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In this video I am sharing seven spring To Summer wardrobe pieces that every Woman should at least give a try for This year I have some beautiful pieces And all of these are petite friendly I'm 5'1 for reference so I love making these Videos I have partnered with Macy's for This video which I have to say is just Like one of the coolest Partnerships I've ever gotten the opportunity to do So I want to give them a big big big Thank you I have been shopping at Macy's Since I was a child I purchase clothing there for my kids my Husband does tons of his shopping there I buy clothing for myself the biggest Things I love about maisy's and one of The reasons why I kept going to them Throughout all the years is they have so Many petite friendly options and petite Sizing as well pieces here that I'm Going to share are petite others are Actually regular but they fit a petite Body type really well love going to them For dresses special occasion things I've Also shared many outerwear pieces from Macy's in the P but this is spring and Summer wardrob pieces that I want to Share but I just wanted to say that like They have some amazing pieces really Good prices at all different price Ranges also having their VIP sale which Is an extra 30% off plus 15% off Beauty Items and you can use the code VIP at

Checkout everything I'm also sharing Today the price is incredible everything Is under $100 budget friendly so stylish And the quality is incredible as well as Petite friendly go ahead and get started With this first jumpsuit I got from them So I believe I'm wearing this in a size Small petite and I love love this this Jumpsuit first is so stretchy I mean I'm 19 weeks pregnant and I'm able to fit Into this perfectly and what I love About it is that it's a flowy wide leg And the length of it is perfect to wear With sandals you can Expo expose a Little bit of your ankle which is cool So it's not too long but it's just at The right length just so flattering and The jumpsuit looks like you're wearing Two separate pieces because of the belt Here and how it's pleated um on the pan So it looks like two separate pieces but It's all one piece there's a zipper in The back to get in and out of it and It's so stretchy so flowy this is just One of those pieces that is amazing to Have for the summer and the spring I you Just throw on and go I've actually been Wearing this so much because the weather As you can tell behind me has been Incredible here in Washington so this Has been so nice to even wear going on Walks with my kids I want to put Something on that's like really cute but Really practical because it's all one

Piece next up every woman should try a Gorgeous slip dress so this comes in Obviously this beautiful olive green Color or sage and it also comes in a Floral pattern I am in love with this Not only is this bump friendly I did go Up a size but uh it's cinched back here And it has a tie in the back as well so You can make it a little bit tier or Looser if you want to just depending on You know if you want to show off your Waistline a little bit more make you Look a little bit more fitted or a Little bit looser more relaxed up to you Uh this is round ankle length for me it Fits beautifully I love the plunging Neckline the fabric is really thick it Has good weight to it and it just looks So flattering on and I'm wearing this in A size small this is actually not in Petite sizing but it's very petite Friendly and I love how you can have This tie in the back to just give Yourself a little bit more shape next up Every woman should try a beautiful full Long cotton white dress for spring and Summer now when I got this dress I Thought this would be so perfect for Family photos if you like to take family Photos in the summer thought this would Be such a perfect like spring summer Option I love the eyelet detailing I'm Wearing this in a size extra small and This dress has a lot of weight to it

Like the skirt is pretty heavy not too Heavy but I would say like a medium Weight when you walk and move it just Flows beautifully has pocket it has a Tie at the waistline so it's cinchable And then if you are pregnant like me This is a very bump friendly option I Can definitely see this growing with the Bump also Fuller buz friendly at the Same time it has this wrap design to it Uh it has colors at the same time love The skirt of it I think the skirt is my Favorite part which is the way it's Stitched and how it flows like you just Move it like this I mean you can see it Just drapes beautifully and moves Beautifully um because it has like a Really good weight to it so next up is This specific outfit here I think every Woman needs to try some flowy wideleg Pants I feel like I hopped on to the Wide leg pant train pretty late I feel Like a lot of people went on that before I did but it's actually such a Flattering style or honestly any height I think it just gives a really cool Effortless look and I found these from Macy's I'm wearing this in a size small Petite uh this is like a really stretchy Jersey material very cooling that's one Thing I noticed I put them on them like Like wow I feel very cool in this and It's so stretchy I would say this runs On the bigger side so I would say stay

True to size or even go down a size love It paired with just like a basic white Cotton tank this one I also really like Cuz it has like thicker hemming around The neckline and around the arms here Ribed opaque nice and stretchy Beautifully with a flowy pair of widel Leg pants so you're balancing something Fitted and more flowy at the bottom so The pants are wonderful they're very Cooling I love the length so anyways Combined with the pants and the tank is Such a cute summer spring summer outfit Idea couple accessories I definitely Recommend picking up for the spring and Summer months are a beautiful classic Pair of slides I've been actually Sharing these slides for years I have Them in three colors you saw them in all The outfits I was wearing brown white Black uh these are my most worn sandals That's why I have three different colors Uh they just pair beautifully with Literally anything they are so Comfortable and they do stretch out over Time so they become even more Comfortable from what I've noticed the White pair I would say is probably my Most worn and they instantly make any Outfit look so stylish so you're looking For a really Chic pair of slides for This spring and summer I highly Recommend checking these out they have These at Macy's in a bunch of different

Colors really good price point as well Then a straw bag is such a must for the Spring and summer time I love how cute And tiny this is I mean like it just Looks so adorable on space in there I Would say it's enough to fit phone Keys Wallet it's not super big but it's not Super tiny it has a little handle here U Really easy to open and close at the Same time and I love the dark brown Detailing on the bag as well has it on The handle the strap the size of the Purse little details and I love how for A straw bag this is like a structured Version a smaller version to have Something a little bit more mini if you Don't need to carry a lot of things in There this say has a cross body strap so You can wear cross body um wear it on Your shoulder like this carry it on your Hand or on your elbow so you wear it Multiple ways and I just love the Structure the style of it very minimal And simple but it pairs beautifully with All the outfits that I shared today so That was seven pieces that every woman Should at least try for the spring and Summertime lots of light Airy flowy Pieces minimal feminine pieces and Pieces that are so flattering if you Have a petite body type like I do uh so Again if you're going to take anything From this video I really recommend this Romper it was such a score I feel like I

Have such a hard time finding jumpsuits That our petite friendly Macy's actually Has such a good selection this one was My favorite um so anyways big big big Thank you to Macy's for partnering with Me for this video again I have all the Links down below if you wanted to check Anything out for yourself uh remember to Use the code VIP at checkout to save an Extra 30% and then you can also save 15% Off of beauty items so anyways thank you So much for watching and I'll see you in My next video bye