighter A little bit whiter or you could go back To the warm tone but this will last 30 Hours before you would need to recharge It again um but then to turn it off you Just again double tap the top up and it Will turn off but I just love how it's a Little handle you could keep it beside Your bed or their bed and then you could Carry it around if you need it now this Next item is really cool I do not have It but I do want it um it's very viral And popular right now but it is a Walking pad so it's one of those slim Foldable walking pads that you can get Out while you're watching a movie or Watching TV or maybe you could put it Under your desk for like while you're Working during the day you could be on Your laptop and also walking but then at The the end of the day you can easily Slide it under your bed or fold it away

And put it in a closet so this is Normally $400 and it's on sale for 318 Now this is an identity theft stamp Roller which is honestly just shocking To me it works that well so this is only $15 right now and I feel like every Household should just have it for when You get mail or statements or things With your account information on it or Your your your bank stuff or numbers or Whatever you like rip it up and you're Kind of like uh should I like throw it Away like could people steal this all You do is bust this out and go Bam Bam Bam back and forth and it literally Completely blocks it all out and you Cannot read a single thing so this is Impressive the next item is this neck Reading light which is really cool so This is on sale for $19.99 and you put it around your neck And there are three different light Modes so that when you're reading a book At night maybe in the living room or Maybe in bed besides somebody somebody That's trying to sleep it just shines Directly onto the book and it's really Really nice and I need to go find it Because Pax and my son has been reading Before bed and he loves to use it so if You love to read or maybe this would Make a great gift idea for a mom or a Dad who likes to read and they don't use Kindles but it it's definitely a very

Good purchase another thing that will Make your life easier this is the car Cleaning gel that will just get in all The and crannies of basically anything a Lot of people do use this for cleaning Their car buttons and their vents you Just like roll it over and it gets all The dust and gross stuff out of all These weird spots but people also like To put this on top of their keyboard and It'll get out all the dust from the Keyboard slots um so this is on sale for Like five bucks and it lasts a long time But sometimes it's good to just get Another one now moving to the kitchen Let's talk about the famous Breville Smart Oven okay so this is is so popular I'm sure a lot of you might have your Eye on it it is normally $400 and it's On sale for $319 now it has 13 different Cooking functions I actually use this More than my regular oven so it toasts It bakes it broils it roasts it Dehydrates it's an air fryer it's the Best air fryer I have ever tried and I've tested out several different ones It really is great so if you do have Room for it and you want it you should Get it while it's on sale now I do like To use stainless steel baking sheets in My brevel oven or and just in general so There is a thre pack deal where there's Three different sizes it's normally $41 And it's on sale for 22 so you could get

That pack and again it's versatile Because there's like a small medium and Large so everything in this video will Be linked Down Below in the description Box I'll also pin everything in the Comment section by the numbers you saw On screen happy shopping jump on things If you love them before they sell out And I'll see you in my next one bye