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Today I'm sharing eight summer styling Tips for petites what to wear what to Avoid from one petite friend to another I'm 5 foot1 for reference and I make Tons of videos like these I have a whole Playlist so if you want to see more I'm Going to link a playlist up here and Down below for you guys but today I Wanted to specifically break down Styling tips for summertime since we're Getting into that now temperature is Warming up although not today because it Is pouring rain outside here in Washington which is just very typical But nonetheless I'm so excited for Sunshine and hopefully these eight Styling tips will help any petites out There so let's go ahead and hop right in So one thing I have always avoided as a Petite I haven't mentioned this before On my channel but it's the high low Hemline very awkward doesn't make sense To me um I think they look fine if You're taller and have really long legs Cuz then you have that length that leg Exposure but if you're a 5'1 like me and For a 5 one petite build I have a long Torso and short legs love that for me Usually the high low hemline the high Part is right around knee length and Then the back is just you know long Almost like around my ankles and it just Looks so funny makes me look a little Stubby but I do love a mline that is mid

Thigh when we're going for a mini length Because then still wearable for me but I Am exposing more leg to give me that Illusion of longer legs by exposing more Leg and so I would say as far as petites If you are opting for dresses either go For a mini dress midi or Maxi just keep The hemline all the same all around Oversized bags now this one is very Oversized I mean it is massive compared To me I've always said avoid these bags Go for smaller sizes which I still do Believe in but I think oversized bags Are okay even for petites as long as You're wearing them for the right Occasion so for example like I want to Be walking around town wearing a massive Tote bag like this when I don't need to I would wear a large bag like this if I'm one going to the beach I need to Pack a bunch of snacks drinks extra Clothing especially if you're mom There's a lot of stuff you got to bring For your kiddos so this is so practical For me and for my lifestyle and if I'm Not needing to carry many things uh I Would just leave you know extra stuff in The car and then I would just carry a Smaller bag similar to this style with Me so I have several different you know Straw bags tote bags like this in Different sizes just depending on what I'm doing for the day obviously there Are more petite friendly options like

Going for smaller bags but you know I Think larger bags are okay as long as it Just makes sense for the occasion talk About hats too I've definitely been way More interested in hats lately so uh I'm Going to currently order just like a Bunch from Amazon pretty soon here and Then I'm just going to test them out and See what I like what I don't like but One thing I do want to mention about Choosing a hat for summer especially Those large straw hats if you're petite Just make sure the brim of the Hat Doesn't go past the width of your Shoulders cuz then it can look a little Funny you can actually go for a really Decent size hat keeping that rule in Mind and it'll still look very balanced Very chic cuz I do love the look of a Larger hat especially you need that for That sun protection and it also just Looks super stylish but you just want to Make sure it doesn't look too frumpy and Oversized like hats like this this is a Little silly and the crazy thing is that This has like tons of really good Reviews people love them and so there Are people that do buy these and they do Look very comical in my opinion you know If you're going for a hat this large Might as well just have a beach umbrella Now this one I've definitely avoided a Lot in the past uh and sometimes I Follow this rule sometimes I don't but

That's the beauty of fashion and style You can break rules and wear whatever The heck you want but if I'm wearing a Mini dress shorts anything with a mini Hemline I try my best to avoid sandals Heels where the strap is wrapped around The ankle like if it's a nude sandal I'm Fine with wearing it with a mini style But if it's like black for example Something contrast to my skin it'll Definitely break up the length of my Legs uh emphasize my athletic build legs At the same time I do love these ankle Strap sandals but I opt to wear them With longer hemlines so midi length Maxi Length uh so you can still see the ankle Strap but my legs are still covered and It gives that illusion of more length Because the item I'm wearing on on top Of my body uh it's just one long line And you know if you're wearing a mini Length I would just recommend opting for Sandals shoes that don't have the strap Around the ankle instead just wear some Slide sandals and it'll look equally as Chic and stunning my favorite styles to Wear as a petite when it comes to the Spring summer ones as everything is Getting warmer are offshoulder tops or Dresses not only is this cooling for the Summertime but it's also so freaking Flattering for petites I have been Wearing it so much lately especially in Dresses lately I think it just flatters

A petite build really well cuz you're Exposing more neckline shoulders kind of Elongates this area some more I remember Years ago when I first started my YouTube channel I shared you know Certain items I avoid as a petite and Midi and maxi dresses was listed in There and I just want to go back to that Video of myself smack myself upside the Head like this is probably one of the Most flattering things a petite could Ever put on her body is a dress that is One long visual line I'm here to say Definitely take advantage of the midi Dresses maxi dresses I would say op for Dresses with a thinner more delicate Fabric something that's not frumpy and Thick on our petite frame I would say When you're opting for Midi length There's midi length that is just under Your knees to midcalf avoid those Styles Cuz that that can make especially Athletic build legs like myself look Bigger than they actually are and really Emphasize the size of the calf because It stops at the widest point so when We're opting for a midi style make sure It is below your calves so that way You're showing off the more Slender part Of your leg which are your ankles and it Gives that illusion of Slimmer and Longer looking legs this Maxi style I Mean it's just almost to the floor those Are fabulous as well and a little petite

Hack that I've always shared on my Channel is if you want a Max max length Dress a proper Maxi fit dress for a Petite a lot of times I will shop for Midi dresses in regular and those most Of the time end up being the perfect Length as a maxi length for me being Petites and then another quick little Tip I want to point out is a lot of Times dresses will come with an open Slit which is so flattering if you're Petite but one thing I really think you Should keep in mind when you have that Open slit in your leg is that slit Should be around mid thigh for a petite A lot of times if you're getting a Regular Dr Dr with the open slit the Slit will start around your knees Because it's meant for somebody that's Taller so one thing to definitely keep In mind is where the open slit starts And aim for mid thigh another thing I Was always hesitant and trying out as a Petite or jumpsuits now if that's you I've gotten comments from girls saying Oh I could never pull it off yes you Absolutely freaking can just go ahead And purchase this jumsuit from Quint This is my number one top selling item On my channel for months now is this Linen jumpsuit comes in So Many Colors It's shockingly petite friendly the Straps are adjustable so even if you Need it a little bit shorter you can

Adjust it which is amazing if you Already wear monochrome looks like the Same color top and bottom you will Absolutely love a jumpsuit and Especially that thinner more drapey Fabric that flows and it isn't so bulky Especially if you're going for a wider Leg fit is so so pretty on a petite but Not least opt for rompers essentially The same thing as a jumpsuit but it's in Shorts version I have been way more into It since last summer the Romper that I Have been loving from abomi has a nice Easy relaxed fit to it Abie comes out With really good rompers and then this One that I raved about last year they Brought it back in stock this year it's Like this utility style I have it in Three colors I'm obsessed with it can't Recommend it enough uh also very petite Friendly do petite sizing so this Romper For example I think I purchased it in Like an extra small petite at the time Last year and it fit beautifully Especially the inseam on the short like It wasn't too long or anything which is Amazing a lot of times rompers can come Too long in the shorts because typically They're meant for taller women so that Is it for this video those were eight Petite styling tips for summer Specifically give this video a big Thumbs up if you did enjoy it if you are New don't forget to subscribe and then I

Will see you over on this video here Where I sh share tons of petite friendly Spring and summer dresses and I'll see You there bye