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1. Barefoot Dreams Inspired Sweater(S):
2. Chunky Striped Sweater(S):
3. Half-Zip Sweater(S):
4. Oversized Cardigan(S):
5. Corduroy Jacket(S):
6. Neutral Plaid Flannel Shacket(S):
7. 2-Piece Skirt Set(S):
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8. 2-Piece PJ Set(S):
9. 2-Piece Flower PJ Set(S):
10. Fleece Lined Sweatpants(S):
11. One-Size Leggings:
12. Gym/Weekender Bag (Medium):
13. Nippies:
14. Aviator Sunglasses:
Cat Eye Sunglasses:
15. Shoe Storage Containers:

16. Crest WhiteStrips:
17. Crest WhiteStrips With Light:
18. Lumineux Whitening Strips:
19. Ionic Hairdryer:
20. Chi Rotating Curling Iron:
21. Heatless Curl Tool:
22. Rice Water Vinegar Hair Rinse:
23. Amika Perk-Up Plus Dry Shampoo:
24. Amika The Wizard Detangler:
25. Amika Purple Shampoo:
26. Diva Curl Super Curl Cream:
27. Gillete Hair Trimmer:
28. Facial Hair Trimmer:
29. Tree Hut Sugar Scrub:
Tree Hut Shave-Oil:
30. Aztec-Healing Clay (not on sale now):
Aztec-Healing Clay Bundle (ON DEAL!):
31. IT Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid Serum:
32. Vitamin-C Squalane Rose Oil Serum:
33. Elemis Products
Dynamic Resurfacing Pads:
Resurfacing Facial Wash:
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm:
Pro-Collagen Cream:
34. Laneige Lip Glowy Balm (Tube):
Lip Sleeping Mask (Tub):
35. Makeup Eraser Towels:

36. Electric Scrubber Brush (check 10% coupon):
37. Squeegee:
38. Chemical Guys Car Cleaning Set:
39. Mattress Topper:
40. Satin Pillow Case:
41. BestSelling Pillows (apply 40% off coupon!):
42. Heated Eye Massager:
43. Thera Ice Cap:
44. Breville Espresso Machine:
45. Glass Vintage Mugs:
46. Long Bottle Cleaners:
47. 18-Piece White Coralle Dish Set:
48. 18-Piece Coralle Printed Dish Set:
49. Dyson Cooling Fan:
Dyson Cooling Fan/Air Purifier:
50. Dyson V8 Vacuum:
Dyson V12 Vacuum:
Dyson V11 Plus Vacuum:

6-Pack Cotton Underwear (only $11):
Classic Blazer:
Levi Ribcage Jeans (44% off):
Chic Sweatpants (only $22!!):
Waffle-Knit Shacket (only $23!!!):
OPI Nail Polish:
8-Piece Towel Set (only $22!!):
Vitamix Blenders:
Instant Pot (30% off!):
Beats Headphones & Earbuds:
Amazon Fire TV Stick (54% off!):
Kindle E-Readers:


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It's day two of Amazon Prime big deal Days essentially another Prime day so if You miss my video from yesterday I will Link it right up here and down below be Sure to check it out after this one Because those 50 deals are still on sale Until midnight tonight but today I'm Back with even more deals they're insane They're so good in Fashion Beauty and Home and the way my videos work I have Everything linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you see on Screen so get a piece of paper write Down your favorite numbers as we go Along and it's super easy to shop and Find everything you're looking for all Right we're jumping right into the Fashion category and I've got all my Crazy notes here with the deals so this Sweater is what I'm starting with Because I am obsessed with how Comfortable it is like it's so buttery Soft because it totally reminds me of a Barefoot dreams sweater or a Barefoot Dreams piece which are so expensive They're like over $100 this is 23% off Today bringing it down to 38 bucks I Have have it in Gray and you could Totally Lounge in this but you don't Have to like this is a this is a really Nice sweater and I love this uh striped Version it looks super Chic everything In today's video comes in So Many Colors

A lot of these deals really are insane Because this next sweater is 46% off such a good price um I did get It in this sage green and white color It's like a chunky stripe sweater again I'm going to keep saying this but it Comes in a lot of other Shades like even More neutral ones if that's more your Thing it's meant to be a little bit Oversized so keep that in mind I am Wearing a size small but I will have my Sizing details listed down below beside Each piece if you know me at all you Know I love a good halfzip colored Sweater they're just so easy so wearable You just wear like a tank top or Anything underneath and then you can zip This you know higher or lower and it Just looks elevated it looks Chic it Looks more put together and I've had This for so long this is 36% off today Okay so clearly I'm starting more with Wardrobe Essentials and Basics things You can just continually grab and throw On and it just always works like this Cardigan is next so I picked it up in Black I really like it you can wear it Buttoned up like more as an a top versus A cardigan or of course just like a Regular normal cardigan but this is Actually 48% off today okay that is truly insane Bringing that under $20 like this is Under $20 but just keep in mind I am

Filming this video ahead of time okay so I'm throwing out numbers and disc Accounts and percentages things are Always subject to change I think my Numbers are right but don't hate me if Things do fluctuate and then I have to Talk about my beloved corduroy shirt Jacket so I have it in like the camel Color I've got it in like a winter green You're seeing here now my other favorite Color which is this Light Beige I mean I Truly wear these year round and they're 45% off so if you don't have one Consider picking one up or maybe get it In a different color but if you're more Into the Plaid flannel I love this Neutral version Which is popular also I Think like 27% off but keep in mind a Lot of these fashion deals also have Additional coupons on the product page That you can check so just make sure you Look for that and check it and then It'll be discounted even further at Checkout and then this two-piece skirt Set comes together and I was able to get A special promo code I'll put it here on The screen I'll also have it listed down Below but it's for an extra 20% off the The prime deal so you can stack Everything you enter it at checkout I Think there's also additional coupons You can check on the product page so I'm Telling you like you can really save a Lot of money on this and I think it's

Perfect for fall and winter because of The long sleeves there's really cute Rushing here on the top that flatters Your waist and then there's a similar Rouching detail on the skirt and of Course you can kind of mix and match This if you want to wear it with other Pieces in your closet I also wanted to Mention a few other two-piece sets but These are PJ shorts sets and they're so So cute this is like $22 for the prime deal crazy good price And I love just like the coloring of This kind of the texture as well it Looks really expensive but again only 22 Bucks and then let's talk about this Flower two-piece PJ set I shared This Months ago so many people loved it and It's double lined so it's not See-through it's so comfy I'm just Partial to PJ short sets cuz you can Actually wear them while you're sleeping You can wear them around the house look Really cute so if you saw this flower Set or maybe you haven't seen it yet and You like it it is under 30 bucks and It's I think 37% off continuing on with The lounge theme if you are somebody That's always chilly or you're just Always cold or you want to be warmer I Highly recommend this next item it is Sweatpants that are completely Lined with Sherpa like the whole thing The whole thing is lined inside with

Sherpa so not only is it just really Soft and comfortable but it keeps you so Warm and cozy instantly I'll even wear These out and about if it's like cold Outside I'll wear this as a layering Piece these are excellent to have if You're somebody that's always cold Circle this number guys is something I Always mention for any Prime event but The onesze only leggings okay these are 20% off for this Prime event bringing Them down to like 1112 insane insane because they are Either one size or one size plus and It's the most buttery soft legging Material ever they're completely Different than normal leggings they just Instantly fit you they stretch to fit You so if you lose weight if you gain Weight they still work and they're just The most comfortable leggings I've ever Owned this is another number you should Circle or write down because this is the Number one bestselling gym bag or Weekender bag on all of Amazon and it's 42% off today it's like $28 this is it's Crazy there's so much I I want to even Explain about this there's even a USB Port charger here it's massive like it Holds so much it comes with a shoe bag a Toiletry bag there's a section here on The bottom that is great for separating Your shoes um everything is waterproof It even has sections if you want to you

Know hang it or like slide it down your Luggage handles um the zippers are just So smooth and buttery so many Compartments I mean I could go on and on This is such a good bag to have for Travel or even for the gym so many Colors and I do have it in the med Medium size the famous nippies or Silicone sticky boobies as I call them Are 30% off today and I myself need to Order them today because the pair I had I accidentally left in the hotel room Last week when we were in San Diego so I'm fresh out but they lashed you so Long like I've had my pair for months And months and months you can reuse them Over and over again they're sticky you Just wash them and they get sticky again You just stick them right on and you can Wear whatever shirt or top you want they Have so many flesh tones so that you can Match your skin they're just fabulous Next I have a couple sunglasses that are Only like $12 for this Prime event I'm Going to link both of them under this Same number although they're completely Different Vibes so we're going to start With the classic aviator sunglasses now These come in many colors but I did get The black metal with the black uh lenses So just again very classic you can't go Wrong with aviators such a good price And then these are the uh probably need To clean them I've had these for quite a

While but they're more squared and Sporty and kind of cat eye so these are Both extremely bestselling but Completely different styles rounding out The fashion category next we have these Shoe storage containers which I have Shared in my clever closet organization Videos they're kind of expensive on Their own and they don't ever really go On sale but they're 35% off today so if You have an abundance of shoes and you Want to have a place to put them where You can really visually still see what They look like I highly recommend these They are so great you can stack them and Then you can just open the door slide Them in and out I love them woo moving On to the beauty category I didn't Change scenery but I did change my top Because that sweater I'm telling you Guys so soft and warm I was getting too Hot so the first beauty product I wanted To share are these Crest White Strips Which are always so popular for Prime Events however this year this is only on Deal for day two today only so this is 35% off today get it while you can and You can get your teeth white for the Holidays under this next number I'm Going to link the Crest White Strips That also come with the light that you Can also use in conjunction it's a Little bit more expensive but it is 43% Off so it's a little bit more discounted

Now even further like the next number I'm also going to to link these lumino Whitening strips which I did talk about These yesterday in my video this is 40% Off today it comes with 21 treatments And thiss version is way healthier it Does not have peroxide like the crest Sometimes people get really sensitive Teeth from the crest others don't but if You are somebody that has sensitive Teeth from whitening I'm telling you get This because it really works it's way Healthier and again 40% off next I want To share a few interesting hair tools Starting with this ionic blow dryer or Hair dryer for only like $26 like such a Crazy good price for this it's very Powerful and it's ionic technology so Really helps to reduce frizziness and Smooth out your hair I also love the Size of it um like it is a professional Hair dryer but it's not massive and it Would be great to travel with too and Then we have this thing which just looks Really freaking weird so this is the chi Rotating curling iron this is not for Everyone this is for people with medium To shoulder length hair even short hair Not long like this is not for me so I Actually had my assistant Katie Demonstrate this but it's so cool Because you just take sections of hair It sucks it up in it's not going to Tangle your hair whatsoever um it just

Sucks it up in curls it you release it Your hair is instantly curled it saves Time it is it's for people that struggle With styling their hair um it comes in a Lot of colors and it is 43% off this is something that doesn't Go on sale it's 43% off today now if you Wanted to give the heatless curl method A try you know the the long tube that Maybe you've seen viral on Instagram or Tik Tok um I am here demonstrating it This is actually 30% off it's only like $11 and you can sleep in it if you want Or you can kind of do it in the morning Wear it for a few hours and it reveals Completely heatless curls like it's Shocking this this actually works really Well I'm so excited about this next hair Product it's rice water hair vinegar I Know it sounds weird but I used to use Something so similar to this years ago And I loved it and then I just don't Think I could buy it anymore I don't Know what happened to it but I saw this Was going to be on deal for this event And so I ordered it I've only used it Once so far so this is pretty new but I Still love it and I know it sounds weird But you put this on your scalp before You take a shower you let it sit there For a few minutes and it just removes All of the buildup on your scalp all of The dandruff it prevents dandruff like It's it's so nice and it's 30% off today

I feel like this is another number you Should write down because it's a so each Product will be under a different number I'm going to start with the perkup Plus Dry shampoo so this is like an extended Dry shampoo like this is meant it just Works really well like it's meant to Really extend you needing to wash your Hair say you're on day like four or five You just came back from the gym your Hair is like super greasy this works Wonders and it's 30% off everything by This brand is 30% off today and it's a Brand that just doesn't ever go on sale Uh so this is that then they're also Known for the wizard which is a Silicone-free detangler like a hair Detangler so definitely consider that Also 30% off and then this next thing I Don't personally have it is their purple Shampoo so if you have blonde hair I've Heard amazing things about this purple Shampoo and just really brightening it And kind of toning it to the wrecked uh Not brassy blonde color you know what I Mean again that is also 30% off now if You have curly or wavy hair this is the Diva Curl super cream it's a curl cream And it works so well I can actually get My hair pretty curly with a curl cream And this is the this is the one everyone Loves like this is the bestseller also 30% off it's also very healthy this Brand and that last brand amama all very

Very healthy ingredients which I really Appreciate super quick if you're Enjoying this video please consider Subscribing down below I love making Amazon videos on my channel and I also Love covering these Prime events and Finding the best deals moving right Along to a few hair trimming things this Gillette hair trimmer is for down there And can be used Dr dry or wet in the Shower which is super convenient you can Get this completely soaked in the shower It's 32% off I feel like a lot of guys have Things like this but a lot of women Don't and and this is for you and then We have this facial hair trimmer which Is really small and Compact and you Actually just put a battery in here turn It on and you can do it right on your Face to get all the peach fuzz off you Can do it over your lip if you have you Know some hair there um you can just Keep it in your vanity or your bathroom And whip it out whenever you need it's Only $13 today this is completely Painless moving along to tree Huts They're watermelon line these were Gifted to me last week when I was in San Diego at this Amazon event I cannot tell You how much I love the scent of this The prices are so good but this is viral Right now but I know it's going to be on Deal so I wanted to mention this is the

Sugar scrub such a good watermelon scent Almost like a like a real watermelon Scent and then this is their shave oil Which if you have haven't tried a shave Oil it really gets the shave close it's Like it's like you're a dolphin's butt Is that a thing I'm making it one moving Along to an oldie but a goodie this is Something I've recommended for so many Years it's the Aztec Indian healing clay So it is benite clay and it's only $9.99 Okay today it's very discounted and it's Clay that you mix with either apple Cider vinegar or water I prefer the Apple cider vinegar do not use a metal Spoon with this there's a whole reason I Don't need to get into that look into it If you want but you make a paste and you Can put it all over your face you can Even do it on your body but it extracts All of the toxins like this is one of The best things you can put on your face This is actually a new tub that I Recently got because apparently it's Like a new version like they up I'm not Really sure what they did but just so You know only $9.99 today so good next I Want to share some popular skin care Products that you should consider Starting with the IT Cosmetics bye-bye Lines High hyaluronic acid serum okay Hyaluronic acid serums are so popular This one is 40% off today it's a really Good one very high quality and if you

Don't know what hyaluronic acid does it Instantly plumps up the skin and what That does is it instantly gets rid of Fine lines and wrinkles another popular Serum people like to use is a vitamin C Serum but this one takes it a step Further where there's also squalane Which is so popular for skin care and Rose oil so when I use this I just keep Smelling it because rose oil is so Luxurious it's expensive so this is Normally like $74 but it's on sale for only $48 which For this is a it's like a it's a good It's a good deal so if you like vitamin C rose oil squalane like this is a very High-end serum and then we have my Favorite skincare line of all elmus I Say this over and over again I just I Love elmus products my favorite favorite Favorite product of all time is their Dynamic resurfacing pads which are Actually 30% off like again a product And a line that they just don't go on Sale unless it's like this big sale Event so get the dynamic resurfacing Pads I try to use one of those every Single day or night and it just really Helps to smooth out the texture of my Skin I'll even use it on my neck and Then a lot of their other popular Products are 25% off today and then if You're somebody that just loves the Lan Lip sleeping mask again so popular both

The tube and the tub are 20% off this is Something that people tend to order Extras of during this time because it's Really never on sale except for during These Prime events last beauty product But the makeup erasers are 30% off so Normally these these towels are $20 per Towel they're on sale for 14 they come In so many colors I use them every Single day with only water that's that's The beauty of them they it gets rid of All of your makeup I'm talking Waterproof mascara red lipstick caked on Foundation removes everything with only Water moving to the home category up First we have something that I did talk About in yesterday's video but it's just Been life-changing for me it's one uh It's just been one of those products That I feel like everyone needs in their Life and it's on sale so it's this Electric scrubber brush that comes with Different heads there's three and you Just charge it up it lasts a long time And you can scrub your showers bathrooms Grout tile all through your house really It does all the work for you um I even I Just love this corner one to you can get In all the nooks and crannies like even Your window seals like everywhere it's So it's so good like I feel like Everyone needs this now speaking of the Bathroom and shower if you have a glass Shower door and you don't have a

Squeegee like a high quality squeegee Get this one it's discounted all the way Down to $7 today and it's a really good One and I love to use it after I clean I Just squeegee the whole shower door and It just looks so sparkly no streaks no Spots I can even do this after I get out Of the shower to prolong it being just Clean and looking nice like once you get This you won't ever go back next we have The chemical gu car cleaning set which Is 40% off today and the reason I wanted To put it in the video is because it Would make such a good gift idea for any Guy in your life this is something that Men just they just want it they just Enjoy it it's like a thing of theirs and This is like this has like a really good Reputation they will absolutely love it And also just throughout this whole Video get things for yourself but you Can also keep ideas in mind for future Gifts since the holidays are coming up Now this mattress topper that I Recommended probably over a year ago is 37% off now a mattress topper is just Great to have because it just makes your Bed that much more comfortable it's also A good idea to get maybe if if maybe you Just need a new mattress and you just Don't want to commit to that yet or Figure out what what's best get a Mattress topper it's going to instantly Make it way more comfy this satin

Pillowcase is only7 $7.99 today guys $7.99 I got it in Black which I feel Like is a really good hack but it comes In so many colors but black is clever Because sometimes I will have lip gloss On when I'm laying down or ChapStick and I can't stand the the spots or stains That you know the light colors it it's Just more visible whereas black conceals Everything if I have a little bit of Extra makeup on I can still easily wash This pillowcase but it just conceals the Spots way better so get this for $7.99 It's so smooth and comfy and Cooling and Then the pillow itself I recommended the Number one best-selling pillows on all Of Amazon in yesterday's video but They're still on deal today if you Didn't pick them up yet and maybe you've Been eyeing them up you've probably even Heard other people talk about them Because they're so good but they're 35% Off and you can get them in the king Size or the regular size next I have a Few things that are great for people That get stress headaches or migraines Um first I just want to share this Heated eye massager this would really Just be a great gift idea for anyone Even guys love this but it uses heat Also air pressure it massages all around Your orbital bone like all around your Eyes it's so relaxing and I think the Newer version of this is actually what's

On deal so I have the older version I Love it my kids love it Josh loves it so Consider that and then this is called Thea ice and this really is for people With bad headaches or migraines and you Keep it in your freezer you get it out And you slide it over your head and it Provides like the perfect pressure you Know that you crave along with the cold Temperature and it's so gushy the whole Way around it's not like chunks of ice That dig into you it like instantly help Makes you feel better now this next one It's it's kind of ridiculous but I get Questions about all the time it's my Brevel espresso machine this thing is so Expensive now it's like $750 normally and it rarely goes on sale But it is 20% off so I'm only throwing It out there if you've been wanting it And you're going to actually splurge on It at some point now would be the time These beautiful glass vintage mugs that I love using with my espresso machine Are also 20% off I think you get four of Them um for like a really good price and They are stunning they're beautiful now These are random home items but these Long bottle cleaners you get a set of Two of them for only $9 I just thought It was a really great deal especially Since so many of us have big water Bottles or Stanley Cups and it's really Hard to clean them next we a couple

Things that I personally just want to Order and I wanted to share them with You because I just think they're so Beautiful so you know Corral like the Corral dish sets well their sets are 15% Off um there's this classic white one Which I'm thinking about ordering um if You guys don't have Corral like it's Just so sturdy so durable it doesn't Break or shatter like it's the best also There's this Blue version so this I'm Going to link this under a different Number this is a different set also 15% Off but it is stunning I want it moving Along to the big ticket item of Dyson so Dyson only has deals for today day two So under this next number I'm linking my Dyson fan it's the cooling fan they're Known for this it's around like 30% off I love mine it's so interesting with Like the air like the way it even does It like there's no blades um also you Can get the same exact thing which I Will also link where it's a cooling fan And a air purifier it gets rid of falah High really bag toxic chemical so I love That and then last but definitely not Least under number 50 I am linking all Of the Dyson vacuums that again never go On sale but they're around 30 to 40% off Today you're seeing them here all of it Will be linked down below everything Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the

Comment section along with other amazing Deals that I find thank you so much for Watching happy shopping and I will see You in my next one bye