50 Best AMAZON PRIME DAY Deals of 2023 linked here….
1. Underwear 6-Pack:
2. Amazon Essentials Tanks:
V-Neck Tees:
Crew-Neck Tees:
3. Levi Shorts (25):
Levi Ribcage Jeans:
4. Slide Sandals (true to size):
5. Half-Zip Sweatshirt (S):
6. Full-Zip Jacket (S):
7. Crossbody Bag:
8. Gym/Weekender Bag (Medium):
9. Built-in Bra Tank (S):
10. Butter Leggings:
11. Bodysuit Romper (S):
12. Long Sleeveless Dress (S):
13. Black Skirt (XS):
14. Ribbed Dress (XS):
15. Heeled Sandals (true to size):
16. Layered Necklace:
17. Sunglasses:
18. Pink Swimsuit (S):
Black Swimsuit (S):
Scalloped Swimsuit (S):
19. Crochet Cover-Up:
20. Flower PJ Set (S):
21. Velvet Hangers (50-Pack):

22. ColorWow Dreamcoat Spray:
Instant Frizz Fix:
23. Living Proof Dry Shampoo:
Living Proof Thickening Mousse:
Living Proof Texture Spray:
24. Amika Dry Shampoo:
25. Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner:
26. Detangling Brush (scalp favorite):
27. DryBar Round Drying Brush:
28. Kitsch Dermaplaning Tools:
29. Elemis Resurfacing Pads:
Elemis Cleansing Balm:
Elemis Moisturizer:
30. Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum:
31. Snail Mucin Essence:
32. Beaky Blenders (5-Pack):
Beaky Triangle Puffs:
Beaky Makeup Brush Set:
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33. Loreal Magic Green BB Cream:
34. Anastasia Clear Brow Gel:
35. Shimmer Eyeshadow Stick:
36. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette:
37. Maybelline Mascara:
38. Lineage Lip Mask:
Lineage Lip Glow (tube):
Lineage Moisturizer:
39. Mario Badescu Facial Spray:
Mario Badescu Drying Spot Treatment:
40. Toiletry Bag (Large):
41. Crest Whitestrips:
Crest Whitestripes w/ Light:
42. SunBum Mineral SPF Spray:
SunBum Hair Lightening Spray:
SunBum Leave-In Conditioner:
43. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream:

44. Bissell Green Upholstery Cleaner:
45. Pillows (the BEST!):
46. Twist Travel Pillow:
47. Bose Headphones:
48. iWalk Phone Charger:
49. Car Cleaning Gel:
50. Kitchenaid Mini:
Keurig Coffee Maker:
Stainless Steel Cookware Set:
Granite Nonstick Cookware Set:
Vitamix Blenders:
Dyson Vacuum:
Dyson Air Purifier/Cooling Fan:

Dyson Vacuums & Purifiers:
iRobot Vacuums:
Kindle E-Readers:
Dutch Oven (only $27!!):
Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes:
Samsonite Luggage:
Apple Airpods:

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*Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link.

Here are 50 of the best prime Day deals In Fashion Beauty and home categories Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you see on Screen so as we go along write down your Favorite numbers and it makes it super Easy to shop but today and tomorrow you Can save so much money so let's jump Into the video starting with fashion as Always I have come prepared I have been Working on finding these deals for weeks Now so we're starting with some Essentials this Amazon essentials six Pack of Women's cotton underwear is only 11 for six pairs and you can get them in So many color combos white black neutral Fun colors they're so comfortable and The price is amazing under number two I'm going to link all of the Amazon Essential basic tops so if any of your Basic teas or tank tops or Camis are Starting to look a little old or dingy Now's the Time to replace them so the Tank tops you get two for ten dollars All of these by the way you can pick Your color combinations the Camis you Get four for 17 and then the basic T-shirts two for between thirteen to Sixteen dollars depending on if you want A scoop neck or a v-neck I'll link all Of the options the brand Levi is 40 off Everything for Prime day and so I will Link the best sellers under this number

But I strongly encourage you to consider The 501 denim shorts these are so good They're normally like sixty dollars on Sale for like 34. they come in different Washes they are so flattering and now I'm reaching for these instead of my 120 A Goldie denim shorts also the Levi rib Cage jeans that I've been wearing for The last couple years those are also 40 Off and they come in several washes Another wearable essential you should Really consider are the slide sandals By The Drop which is Amazon's own brand so The quality is amazing these are 30 off They're like 20 something for for Prime Day and you can get them in different Colors I love the cognac color though There's memory foam so they're really Comfortable and Squishy and you can just Slide them on and wear them with Anything and then we have this half zip Sweatshirt which is so thick and plush The quality is great it is 20 off now Everything does come in like a million Different colors so I feel like I'm Going to be saying that a lot but if you Don't love this army green you can get It in whatever color you would actually Wear but I am wearing a size small I Will have all of my sizing details Listed down below beside each item now This is a full zip jacket or sweatshirt And I just love this color it's in the Color light khaki if you're wondering it

Comes in other shades of course Um but it's just again so thick very Very soft inside especially and I Believe it's like 28 to 30 off write Down this number guys this is a good one This bag is 50 off for Prime day Bringing it down to only like 16 to 18 Depending on what color you get so this Is the taupe color which I just love Because you can dress it up or down you Can lit literally wear it with anything Black would also be good or even a fun Bright color but you can adjust the Strap so that it hits you perfectly the Zipper is so buttery smooth and it holds Quite a bit for a crossbody bag and I Love this front compartment you can Easily slip in your cell phone another Bag to consider this is also really good This is 42 off bringing it down to only 28 it's a huge gym bag or duffel bag Weekender bag it honestly reminds me so Much of the best-selling base bag Um so anyway just if you're wondering What this is this it actually gives you Easy access to charge your phone it's Like a USB port which is really cool It's a huge compartment inside there's Different sections it comes with Toiletry bag shoe bag a longer strap if You want to carry it like over your Shoulder there's just so many nice Compartments and it's perfect for the Gym or a weekend getaway now speaking of

The gym this gym sports bra tank is only 18 for Prime day and the reason I love Love it is because you can obviously Exercise and work out in it but it also Looks great just as an everyday like Tank top or layering piece because it Has a really nice built-in bra inside And it looks very smooth you can just Throw it on and not have to worry about A bra strap showing now the butter Leggings that I always Rave about are Only 11.99 for Prime day so I know I Always talk about them so if you already Have a pair get another pair if you Haven't tried them humor me and try them Because they're the best leggings of the World they are buttery soft they're Super stretchy so stretchy that they're Only one size or one size plus meaning If you gain weight or you lose weight They'll still just stretch to fit you They're just the best and they're just The material unlike any other legging Out there now this bodysuit Romper is That even what you call it it's 16 Though for Prime day and it's great for Working out exercising but it's also an Instant outfit you can just throw it on And then throw on a jacket or even a White button-down blouse and you look Super Chic and stylish oh another Instant outfit this is something I Really reach for all the time it's this Long like sleeveless dress it's stunning

It's 42 off I'm telling you this is such An easy dress it's so comfortable Everyone loves it you will love it get It in whatever color you want I do love This army green color though now hold on FYI I am throwing out a lot of prices And discount percentages but the thing Is Amazon does fluctuate slightly with Pricing and I obviously have to film This before Prime day goes live so if There's a few things that aren't exactly What I say I am so sorry I do think Almost everything is pretty accurate Though so let's move on to this Beautiful skirt with a slight slit up The leg nothing crazy like this is very Professional you could wear this out to A dinner party to the office you could Even make it casual with like a t-shirt But it's only 23 dollars for Prime day And then we have this ribbed dress by The drop so again this is Amazon's own Brand the quality is fantastic and it's 20 percent off it comes in a lot of Neutral colors but I really love this Camel color I feel like this this dress Just in general is very wearable perfect For summer into the fall now with that Dress I love wearing these heels these Are the Avery heels they are so best Selling they're normally like 55 and They're on sale for like 34 to 38 Depending on what color you get now this Color is the color I like to wear with

That dress and I often even wear them Just with jeans they're just so Comfortable because of the thicker block Heel here they're just simple and and Classic but I recently got them in this Clear version which I think is great Again goes with everything and it really Elongates your leg and then we have this Gold layered necklace set for only Twelve dollars it's 40 off I have the Yellow gold version but it also comes in Silver and some other Styles as well but It's two separate necklaces for twelve Dollars meaning you can wear one or the Other but they look great together and You can adjust them them to whatever Length you want for your neck you should Totally pick up a pair of these Best-selling sunglasses they're 52 off Bringing them down to only 11.99 I love The tortoise shell frames black would Also be good but there's a lot of other Options as well under this next number I'm linking a few best-selling swimsuits Now they are one piece but they are Really flattering and just comfortable So this pink one oh my gosh look at how Stunning this is you don't have to get It in pink lots of color options but I Think the hot pink just really stands Out and it's again very flattering in That it it is a one piece but it kind of Looks like a two-piece there's ruching In the front just to hide any problem

Areas and I believe it's on sale for 27 Which is really good I also love this Black one I've had this for the last Couple years and it's more of a Sweetheart neckline again the ruching is Just really flattering on your stomach And then there's this scalloped one Which I don't have but I'm really drawn To it and it's also on sale for Prime Day now if you're in need of a swimsuit Cover up or maybe you just need a new One or a different one consider this Crocheted cover-up it's beautiful I love It in this beige color I think black Would also be really nice but it's 35 Off making it only 26 dollars and I just Love that you can slip it on and I Really think it looks good with whatever Swimsuit you already have now this next PJ set I actually mentioned in a Previous viral Amazon video and it was a Total hit so since I saw it was on sale For Prime day I wanted to mention it Again if you didn't get it and you liked It so it's this flower PJ set it's a Two-piece shorts set and I have it in The beige it also comes in this really Pretty navy color that I really like and A lot of other options too but it's 37 Off bringing it down to under thirty Dollars now there is a 50 pack of velvet Hangers for only 26 dollars which is Such a good deal and I always say like First of all you need the Velvet

Non-slip hangers that are really thin You can fit so much more into your Closet than with regular hangers but More than that if you actually just Invest in having all of your hangers be The same color it will completely revamp Your wardrobe and closet into looking More expensive and kind of like a Boutique now we are on to the beauty Category of the video and some of these Beauty deals are the best of the entire Event in my opinion because some of These Brands never go on sale starting With the color wow the Dreamcoat Supernatural spray that everybody loves This is 30 off so you spray this in your Hair when it's damp and it's actually Heat activated and it lasts between Three to four washes but it makes your Hair so shiny and it makes it not frizzy That's why everyone loves this so much It just really tames down your hair but I'm also under the same number going to Link the one minute instant frizz fix by Color wall that's also 30 off so you Just put that into your hair and Literally in one minute your hair is Transformed living proof roof is also 30 Off which is crazy they're dry shampoo I Would say is definitely their number one Best seller I'm sure a lot of you Already love it and use it so get Another bottle while it's on sale Um I also think they're thickening

Mousse and their volume and texture Spray are also really great now if you Want to try a different dry shampoo you Should try Amica which is quickly Becoming the number one best-selling dry Shampoo on all of Amazon and this is a Healthier brand it is talc free and it's Actually a no Trace dry shampoo meaning You spray it you can kind of see it but Not really you just brush through your Hair and it works really well with no Residue oh and I didn't say this is 20 Off and again it never goes on sale and Then we have the pureology shampoo and Conditioner this is normally really Expensive I mean this is like Professional premium shampoo and Conditioner Um so this is 30 off now I'm obviously Talking about hair things right now so I Wanted to mention this detangling hair Brush which is 40 off it's only 12. Right now and you guys need to try it For your scalp I mean obviously it's Great at actually detangling wet hair But I actually like to put it on my Scalp and go in circular motions and it Really gets off the dead skin cells the Dandruff it helps with circulation it's So much better than those stupid Silicone scalp massagers now this is a Completely different type of brush but It's a really good one if you're in the Market for a round hair drying brush

This is by dry bar it's 50 off for Prime Day and it's it's just a really good one It gets really hot but it takes your Hair from wet to dry but it Styles it it Gives it lots of volume and I absolutely Love the bristles there's like different Types of bristles that easily glide Through your hair and it doesn't tangle It or get stuck okay let's talk about Your face if you haven't tried Dermaplaning yet you really need to or You at least need to try this particular Brand so dermaplaning is when you Essentially shave off the peach fuzz and The dead skin cells from your face and It makes your face so much smoother it Makes your makeup look better but this This is a 12 pack for only six dollars Right now it is 55 off and hopefully you See it happening in the b-roll here it Literally takes everything off and it Makes your face look so much better LMS It's 25 off everything LMS which is my Favorite skin care brand of all time Under this number I will link some of Their best sellers I mean their Moisturizer is great their cleansing Bomb they're known for that but my Personal all-time Holy Grail must have Are the dynamic resurfacing facial pads I use one of these every single day I do Think this probably is their number one Bestseller if you have not tried these You really need to get them while

They're 25 off I take one pad try to do It every night before bed and it really Really helps smooth my skin and Dramatically reduces the texture I have Two other skin care items for you to at Least consider because they're really Good this is the good Jeans by Sunday Riley so the reason I love this is Because it literally is an all-in-one Treatment it just does everything so There's so many like skin care regimens Out there you need this step this step This step this step this just cuts it All out it makes it very easy you can Use this at night before bed and it Literally covers all of your bases and Then we have the snail mucin Essence Um yeah this is literally like the Secretions from a snail I know it's very Very big in Korea and it has come over To the US and people swear by it I was Very skeptical and then I ordered it and Now I really like it it makes your fa Like in one week you notice a Considerable difference and how soft Your skin is and how much more hydrated It is so this is normally 25 and I Believe it'll be on sale for only 16. so If you struggle with dry skin you really Should try this now I have a special Promo code for these next items so it's All beaky so I'm talking like the beaky Beauty blenders that are so much better Than the regular beauty blenders that

Are like twenty dollars for one sponge This is a five pack and and for Prime Day they're like 50 off so it's like Five dollars for five of them and I have A special promo code I'll put it here on The screen it's Shay20bk for an additional 20 off so if You put that code in at checkout you'll Get an additional 20 off the already 50 But it also works on this makeup brush Set it's a 10 piece makeup brush set It's like seven or eight dollars for Prime day and then you get the Additional 20 off with my code Um they just emailed me and I love their Products so I thought I would put it in The video and then also there's the the Triangle sponges that are great to set Your under eye and also Contour with so You can use my code for those as well And just so you guys know this entire Video is not sponsored I weed it out and Dwindle down what I thought was the best Deals uh but we're gonna move on to the L'Oreal BB cream like the magic one that Is is green it's seven dollars right now Guys and just watch this like it's it Starts out green and then you put it on Your face I like to use my hands Actually and it literally matches your Skin tone like like it blew me away Um so you should definitely try this a Little goes a long way but it's it's Like magic another product that I love

That is on deal for Prime day is this Anastasia of Beverly Hills clear brow Gel so this is 30 off again this is a Premium brand that doesn't go on sale This is only 15 right now but it just Sets your eyebrows so that they don't Move um which I really like now this is The Julep eyeshadow stick and if you're Not familiar with one of these it's Really nice it's like a cream to powder Eyeshadow stick and it's really shimmery And it just Glides onto your eyelid I Really like using it in the corner of my Eye though to really brighten up and Make me look more awake but you can get It in different shades and it just Glides onto your lid a few more makeup Favorites this Naked Basics palette it's An eyeshadow palette is just so Incredibly wearable there's light shades Dark Shades it's all matte you'll wear Them every single day and I love the Size of this because you get a lot of Product but it's nice and compact so if You want to travel with it it's really Easy and then this is a huge best seller This is the Maybelline Sky High mascara So this is only eight dollars today and I do love it in black but I would Actually I would I would say try it in Brown because it makes your lashes look Really long but the brown color makes Them look extra natural Laneige products Are 30 off I feel like everybody during

The prime Day event typically picks up The Laneige lip sleeping mask because This is pretty much the only time it Goes on sale you put this on your lips Before bed and you just wake up to Juicy Plump beautiful lips I have been really Liking the the version where it's kind Of in a tube though so you don't have to Stick your finger in so I will link all Of the Laneige under this number Mario Badescu is also 30 off and I know a lot Of people have their own personal Favorites with this brand but my Personal favorite something I feel like You should maybe try if you haven't is Their facial spray so it's an aloe and Rose Water facial spray and you can use This to set your makeup you can use it To hydrate your skin if you're feeling Like you have dry skin it just makes Your skin feel really nice and also look Nice oh my goodness I've recommended This toiletry bag so many times but it's Only 22 dollars right now so if you're Not familiar with it I do have the large Size and it's perfect for travel people Even use this at home every day but you Unzip it and then it opens up to four Huge compartments and you can hang it on The back of a door you can hang it on The back of a shower and it's so great When you are traveling because it gets All of your products off of the counter Or the vanity and you can see everything

So nice and it's also great for people That have small bathrooms because again It gets everything off the counter the Crest White Strips and the Crest White Strips plus the light are very popular For Prime Day events I mean this is Normally kind of expensive but they're Extremely discounted and I will link Both of these options under the same Number they work really well and you'll See a huge difference in only seven days The brand Sun Bum is 20 off and so I Wanted to highlight a few things you Might be interested in starting with This mineral sunscreen so I don't think I've ever seen a spray sunscreen that's Actually mineral and healthy uh this Just allows you to evenly distribute the Sunscreen and apply and blend it in just Way easier it's just great for kids and Again I just like that it's a lot Healthier there's also the Sun Bum Leave-in conditioner which is really Popular and then also this hair Lightening spray so this is great if you Are a blonde you can actually spray this In your hair and it gives you a nice Little sun-kissed lightning effect and Then we have this Brazilian bum bum Cream which is 20 off and I'm gonna be Straight up with you guys I do not like This stuff okay I don't like it and when I talked about how I didn't like it you Guys made it very apparent that you all

Love it and you're obsessed with it so The thing is it's supposed to tighten Your skin it's supposed to really help With cellulite like on your butt and on Your thighs and I think it probably does Work I don't know but the thing is I Can't stand and the smell so if you're Okay with the smell it just smells very Tropical and that's just not what I like Uh but anyway I know a lot of you are a Fan of it and it is 20 off and I'm back Here for the home category this is Another big category again even more Best sellers that they've kept hush hush And quiet will be linked down below but We're starting with the Bissell Little Green Machine which I'm sure a lot of You already have this if you don't have It now is the time to get it this is a Huge best seller it's 30 off and it's Basically an upholstery cleaner so this Is great for carpets this is great for Sofas and couches and your dining room Chairs I mean this like pushes in Cleaning solution and then sucks it back Out cleaning to Perfection these are the Number one best-selling pillows on all Of Amazon and they are glorious they are So squishy they give you support but Your head still just like squishes in I Just cannot recommend them enough they Come in the regular size and the king Size and they're 35 off now this is also Kind of a pillow but not really it's one

Of those neck pillows that everyone Loves for travel but this is a much Better option This Is 50 off it's under 20 bucks and this one you can twist and Manipulate so that it really is Comfortable obviously the classic one Around your neck but if you want to Twist it up and like curl up it's Perfect for the plane ride it's perfect For the car and you can really just have It however you want now speaking of Travel these bows quiet noise canceling Headphones are also a huge best seller Especially for Prime day because they're A hundred dollars off the normal price Um so they're great for travel they're Also great for going to the gym mowing Outside they're just great people love Them this iwalk phone charger is 40 off If you don't have one of these you Should consider it because it comes in So handy for me all the time so it is a Portable phone charger you can instantly Plug it into your phone when it's Starting to get low and what makes this Different is just the fact that it's so Small like it fits in tiny purses I can Take it with me really wherever and Again when my phone starts to get low I Can charge it another crazy good deal is This car cleaning gel it's 54 off it's Only five dollars so I feel like Everyone should just have this you can Use it in your car like it's meant for

But I've actually used it on my keyboard Keys because it's like this squishy gel That you can roll over the buttons in Your car the vents really wherever and It just gets all of the dust from really Weird places and it lasts a long time But again it's like really inexpensive So once it starts to get gross you just Get a new one we're up to number 50 guys But wait I'm putting a lot of the big Ticket bestsellers under this number 50. Starting with this KitchenAid mini so This is a hundred and twenty dollars off For Prime day so this is a brand new one But if you have been wanting to add this I mean this is expensive but again it's Super discounted today and tomorrow this Keurig coffee maker is under fifty Dollars I think a lot of these deals are Going to sell fast so if you like Something jump on it but I love Keurigs For coffee bars in your home I think It's great for your office if you know Somebody going off to college I think They're also great for dorms and Apartments and then here is this Stainless steel cookware set which is Really good and then this Granite Non-stick cookware scent both are Stunning and both are around 50 off Vitamix blenders are 45 off and if you Know me at all I use my Vitamix blender Every single day I've had it for 15 Years it's the best of the best if

You're in need of a new vacuum there's So many deals like iRobot shark Dyson Dyson is a Big Brand also this Dyson air Purifier and cooling fan is a big ticket Item um that's 36 off but all of these Best sellers will be under number 50 Along with some others but everything Else will also be linked down below and Pinned in the comment section happy Shopping thanks for watching and I'll See you in my next one bye