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These are 60 second habits that will Transform your life These are easy They're manageable they're doable you Don't have to do everything but even if You take a few ideas out of this video And try them I really think you'll start To see some momentum and they'll make a Big difference so we're going to start Out pretty simple and like I said all of These easy habits take less than a Minute so when you think about it like That it's really not that daunting but When you first wake up in the morning You can obviously open your eyes look Around but what you're not going to do Is get on your phone start dreading or Thinking about all the things that you Have to do that day or worse yet hit the Snooze button and then fall back asleep No instead you're going to open your Eyes and you're just gonna quickly get Out of bed it's not going to be fun but It's going to take like like 10 seconds And then it's going to instantly set the Tone and motivation for the entire day The next habit you should try to Consistently do is make your bed I know It's what every single person says However I have a specific hack or trick Into making this way easier and it's Having a wooden spatula in your Nightstand okay I know that sounds weird But you can use it to tuck in your Sheets underneath your mattress to make

Them super tight and crisp just like a Luxury hotel and just makes the whole Thing so much faster and easier I Absolutely love this next habit because It is hydrating yourself which you Should obviously drink some water in the Morning you should drink water Throughout the day however I like to Spice it up and this motivates me to Drink it I look forward to doing this And it is adding some lemon or basil or Like herbs if I have some fruit I might Cut up some strawberries or something And put it in the water and then the Real trick like this is what really you Should do is add some Celtic or Himalayan sea salt to that water this Adds natural minerals it adds Electrolytes this is real it's not Synthetic it's not fake it's so good for Your body it actually enhances the Flavor a little bit more and you will Love drinking this and hydrating your Body next I really encourage you to Write down three goals for the day make This so simple guys do not overthink This do not take a long time even doing It just write down three simple things That you would like to accomplish during The day and as you start to cross them Off you will feel motivated to keep Going to complete your list if you want To add on to it you totally can but this Is this is something that without fail I

Do every single day another thing that I Do every single day is take my vitamins And a lot of you I think want to do this But you kind of forget and so I have a Trick into remembering every single day It's called habit stacking so for me Personally when I'm brushing my teeth in The morning as soon as I'm done brushing My teeth I immediately go to take my Vitamins so I've been recommending Ritual for so long at this point I have Teamed up with them for this video if You've been wanting to try maybe a Multivitamin this is the essential for Women multivitamin it just basically Fills in the gaps like you know we don't Eat perfectly and this just allows you To get the nutrients every day in your Body that you're missing and the reason I just trust ritual a lot is because They like all of their ingredients are Traceable you can see where everything Is coming from they're third party Tested very very high quality and my Favorite favorite thing about these Vitamins is the fact that they are Delayed release capsules so they don't Release the nutrients until it gets to The small intestine which is where the Nutrients are actually absorbed so this Is gluten-free dairy free vegan and it's Super gentle in the stomach so you can Take it with or without food now if you Want to try this you can get your first

Month 30 off I'll have them linked down Below or you can scan the QR code here On the screen which is super cool or you Can just go to ritual.com S whitney30 While we're being all healthy we might As well get this next habit out of the Way because it is not fun but it is the Most effective exercise you can do in Only one minute and it's planking so Here I am planking and I don't like it At all it gets pretty hard there at the End but it's insane how many muscles This works out at the same time it Really strengthens your core it is Pretty hard but it's doing so much there Are so many benefits to this exercise Like it also boosts your metabolism it Improves your your mental state like you Feel so good afterwards it's just crazy How much this does in such a short Period of time I absolutely love this Next habit it is so good I'm telling you Guys some of these things really will Transform your life and I saw this on Tick Tock and Josh and I do it not every Day but we try but ideally you need a Partner you need to do it with somebody You live with maybe your boyfriend a Husband your sister maybe a mom who Knows but what you're gonna do is take Your phone and when you're going Throughout your day you're going to take A photo of the best part of your day and Then at the end of the day you'll share

Photos like oh this is this is what Happened this is why and and really Though what this does is it trains your Mindset into always looking for the good Always looking for the best part of your Day it's crazy how this dramatically Shifts your outlook to be more positive Okay now this one is a weird one but It's still to this day something I Always do but it's checking your bank Account Every day it takes less than a minute You just need to look at your balance And it's this weird thing that I've Always done but it's really made me save A lot of money and so I encourage you to Just give it a try like just do it for Like a couple weeks just to see what Happens but there's just something Interesting where like you see them the Balance and you're like I don't want That to go down and so you kind of like Subconsciously like make decisions to Not make it go down and and I swear this Makes me save a lot of money this next Habit is game changing for the clutter In your home because somehow it always Appears now what you're gonna do is Every single time you leave a room you Grab something that doesn't belong Because there is always something that Doesn't belong maybe it's the shoes on The floor those don't go there maybe It's a water bottle on the couch it

Could be anything just scan the room it Takes like four seconds you will always Find something that doesn't belong grab It throw it away or put it where it Belongs this next one could kind of go With the last habit but it's a really Interesting concept it's utilizing dead Time okay okay remember that dead time So what dead time is it's when you have Like a few minutes before something Scheduled in your day and this happens All the time maybe you have a meeting at Four o'clock you have an appointment at 2 30 and you have to leave in five Minutes there's always this like weird Time before you have to do something That we always grab our phone start Scrolling on Instagram like we just kind Of like waste time while we're waiting To do something that is called Dead time Stop scrolling on your phone you're Gonna try to speed accomplish something Maybe it's putting away the dishes maybe Tidying up something super quick like Those little minutes add up to so much Throughout the day so again it could Literally be a 60 second thing but You'll be shocked how much you can do in 60 seconds this is the last cleaning Thing but again it only takes 60 seconds It's so simple humor me just get a pack Of baby wipes keep them in your bathroom And you can do this every few days grab One baby wipe and use it to its capacity

Wipe off the bathroom counters the sinks The faucet say it like there's hair and Gunky gross stuff that just builds up Over time and all you have to do is use Up the one baby wipe but it really keeps My bathroom looking clean all of these Habits have been for you and I think They're really easy I really think they Could change your life but let's not Forget about the kids I feel like we Should start instilling some habits or Chores or tasks for them to do every day And this chore chart has been such an Amazing addition to our home you can Just get it on Amazon it's really Inexpensive but it's awesome because First of all it's magnetic you can stick It to the refrigerator it also has the Stand so you can set it up and display It like on a table somewhere but you can Assign different children to this you Can color code it you can write in the Habits or the tasks or the chores that They should complete every day or every Week and then once they complete them Like say they're done making their bed And it's like a great visual reminder of Everything that they should complete and They can come up and check it off so This comes with extra paper so that you Can change things out it also comes with Stickers and a reward card that you can Fill up and once they fill it all up Maybe they win a prize for being

Consistent so again I'll just have this Link down below it's just from Amazon All right now back to you every day you Should also try to get some sunshine Even if it's only for a minute ideally It might be a little bit longer just Because the vitamin D from the Sun is so Good for you even if it's only for 60 Seconds I mean that's better than Nothing especially since there's not Even Sunshine every single day but when There is you should embrace it it Instantly boosts our mood and makes us Happier okay now we're getting into a Few relational habits again super simple These are going to take like 10 seconds But every day try to tell your Significant other something you Appreciate about them and it can be so Simple like they took the garbage out And you just verbally say thank you so Much for taking out the garbage I really Appreciate it or maybe they just always Remember to do something for you like They know the special kind of creamer You like and so when they're at the Grocery store they buy that just tell Them like I just really appreciate that You remember my favorite creamer like it Could be so dumb I'm telling you guys This will make them feel so nice so Loved appreciated they're it's gonna Motivate them to do even more but really They it it's just something you should

Try to do and then for your friends this Is a really nice thing to do every once In a while but find somebody in your Phone that you haven't talked to in a While or maybe you haven't seen in a While and send them a random text Message maybe saying something like hey I hope you're doing well I was just Thinking about you like and just send it And they will love that it will make Them feel really happy I mean it's just Like a nice thing to do with nothing in Return a lot of times when we get text Messages or we hear from somebody we Haven't Talked to in a while there's almost Always some reason they're actually Reaching out to you maybe they have a Question or maybe you know somebody and They're like have a question about so Like there's always like some underlying Reason that they're like actually Talking to you but it's so nice to Actually just send a random text message Just letting them know that you've been Thinking about them another way to get Some exercise into your day without Really doing anything extra is to take The stairs whenever possible I know That's not always going to be the case If you're going up like 50 floors but When you can take the stairs choose that Instead of the elevator and then another Thing you could do is actually just park

Further away honestly I swear this Actually saves you time rather than Finding the closest possible spot it's Like we're trained to do that just stop Doing that just park the the first spot You see farther back and just get out And walk and I really think you'll save Time and get more exercise this is Another one I don't like at all but I do Think it's really good for you and again It's only 60 seconds but it's taking a Cold shower so just at the very end of Your shower could be in the morning or Could be at night blasted on cold and Just try to get through it but it just Does so many good things for your body Whether it be like your immune system it Actually boosts all of the right Hormones into making you happier I mean This is Josh this is just like we have a Full-blown cold Plunge in our backyard Behind like this external garage thing He does this religiously every day he is Obsessed with this and he'll go for like Five minutes six minutes he's actually Done 20 minutes one time this has Transformed the inflammation in his body He has a really bad back it has helped Him with that it's it's like helped his Mood it's helped productivity it's Boosted his like there's just so many Things I mean truly so many things so The least we could try like if you want To like dip your toes into this just do

It for 60 seconds in the shower I really Think some of these habits can transform Your life for the better again you don't Have to do everything but if you are Interested in giving ritual a try I will Have them linked down below I'll also Put the QR code here on the screen Um or you can go to ritual.com S Whitney30 for 30 percent off your first Month I hope you enjoyed this got some Inspiration and I'll see you in my next One bye