39 Ways to Use CASTOR OIL That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Everything linked here & the comments!
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Here are 39 ways you can use castor oil This stuff is amazing so I recently did A video where I used castor oil for 30 Days I will link it right up here if you Want to check it out and I shared all of The amazing things this did for my body I was truly shocked and so I went down The rabbit hole of castor oil and today I want to share all of the other ways All over your entire body you can use This and it could change your life now With that said it definitely did fix Some things on my body and I definitely Think this can work one but with that Said we got to throw out the disclaimer I'm not saying this is going to cure or Prevent any ailments or diseases you Should check with your doctor before you Use this but I am going to link my Personal favorite casor oil brands Down Below in the description box and I'll Also pin them in the comment section I Love this brand but I also love the Queen of Thrones brand um you can get These on Amazon this brand is actually The number one bestselling brand on all Of Amazon and then there are a few other Uh brands that I researched uh that I Can also link if anything is sold out Because I basically think you just Really need it to be 100% organic it Needs to be extra virgin it should also Be hexane free and it should be in a Glass dark bottle so I have 39 ways to

Get through so I do have to keep it Moving but I want to cover our entire Body going from top to bottom so I'm Going to start with our head and hair Number one using it as a scalp treatment To help with dandruff itchiness and Promote hair growth so castor oil is Really antibacterial and antifungal and So it really does help with dandruff so Many people Rave about how much faster Their hair grows when they use it as a Scalp treatment once a week that's what I would recommend just once a week it's Just I haven't done that because castor Oil is so thick and so it is a process To use it on your scalp because you have To dilute it with coconut oil or or Carrier oil just to make it not so thick You know it could make your hair a Little bit greasy if you don't dilute it So if you do want to try this I would Again recommend once a week put it on Your hair let it sit for at least 30 Minutes and then wash it out next you Could actually use just a little bit on Your hair just a little though again Just rub it in your hands apply it Towards the lower thirds and it will add Shininess it'll add moisture it'll just Be really good for your hair health and Then the last thing for our head is if You have a headache this really helps With pain and inflammation and we'll get To other areas of the body but depending

On what kind of headache you have I Would recommend rubbing a little oil on Your forehead and your temples and it Really could help the headache or Actually just get rid of it but again I Just want to clarify it really depends What type of headache you have I have Had a tension headache in the past where This really helped then I have had Hormonal headaches where this I think Took the edge off but it definitely Didn't get rid of it so you could just Experiment next we're moving on to our Face to include our eyes lips and Skin So as I already mentioned castor oil is Great in promoting hair growth and so It's amazing for our eyelashes and Eyebrows and it's really easy to do this You can just put a little on your Fingers and brush it on your eyelashes Your eyebrows and you'll start to see a Difference in as little as 3 weeks now You can even go the extra mile and order The uh mascara tubes and the eyebrow Tubes I can link those down below as Well you can fill that up and then Literally just like brush it onto your Eyelashes and eyebrows every every night Just do it before bed um or again you Could just use your fingers I also don't Want to scare anybody castor oil has Never been shown to just promote random Hair growing on your skin I got a lot of Comments from people saying if it

Promotes hair growth is it just going to Cause me to have hair everywhere no it Just makes your hair longer and thicker Um where it's supposed to be continuing On with the eyes though if you are Somebody that struggles with dry eyes Take some castor oil before bed and rub It on your eyelids and I really think in In as little as a few days your dry eye Symptoms will dramatically be reduced But again just do your own research talk To your doctor I'm just sharing this Just for you things for you guys to Consider um another eye thing that I Keep reading about um is putting it over Your eyelids can really reduce floaters If you struggle with floaters it can Actually potentially stop the Progression of cataracts and I've even Seen reports and again this is I'm not Saying this is going to happen or or Whatever but I've even seen it can help Improve eyesight if continually used but Maybe not okay just moving on it can Also help with sty on the eye like you Know those little bumps that are on the Eyelid I believe those are clogged tear Ducks um so you can it can really help With that and pink eye and I have a Firsthand friend account of this so my Friend Lauren shout out to her I told Her she should start using castor oil For something completely different and Now she is loving castor oil but her

Daughter had pink eye and she sent me This text like last week she says I'm Pretty sure it cured lyanna's pink eye In a couple of hours it's truly amazing Stuff and then she said um I'm not 100% Sure it was pink eye but as soon as I Put the oil on her eyelids it completely Cleared castor oil has also been shown To really reduce the dark circles and Bags under your eyes but while you're at It you know putting it under your eyes You might as well just put it all over Your face because that's what I do it is Amazing skin care in general like it is Just amazing and you don't have to worry About weird ingredients it's just a Super natural skincare regimen a little Goes a long way and it's just amazing For moisturization dryness it improves Um texture it also helps with collagen Production it helps with fine lines and Wrinkles oh my goodness it's just Fantastic and I feel like my skin is so Much clearer and that might also be Because it is so antibacterial because Of the rolic acid that's in this is 92% Rolic acid uh it really fights off the Bacteria that causes acne it actually Goes down really deep into your pores it Absorbs so well and it fights off the Acne called um I wrote it down stafilic Cacus orius which is you know the main I Guess bacteria strain that causes acne Now because castor oil is also known to

Break down bad tissues it's also amazing For acne scar ing so if you have pits And texture and just like acne scarring From years ago it will also help to even Out your skin and really break that down So you have a much smoother complexion You could also just use castor oil with Your existing skincare routine because Castor oil penetrates so much deeper Into like the the lower lower layers of Your skin if you pair it with your Favorite skincare that was kind of Expensive it will actually make those Ingredients and and what that claims to Do work better because it's penetrating Deeper you could also mix it with some Frankincense oil or essential oils I Love frankincense on the skin and again The castor oil helps it work better you Could also put castor oil on your lips As a lip treatment or even just as a Gloss you can just put it on directly With your fingers or you could get one Of those lip gloss dispensers again I Can link those and just apply it on your Lips you know throughout the day or even Before bed it will make them look really Shiny and glossy moisturized and Softened now we're moving on to the Abdomen and just make sure you stay to The end because the last category is Going to be the overall body section and There's really good things at the end But moving to the abdomen I want to

Share what you can do as far as putting It in your belly button so if you think About your belly button this is like Eastern arotic thinking um the belly Button is what you were attached to with Your mother it provided when when you Were in your mother's womb it provided You all of the nutrients to your body And so if you put something in your Belly button it actually kind of Disperses it through your whole body so You can put castor oil directly into Your belly button and also rub it in the Abdomen area and it is amazing for just Detoxification in general um but it's Also great for constipation IBS symptoms It's also great for digestion bloating And I would say doing this start off a Little bit slow use it one night maybe Wait a few days try it again just to Make sure that if there is any Detoxification happening you don't feel Really sick from it or anything I'm not Saying that's going to happen I would Just start off a little slow just in Case now if you do have a constipation Problem you could actually take a Spoonful of castor oil internally you Just swallow it with the spoon I mean People did that back in the day all the Time like this was like the natural Remedy for that again do your own Research see if you want to do do that Or not um but it just gets things moving

Now if you are a female and you have Hormonal problems then let me go back to My list here you could also rub this on Your abdomen and it would really help Reduce menstrual cramps it can help um Reduce bloating regulate hormones it can Help with PCOS and estrogen dominance And it can actually also help regulate Your period if you're just you know Completely irregular and I do want to Say that is something that I noticed With myself I always get a really bad Hormonal headache every time George Comes which is my monthly friend and Ever since I've been rubbing it on my Abdomen I'm not getting any hormonal Headaches anymore there was one that was Like slight but again this took the edge Off it like it was weird like the last Few months like George comes and it's Like I don't feel bad I feel fine castor Oil has also been known to dissolve Fibroids and ovarian cysts again I'm not Saying it's going to but but you could Try it if you wanted to but you would Take uh a castor oil pack and so I will Get to more of this later in the video But I can link the really good healthy Just organic cloths that you can pour The castor oil onto and then you want to Stick it on the side of the cyst or the Fibroid every night and then that will Absorb deep deep deep penetrate it and Help to dissolve it I've also seen where

People take like a good healthy panty Liner like an organic panty liner they Will put some castor oil on it put it in In the underwear and it can help with PCOS it can help with UTI it can help With itchiness it can help with the Smell if you struggle in any of those Areas you could try that and then the Last thing in this area um trying to Conceive again consult your physician Your doctor but if you are trying to Conceive there have been so many claims Of castor oil really really helping in That department um again again you would Do like a castor oil pack um before bed Down in that you know lower abdomen area And I keep seeing that it would be best Just like the first 14 days or like the First half of your cycle um leading up To ovulation um and then after after That time frame like the last two we Weight period you wouldn't have to do it Anymore and a lot of people have seen Success moving on to our butt thighs and Legs let's talk about cellulite if you Struggle with cellulite as I keep saying Castor oil helps break down bad tissues And so if you have cellulite in those Areas you can apply it and hopefully Over time you'll see it improve it also Really helps the appearance of stretch Marks so if you have stretch marks in That area or really just anywhere in Your body you could also use castor oil

There it can really help reduce the Appearance of or maybe even get rid of Spider veins and varicose veins I've Seen a lot of instances from people um Where it's it's helped in that area as Well moving to our hands and wrists so Castor oil can be a great cuticle oil um Especially in the winter months I feel Like our hands in general just to get Really dry but if you apply it Especially around your cuticles it helps With that and also promotes stronger Healthier Nails it can also get rid of Warts and calluses so that could be on Your hands or your feet which I'll get To later because I have a personal story About that with me um but you would Apply directly on the ward or the callus And then maybe put just like a Band-Aid Over top to keep it there and fully Absorbed if you struggle with carpel Tunnel I have seen where people will put Castor oil on their wrists and then a Cloth over top with maybe some plastic Wrap just to keep it in place um and Doing that every night before bed and Then over time it really helps carpal Tunnel all right so we did our hands Let's move to our feet so if you have Dry cracked heels you should consider Putting castor oil on your dry heels and It will add moisturization it will Definitely really help with that and I Will also link these heel socks down

Below they're amazing because they have Like this jelly silicone material on the Back so if you want to add lotion or Castor oil it keeps it from absorbing Into the sock and it goes directly into Your heels but it also is great for Sleeping because your whole foot and Toes can still breathe I did that and Discovered something else so because Castor oil is so good for pain and Inflammation I discovered because I was Putting it on my heels that it got rid Of my planer fasciitis which is this Injury I guess I had for like N9 or 10 Months I was running in wrong shoes and It was bad for a while it kind of Started to get a little bit better but Regardless every single morning when I Would get out of bed I would literally Like hobble to the bathroom just my Right foot and it it hurt kind of bad For like the first hour of the day every Day well about 3 3 days after putting um You know cassor oil on my heels I got Out of bed and just walked to the Bathroom normally like I remember so Distinctly just like walking to the Bathroom like what is going on like I Have no pain and I haven't had it since Like I I genuinely feel like this cured I shouldn't even say the word cured it Really helped my plan of fasciitis okay So then I was like let me try it on my Foot callous so I already told the story

In another video but just long story Short I put um some castor oil uh on my Like pinky toe callus that developed From a bad pair of shoes like 15 years Ago and within one week I I would say it Was like 70% gone it definitely gets rid Of calluses again you just put it a Little bit on the area put a Band-Aid Over top do it for like a week or two You're good to go now luckily I don't Struggle with uh this but if you have Athletes foot or uh nail fungus uh Because this is so antibacterial and Antifungal Le uh if you put it directly On that it can really clear that up as Well if you struggle with insomnia or You have trouble sleeping people also Love to put this on the very bottoms of Their feet before bed and the bottoms of Your feet have so many again like Pathways and it just like really uh Absorbs well into your entire body so Again that's another way you can use This to detoxify but there have been so Many claims it also really helps people Sleep now I'm not saying it's just going To instantly make you fall asleep I just Think it will make you have a deeper More restful sleep all right now we're Getting into the really good stuff what It can do for your overall body starting With lymphatic drainage so you can apply This on your neck you can apply it under Your armpits anywhere there's lymph

Nodes it really helps with uh again Detoxification but more specifically Lymphatic drainage now because custor Oil is so good for pain and inflammation It's really good for muscle aches and Soreness so that could be because of an Actual injury or just you worked out Really hard and you're sore and you want To apply castor oil to help with that But Josh did injure his knee and his Shoulder and so he really likes to put Castor oil in those areas to again help With pain and inflammation and then just To kind of piggyback off of that but my Assistant Katie told me to tell this Story so she had Lyme disease and the Pain really went to her joints um so the Long-term lime can really go to your Joints and cause a lot of infl and so She would actually put castor oil on a Cloth wrap it around her knee um then Put Saran Wrap over top just to keep it In place and then put a heating pad and Again it would go into the joints and Really help with those symptoms so if if You have you know sore joints in your Elbows knees really anywhere in your Hands um arthritis that's another thing Let's just go to that if you have Arthritis in your hands or anywhere on Your body try castor oil now I kind of Already touched on this briefly but Again just for your body in general Castor oil can help dissolve any cysts

Lumps or bumps in your body I'm going to Be careful about how I say things so you Guys can use your own imagination and Read even just some of the comments in My other video I'm sure in this video There's going to be so many comments From people just saying amazing things About what this has done so I encourage You guys to read the comments but use The the uh the castor oil packs again I Will link really good healthy cloth that You can put the castor oil on apply it To whatever area you have the lump bump Forist and I shouted out my mom before She did this for a spot on her body and It really worked if you have a regular Like healthy flat mole you can also use Castor oil and baking soda you can mix That together and create a paste and put It over the mole and then put a Band-Aid Over top of it use it for a couple weeks Like that and it will literally get rid Of the mole but I just want to be Cautious with that because if any mole Is like changing in size or color like I Don't be I don't know in a way I'm like Just leave your mole like who cares like Don't don't do that but it I mean it it Can work it also really helps with uh Heel wounding and tissue regrowth so if You scrape your knee or there's a Scratch like you could actually use this And then you know put a bandage over top I've also read so many reports of it

Helping eczema so if you struggle with Eczema you know somewhere on your body Um I'm sure that can be so difficult but You could try castor oil for a while Just to see if that improves I really Think it could it could also help with Sunburn if you stay outside too long you Got a bad sunburn put some castor oil Directly on your skin it adds Moisturization it helps to repair the Damaged tissues you could just use Straight castor oil or you could mix it With aloe vera gel or coconut oil it'll Actually make those those uh absorb even Deeper and it's just so good so anyway That's 39 ways guys there are so many More ways too I just didn't want to Overwhelm you but everything that I Mentioned in this video I will have Linked down below I'll also pin them in The comment section but while you're Down there in the comment section read All of the comments because I guarantee You there's so many amazing things that This has helped others with just read Through them if you know something that This helped you with put it in the Comment section please consider Subscribing if you're new and I will see You in my next video bye