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So in this video I will be sharing 10 Ways to make your home look better look More expensive I'm so excited to be Sharing with you guys some fun different Design style tips that I'm planning on Incorporating or I have already Incorporated into my home I love all Things fashion and style and I love Making my house a home and putting my Style into it and I love sharing that Process with you guys as well and with That let's go ahead and hop right in so One of the things I have planned for my Home on my to-do list is I love pictures I love framing especially family photos I love having them hung up on a wall and One thing that I think makes it look a Little bit more designer a little bit More high-end is adding these lights Above the pictures so pictured here it Looks more of like a gallery uh more Artistic and I love that it's such a Easy little add-on you can do to your Already existing picture frames Generally these are not very expensive To add on as well I will link some Options down below that I have been Eyeing for my my own home in space along With that if you're adding family photos Or pictures on your wall have different Lighting you've done it in several Different photo shoots now if I put it All together in the colors that they are Already it's not going to look very

Consistent now if you're doing that I Think switching those photos all to Black and white gives it again a more Designer more artistic look now if it's All from the same photo shoot I think I Keeping it in color will work but again If it's in different photo shoots the Lighting is different it's going to look A little bit inconsistent so my Suggestion to that is make it black and White add a nice light above it and It'll look so artistic and so designer In your home next up I've been trying to Get myself to do this more often but Don't be afraid to add color into your Home now I'm clearly totally a neutrals Girl I love it and I love it for my Space I love it for my personal style as Far as fashion goes but lately what I Have been seeing is a lot of people Incorporating color into their homes Specifically with Decor I've been loving It because if you have a blank canvas Like white walls light flooring a light Couch then it gives you a lot of freedom To add in different colors now when We're talking about colors you know if You're afraid or hesitant on adding Colors I think one of the best ways to Do that is not going for bold bright and Vivid colors try muted colors you can Also do this seasonally for spring Summer fall winter around Christmas time You can switch out different pillows you

Can switch out blankets maybe you can Switch out stems in your vases also if You do go with muted colors they are so Much easier to style with neutrals they Just blend seamlessly so easily the next Thing I love to do to make my space feel Bigger a little bit more Grand is adding Greenery to my home but specifically Tall stem so back here I have like this Little Olive Tree back here it's pretty Tall it doesn't have like it in the Whole frame but even with just stems and Vases that are on your cabinets on your Counters adding in that visual height With st stems makes it look and feel a Lot bigger the space look a lot more Designer more Grand I have this in so Many different areas of my home I have It here I have it right here behind me I Have it my living room I have it in my Dining room and this is just a really Easy way to just make your space feel Bigger more Grand more designer Definitely don't hesitate adding in Those really tall dramatic stems they Really do elevate your space next up is Something to avoid and I believe a lot Of us already know this but I haven't Mentioned this in any of my really home Style type of videos but avoid the Matching sets specifically the matching Dining sets the matching bedding sets Where it comes with the matching Nightstands the matching dresser or

Dining sets where it has the table with The matching chairs and such that looks Like it came straight from like an Ashley's which no hate towards them I Actually have't Ashley's couch here but If we just pick and choose Furniture Pieces from different shops different Different styles you'll get much more Designer look this way because Essentially you are designing it and Customizing it you're not buying Everything from all one place you're Picking and choosing different styles And shopping at different places to give It its own personality and its own Unique look and if you're mixing and Matching and giving that custom look That's something you won't see in Someone else's house because this is Something that's unique to your home now This next tip I wanted to point out for Anybody that struggles with decorating Their home I struggled so much when I First got this home I was so excited to Decorate and then I got so overwhelmed I Literally was spending like 30 minutes Trying to decorate one little corner of My house couldn't figure out why it Wasn't coming together why I didn't like It so I want to break it down for you And just share some really quick easy Tips to keep in mind when you are Decorating your space first you want to Pair your Decor pieces in groups of one

Two or three and stick to a color Palette combine different different Textures combine different sizes combine Different shapes and different heights My favorite to do is combining things in Groups of two or groups of three and With those again I each piece has its Own texture each piece has its own size Each piece has its own shape and usually I play with a tall piece a mediumsized Piece and a small piece I also notice Adding Decor pieces on a tray is just Like the kiss the cherry on top actually Let me pull something I have right here In front of me here you see everything's On a basket I have tall and also my Dramatic tall stems like I mentioned Earlier I have a medium piece which is a Candle here and then a small piece here When I sit it down on my cabinet here it Looks so beautiful and get this this was Thrifted this was thrifted the tray was Thrifted uh this was a gift I purchased These stems from Amazon so this was Actually super inexpensive for me to Recreate and I painted this this painted This you know I'm a DIY girl I love Finding ways to make my home look Stylish for Less this is one way I kind Of came up with that I absolutely love So this is just a quick little visual Example of what I mean by combining Different textures different sizes Different shapes adding in height here

To make it really dramatic I hope this Is a good visual example of what I mean When you are decorating your space and Just mixing and matching next up I want To talk about pillows one of the things I learned to make your pillows feel more Lux and expensive looking actually all Of these were very inexpensive by the Way I can put links to them down below But buying larger inserts gives it that More Lux designer looking feel they're Very plush and I highly recommend I have Two different types of inserts so I have These feather ones what I love about the Feather ones here is that they are chopp Look at that it looks so nice it Actually stays so I highly recommend These feather ones and they're so chopp They make it look absolutely incredible Also the insert is one size bigger than The cover here so this just makes this Really feels it in makes it look and Feel very expensive very plush here's a Pillow with just a basic insert here This one if you can see here it's not Chopp um which is fine I mean I still Think it looks great the cover is Beautiful and I love it but my favorite Is definitely the feather ones they're More expensive but they definitely make It look so much more designer and you Can find covers for actually much Cheaper so and the inserts is something You never get rid of you keep them and

You can change out the covers if you Want to next up repainting things is Such an easy way to update and give your Home a fresh new look as well and one of My favorite paints to use is actually Chalk paint because it has a matte Finish and it just makes it look and Feel a lot more designer and that's Actually one tip of mine if you're Repainting something usually vces using Matte paint gives it a much more Luxe Look let me actually show you on this One black face that I did here's the Before and after it was actually black When I purchased it and I love the black But it was way too shiny so all I did is I took a black spray paint and a flat Finish and it instantly gave it a much More designer look designer feel it Looks so much more expensive so again Painting is such a quick easy fix and Specifically getting rid of that shine In things because if you have something Really shiny usually it looks plastic Kind of cheap so having it in more matte Finish gives it a really Lux designer Look now if you're adding any wooden Furniture pieces to your home one thing That I've noticed looks so lovely in a Home now I'm not canceling out other Shades of wooden furniture but one thing That's just been really speaking to me Me really loving right next to me right Here this light oak Light Beige wooden

Color I actually have light oak floors I I love the lighter wooden color I feel Like it looks so fresh it looks so Beautiful with black Hardware this is Something I've been seeing a lot lately Something I love for myself and I also Love darker wooden Furnitures like Walnut has been really popular lately so That's also another beautiful option so If you're looking for wooden pieces of Furniture uh keep in mind of the shade One thing I would probably try to avoid If you're purchasing something uh try to Avoid something with a really dark like Reddish undertone especially orange Especially orange I think anything with Like a orangey undertone probably steer Clear from that but again if you're Buying something thrifted something That's really easy to do sand and Repaint again you can almost paint Anything and make it look so amazing With all of these tips these are purely Just suggestions people are free to of Course design their home however they Want to thing that I listed here and in My previous video they're not rules They're purely just suggestions anyways I really hope you guys enjoyed some tips And suggestions on how to make your home Look and feel more expensive four to 6 Months I did several other Home Videos So if you miss those I'm going to link Those up here don't forget to subscribe

If you're new and I'll see you next time Bye