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Okay so this was the most outfits I've Ever put together with the least amount Of pieces here so in this video I am Styling 10 wardrobe pieces I'm excluding Shoes and bags so 10 clothing pieces and I've created at least 30 outfits that's What I've counted uh but I think I Probably miscounted I think I've created Even more outfits than that which Honestly was truly shocking my goal was To do 10 pieces 10 outfits which I wa Exceeded I actually wanted to challenge Myself and see how many outfits I could Come up with with 10 pieces so I'm going To go over the pieces that I picked and Why I pick them then I'll share all the Outfits I'm going to try to put in the 30 outfits I put together and don't Worry I'm not going to talk through each Outfit I'm just going to play some nice Music and just share the outfits quickly And feel free to screenshot them if you Want to get some Inspirations here is What I picked I have three outerwear Pieces Four Tops and three bottoms so One of the things I wanted to keep in Mind when I was creating at least 10 Outfits with 10 pieces is that I wanted Each piece to be different but I wanted Each piece to go with each other so That's pretty much the goal is you want Each piece to be different from one Another and you want them to all kind of Go together and for example the

Outerwear pieces I picked a camel coat Along one that has a lot of drape to it A lot of fabric and volume and then I Love this style of an outerware piece so I decided to grab a similar Style but in A gray color so two different colors one Thing I tried to keep in mind was not Have too much of the same color cuz then The outfits can kind of look repetitive So I tried to keep in mind of the fit The style the color and then same thing With the Blazer I wanted to add in a Blazer so that way um I could have some More work wear inspired looks a little Bit more polished and structured and Tailored whereas the other two outerware Pieces are more voluminous kind of give A more elegant look to the outfit and Then also three are different colors Camel gray and black and then when it Comes to Tops I have four different tops And four different styles but making Sure they all go with the outerwear Pieces and with the bottoms so first one Is a basic long sleeve I went with black Because it's the easiest to style for me Scoop neckline cuz I love exposing my Neckline fitted and so this bodysuit Goes with every single bottom and every Single outerwear piece and then I wanted To pick a couple other more elevated Things so first I wanted to pick a Pattern top so I got this striped shirt Here this one I picked specifically

Because it's really easy to layer so I Can layer it under my thicker coats or I Can layer it under my fitted Blazer here So that's why I picked this one versus Like a chunkier knit for example and Then this blouse I wanted to get Something elevated I wanted a blouse but I wanted to be slightly elevated to make The outfits look a little bit more Different so I pulled out this one I've Had from suon for a while now has his Beautiful scallop detailing then the Fourth one I wanted to pick like a Knitted turtleneck sweater now this one I couldn't really wear with everything But I was okay with that because of how Many outfits I was able to recreate with Everything else so I love the color I Love the weight of this it's like nice Thick and warm so anyways Four Tops all Different I highly suggest you know if You're doing this challenge or maybe Even if you're buying 10 pieces for a Season is keep in mind of the color the Style make sure it all goes with each Other and one of the biggest things I Kept in mind is making sure most of my Tops would go underneath my outerwear Pieces so uh I paid attention to the Thickness of the fabric the style of the Shirt just making sure it all went Together and then as far as bottoms I Wanted to pick a classic blue jean here Uh this one you can dress it up make it

Casual I can wear with sneakers with Two-tone Flats so these were fantastic To include something more tailored I Really wanted to add these slim fitted Straight trousers uh this was to make Some of the outfits look more polished Crisp crisp Sleek goes great with the Blazer goes great with the uh camel and Gray coat and then it goes beautifully With all the tops as well has a really Classic fit to it it's kind of like a Mid slh highrise elastic waistband uh Really easy to wear with any shoe and Black bottoms is my most worn so I Wanted to include another one but I Didn't want to include a denim jeans so I included something a little bit more Different a full leather pant so this One such a long time I'll link it below I really like it because it's does Elevate outfits so I was able to pair it With most of the pieces that I have here And as far as bottoms that was kind of Like my strategy my thoughts that way I Can create a little bit more unique Outfits cuz I feel like when you're Styling uh 10 pieces in at least 10 Different ways the outfits can look kind Of repetitive so my biggest tip is again Look for pieces that are different with From each other those are the 10 pieces I included hopefully that was helpful Just kind of going over them and sharing My thoughts why I pick these pieces how

You're able to get the most bang for Your buck if you're starting a capsule Wardrobe so I really hope that was super Helpful I should have done this a long Time ago it's truly impressive how many Outfits you can create with 10 pieces But 10 of the right pieces anyways let's Go on ahead to the [Music] Outfits [Music] N Oh [Music] All right so that is it for this video I Really hope you guys got some good Inspiration from all of these outfits I Hope it wasn't too overwhelming looking At all these outfits and again feel free To screenshot them if you need some Outfit inspiration as always these Pieces will be linked Down Below in the Description box again 10 wardrobe pieces Several different shoes and bags Everything is linked down below if you Wanted to check it out I really hope This was helpful and I'll will see you Guys in my next video bye