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Hi guys so in this video I am sharing The best dressy shoes so specifically Shoes that are dressing that are great For the season I'm posting this right Now which is fall time to Winter I have Some heels I have some boots I wanted to Share and they're all dressy and great For many different occasions and as Always I'll have everything linked down Below if you happen to be interested in Anything okay can I just start with Heels right now and the ones that I'm Specifically the most excited about it's These aren't they just so stunning they Have a gorgeous stiletto heel it's not Too high either so it actually is much More wearable and the thing I love about This is uh the width of the shoe it is So perfect if you have average feet it May even work if your feet are a little Bit on the wider side um I'm not sure About narrow feet but for me they are Incredibly comfortable and I have Average with feet for reference I was Truly actually surprised because you Know usually shoes like this I feel like They can be pretty uncomfortable but These are actually shockingly so Comfortable I love like the Sparkle it Has the kind of subtle glitter to it and The bows right here is just so gorgeous And it wraps around your ankle it has These rhinestones around the ankle and You can adjust it as well on the ankle

Strap make it tighter or looser if you Need to and I got these from Amazon you Guys I was so surprised just how Beautiful they are especially for the Price I cannot wait to wear these for All the parties and festivities we have Going on this is a perfect shoe healed To wear with really dressy outfits Especially for the holidays like a mini Dress a mini dress maybe like a satin Silk slip dress or something mini and Really cute or for weddings as well this Would be a great option for a shoe Depending on what dress you're wearing But anyways these are such a statement I've shared these before but these are The sling back pump from an Klein I Would say out of all the heels I'm going To share today these are by far the most Comfortable because on the foot here on The whitest part this leather is Actually really soft and it's stretchy In a way it just is so comfortable I Wear this so often if I want to wear Heel cuz one the heel is chunky it's not Too high gives me the height that I want Dresses up my outfit but it doesn't kill My feet which is incredible so if I'm Going to be on my feet more often and I Want to wear a heel I'm almost always Grabbing these and also the inside of is Very cushiony and padded and it just Provides a lot of really good support And and a lot of comfort on the widest

Part of your foot so I constantly keep Grabbing these because of how Comfortable they are and they're just so Chic and so stylish now I was on the Hunt for a nude strappy heel for some Dresses I have uh planned to wear and I Didn't have like a strappy version and I Honestly didn't want to spend a lot of Money on one so I purchased these from Amazon I really love how subtle and Simple they are and the toe is a squared Toe and I would say Comfort level for These is good I wouldn't suggest wearing These for a really long time cuz then You'll hate your feet so I would say This is probably good for 4 hours for an Evening for for a wedding um these I Would say would work really well and They're so cute and stylish very minimal And simple and they come in many Different colors they're reasonably Priced and I would say they fit my foot Really well they're true to size and I Just love how simple they are next up is Another Amazon version I've had for a While I think I've had this for a year Now I keep pulling for these it's a Black strappy heel uh this one is by the Amazon brand the drop I love these and What I like about it too is this has This like crocodile or snake skin Texture to it and it just kind of Elevates it makes it look a little Different it has two very minimal straps

The heel is not covered and this is just A great dressy option that's really Simple really minimal and you'd be Surprised how easy these are to style With so many different things I can wear Them with dresses I can wear them with My trousers and they're just a really Great simple shoe that is dressy and you Can wear for so many different occasions Okay you guys I I'm not pulling it up Yet I gotten probably the most required For a flat um like a riding boot I as Always per usual am so picky and I found Literally the perfect pair when I got Them in I was like I cannot believe I Scored these it's these gorgeous Bad Boys from Tommy Hilfiger and the crazy Thing is is I paid a really decent price For this it's not too expensive and I Think I got these for 113 after taxes Which for a really stylish riding boot Like this is absolutely incredible in Really fair price it has this beautiful Minimal Gold Hardware on around the Ankle that I really think dresses it up Now I know this is like a dressy shoes Video where I'm sharing like all heels But I really do think this writing boot Is a dressy version because it has this Hardware to it it's a knee high style so I do want to point out if you have Narrow calves I don't think you'll like These I think they're going to be too Wide around your calf for you if you

Have average or wide caps I really do Think these will work for you so for Reference I have a average WID cap and I Actually have room when I put these on I Still have room around my Cal so that's Why I think they will really work for Wider calves and also the back of it is Stretchy see that it's stretchy so if You have wide caps I really do think These will work for you I actually Shared these in my fall shoe Essentials Video These Are by I think DOL Vita I Got these like two or 3 months ago uh Actually no I got them in the summer During the Nordstrom sale these got a Lot of love since then I've been wearing Them a lot they have a heel they're Actually really comfortable Al the Leather did stretch out a little bit so They're now even more comfortable for my Foot and I would say these are great if You have average calves and wide calves I'm I don't think they'll really work if You have narrow calves but my only Complaint with these is that for a knee High Bo I think if you're petite it Might be a little too high because it Kind of cuts me in the back of my knee Um it doesn't bother me it doesn't hurt Doesn't bother me but I do notice like It just presses there uh so I wanted to Point that out but aside from that if You're taller I think you these will be Like perfect for you if you're my height

For reference 5'1 I have short legs long Torso uh they might cut back there a Little bit but I still love them enough To keep them and wear them cuz they just Look so stylish and really fun to style Really simple love the heel and they're Actually surprisingly really comfortable Uh the leather just stretched out a Little bit and it's even more Comfortable for my foot but I do have to Say they are a pain in the butt to take Off so you have to have somebody to pull Them off of your foot at least for me Now I wanted to share another dressy KN High boot option that I think this one Is so petite friendly this is probably The most petite friendly out of Everything as far as a knee high boot That I own and have recommended as you Can see them on my foot uh I would say They're perfect they're just like right Below my kneecap and they are so Comfortable and actually the cool thing About these is they have a lot of Stretch to them so I can actually slip These on without even unzipping the Boots so you can see here me just Slipping it on it's actually so easy to Just put on and take off there's a one Big zipper in the back and the leather Is really soft and this is very Comfortable boot considering like this Heel height and everything and I love The toe it has like a slight point to it

Very stylish I went with like this Burgundy or like more like a chocolate Brown color the camera is not really Picking it up the best uh it's Definitely like a really dark brown in Person and it's gorgeous it comes in Many colors I also own these in a black Suede version love those this is so Petite friendly and I think these will Work if you have narrow caps because They do have a lot of stretch to them They really stretch to my Capal so if You have narrow caps Uh you could consider these try them out And see if they'll work for you but Definitely works for my average calvs And final ones I feel like I recommend These in like every video it's a sock Boot so these I love it's like a nice Brown color great for fall they come in Other colors so uh last I check the Stock on these are really low and I Really think it's you guys sold them out Uh these have been so popular since I Shared them and for good reasons they Are wonderful very comfortable very Stylish really easy to style with like Straight leg bottoms the brand is Mark Fisher which is actually a brand I Really love as far as shoes goes I Really think they make great shoes you Don't have a lot of sizes in stock I'll Try to link these from several different Websites I usually link the ones from

Amazon but um I'll see if any other Brands carry this style so I can link Them uh cuz the sizes are running low or Sold out so anyways I'm still sharing Them in case they bring them back in Stock and if I find any more links to Them from different sites all right you Guys so those were my eight dressy shoes Options for fall and winter time I Really hope you guys enjoyed this video As always I'll have links to everything Down below and I would say everything That I shared is true to size I wearing Everything in my normal size six I'm a Very true to size six anyways all listed Down below uh don't forget to subscribe If you're new I make tons of videos like This I love having you guys back let me Know what you guys thought of these Shoes in the comment section down below Thank you so much for your love and Support and I'll see you next time bye