Hey everyone! Today’s video is on 9 60 second hairstyles that are quick and easy hairstyles perfect for school, work or events! I really hope you like the hair tutorials in this video featuring claw clip, headband, buns and twists! Please subscribe for more! XX

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Hey everyone so today’s video is going to be 
on some easy and quick hairstyles that you can   Do in 60 seconds so i really hope you like the 
hairstyles in this video and let’s get into it This first look is so easy start by creating 
a middle parting in your hair by measuring   Up from your nose next take a section one side of 
the part and pull it back into a little ponytail   Tie this up with a hair elastic and 
then do the same on the opposite side Next take two little hair clips and place 
them over the elastics and that is it it’s a   Great hairstyle to keep the hair off your face 
for this next hairstyle start by leaving two   Small strands to frame your face and gather the 
hair above your ears to the back of your head You will need to twist the hair upwards like this   And then take your claw clip and grip 
the twists into place and that is it This next look is with a scarf so first you 
need to fold your scarf so it’s more like a long   Rectangle and pull this up just behind your ears Then when you’re happy with the position 
that it’s in try it up twice to make sure   It’s secure on your head and doesn’t fall 
down and that is the third look so simple   So this time i’m gathering all of my hair to 
the back of my head into a ponytail position And then i’m twisting the ponytail upwards tightly   And then gripping the twist with the claw clip 
just like what we did for the second hairstyle Next i’m pulling two strands 
out at the front of my face   And that is the finished look so quick and simple This is a really easy and elegant hairstyle so 
you want to start with a middle parting and tuck   Your hair behind your ears and gather it all 
into a low ponytail at the back of your head Next i’m twisting the ponytail and 
wrapping it around the base of the   Ponytail where the hair tie is and then 
securing it in place with another hair tie You can also add some hair grips if you feel like 
you need them and then to finish i’m just using a   Styling cream just to neaten any flyaways to 
keep it really smooth and sleek and that’s it   So for this high bun start with two 
strands out at the front and then   Gather the rest of the hair up into a 
high ponytail at the top of your head Then the same process as before you want to 
twist the hair and wrap it around the base   And then secure it with another hair tie and grips This hairstyle is so cute again 
i’ve left two strands out and   I’m gathering the hair above my ears 
into a ponytail at the top of my head This time i’m twisting the ponytail 
into a bun shape around the base   And then securing it in 
position with the claw clip This hairstyle is so easy i’m gathering the hair  

Into a ponytail at the crown 
of my head with a hair elastic   Next i’m splitting the ponytail into two pieces 
and placing each side over the top of the other   To create a twist all the way down to the end 
try and do this as tight as possible just so   It doesn’t fall out too much and then secure 
it with another hair elastic and that’s it Another very quick hairstyle is to just 
place the claw clip over the hair elastic   And that’s a great look when you’re in a brush And that is it i really hope you liked 
the hairstyles please give this video   A thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you 
did like it because that would really help me out   And also please tag me in any photos if 
you do recreate any of these looks because   I would love to see them have a great day and 
i’ll speak to you all in next video bye guys