50 INSANE Amazon BLACK FRIDAY Deals…everything is linked below & in the comments!
1. Amazon Essentials Underwear 6-Pack:
2. Amazon Essentials Basic Tees 2-Pack (S):
3. Amazon Essentials Long Sleeve Tee (S):
4. Amazon Essentials Turtleneck (S):
5. Amazon Essentials Waffle PJ’s (S):
6. Gray Slippers:
7. Barefoot Dreams Inspired Socks:
8. Muiti-Color Wool Socks 5-Pack (only $7!!!):
9. Neutral Wool Socks 5-Pack:
10. No-Show Socks 6-Pack:
11. Foot Heel Paddings:
12. Amazon Essentials Ballet Flats:
13. Beige Chelsea Boots:
14. White Textured Half-Zip Sweatshirt(S):
15. 2-Piece Sweatsuit Outfit (S):
16. Oversized Crewneck Sweatshirt (M):
17. Thick Beige Zip-Up Hoodie (M):
18. Thick Baggy Sweatpants (S):
19. Levi Ribcage Jeans (25):
Levi Wedgie Jeans:
Levi Straight-Leg Jeans:
Levi Skinny Jeans:
ALL Levi’s Jeans ON SALE:
20. Beige Ruffled Sweater(S):
21. Amazon Essentials Red Textured Sweater(S):
22. Black Bodysuit (all necklines):
23. Initial Necklace I’m Wearing:
24. 9-Piece Earring Set:
25. Camel Backpack: hhttps://urlgeni.us/amzn/jXriX
26. Satin-Lined Beanie:

27. Snail Mucin All-in-One Cream:
Snail Mucin Serum: (currently sold out)
ALL Snail Cosrx Skincare:
28. Niacinamide Serum:
29. Shimmer Eyeshadow Stick:
30. Lumineux Whitening Strips:
31. Tongue Scrapers:
32. Retainer Cleaner:
33. Shower Steamers:
**Use code SHEABFCM for extra 20% off ON TOP of the deal!**
34. 18-Piece Makeup Brush Set:
35. Revlon One-Step Styler:
36. Favorite Hair Ties 100-Pack:
37. Hair Wax Stick:
38. Dermaplaning Tools:
39. GuaSha & Ice Roller Set:
**Use code SHEASAVE for extra 20% off ON TOP of the deal!**
40. Forehead Wrinkle Patches:
41. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream:
42. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Serum:

43. Electric Scrubber Set:
44. Foldable Clothing Steamer:
45. Space Heater:
46. Bissell Little Green Machine:
47. Veggie Chopper:
48. Breville Oven:
49. JBL Wireless On-Ear Headphones:
50. JBL Wireless Earbuds:

Unite Hair Detangler:
Olaplex Bonding Oil:
Shark HyperAIR Blow Dryer:
Instant Pot 13-in1:
Roborock Vacuums:
Shark Vacuum (only $99!):
Air Purifier MAX:
Kindle E-Readers:
Heated Jackets & Vests:
Heated Gloves:

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#blackfriday #blackfriday2023 #blackfridaydeals #blackfridaysales #blackfridaydeals2023 These are the best Black Friday Amazon 2023 deals! I love covering Black Friday every year…especially on Amazon! There are so many great Black Friday deals this year!!

*Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. I use affiliate links. As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support of my channel!

Happy Black Friday everyone today I'm Sharing 50 of the best Amazon Black Friday deals with you in the Fashion Beauty and home categories I'm sharing Really really good deals everything will Be linked Down Below in the description Box and pinned in the comment section by The number you see on screen so if You've never watched my videos before The easiest way to do this is to grab a Piece of paper maybe your phone write Down your favorite numbers and then you Can easily find exactly what you're Looking for at the end starting in the Fashion category and I mean business This when I've got my green clipboard Here so the first few deals you need to Jump on before they sell out because They are crazy good so they're Amazon Essentials uh number one are the sixpack Of cotton underwear these are only $11 Right now for six pairs and so you can Pick the different color combinations Different patterns they're so Comfortable they're breathable and only $11 for six and then we have this two Pack of crew neck te's now we're kind of Just starting with some Basics some Things that everyone should just have in Their closet or maybe replace in their Closet but this is also Amazon Essentials such a good amazon-owned Brand so the quality is really really Good $16 for two of them it's a two pack

Again you can pick your colors I have Black and gray but it's really the Material I want to focus on this Material is so silky and smooth and Cooling like it is such a good non Wrinkle material it just feels amazing And then we have this long sleeve crew Neck tea again very basic but very Wearable only $12 today $112 a lot lot Of these deals should run through the Weekend so if you're watching this later Hopefully you can still get a lot of This stuff however I do think some Things are going to sell out this is $12 Jump on it lots of color options you can Wear it with jeans you can wear it with Other types of pants you tuck it in tuck It out this is great and then this Turtleneck is only $13 again Amazon Essentials great quality lots of color Options the turtleneck part kind of does Elevate it a little bit it looks a Little less casual but you can still Wear it super casually and you just Cannot not beat the price I'm going to Continue to blow your mind with this Next deal this is a two-piece thermal Waffle knit PJ set this would be a great Gift idea these are $16 you get the tops And the bottoms for $16 I love the gray lots of colors um But they're kind of like Long John so They're warm and cozy they're super cute And I think they'd make a great gift

Idea they would never think this was Only $16 or you can consider it for Yourself now if you're wondering about What size I'm wearing for each clothing Piece I will have that listed beside Each item down below sometimes that's Just helpful in ordering but the next Item these slippers are also a great Gift idea these are normally $30 and They're on sale for 17 and they're just Really nice I've had these for like 2 Years now I just think they're Comfortable they're super gushy I love The hard bottom so you can like run to The mail outside if you want I don't Know these are just really good slippers People also like to buy barefoot dream Socks which these are not Barefoot Dreams but you couldn't really convince Me otherwise these feel identical to Barefoot dreams material and you get Five pairs for $12 okay such a good deal you could keep A few pairs for yourself gift them out If you were to blindfold me I'm telling You I wouldn't be able to tell a Difference a few more sock deals because They're actually really good so this Five-pack of multicolored wool socks so They're wool socks they going to keep You nice and toasty and I just love the Patterns but these are $9.99 for five Pairs again they would be a great gift Idea you could even like break them up

And give them to different people or They just look really good coming out of Hiking boots like great for the winter If you want something more neutral this Five pack of neutral wool socks these Are only $8 which is again great and They're a little less expensive there's No patterns at all this last sock thing Is a lightning deal so it's only good Today on Black Friday but these noow Socks six pairs 11.99 and they're like the good noow Socks where there's gel padding so they Don't slide down they're comfortable Again no show so you don't see them Outside of your sneakers I feel like Everybody should just have these or Maybe replace the ones you already have And then for those of you that have to Wear high heels these foot pads which I Talked about probably in a video a year Ago these are also on Deal they're like $13 and something for a whole box of Them and you just stick them in your High heel shoes and it provides cushion And padding to the balls of your feet And it allows you to walk in the high Heels or wear the high heels all day Long now maybe you never wear high heels Maybe you're more of a Flats person Write this number down guys this is an Extra good one these are only $17 today $17 and they come in all the sizes Obviously but also wides so even if you

Have a wider foot you can still wear These Flats very comfortably they have Amazing reviews they're classic they Really look good with tons of outfits And they're flexible the these are just Another pair of shoes you could pick up On on sale are these beige boots they're Kind of chunky there's a slight heel but Nothing bad at all you'll be able to Wear these all day and be comfortable They'll give you a little bit of height But these are 40% off bringing them down To $39.99 now these also come in Black Ivory a few other shades of brown and I Know I'm throwing out a lot of deals and Pricing I think my info is pretty much Correct but things are always subject to Fluctuate change or sell out so don't Hate me next we're going get into some Sweatshirts and just comfy warm things But I don't know why I love this thing So much it's white I know maybe and it's I'm going to get it stained but you Don't have to get it in white but just This looks just the color combination With the camel and the white and the Textured it's just kind of a nice Elevated Chic sweatshirt that you can Throw on when it's chilly outside and Look really good but this also very Discounted let's move on to this Two-piece set I love a good instant Outfit and so this halfzip sweatshirt

Great on its own you could wear it with Jeans or with the the matching pants That it comes with and just the outfit Together though it looks amazing it's a Great travel outfit it's a great running Errands outfit the material though I'm Back to the material the material of This really surprised me I immediately Noticed that and Josh actually commented On it when we were filming this b-roll He like brushed up against me and was Like oh my gosh I feel so nice so this This is a really good set to consider Now this is even more casual but it is Just a thick oversized plush crew neck Sweatshirt and so I'm wearing a medium Just for reference this is supposed to Be oversized it's kind of the style you Could wear leggings biker shorts you can Wear with really whatever you want it's Just a big sweatshirt but I just love The oversized style I love this taupey Beige color as with everything tons of Options though and I think this is like 30 something per off last couple loungy Things before we move on but this thick Zipup hoodie it's plush okay this is 43% Off and I just I just love it to pieces I feel like if you get it in like a Boring gray color or black it doesn't Look that special but this particular Color along with some of the other Colors it just looks expensive like it's Weird it's it's a zip-up hoodie but it's

Really thick and plush and then likewise These sweatpants very very similar Feeling I feel like just getting them in This beige color just makes them look Different than a boring pair of gray Sweatpants although those are those are Classic too but I don't know they just Feel really nice and again they just Look more expensive than and a typical Pair of sweatpants and these are 35% off Now through the weekend moving right Along I will link all of the Levi jeans Under this number the classic Levi jeans The best sellers that I'm always raving About they're all between like 30 and 40% off so normally they're a good price But now get them while they're they're So good so I'm talking the rib cage Jeans the high-waisted rib cage jeans That look great on everyone pick up a Pair if you don't have one already There's the Levi wedgies there's I mean Skin skinny jeans if if skinny jeans are Your thing I mean they still look good On a lot of people so I will link the Best sellers again under this number and Maybe you saw this sweater on the Thumbnail of this Black Friday video Because it's on deal today through the Weekend I love this sweater because of The ruffle detail you can have it button The whole way up or kind of open it up Maybe show off some jewelry there's also Ruffle detail around the sleeves it's

Just like a nice classy wearable sweater And then there's this sweater which we Are back to Amazon essentials really Really really good quality this thing is Only $27 today okay and it's like a Thick nice textured sweater if red isn't Your thing this does come in a lot of Other colors but I do think this is fun And vibrant it's eye-catching it's not Quite as bright as it's coming up on Camera but I do think it'd be great for The holidays but again you can get it in Other Shades as well I did want to Mention what I'm wearing so under this Number I'm going to link several black Bodysuits with different necklines that Are all very on sale some were like 53% Off there's another one that's like 40 Some per off and again you can get them In different necklines if you want a Higher neckline a v-neck a scoop neck I Think a black bodysuit is great to have In your closet because it stays tucked In and you can really layer with it or Wear it on its own and then I'm also Wearing this initial pendant necklace Set which is on sale for only $12 and I Think this would be great for yourself But also a gift idea because you can get Whatever initial you want so obviously I Have an S foret and so when you give a Gift that is kind of personalized it Seems like you put a lot more thought Into it and you would never think this

Necklace was only $12 I've definitely Had it for almost 2 years now it hasn't Tarnished I just don't wear it in the Shower and it's two separate necklaces So you kind of get more bang for your Buck and then this nine piece earring Set is 45% off bringing it down to $14 And some cents for nine pairs of Earrings you can get them in yellow gold Or silver and all of the earrings are Different yet kind of similar some are Chunkier some are are bigger some are Smaller such a good price point for nine Pairs of earrings I also just love this Camel backpack although this does come In other faux leather colors the price Is amazing and this is just a good bag To have instead of a purse but you're Still handsfree so it's great if you Have kids even if you don't have kids Just carrying a backpack around it's Stylish it's cool it looks really good There's tons of compartments so you can Really have everything you need but Again be handsfree this is the last item In the fashion category but this satin Lined beanie or winter hat is 41% off And it was also on sale for Amazon Prime Day but now it's back on sale and this Is a great time to get it because we are In the winter months you'll be able to Wear it it'll keep your head really warm It's stylish but it is satin lined so It's not going to mess up your hair

Moving along to the beauty category up First we have the snail muen essenes so Under this number I'm going to link all Of the snail bestsellers if you have not Tried one of these products you need to Humor me and just try it out your Skin's Going to love it yes it is snail Secretion but it doesn't smell weird It's not gross it's kind of slimy but Your skin just sucks it right up it Loves it within 3 days your skin is Going to look and feel better and more Hydrated there is the serum this is what Everyone fell in love with at first now You can also get the all-in-one cream Which is kind of similar but it's more Of a moisturizer texture I love this Both of these are going to be like $1 There's some other bestsellers that I Will link under this number but then Under this next number I'm going to link The nias cide Serum by that same brand Okay but this is a Nia cinnamide serum Which is really good for enlarged pores Redness discoloration this is normally $25 Nia camine is such a good ingredient Especially in a serum normally $25 it's Down to 13 today now this is another Deal of the day write this number down I Believe this is only on deal today Black Friday I could be wrong check me if I'm Wrong but this julip eyeshadow stick I Rave about this thing all the time this Is only

$111 today I have the shade Pearl Shimmer I encourage you guys to get a Shimmery shade and you can you know just Twist it up put it in the inner corner Of your eye and it's kind of like a Crayon you can literally do this in 3 Seconds and it brightens up your eyes it Makes you look so much more awake much Younger you look better I use this thing Every day and look I should have done That for the whole video because I look So much more youthful now but another Way to look better and younger and just More attractive all around is to use Whitening strips now these are the Lumino healthier whitening strips these Are 40% off now through Cyber Monday now Just jump on these because these do not Go on sale unless like for a big event This was the number one bestseller for Me on Prime day then they went back up To regular price they're back to being 40% off these do not have peroxide in Them but they still whiten your teeth Really really really well but they don't Cause any sensitivity they're better for Your gums they're better for your enamel I love these and highly recommend them Now this also has to do with your mouth And I filmed a whole thing showing what This tongue scraper will do it's so Disgusting I'm not showing it I'm not Putting that out there on the internet Um but this is a two pack so you get one

For yourself maybe your significant Other this is like 40 some per off so It's only like $5 for two tongue Scrapers you can scrape your tongue in The morning or at night I like it in the Morning because it just makes your Breath like better throughout the day It's just you get all the gunky stuff Off it's gross but I feel like everyone Needs now this I don't personally have But I feel like a lot of people could Use this it's a retainer cleaner it's 41% off so you can use it for your Retainers you can use it for invisa Lines you can use it for mouth guards You could use it for dentures there's Like a lot of ways you can use it that Gets rid of discoloration odor yellow Stains and it's really on sale this next One is really good okay I was able to Get a promo code for you guys sometimes I can do that and this one definitely Works um I'll put the promo code here on The screen and you can get 20% off on Top of of the Black Friday sale it's Already happening okay you can combine Everything so these are shower seamers That's an 18 piece set um it's Eucalyptus mint and lavender and look They're individually wrapped you Basically just put this on the bottom of Your shower and it steams up and just Creates like a luxurious Spa like Experience it's kind of like a bath bomb

For your shower so this brings it down Like with my code to like $11 for this Whole pack so get this for yourself and You could also get it as a gift idea no This is this is shocking this is an 18 Piece makeup brush set with a case and Everything $7.99 $7.99 this is 58% off and these Brushes are good like there's Foundation Brushes blush brushes concealer brushes Eyeshadow brushes they their sizes and Like thicknesses they're so soft like They they're brushes you would actually Use and again I love how it comes with The case moving on to the hair I love a Good hair tool deal now this is the Revlon all-in-one Styler but as you can Notice it is not the round brush version It's the flat brush version which I Think a lot of people would like better I feel like it's easier to use you just Brush it through your hair so this is Normally $50 and it's on sale for 26 and You can just brush it it's going to dry Your hair your hair can be like you know Kind of wet and then it fully dries it Uh just go Section by section or just Simply brush through your hair and it's Going to smooth it it's going to make it Look like you have a blowout um and Again you can't beat 26 bucks so I just Realized I had a whole lipstick smudge Happening right here who cares moving on These are the only hair ties I use it

Looks like a lot of them because it is You get 100 hair ties and they're on Deal for $5 for like a hundred of them And they're so stretchy they're like a Nylon material and you can see in this Clip that it really lifts your hair and Gives you so much volume and I have a Lot of hair and I have them in black but You can get them in brown and blonde Shades and bright colors too this hair Wax stick is also a bestseller on sale It's like7 or 8 today and it's great if You like to slick back your hair um it Doesn't make your hair greasy it just Gets rid of the flyaways again it's Really good to Slick your hair back guys Even like to put this on their hands and Kind of mold and Spike their hair oh my Goodness and then these dermaplaning Tools these are the only like cheap or Affordable dermaplaning tools I like It's like a whole pack of them and I Think it's down to like $7 for a whole Pack and they're way sharper than like The cheap ones you can get on Amazon Like get this brand instead but it gets Rid of all of the the the peach fuzz and The dead skin on your your face and it Makes your skin look so much brighter And smoother and it makes your makeup Look way better too now this is another Number you might want to Circle or write Down but this ice roller and gacha Tool Together it's a set it's already on sale

For Black Friday but they gave me a Promo code not sponsored but it's shay Save for an additional 20% on top of the Deal so that brings this set down to $447 that is so good this thing you can Keep in your freezer it depuffs you it Wakes you up in the morning it gets Circulation going and I love I love Gacha tools now gacha tools are known For smoothing out fine lines and Wrinkles it literally has kind of a Botox effect but if you wanted something To work overnight while you're sleeping These forehead wrinkle patches are Really good they have aloe collagen Vitamin E and they're in a shape where You put them on your forehead you can't Really feel it at all but you go to Sleep and it prevents and kind of Smooths out the wrinkles from happening That can happen while you're sleeping And then so over time the wrinkles start To disappear I believe these are 58% off Bringing Down the whole box to $11 now These are the last products in the Beauty category but these are viral These are fan favorites it's the Neutrogena Hydra boost line my personal Favorite between the two of these is the Body cream gel okay this is 50% off this Whole thing is like $7 and I Rave about The nesser which is very clean and Healthy no fragrance this also has Really good ingredients probably not as

Good as nir but still no fragrance it's Hyaluronic acid so it plumps up your Skin it's great for sensitive and dry Skin and it's kind of like a serum Texture it just like Glides on your skin And it's like a really good serum SL Lotion and then there is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost night cream so this is a Pressed cream it has hyaluronic acid so It dumps up your skin but you're Supposed to use this before bed so it Works through the night and this is also 50% off bringing it down to 13 Bucks Moving into the home category also kind Of random category but I first want to Talk about the electric scrubber brush Set because this is 47% off it's kind of A life-changing product I think everyone Should have this uh this is really long It can be short it can you can extend it It comes with different brush heads some That are pointy some that are flat some That are more Dome and it it cleans Everything it does the work for you you Charge this up it lasts a long time and I can't even tell you the difference This made in so many areas of my house But especially my shower I also Mentioned this bad boy on Amazon Prime Day but it's on sale again this is only $23 on deal it's a foldable clothing Seamer so this is great if you have a Small closet or you just don't want to Take up that much space you put the

Water right here um and it steams your Clothes unbelievably well like it works Really well but because it's so compact It's also really great for travel if You're always cold like me I saw that This space heater that rotates it's Really nice and compact it gets really Hot but there's all kinds of you know Touch settings um but this is under $40 For Black Friday and I use it up here in My closet sometimes it gets chilly you Could use it in a bedroom a basement an Attic maybe your office I feel like we All kind of need a space heater in Certain situations another really good Home item that I've raved about for a Few years now is the Bissell Little Green Machine it's the upholstery Cleaner this is down to $89 right now a Lot of times it's like $120 or $130 uh but this is an upholstery Cleaner so you can use this on your Dining room chairs you can use this on Carpeting you could use this on sofas You could use this in your car but you Can fill up the reservoir with water and Cleaning solution and it sucks out the Stain and it cleans really well it's Just good to have this in your home and Then the viral veggie Chopper I held off On this for so long but it's worth it This is only $117 today you can chop up So many veggies you can prep your meals I love it especially for chopped salads

It's it's really actually very simple to Clean there's not that many you know Pieces to it and it just chops Everything with ease now this brevel Oven I wanted to call it out because It's normally $450 but it's on sale for $360 so it's Quite a bit discounted but it is a big Ticket item um but it does everything Like it bakes it you know it's an air Fryer it toasts it I mean there's a Whole big list of things that it does And I use it all the time in fact I'm Starting to use that thing more than my Actual oven so if you do have space for It and you've been wanting it I feel Like a lot of people do want this jump On it while it's really on sale and then We have some good Tech items also Consider this for a gift idea these are The JBL on ear headphones and so there's 44 hours of battery life and the sound Is so good I really like JBL speakers And earbuds and headphones um but these Are really gushy and comfortable on the Ear again 44 hours of battery life and Also active noise cancelling um and They're just like really good sound Quality so get these for yourself oh They're like 50% off too so again that's Why I wanted to mention it but if you're More of an earbud person these are the JBL tune earbuds this comes in black and White and various other colors but

They're also around 50% off and they're Going to go back up to full price but Great sound quality insanely good Battery life also active noise Cancelling and Ambient sound as well if You do want to be aware of your Surroundings um but all of these deals Guys I know it was a lot but everything Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the numbers you saw On screen so it'll be super easy to find Everything you're looking for stay tuned For my Cyber Monday video on Monday Happy shopping and I'll see you in my Next one bye