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Guys welcome back to another video today I'll be sharing eight fashion hacks that Every woman needs to know so I did a Video just like this probably a couple Months ago that video did so well for my Smaller Channel I got I think over 70 000 views on that specific video which Is incredible I worked so hard for that Video and I wanted to do a part two of Fashion hacks so if you haven't seen the First one I'll link it up here if you Want to check it out but today I'm Sharing eight totally different fashion Hacks that I feel like every woman needs To at least know about just to make Styling dressing yourself so much easier If I mention anything in this video like Products Wise It's all Linked In the Description box if you guys were Interested in anything and let's go Ahead and hop right in so I feel like The number one question that I have been Getting asked is how do I hide my Shoelaces in my white sneakers and I Kind of find that surprising that this Is like the number one question Um I was debating whether to share it or Not in the video because I feel like a Lot of other women already shared this So I'll bring these shoes as an example So how I hide them is actually I take Out the insole of the shoe and I have a Tutorial here for you guys and then I Just take the shoelaces and then I put

It inside and then I put the insole back On so the shoelaces are hiding Underneath the insole of the shoe so That way you're hiding them under the Insole of the shoe so you're hiding the Shoelaces but versus just stuffing them In the shoe they can rub against your Foot and just be really uncomfortable so If you first take out the insole put the Laces inside and then put the insole on Top of the laces it is so much more Comfortable wearing it that way it's Also really easy to put the shoe on and Off at the same time and I would say Most white sneakers you should be able To take out the insole fashion hack Number two that I recently discovered Also regarding white sneakers shoes is I Discovered bungee's shoelaces now I feel Like a lot of parents probably buy this For their children to make their shoes Just slip on really easy but I feel like It's also great for adults they come in Adult size shoelaces also so um I just Replaced my Converse basic shoelaces With these bungee ones so that way it's Really easy for me to slip the shoe on And off and it's surprisingly really Comfortable and also I love just the Bungee laces how they're so stretchy Because Um even if you have a little bit wider Feet Um it'll stretch to it and just be a lot

More comfortable to wear white sneakers Or any sneakers for that matter and These shoelaces come in so many Different colors to choose from I just Went with obviously white so it matches My white sneakers but there's different Colors to choose from okay so this next Fashion hack I really wanted to put Something like this in my first fashion Hacks video I was looking for the Perfect low back bra for so long I can't Even tell you guys how many low back Bras that I've tried and returned so I Discovered these low back bra extend Vendors now I'm going to try to share This demonstration on myself as best as I can without revealing my body on the Internet so I have this scoop neckline Uh tank now this is the best example That I have to share Um for this style this tank I can Actually wear a regular bra with it I Don't need to do this low back extender So the bra strap doesn't show I just Kind of pulled it up just for Demonstration purposes because I don't Have anything super duper low back Because I've never purchased anything Like that I was never able to wear it Now that I discovered these I totally Can so again this top is just for Demonstration purposes anyways there's Hooks that you just attach to each side Of the bra that you're wearing and then

You just pull it cross it and then you Clasp it in the front around your Waistline and surprisingly it's actually Really comfortable very smooth Um you can't really see it through your Shirt or dress and just here showing the Before and after and just showing you How low it can go it can go pretty low And the cool thing is is that you know You're not buying a whole new separate Bra or multiple bras you're just Purchasing these extenders and you just Add them to your existing bras so these Obviously don't take up much space in Your closet in your wardrobe and just Add them to the bras that you already Have and love and you're able to wear Low back tops low back dresses so this Is like one of the coolest hacks that I've ever discovered so the next fashion Hack I actually shared this in a couple Other videos but putting in this video Because it's so nice and handy to have But it's these purse chain straps so This comes in a three pack with short Medium and long and I have the medium Length with this purse so it's great to Wear as like a shoulder bag here now This is great if you have bags that one The strap is too long it doesn't adjust Enough which is a struggle with petite Specifically or maybe you want to use The existing bags that you already have But make them look a little bit more

Formal and a little bit more dressy I Feel Like These Chains definitely do That whenever I'm wearing like a dressy Dress want to elevate my outfit a little Bit more I'll swap out the regular strap That comes with this purse and then add These chains to it of course you won't Be able to do this for every single Purse but if you have purses where the Straps are detachable these you can Attach to it which is so cool so again This comes in a three pack with a short Medium and longer length I love this Medium one because it's perfect as a Shoulder bag here okay so the next Fashion hack is wanting to shorten your Purse so I shared you know different Ways of shortening your purse in my Previous fashion hacks video so this is A different one here so this is great For purses that you have that maybe have A thinner strap like this one so if you Want to make this from a crossbody bag All the way to a shoulder bag what you Do is you just open up the flap and then You just cross the straps inside and Then you just put the flap over it and Then you instantly shortened your purse Transformed it from a crossbody style to A shoulder bag style in literally like a Couple seconds so anyways this is a Really cool hack if you want to wear Your bag like this on your shoulder Versus crossbody and you want it a

Little bit shorter I think this is a Great really easy way of doing that Without spending any money the next uh Fashion hack I feel like many women Struggle with this especially if you're Petite because this happens quite often Is Um the straps on your top or dresses Just falling off your shoulders I feel Like that's kind of a struggle with Petites so a really quick easy hack to Fix that temporarily I would say is with Safety pins so on the back of the dress You just fold the strap into the dress And then you secure it with a safety pin This is just a nice like temporary fix If you want to eventually get this Tailored you can do that but this is Just a nice quick fix if you have straps On any tops or dresses that just fall Off your shoulder now I'm using a black Safety pin with a black dress so it's Kind of hard to see the demonstration so Here it is with just a white top this Was just purely just for demonstrations So you can see you just take it fold it Inside shirt add the safety pin inside The shirt and then there you go super Easy this hack works best with thinner Materials so if you have tops or dresses Where the straps are in a thinner Material and it's sliding off it works The best um using a safety pin with Fabrics that are a little bit thinner

Now this next tip has to do and with Another safety pin hack I love safety Pins lately you guys because I feel like There's so many like little quick fixes That you can do with safety pins I Shared another one in my fashion hacks Video on how to hem jeans with safety Pins so I've just been really into Figuring out how to solve lots of fit Issues Um with safety pins so this next one is Is in case you don't want to wear a Strapless bra which sometimes at least For me I definitely love wearing a Regular bra like I will only wear Strapless bras when it's absolutely Necessary this tip is great if you have Any tops or dresses that have a really Wide neckline and your bra straps are Showing so what you can do is just Attach a safety pin to the bra onto the Strap of the dress or top and there you Go you just essentially connect the bra To the strap of the topper dress and Then it stays put like that all day it Looks very Sleek very polished you don't See any bra straps it looks like it fits Super duper well so anyways another Really good easy hack with a safety pin If you want to avoid wearing a strapless Bra but you're you know wanting to wear A wider neckline and to hide those Straps this is a great way of doing that The last and final fashion hack is more

Of like an organization fashion hack I Was really excited to share this because I struggled with this for years you guys So Um this is how I used to organize my Purses it's so embarrassing sharing this Um but this is how I used to organize I Literally just hung them on a clothing Hanger and it was just an absolute Nightmare for years and years and years I hated it I felt like it was damaging My person I felt like it looked really Messy I felt like you know I wasn't Taking care of my stuff very well I Decided to look into Um some purse organizational things so Uh there was a lot of different options Online so I came across this one here Where Um you just slide the purse inside this Purse hanger and this is the my favorite One that I found because it's really Easy to put purses in take purses out And it also aesthetically it looks Really good it looks really organized Really crisp and Polished so not only is It functional but it looks really good At the same time it doesn't look Cluttered or messy you can choose Different colors if you want to and um This one has eight slots so you can fit Eight purses or if you have smaller Purses you can fit like two smaller Purses in one slot so um depending on

The size of your purses for me my purses Are all smaller so I'm able to actually Fit a decent amount of purses in here Some of them I have one purse some of Them I put two purses in there but it's A a really good substantial size and it Doesn't take too much space in your Closet as well and also it just makes it So much more easily accessible to pull Out the things you're looking for you See everything and it's really easy to Take out and put away all right you guys So that is it for this video that was Eight amazing fashion hacks that I feel Like every woman at least needs to know About hopefully you found this video Helpful and hopefully you continue to Enjoy these fashion hacks videos I am Very picky when it comes to Fashion Hacks and there's so many out there and Honestly there's so many that are just Honestly just quite stupid and just make No sense so for me if I'm sharing Fashion hacks they have to be ones that I personally use and are actually Practical and make sense all of these Are just absolutely fantastic any pieces Or products that I mentioned in this Video again it's all Linked In the Description box for you guys and if you Happen to be new subscribe for more Weekly videos I will continue to make More fashion hacks videos as I come up With more for you guys I love doing

These I'm so glad they're doing well Here on this channel so anyways again Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in my next video bye