50 BEST Amazon PRIME DAY BIG DEALS (Oct 10th & 11th) linked here & comments…
1. Travel Sized Steamer:
2. Built-In Bra Tank:
3. Amazon Essentials 4-Pack Tank Tops:
4. Plaid Shirt (S):
5. Linen Shirt (S):
**Use code: 25AMQ1F for 25% off!**
6. Oversized Turtleneck Sweater (S):
7. Striped Sweater (S):
8. Cable knit Sweater/Sweatshirt (S):
9. Argyle Pattern Sweater (S):
**Use code: 305R14GN for 30% OFF!**
10. Half Zip Sweater (S):
11. Half Zip Sweater Dress (S):
**Use code: 156ADCZJ for 15% off!**
12. Half Zip Sweatshirt (S):
**Use code: 40HSASW5 for 40% off!**
13. Lululemon-Inspired Belt Bag:
14. Crocodile Belt Bag:
15. Fuzzy Sherpa Jacket (M):
16. Satin-Lined Beanie:
17. Two-Piece Sweater PJ Set (S):
18. 5-Pack of Wool Socks:
19. Layered Necklace Set:
Dainty Necklace Set:
20. Earring Set (9-Pairs):
21. Sequin Dress (S):

22. Snail Mucin Essence:
23. Snail Mucin Moisturizer:
24. Sulwhasoo Skin Care
Sulwhasoo Activating Serum (big bestseller):
Sulwhasoo Cleansing Foam:
Sulwhasoo Ginseng Cream:
Sulwhasoo Bestseller Kit:
25. Sunday Riley Vitamin C Serum:
Sunday Riley Sleeping Oil:
26. Body Firm Crepe Erase:
27. MineTan Face Spray:
MineTan Face Moisturizer:
28. Lumineux Whitening Strips:
29. Shimmer Eyeshadow Stick:
30. Beakey Beauty Blenders:
Paw Paw Beakey Blenders:
**Use code: SHEA20US for an extra 20% off!** (works for ALL Beakey)
31. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Powder:
32. Monday Shampoo & Conditioner:
33. Klorane Dry Shampoo:
Living Proof Dry Shampoo:
34. Unite Detangler:
35. Hair Wax Stick:
36. Moroccan Oil Hair Dry Brush:
37. T3 Rotating Curling Iron:
38. DryBar Interchangeable Iron 3-In-1:

39. Granite Stoneware Cooking Set:
40. Electric Scrubber Brush:
41. Silicone Tongs:
42. Silicone Baking Mats:
43. Veggie Chopper:
44. Lemon and Lime Squeezer:
45. Bissel Green Upholstery Cleaner:
46. Bamboo Sheets:
47. Best-Selling Pillows:
48. Carry-On Luggage Piece:
49. ChomChom Roller:
50. The Frame TV:

Thick Luxury Sweatpants (only $22!!):
Plaid Shacket (Best-Seller only $25!!):
Waffle-Knot Shacket (only $23!!!):
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask:
Elemis Pro-Collagen Cream:
Elemis Resurfacing Facial Pads:
OPI Nail Polish:
8-Piece Towel Set (only $22!!):
Vitamix Blenders:
Instant Pot (30% off!):
Beats Headphones & Earbuds:
Dyson Vacuums & Air Purifiers:
Amazon Fire TV Stick (54% off!):

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*Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. I use affiliate links. As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. ALL PRICES listed or mentioned are subject to change!

Amazon's big deal days is today and Tomorrow essentially another Prime day In October so I've been working around The clock narrowing down the 50 best Deals for you in the Fashion Beauty and Home categories as always the way my Videos work everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and Pinned in the comment section by the Number you see in the corner of the Screen so get a piece of paper write Down your favorite numbers as we go Along starting in the fashion category Up first we have one of my favorite Deals there's so many really good things In this video but this is a handheld or Travel siiz steamer that is super small And Compact and you can keep it in your Closet and it's not going to take up too Much space again you can easily pack it In a suitcase but you put the water Right here you turn it on it instantly Heats up and this is such a good steamer So it's normally $60 on sale for $37.99 So it's 37% off I feel like if you don't Have this next tank top you really need To consider it because it is a tank top With a builtin bra everyone loves this This because of the built-in bra you Don't have to worry about wearing Something else or padding it's just There and it's super seamless and smooth So people love to wear this on an Everyday basis just as like a regular

Wardrobe essential but it's also amazing For the gym because it does give you That support so I have it in black and White it comes in so many colors and It's on deal for $17.99 now if you want Just some classic Camis without a Built-in bra maybe yours are starting to Get a little dirty or dingy you should Totally consider these Amazon essentials Four pack for only $17 so you get four And you can pick whatever color Combination you want now this plaid Shirt is next and it's a perfect top to Wear either as a shirt or you could wear One of those cammies and wear it more Like an open jacket which is my Preferred way but just so you know Throughout this whole video there might Be some codes on screen that you can use At checkout on top of the Prime Day Deals I try to reach out to Brands none Of this is sponsored but if you see a Code on screen it will also be linked Down below and you can use that code to Save even more money but this particular Plaid shirt the first day I believe is a Lightning deal on top of the Prime Day Discount but even both days it's majorly On sale and I love it it comes in so Many colors and then this linen shirt in Yellow which again all of the pieces in This video you can get in whatever color You would prefer but I picked this shade I love the texture it's it's really

Beautiful and I was able to get a 25% off code for you guys again I'll put That on the screen in addition to the Prime Day deal and the coupons that you Can check on on the product page so be Sure to check that coupon and then Everything will be discounted at Checkout but I will have my sizing Details for each piece listed down below As well I cannot tell you how much I Love this next oversized turtleneck Sweater it is so Chic and stylish it's So gushy and buttery I love it and it's 50% off so it's like it's just a really Really good deal today and tomorrow but Just keep in mind disclaimer I am Filming this video ahead of time and I'm Throwing out a lot of prices and Discount percentages and Deals and I Think my numbers are pretty darn Accurate but things are always subject To change so don't hate me if things Fluctuate just a bit and then I also Love this striped sweater I've actually Had it for the last year and I feel like I'm always reaching for it I I again Just think it's very chic and stylish I Especially love the broad shoulders it Just kind of extends it a little bit That's a really nice detail so hopefully You saw the the regular length of it you Can leave it untucked but I do Personally like to tuck it in just a bit In the front um and this is 35% off and

Then I cannot say enough good things About this next sweater because it is Kind of a mix between a sweatshirt and a Sweater with the cable knit detail along The sleeve so it's just super Comfortable and you can wear it kind of Casual or dress it up I love wearing This particular red sweater in the the Holiday months with a red lip it looks So festive so consider it in red but Again so many colors to choose from so Comfy because it's kind of just like You're wearing a sweatshirt but also It's a bit elevated and it's 45% off This argyle pattern sweater perfect for Fall it is 20% off and I feel like it's Just a little bit unique with the color Combos you can choose from it's a Perfect example of a sweater you can Dress up or down it looks great with Jeans or you could wear it with dress Pants and wear it to the office or more Professional setting um I love the Length you could leave it out or you Could even kind of tuck it up under like Your bra even and crop it a bit so I Just love this and I was able to get an Additional promo code you can enter at Checkout on top of the Prime deal this Halfzip sweater kind of similar to what I'm wearing right now which I'm going to Get to this in a second this is actually A dress but if you just want the sweater Top I actually have it in beige and kind

Of like a pumpkiny fall orange color I Actually shared this sweater in my fall Fashion video this year this is under $30 for this Prime event so snatch it up It's such a wearable piece you'll keep Reaching for it but if you want the Dress version like what I am wearing I I Really like this it is such a good Length it's so wearable tons of color Options you can just wear like a tank Top or some shirt underneath it you can Even dress it up with jewelry I just Love the colored neckline you wear it With sneakers even and make it very very Casual totally you could dress it up It's it's just really nice oh I think It's on Lightning deal today and I have An additional promo code while we're on The subject of halfzip tops I have to Share and recommend this halfzip Sweatshirt that I am always reaching for I mean truly I have it in So Many Colors My latest newest shade is the sage green Color which is really pretty I love Wearing it with biker shorts I wear them With jeans I'm always reaching for it I Have it in uh an ivory color I have it In Gray and you can save an additional 40% off with the code they gave me and That's on top top of the Prime deal okay So I'm not just saying this you really Can save so much money today and Tomorrow and just keep in mind you can Get stuff for yourself but you could

Also start your holiday shopping early And consider some of these items as Gifts and then there's this belt bag That looks almost identical to the ever Popular Lulu Lemon version and this is Such a better price and then for this Prime event it's almost 40% off so There's the prime deal and then they Have an additional coupon you can check On the product page and save almost 40% On this I am telling you the price in This is insane comes in tons of colors There is a main compartment in the front For easy access and then there's also a Hidden zipper and compartment in the Back if you want to hide anything now if You want something just a little bit More elevated not quite as sporty I been Carrying this belt bag by Amazon's own Brand for like over a year the quality Of this is is amazing and I love the Crocodile pattern to it I love it in the Camel you could also get it in black and A few other shades but this is on sale For like $23 oh my gosh and then we have This black fuzzy Sherpa jacket which I Had in camel for many years you may Remember me getting it I mean I wore it To death like I just kind of turned it Into my winter coat because it's Actually so warm and it's so soft on the Inside and the outside but I recently Got it in black and there's a zipper There's big oversized pockets it's so

Comfortable and it's on deal for $37 now Speaking of the cold winter month if you Wanted to pick up a new Beanie I Definitely recommend this one because it Is actually lined with satin so not only Does it make your head like actually Warmer but it's great for your hair like It doesn't mess up your hair it doesn't Make your hair all staticky and Tangled And it's 41% off also I don't think I Said this yet but if there's things you Love I would say get it sooner rather Than later because during these Prime Events things can sell out I've been Living around the house in this Two-piece sweater PJ set I I got it in Gray I keep saying this about everything But it comes in so many colors I just Think it's so stylish looking so it's $35 for both pieces and the sweater is Nice enough and kind of stylish enough That if you wanted to actually wear this As a normal sweater you totally could Write this number down guys this is an Extra good deal this is a five pack of Wool socks that you can get in different Color combos that are 70% off Bringing Down the five pack to only $8 .95 They're so soft they're so warm you can Wear them around the house or of course With hiking boots let's move into a few Accessories so under this number I want To link these necklace sets that are 40% Off bringing them down to like $12 and

There's so many different combinations There's this one which I actually shared The last Prime day I love it I still Have it then I picked up this one which Is similar but a a little bit more Dainty even and everything comes in both Gold and silver tones this is another Number you need to write down this is an Earring set a nine piece earring set for Only $14 it's like 45% off and here are All the earrings you get as you can see They're all different but they're all Wearable all of them are different sizes Um some are twisted some are more basic Some are more Huggy Style again Everything comes in both yellow gold and Silver and we're wrapping up the fashion Category with this sequin dress guys This is stunning in person and depending On what color you get it in like if it's Red or green like I have it totally Looks festive and would be great for a Holiday party but maybe if you got it in Black you know it's something that could Be worn to so many different occasions And it's so incredibly flattering it's Comfortable you're not revealing Anything and it's $43 on deal it's such a good price for This dress and you will turn heads Moving into the beauty category next These are are some of my favorite deals Of the whole video because these are Brands you know and love that just never

Go on sale but up first I want to start With my beloved snail mcin Essence this Is a serum that is literally it's from Korea uh they're like way ahead of the Game when it comes to skincare but it's The secretion from snails which sounds Gross don't knock it till you try it it Smells very fresh like it doesn't smell Bad and it just sucks into your skin Your skin loves it and it makes your Skin so moisturized and soft and it's Only $10 today it's 60% off so if you Love this get another bottle if you Haven't tried it get it and then that Same brand so this is the snail Essence Moisturizer it's an all-in-one cream First of all it's 63% off this is only $99.75 now as you can see it's very Slimy but I'm telling you I I swear you Will love it some people comment that Snails are harmed with this stuff no This particular brand no snails are Harmed they get the secretion and it Completely natural and environmentally Friendly way it just sucks into your Skin if you struggle with dry skin you Will love this now under this number I'm Going to link the suu Korean skincare Items that are 30 to 35% off today so This is another Korean skincare brand But this is much more high-end like this Stuff is expensive and never goes on Sale it's 30 to 35% off I really heard Amazing things about this but at at an

Amazon conference recently I sat in on a Class and I am sold on how amazing these Products are I mean they really put a Lot of scientific research into their Skincare they use a lot of ginsing which Is just oh that's just a great Ingredient that a lot of Brands don't Use in their skincare I will link all of The best sellers and then also they have A lot of bestseller kits where the Products are a little bit smaller but You can kind of test out a lot of Popular products and then this is the Last skincare thing I wanted to Recommend but the Sunday Riley I'm going To link both both of these under this Number but first is the vitamin C and Turmeric serum this stuff I love doing In the morning and you can see it is Bright orange it smells so citrusy and You can put it on and vitamin C is Something that I feel like everyone Should just be using because it just Brightens up your skin and makes you Look so glowy and then this is the Sunday Riley sleeping oil so this is Something you would put on before bed And I used to use this years ago and Then I finished it so this was actually Just sent to me so it's a brand bottle But as you can see it's really blue and Again you put it on before bed it has Blue tany in it it has chamomile it's More retinol base so it really helps

With fine lines and wrinkles both of These are 30% off today and tomorrow and Again this is great for the morning and This is great for night I'm so excited For this next product because I feel Like a lot of you are going to love it So in the past I've kind of bashed the So de Janeiro bum bum cream or boom boom Cream whatever you want to call it I'm Sure the product is great I just can't Get past the overly powerful scent That it it is um and so if you're like Me consider this instead it's a much Better alternative because it is Fragrance free and it's body firm crepe Erase so it has nine super hydrating Ingredients that really like visibly Help with skin crepiness and cellulite This is 177% off it's kind of pricey but It has really good ingredients and it's Going to last you a long time now under This number I'm going to link both of These tanning products they're by the Brand mine tan and one is a facial Tanning spray and the other is a facial Moisturizer both work so well and They're 30% off today and tomorrow guys Just try it it's not for your whole body Like I struggle with Tanner sometimes But I love having my face and my neck Like just have some color and this works Really really well so I'm kind of torn On which one I like more I've kind of Just been flip-flopping between the two

So just pick which whichever one you Think you would like better again one is More of a facial spray and one is more Of a moisturizing cream this is a number I feel like you should Circle you should Write down because these are the lumino Whitening strips that have no peroxide There's no sensitivity they use Essential oils like this is a healthy Version of whitening strips and so you Get 21 treatments everything on on this Brand for this Prime event is actually 40% off but this is definitely the thing I feel like you should try because You're not going to have sensitivity on Your teeth and it's really going to Whiten your teeth fast and this is the Perfect time to get something like this Just because we do have the holidays Coming up and I feel like we're always Going to parties and we want white teeth You should also consider this Jep Eyeshadow stick which it's stunning it's Only $11 today and tomorrow and it comes In a lot of different colors and you can Just easily apply it over your eyelid It's like instant eyes Shadow but I have The shade Pearl Shimmer which is a Really pretty light shimmery color and I Like it best just in the corner of my Eyes and under my brow bone just to make My eyes pop next we have the beaky Beauty blenders which the original ones I love they're they're like 50% off for

This Prime event like they're like six Five or $6 on deal but they gave me an Additional 20% off code you can use that Will work on top of that so truly you Could get these for a steal now they Also have these which I'm going to link They're called the paaw Wonder blender And so they're very similar except one Side is actually more flat which I just Really like to blend in Foundation now Keep in mind do not use this dry make Sure you run it underwater and squeeze It and it's going to double in size and Be so much more squishy and blendable Now if you're somebody that struggles With oily skin or just pores and texture Holy moly this this flew me away like This is one of those instant Transformation products um this is the IT Cosmetics bye-bye pores pressed Powder so you just take a like a fluffy Brush and you just run it over your skin And you will instantly see a before and After it literally blurs your skin okay I'm so sorry I keep saying this about so Many deals but right this number down This is another really good one this is The Monday shampoo and conditioner that Comes as a set the deal is $23 for both bottles the reason that's Such a big deal is because these bottles Are massive they're huge they're going To last you for so long and this brand Is really good it's won so many awards

The formula is great and it's sulfate Free paraben free and crueltyfree now if You want a good dry shampoo my favorite Is the chlorine dry shampoo that you're Seeing here this is 30% off today and Tomorrow bringing it down to only $14 This is a healthier dry shampoo um I Feel great about using it and then some People just love and swear by The Living Proof so these are the two kinds um that Are most popular I wouldn't say it's Quite as healthy but my goodness it's Probably the best formula out there and I know it's a product that people like To stock up on so again get it while It's 30% off the fan favorite Unite hair Detangler is also 30% off it's another Product that people just continually Buy On repeat so you might as well get it While you can save money if you have Long hair like me the detangler really Works wonders or if you have a little Girl sometimes spraying it in their hair Makes brushing their hair way easier This hair wax stick that is so viral is 47% off bringing it down to only $7.98 and the reason people love it so Much is because it doesn't make your Hair greasy so you can slick your hair Back like in a tight slick bun so your Hair looks shiny and and slick but not Greasy also you can tame down flyaways And guys also like to use this they'll Actually just put it in their hand and

Then they can kind of you know Manipulate their hair into like a cool Style next I wanted to share some really Unique unque hair tools for you guys to Consider so this is the Moroccan oil Hair drying brush now you've probably Seen a lot of these out there I've Tested quite a few this is a really good One because it's four in one so this is Normally $120 and it has like amazing reviews but It's on deal for 84 so the reason this Is so good is you can even see in the Video here there's actual infrared light Underneath here and it's ionic so it Really reduces the craziness to your Hair it makes your hair so smooth and it Dries your hair it Smooths your hair it Curls your hair it gives you volume like I like to use this at the the top of my My hair and just kind of gives myself Some lift again you can use this on wet Hair to dry um it works really well now This is the T3 rotating curling iron I Don't think it's for everybody now T3 is A very high-end professional brand I Love it it's stunning this is nor Normally $199 and it's on sale for $139 so it's 30% off but the thing is you just simply Clamp your hair here and then you can Move left or right and it literally Automatically rotates up your head so if You struggle with curling your hair this

Makes it so simple and it actually is Really fast and then this is great bang For your buck because this is by the Brand dry bar which is again a very High-end brand but it's three Hot Tools In one so this is normally $200 and it's On sale for1 139 but again you get three Tools out of it you get the regular Curling iron with the clamp you also get A curling wand and then you also get a Three Barrel hair waiver which I just Love um if you haven't done that to your Hair it works on all lengths and it Actually is a style that lasts for many Days and I'm back here for the home Section so many good deals up first we Have this 10piece Granite cookware set and it's Granite meaning it's non stick and Healthy and I I mean first of all it's Just stunning like I love this set I Love the wooden handles I mean it's Beautiful it's normally $150 it's 57% Off bringing it down for the whole set To be $63.99 so I'm jumping in here adding This to the video very last minute but This is the electric spin scrubber brush That's like extending and I saw that it Was going to be on deal and this has Been one of my best purchases of the Entire year so you just charge it up it Lasts a really long time it comes with Three brush heads the flat one is great

For showers grout tile it does the work For you I'm telling you guys it's Shocking what this got off of my Bathroom like the grime in my bathroom Shower floor there's also a corner Attachment that gets in all the nooks And crannies this one is great for glass Shower doors like you can use this Throughout your entire home super quick I love making Amazon videos and I love Covering the prime events so if you're Enjoying this video please consider Subscribing down below now I also wanted To share some of my most used kitchen Items that are on deal for this Prime Event starting with these the silicone Tongs I mean you can get them in more Subdued colors but they are 20% off you Can get them as a set and they're great Again because of the silicone material But the star of the show is actually This little guy you would be shocked at How often you grab this thing and use it For so much now if you don't already Have these silicone baking mats you need To get them because today and tomorrow They're only $11 for a set of two and no longer do You need to use any cooking sprays or Parchment paper this makes everything Non-stick and it works in your oven up To 480° and then this famous veggie Chopper is 40% off for this Prime event And guys I resisted this for so long but

I kept seeing the videos and I was just So mesmerized by this so I finally got It and it is so good Tru Tru I feel like Everyone should have this um and I love How all of the attachments can just live Inside here so it's not getting all lost In your cabinets but you can chop Veggies for your dinners and prep food You can also make delicious Cho salads With this it's it's really great ooh and If you don't already have this metal Lemon and lime squeezer definitely Consider it because it's 25% off today And tomorrow and again it's metal so it Doesn't break as you're pushing down on The lime or the lemon it really is Squeezing out all of the juice I love to Add it to my Waters and of course you Can cook with it and then the Bissell Little Green upholstery cleaner always a Big ticket item for any Prime event so Again it is majorly discounted today and Tomorrow get this if you don't have it I Use this way more than I would like to Admit it's it's great for carpeting it's Great for your couches it's great for Dining room table chairs that is perfect Because food falls on them you can put Solution cleaning solution in the liquid You spray it and then you can suck Everything up including the stain it Works impeccably well it is also great For cleaning cars like the carpeting in Your vehicle it is just great for so

Many things so again highly recommend of Course I have to mention this next item But my bamboo sheets that I am obsessed With is on deal for this Prime event so Guys you've heard me rave about these Sheets they're the best sheets of my Entire life they will transform your Life I am not exaggerating maybe some of You already have them get them in Another color get them for your guest Bedroom I I'm not even going to quote The pricing here because it kind of just Fluctuates depending on what color or What size you get but it comes in so Many colors and sizes even California King they're they're life changing true Story and then the number one Best-selling pillows on all of Amazon Are 35% off for this Prime event so Occasionally they go on sale but never This much so pick them up if you've Heard me raving about them through the Last year they are so comfortable truly Like they come all suctioned up so you Fluff them up and they get all gushy Incredibly comfortable and you can get Them in both regular size or King Another item you should consider more For travel would be this Amazon Basics Carry-on luggage piece so I've had this For a long time and it has done me well I actually have it in this bright hot Pink color so I can always identify it But it comes in so many colors like some

Are fun some are more basic but it Glides beautifully I love the inside Compartments to it um there's also a Lock like for the TSA people you know if You you want to lock it all up it's just Held up very very well it's 44% off Bringing it down to only $49 if you have Pets you need to consider the chomchom Roller for your home so it's 37% off They actually just launched it in Black Which looks a lot more Chic than the White one I have which is also fine but I've had that thing for so many years it Works wonders I mean if you see cat fur Or dog fur anywhere Carpets on your bed Spread maybe on your couch you just roll This back and forth it instantly gets up The pet hair and then to empty it you Just hit this button and you'll you'll Be shocked at what you get and then the Frame TV guys this needed to go in the Video because every Prime event this Sells out so fast if you've been wanting A frame TV that goes above your mantle That looks more like a beautiful photo Rather than a TV get this before it Sells out it comes in so many different Sizes different frame options to go with Your Decor people love it I don't have It I just wanted to share it in case You're interested everything that I Shared in this video will be linked down Below and pinned in the comment section By the number you saw on screen get

Things before they sell out happy Shopping and I'll see you in my next one Bye