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Today I sharing eight ways to make your Outfits look better I am so excited to Be sharing with you guys my tips and Tricks on how to make your outfits look So stylish now I did partner with Lily Silk for this video I'm so excited to be Sharing some beautiful Luxe pieces with You guys that brings me to my first Point uh one way to make your outfits Look absolutely incredible is investing Into some high quality Lux pieces the Reason for that is the fabric just looks So incredibly expensive in Lu and you Can easily pair it with so many Different things cuz typically they're Neutral colors you can even pair the Items with inexpensive pieces and make It look so high-end and expensive so Investing into the right pieces the Right Fabrics will result in a very Stylish look and make your outfits look So much better so that brings me to my Second point is I want to share color Combinations that look very high-end and Very expensive first up I want to style This round neck collar cashmere sweater This is made up of 100% cashmere it's Very breathable very soft and absolutely Not itchy so the first color combination Handan and black looks so high-end and So expensive this color way is just Absolutely phenomenal then another way Is black beige and brown now this looks So high-end so expensive so Lux I paired

It with a nice outerwear piece with the Stripe sweater uh shorts tights and knee High boots and this color combination Just looks so expensive looking so Classy it's so easy and so effortless Just investing into a piece like this Can go such a long way in your wardrobe Next expensive outfit combination is Dark navy blue I feel like this color Just screams class and just so Chic Especially this turtleneck it just again Looks very classy very elevated so this Is the Lily silk turtleneck sweater with The rib hemline it's also ribbed on the Sleeves here turtleneck as well it's Ribed here and it's so so so soft two Color combinations that look so Expensive with navy so first one is Navy And camel this two colors just go Perfectly together give such an Expensive high-end look and as well as Navy white and gray these two color Combinations with the Navy look Absolutely high-end so expensive now we Can't forget about gray it's been one of My favorite colors to style lately so First up I want to share is this Cashmere sweat super soft breathable not Itchy like I've been saying and what I Love about this one is how petite Friendly it is I do have to Cuff the Sleeves I find that to be a little bit Better for me specifically what I love About it is the length it's such a

Petite friendly length to do just an Easy front tuck and the fit of it is Absolutely Perfection how I styled this One uh color combination that looks very High-ended expensive is black and gray Just the two look so perfect together And I styled it a dressy way and then Kind of more of a casual way so one is With this mini skirt tights knee high Boots and then the second is with a long Coat trousers and some sling back pump Now I wanted to share a casual outfit With the gray and black color Combination this is the cashmere zipup Hoodie so uh I think even investing into Just a few casual Luxe pieces will make You feel even more put together when You're running errands or maybe just Lounging at home for this one here I Actually styled with a pair of trousers And some sneakers and I think this Outfit just looks so elevated and this Hoodie itself just looks so Lux I the Material of it the fit of it it's so Simple but it really makes a statement Even though how simple it is okay last But not least for a very expensive Looking color combination that is just One color all black with gold Accessories always looks so expensive And so high-end so this dress is called The Vivy dress I kid you not is the most Comfortable dress I've ever purchased Had in my entire life I know that sounds

Dramatic but this material is made of a Spun silk knit so it is incredibly Breathable soft very Lux and so Comfortable and very stretchy and the Skirt is pleated and it's knit and this Dress is actually meant to be worn off Your shoulders so you can actually wear It both ways the weather getting colder Now I love wearing dresses so this is a Great option to keep me warm but yet Still wear dress uh for all the parties And festivities that we have going on Going to put the information on the Screen here but Lily silk does Black Friday sales every single year you can Get 15% off with any purchase with this Code and then you can get 20% off any Orders over 500 with this code these Codes are actually stackable with the Sites buy one get one 25% off all the Information and all the products will be Linked in the description box for you Guys now next way to make your outfits Look better I actually came across this Picture here and it just didn't look Right to me and I was like okay Something's not right with this outfit That I'm not loving and I realized it's The buttons I think there's too many Buttons going on in here and that's Actually one point I want to mention to You guys often times I'll see a super Stylish outfit but it can look too busy If you have too many buttons going on so

Pictured here on myself I'm wearing a Buttoned striped sweater with a button Coat so I think it's a little too much So many buttons going on in one outfit Going to swap out the sweater to we that Has no buttons in it so it goes much Better with the outerwear piece because The buttons are on the coat the top is a Little bit more simple so if you're Wearing a button sweater pick an outward Piece that has no buttons in it if You're wearing an outoor piece that has Buttons in it make sure you wear a Sweater that doesn't have buttons on it So keep in mind of buttons where they Are you know I think you can wear Multiple different buttons in one outfit Maybe if it's in your bottoms and an Outerwear piece it really varies from Outfit to outfit this is just one Example on myself now next up is such a Subtle detail but it makes such a big Difference pay attention to how you tie Your coat belts so I did a fashion hacks Video and you guys love the tutorial on How I tied my coat belts this way here This is if you don't want to make a bow In the back uh just such a simple and Easy way to make it look more polished And more put together or if you do want To make a bow in the back of your Outward piece this is a quick way to do It here it looks kind of intimidating Looking at it but once you start doing

It it's actually all just comes together And becomes so easy and soon you'll be Able to do it without even looking at it You can just do it in the back I've been Practicing it a lot and it just makes The outfit look so much more polished Much more put together so next way is Try pairing pieces that you normally Wouldn't pair together so I have some Examples to share with you guys so I Always wear tights and mini skirts like Pictured here with the Lily silk outfit I love how it looks one thing to keep in Mind that you can also do is wear tights With shorts and knee high boots like I Wore in the other Lily silk outfit so You know this also gives a very chic Classic classy look and not only shorts Are so practical to wear and especially Being a mom like I will definitely be Wearing this combination a lot Definitely keep in mind of that you know That's an a combination maybe some People never even thought of but I would Not pair tights with denim shorts Totally stay away from that that looks Absolutely just intense it just does not Look good let's just put it that way Next I always wear trousers with my Sling back pump so pictured here I love How this looks absolutely nothing wrong With it it looks so stylish and put Together but I also want to mention that You can definitely wear different shoes

As well uh so swapping these pumps out For strappy heels gives it a more dressy Look even though I'm wearing heels in Both outfits I think the ones with the Very dainty thin straps just give it a Dressy look especially paired with this Gorgeous blouse that just really Elevates the outfit she been loving Wearing trousers with strappy heels Never really thought of pairing those Two together they seem to work really Well together if you wear a statement Blouse with a strap strappy heels okay Next one I'm so excited to share this One because this actually turned out way Better than I expected try wearing some Of your tops backwards so here's two Quick examples first one is with this Top has a scoop neckline looks fabulous The way it is now if I flip it the other Way I have this awesome almost like boat Neckline and then when you turn to the Back I have this low back scoop and it Just looks so sexy and so feminine you Can even pull your hair up into a Ponytail to really accentuate that area And make it look so nice and then Another example is this with beautiful Floral ceson blouse so it has this wrap Style in the front looks gorgeous I love It another easy way to wear it is flip It backwards and now again I have like Kind of this High neckline and then if You go and turn to the back again you

Can have a ponytail going on you have Some back exposure and that wrap detail Now this is a really easy trick you can Do with your already existing top so you Don't have to buy anything so check and See what you have maybe if you have Something with a low neckline flip it The other way see if it works you know Of course this doesn't work for every Top but you know this may work for some And this will give you more wear more Outfit ideas with pieces that you Already have so you don't have to buy Anything which is so amazing okay so Next up I never would have thought of Pairing this together but it seems to Work so well for a very very chic outfit I think the specific outfit will Definitely be you know for certain Occasions but putting a belt over your Blazer like this I think just gives such Chicness to the outfit is that even a Word chicness I have no idea however it Just looks absolutely so cool so Chic Never would have thought putting it Together uh but this works best if you Have an oversized Blazer so this will Look much better with an oversized Blazer boyfriend style Fit versus a Fitted Blazer thing I would keep in mind Is that when you're wearing uh this Blazer closed up with the belt make sure You're wearing actually a really low V-neckline blouse so you can actually

See your chest or just expose some skin There cuz if you're wearing a crew Neckline under it it just kind of Doesn't look right but if you wear just A low v- neckline top like I pictured Here you just see a little bit of my Chest with a jewelry it just looks Absolutely incredible so keep that in Mind if you're ever looking for Something different to put together this Is a really fun combination to keep in Mind now when you're styling a cardigan One of the ways I found that makes a Cardigan look much better much more put Together is either wearing maybe a Collared shirt underneath the cardigan Kind of gives it a little bit more of a Preppy look or just wearing a really Fitted tank underneath it because the Cardigan is usually looser and slouchy Now if you're wearing something loose With a loose cardigan it looks a little Frumpy looks a little messy so my Suggestion again to that is either Pairing it with a buttonup blouse with a Collar uh gives it a little preppy look Have the sleeves peek out of the Cardigan as well so you're creating Balance something fitted and structured Underneath with something a little bit More slouchy outside of it or if you Don't want to wear the collar just a Fitted tank with a slouchy cardigan on Top balances out the look really well

And looks so much more polished all Right you guys so that brings us to the End of this video that was eight ways to Make your outfits look better look Different I really hope you guys enjoyed This video thank you so much to Lily Silk for collaborating with me again all The sale information is listed down Below and every piece is listed down Below as well along with sizing details Definitely such a great time to grab Some luxurious pieces for yourself or For others because the sales are the Best this time in the month everything's Linked down below love you guys so much And I'll see you in my next video bye