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Hey guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing six ways you're Wearing clothing wrong now obviously not You specifically but I wanted to share Ways to make your outfits look a little Bit more up to dat and just better ways To style and dress outfits some of these Don't are outdated some of them are Actually in style and trendy and I Personally just flat out don't like them And I think there's just much better Ways to wear these specific outfits That's what I wanted to share with you Guys today so obviously always with this Disclaimer wear what you love and what You feel great in personal style is Personal to each and every person so of Course it really doesn't matter what Other people think this is definitely Based on my personal style so take what You love leave what you don't and let's Go ahead and get started okay one outfit Combination I just can't get around that I don't think looks that good and I Think this can look so much better I see Sporty sneakers especially those new Balanc chunky like Dad sneakers being Worn with really elevated outfits like Trousers I Pro I see them often with Jeans too but allot of times I see them With trousers with blazers I just don't Think those mix very well especially With the trousers like I get it if you Love this shoe and you want to wear it

With some like denim jeans I think That's a better way to go with it if you Like that style I just don't think they Really blend well with trousers so on Myself I've been showing here um I feel Like these sneakers are not the best Example but I mean they're sporty more Casual sneaker I don't like how this Looks with it oh the easiest swap for Crisp Sleek white sneakers I think they Are so versatile they go with so many Things you can even wear them with Classic denim jeans or with trousers Would recommend opting for very minimal Polished Sleek white sneakers it doesn't Have to be the ones I'm wearing Necessarily it's just a specific brand I Really like but as long as they're just White crisp minimal Sleek not so much Stitching and threading going on just as Simple as you can they go perfect with Trousers okay I mentioned this before I Want to mention it again don't wear Sneakers with dresses now I think if You're going to wear sneakers with Dresses you want to make sure the dress Is casual this one for example it does Not look good with sneakers not every Dress should be worn with sneakers I Mean this is very girly flowy feminine Like this looks so much better with Either heels or slides you're going to Wear sneakers with dresses and actually My subscribers mentioned this to me

Which I love this suggestion that's why I'm putting it here is with casual maybe Like a midi style dress specifically Like the one that I'm wearing here it is Like a open neckline tank midi dress it Is ribed so it's like a sweater dress Almost but really thin stretchy mostly Good for spring and summer and you can Transition it into fall with layers but Something I would be interested in Wearing with sneakers versus like my Other dress options that I have okay the Next thing I know people dis agree with This but don't wear slippers out of the House I really think there's a time and Place for a lot of wardrobe pieces uh Slippers are fantastic I love them They're so cozy yes it looks cute and Cozy even we at home I think that's fine I'm not going to say anything but if It's out of the house not only are you Getting your slippers really gross not Even that slippers like these are very Expensive let's just put that out there So you're ruining them really quickly so It sucks you're pairing something more Dressed up and super duper casual like Ultra casual as casual you can get and I Just don't think it really goes well Together so the alternative to this is Just wear some comfortable shoes out of The house some actual practical shoes That you would wear out of the house That are comfortable now let's talk

About ripped jeans I feel like when it Comes to ripped jeans you either love Them or you hate them I have so many Mixed like opinions in the comment Section about rib jeans to each their Own I have some pairs of rib jeans I Don't wear them as often as my non- rip Jeans however one really outdated Style With ripped jeans is this style here uh The ri jeans with stiletto heels so Something super duper dressy with Something very casual I don't think they Look very good together also it's very Outdated at the same time I mean you can Easily date this outfit so instead if You're going to wear a rip Jean with a Heel have it be maybe a pump like a Block heel a low block heel I think that Looks better or if you want to wear Heels with jeans pick a jean that has no Rips in them or I just think RI jeans Are very very casual so I think it's Better saved for just like some sneakers Maybe some cool slides I love mixing Dressie and Casual pieces all the time I've shared countless of outfits like That but there are ways it works and Then there are ways it doesn't and this Is one of the examples it doesn't and Then here's another pretty outdated Outfit idea I mean you can really date This to like 2010 the waterfall cardigan The cam that typically wasn't tucked in I'm such a big fan of tucking in top and

The skinny je this was such a popular Outfit combination in the 2010s I had Myself a waterfall cardigan for sure so Instead of wearing a combination like This a really gorgeous upto-date Sleek Kind of modern SL classic outfit Combination I love it's just more of Like a slouchy knitted cardigan this is The one I've been raving about for man Almost 2 years now it's from Quint it is Absolutely stunning so comfortable the Way it lays on looks so flattering and You have like the drapin of the cardigan But it's a little bit more up todate a Little bit more classic you still get Kind of like that relax slouchy Vibe I Would just pair it with a tank tucked in To some slim fitted trousers now you can Even do skinny jeans I think I'll be Totally fine with this outfit it will Look gorgeous uh I personally love slim Fitted trousers I love the combination Of like the slouchy cardigan with the Very Sleek fitted pants uh I just Personal preference I love how this Looks but you can swap out other jeans If you want to try that but you know an Easy swap for this outfit is really just Switching out the cardigan like cammies I think they're fabulous now I would Just tuck them in Guinea jeans honestly I still wear them actually that's going To be the next point I get into I will Just swap out the cardian because the

Waterfall one is just very dated to a Specific time and not only that I'm just Not a fan of all the big waves there Just looks a little busy like literally Looks like a waterfall I mean it's in The name don't get rid of your skinny Jeans like please please please don't I Am literally wearing them right now I Love them so much I mean I feel like the Stubbornness in me purposely won't get Rid of them and we'll find ways to wear Them in more upto-date ways like here Pictured here yes these outfits with Skinny jeans are absolutely outdated and In all honesty just like with everything Else I mentioned in this video and the Dots if that's how you love to wear it Please don't listen to me if you're Looking for fresh ways to wear skinny Jeans so here's just two outfit examples I shared on myself on ways I love to Wear so pretty much is I'll wear the Skinny jean everywhere else in my outfit Is either one up to date with a more Modern style or two I'm wearing classic Pieces Classics never go out of style Classics are really easy to pair with Maybe even some outdated pieces not all The time not the waterfall C again often Times you can wear classic pieces with Pieces that are quote unquote outdated I Don't think skinny jeans are outdated I Mean some people will say they are some People won't I don't think so um but I

Think there is more upto-date ways you Can wear them so I would one wear them With like a blouse and some sling back Flat then another combination is also With classic pieces a striped tank two- Tone Flats a trench coat so that's a Really easy way to include skinny jeans In more classic ways or in more Upto-date ways I guess I should say Hopefully that was helpful that actually Brings it to the end of this video I Really hope you guys enjoyed this do's And don'ts style of a video I love Making these cuz I can get really Specific on certain clothing pieces and Outfit combinations if you want to see More of this let me know don't forget to Subscribe if you're new I love you guys So much and I'll see you next time bye