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Guys so in today's video I want to share Some Chic winter outfit combinations That I have been loving lately so as Always everything I'm wearing everything I'm sharing in this video will be linked Down Below in the description box if you Happen to be interested in anything I Love doing these videos probably like Once a season CU I help break down just Like outfit combinations like certain Top bottom outerwear piece shoes and Hopefully these outfit examples are Helpful just to give you guys some Inspiration in case you're looking for Some outfit combinations that are Wearable but stylish at the same time That's what I want to share with you Guys so I took photos and videos of Everything so I'm just pulling up my Phone here okay so this first outfit Combination is a long sweater then I Belt the longer sweater and then I'll Wear an outerwear piece that is the same Length or similar length as the sweater Some either full leather leggings Regular leggings and some knee high Boots and then obviously accessorize it With purse jewelry and such um I love This outfit this is probably my favorite Outfit out of everything I'm sharing Today this long sweater is from Amazon And if you're taller obviously it's Going to be a little bit shorter in Length um I'm petite 5'1 so for me it

Hits mid thigh and this is a size extra Extra small what I love about this one Is that it has splits on the side it's Not overly baggy and adding a belt Really helps Define my waistline and Give a really flattering shape and Silhouette pairing it with the black Outerwear piece since it matches really Well with the black and white stripes or Black and beige Stripes that's inad Similar length also looks incredibly Flattering so visually I feel like it's Very flattering plus it's also really Warm at the same time you can also do Other things to make this outfit even Warmer for winter such as layering like Thermal underneath the sweater and Wearing boot socks so that way your feet Stay extra warm so you can do a lot of Layers underneath to really help add Warmth to this outfit especially belting A longer sweater like this is so Flattering and also just adds more Layering pieces more accessories to give A little bit more style next outfit Combination I love wearing trousers with A striped sweater and a long coat I mean This is probably one of the outfit Combinations I would wear to church very Often because I'm wearing heels I'm more Dressy but I'm also really comfortable And it's practical and wearable for me Especially as I'm taking care of two Toddlers especially while I'm at church

And stuff uh so this is a really Wearable outfit for me personally and I Have like the Navy monochrome look going On underneath with the white stripes and Then with the White Stripes it's kind of Going in contrast with the white bag Cream bag I'm wearing and then light Gray and navy I think look really Beautiful together like as a collar Combination so that's a good one to keep In mind and then pairing it with a slim Sock booty which I think looks really Flattering with a slim fitted trouser Pant and then the next one is with a Mini skirt uh a girly sweater and then a Outerwear piece with some heeled knee High boots this has been one of my Favorite outfit combinations lately is Something with like a mini style and Knee high boots and tights and if you Want to make this outfit extra warm I Would suggest instead of wearing like Basic thinner tights go for fleece line Tights I've been sharing those lately And those are fantastic to wear for Winter time when you want to wear Anything mini style so that way you can Keep that warmth but still wear a lot of Like mini skirts and dresses again the Navy and the cream is a really beautiful Color palette together and then adding This black outerwear piece which matches My purse and my knee high boots so Another really cute and flattering

Outfit combination I also love wearing Like a mini Style with a long outerwear Piece so I love playing around with Different lengths when it comes to Outoor pieces so really long midlength Sometimes cropped but in this case you Know I'm staying with a mid-length and Long outdoor piece so this one I Actually just kept the same mini skirt The same knee high boots but then I Added a striped sweater so I have again A Navy monochrome look going on but with A mini skirt instead of trousers and Then with the long gray coat because Like I mentioned uh the gray coat just Looks perfect with dark Navy and again If you're wearing an outfit like this I Would suggest wearing fleece line tights For the winter and brown in Navy has Been like my favorite colors to style And wear this year but especially for Fall and winter but this next one I'm Styling these '90s Ultra high-rise je From aie you guys the more I wear them The more I love them they are very Flattering and I just love the quality Of them especially if you get them on Sale they're a really decent price for The quality that you get got the washed Black color or I guess dark gray and Then I paired it with a cashmere wool Knitted sweater underneath it and then If I'm wearing like um a thinner coat Like this like this long black one I

Like to pair the thicker knits Underneath it because it keeps me extra Warm cuz this coat is unlined and it's Not super thick so adding in a thicker Layer underneath it works and it keeps Me warm at the same time and if I need To be extra warm I can layer thermals Underneath the sweater as well so I can Stay extra extra warm usually if I'm Wearing like a wool SL Kashmere sweater I don't really need to do that because That material itself helps keep me Really warm so this is an outfit Combination I love so just jeans a Sweater and a long coat with healed sock Booties this is again an outfit Combination most likely see me in public Wearing and then along with the Jean Sweater and long outerwear outfit Combination I wanted to show another one But with a dressy sweater underneath it This one is from goelia it has like this Ruffle neckline it's ruffled on the Sleeves as well and I think this color Also pairs beautifully with this uh dark Gray color so those are the colors I Love wearing with dark gray is either Gray with it kind of going with a Monochrome look or going with a cream or White and navy also looks beautiful I Think with the dark gray uh but in this Outfit I'm wearing a more dressy sweater Underneath it and I've mentioned this Before and this sweater has a subtle

Sparkle to it which makes it perfect for The holiday season or just something That's a little bit more dressy and fun Last but not least the outfit Combination that I'm wearing so I love Getting many uses out of the dresses That I have so this is a full leather Dress I got from abber KY here's how it Looks like without the sweater and such It's beautiful it fits perfectly Especially for a petite body type It Just fits wonderfully comes in different Three different lengths petite regular And Tall I'm wearing the size extra Small petite totally true to size so how I styled it is with a knit over it and Then an outerwear piece that's the same Length as the dress uh tights and knee High boots and this is a really Practical outfit for me yes I know I'm Wearing a dress but it's really Practical because the shoes that I'm Wearing have no heel on them like They're not a high heel and that Mak Makes it really wearable for me and Especially off for like this I could Wear it a church cute comfortable Practical and I'm dressed up like I I Love this outfit this one and then the First outfit that I shared today are my Top two favorites out of this entire Video uh they're just really cute Comfortable I also want to share real Quick how I tuck in my sweater to make

It look like a crop sweater I get this Question asked all the time nothing Revolutionary or like some crazy hack or Anything but if I pull out the sweater I Have it belted here by the way this belt Is so cute honestly I would wear if I Wasn't wearing a sweater um I would just Have this belt over this dress it's Really cute so I have the belts on and Then I just simply tuck my sweater into It like literally so easy and this belt I've noticed is the best belt I have to Do this hack with uh it stays all Freaking day it looks so polished like You can't even tell it's like how dides She crap it I used to actually wear my Bras over my dresses and while that Works this honestly is so much better if You get the right belt this belt is Stretchy it's really easy to tuck in you Don't have to fuss around with it so if You don't have a good belt to do this Hack with this is the best one so I will Link it down below too and it honestly Is so gorgeous just on its own anyways This outfit along with the first outfit I shared are my top two favorites in This video as far as like outfit Combinations feel free to screenshot the Outfits that I shared in this video so That way um you can just save it to your Phone have some easy outfit combinations To recreate with pieces that you already Have uh but anyways thank you guys so

Much for watching I really hope you guys Enjoyed these Chic winter outfit ideas And I'll see you in my next video bye