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So in this video I'll be taking outfits That look like this and I will be giving Them a fresh upto-date look and I'm Doing this based on my personal style Which is very minimal Timeless and Classic and all of these outfits that I'm sharing is what I actually Personally wore in the 2010s they were Super popular super trendy if you looked For Fall outfit ideas on Pinterest in The 2010s I can guarantee you this is Probably what popped up and at the time I loved it I wore it all the time do I Regret wearing it no because I loved it At the time but my style is obviously Different now so I wanted to take these As inspiration and give them a fresh Upto-date look on what I would wear Today so I really hope you either get One some outfit ideas or outfit Inspiration from this video or two that It's very entertaining just wanted to See what the heck I could come up with With outdated outfits and give them a Fresh modern look so let's go ahead and Hop right in the first outfit that I'll Be styling is this one right here this Was so popular back in the 2010s uh the Riding boots the blue denim jeans the Plaid shirt now I actually see plaid Shirts still worn all the time but I Think what's more popular now is the More looser oversized Fit versus fitted And they're usually tucked in or a lot

Of times we'll wear it in a shacket so This is how I personally would wear Plaid and this is how I would take this Outfit and give it a more fresh modern Look I would wear shacket instead use it As a layering piece and then instead of Wearing blue denim jeans I would Actually wear trousers with it because It really polishes and elevates the Outfit and instead of the brown riding Boots I would wear my ankle black Chelsea boots uh so I'm mixing in casual Pieces like the shacket and the boots And combining it with trousers that are Very Sleek minimal and Polished which Elevate the outfit make it look still Dressy but casual at the same time Mostly casual and this is something I Would totally wear on a day-to-day basis Because it's really comfortable yet Really polished at the same time so as Far as wearing plaid this is how I would Wear it I love wearing it in a shacket Form that's prettyy much just more of my Style or I would wear it in a Blazer as Well who remembers the combination of St Stripes and cardigans now I feel like This outfit combination just blew up all Over Pinterest during this time when it Was really popular did I wear this yes Would I wear this exact outfit now no But I wanted to share two ways to Actually wear because a lot of people Actually say stripes and cardigans are

Totally out of style which in a way I Kind of think they are but I want to Show you ways to wear it that's more Classic and a little bit more up to date So first way I'm wearing it is a more Oversized striped sweater now this one I Would definitely tuck in if I'm wearing Blue denim jeans with it and then I'm Wearing my black sock booties instead of Like a brown ankle boot I love the black Sock booty because it's very slimming And it hugs around my ankle and I've Mentioned this before pairing it with Slim straight jeans again it's a style That's a little bit more upto date Versus skinnies that are ripped and Combining it with a very slim ankle boot Look makes makes it look really polished And it's really easy to wear the denim Jean with the boot because the slim Jean Just lays perfectly over the boot and it Looks incredibly flattering and then Instead of wearing a cardigan with this I would actually wear a more structured Outerwear piece but it still looks a Little bit more flowy has more movement To it so if I'm wearing a looser Oversized piece I love combining an Outerwear piece that's more structured On top and tucking in the Striped Sweater as well helps Define my Waistline so If I'm wearing a structured outerwear Piece I love wearing it with slim fitted

Tops underneath always but if I'm Wearing something a little bit more Looser or relax I think pairing it with A more structured outerwear piece to Give it some balance some structure Definitely makes it look more polished And put together now if you want to wear A cardigan with a striped shirt I Totally think you can but this is how I Would personally wear it so instead of Wearing Stripes cardigan in jeans I Would wear Stripes cardigan and trousers And I'm sticking to more of a monochrome Look here so black and white and I would Make sure instead of a loose fitting Stripe shirt I would wear a fitted one And tuck it in and then wear my nice Comfy kind of slouchy Cardigan over it Pair it with the trousers which look Very minimal sleek and Polished to look So well and also pairing it with my slim Sock booty to give me some height the Sock booty has a point which really Elevates the outfit again makes it look Really polished so as far as stripes and Carigans you definitely can wear that I Don't think you could like rule that out As an outfit idea this is just a more Fresh way to wear it that's a bit more Up to date but also really classic and Timeless in my opinion and I'm also Styling it with neutral colors neutral Colors are always again classic Timeless Never go out of style that's why I love

Them because I never get sick of them Okay next up is this outfit idea now I Can't I got to be real I had a really Hard time recreating this outfit in a More upto-date way I don't have any of These pieces actually infinity scarf the Pl infinity scarf I still have one am I Going to use it as an outfit inspiration Absolutely not this thing is going and It's also so itchy that it's just not Worth it so I'm just going to rule out The scarf in general if I wear scarves I Usually just drape it over my shoulders But a lot of times people wear infinity Scarf or scarf to keep your neck warm Instead of wearing a scarf I'm just Going to wear a turtleneck um just the Purpose of keeping it more warm up here So if I'm wearing knee high boots I Don't like wearing them with jeans also Because it feels too stuffy around my Calves my legs it just feels like There's too much going on too stuffy too Much fabric so if I'm wearing knee high Boots with a pant I like to wear it with Either a legging or a faux leather Legging like I'm wearing here so I Paired the full leather legging with the Knee high boot which is a lot more Comfortable and I'm pairing it with a Sweater it's a beige sweater turtleneck Then if I'm a wearing a full leather Leggings it feels really exposed for me If I'm not wearing an outerwear piece

With it like I need booty coverage I Need some coverage in the front I Honestly feel kind of naked wearing them Uh so I like popping on this trench coat Or any other coat but for this outfit It's going to be a trench coat uh to Give me that coverage that makes me feel A bit more comfortable and it also adds Another layering piece more style to the Outfit and there you go this outfit is Completely different than the Pinterest Inspo again I had such a hard time Recreating this but this is what I would Wear today and I I think is a little bit More up to date as far as knee high Boots okay so last and final outfit is This this one I actually love the Combination of this the mini skirt um With a fitted top underneath she has Like a little cardigan on I actually Think this is really cute and I actually Wore this combination a lot especially The mini skirt I feel like I had an Exact mini skirt like this in this like Burgundy maroon color uh it was my Favorite color back then I think in the 2010s I had so many pieces in that color And I loved it at the time do I wear it Now no I love neutrals way more now so I'll be styling is this pleated skirt as Like my A-line fit mini skirt which I Think is so cute so feminine so Flattering has the mini plead flares out A little bit and then I'm wearing just

Like a fitted body suit underneath and Instead of a cardigan that's a little Bit more casual and relaxed I actually Wanted to pair a structured cro jacket With it which I think is one a little Bit more up to date and two really makes The outfit look so polished and really Elevated I love the large Pockets it has In the front I love the button detailing The material is so nice fits really well Love the length of it goes great with Mini skirts instead of wearing tights With ankle boots I actually really Wanted to wear my knee high boots I've Been loving the combination of mini Skirts and knee high boots I think it Looks really classic beautiful together This is my take on this outfit that was Really popular in the 2010 something That I would wear to this day that's a Little bit more updated with that that Brings it to the end of this video I Really hope you guys enjoyed seeing five Ways to update your style update your Outfits and of course everyone has their Own unique personal style and our style Is always changing as we get older so Anyways everything that I shared will be Linked Down Below in the description box Thanks so much for watching let me know If you want to see more of this and I'll See you next time bye