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Hi guys so in this video I am sharing Nine fashion items that are worth the Splurge at least for me they were and I Actually got several requests for this Video I love making these videos in case You're looking into investing into Certain wardrobe Staples and then I just Love giving my insights and thoughts on What I think is worth it investing in at Least for me so here I'm sharing nine Items that were worth the investment for Me I get so much use out of them the Quality is incredible and they are Classic wardrobe Staples that you'll Love and own for many many years so I'm So excited to get into this video I have My coffee here So the first item that was so worth the Investment for me this particular Sneaker has been popping up everywhere The past few years my regular viewers Probably know what I'm talking about but It is the version of sneaker so this is The Campo style but guess what I just Recently invested into another pair of Asia sneakers that I wanted to reveal to You guys in this video I was gonna save It for another video but I'm just so Excited about them so I purchased these Last year the Vega Campbell ones and Love these the quality is amazing they Are my most comfortable sneaker that I Own I can walk miles and miles and miles In these and my feet won't blister they

Won't ache they're just literally Perfection and they are so stylish and Just very minimal so drum roll please I Invested into the vasia B10s I am so excited about these so I Got these in last week from when I'm Filming this video but I've worn them Already four times each occasion for at Least an hour to like four hours they Are absolutely wonderful no aching no Blistering they are very comfortable Very supportive these are their more Sporty version and I specifically went With the v10s because based on reviews It is a little bit better for wider feet Which I don't have narrow feet but my Feet aren't considered wide but I feel Like they're in between so wider shoes Do work better for me and these based on Reviews give that I was debating between The v10s or v12s but based on the Reviews the v10s were better for wider Feet and these are not real leather so The Campo style that I have are 100 Genuine leather just keep that in mind If you're interested in beiges they have Real leather options and faux leather Options so anyways this has been a Really great purchase for me so much so That I invested into another style I Really want to do a more detailed review On Vision sneakers in the future and I Almost forgot to mention on the Vega Campo sneakers they are good to go true

To size but the v10s I highly recommend Going down a full size I based on Reviews everybody said go down to full Size and that's exactly what I did so Now I'm just gonna segue into a couple Athleisure pieces that were the best Wardrobe Investments for me so they're Both from Lululemon and there are some Things I do recommend gaining from Lulu And some things I don't but these two I Highly recommend so for me investing Into some basic crew neck sweatshirts is So amazing because these two I wear Every single day sometimes I have to Sleep in them so I'll wear them in the Evening when I put on my lounge outfit For the evening snuggle up with the kids And my husband and sometimes I'll wear For early morning walks as well these Are just great they're very stylish I Love the length of them they're great For petites and for reference I'm 5'1 if You're new uh I got it just in two basic Colors black and white it's just the two I wear the most and they are expensive But they hold up really well I put them In the washer and in the dryer they come Out looking amazing and then the next Thing from Lulu that I got months and Months ago that has been on my wish list For a very long time and then I finally Just went ahead and purchased it it's The high-rise uh straight leg jogger Pant and these have a really good

Stretch to them they're very smooth they Don't lint they don't pill they wash and Dry perfectly the waistband is really Really well made very high quality I Would just suggest going up a size in These because they do run small at least In the waistline but I love that subtle Straight leg fit I think it looks so Cool with sneakers like athleisure Style With the sweatshirts I shared or I even Wear it with just like basic tanks I'll Wear this and then go on a walk for the Day anyways the next item is this Striped top from Cezanne so I invested Into several Sazon striped sweaters Striped shirts if you're familiar with Their site they have a lot of options When it comes to Stripes because it's Very Parisian French Timeless and Classic and they sell those pieces and Out of all the ones I own and have this Is the one I wear the most and I feel Like is the most versatile but also just Very classic I feel like if you're Looking to invest into a classic striped Shirt my top recommendation is this one From Suzanne okay next up is another Sazon top it's a blouse so it's the Clove blouse from Cezanne so I loved it So much I have it in this beautiful Floral pattern and then I also first Picked it up in this classic white color And what I love about it is just a very Classic blouse that's lightweight and

Great for all seasons of the year but it Is scalloped so it's a little bit Elevated over here and the button Detailing is just perfection it's so Stunning and this has like a tiny bit of Stretch to it but I just love how it Looks on you just put it on and it's dry Shapes and lays so beautifully and I'm Wearing the smallest size it comes in Which I think is an extra extra small or A zero double zero whatever the smallest Size is that's what I picked it up it's So petite friendly it's one of the most Petite friendly blouses I've come across The sleeve length is perfect the length Of the blouse is perfection okay next up That was a great wardrobe investment for Me are these pleated shorts that I'm Wearing these black tailored ones love Them so much they're from revolve and You know in case this is not something You're willing or interested in Investing in Abercrombie makes a very Similar style to these shorts which I'll Link below as a more like less expensive Option that I found but I love these They're fitted at the waistline loose Around the thighs I've already sharing Them countless of times they're also I Don't know if you can see they're lined Right here so it's just very smoothing Very polished it just looks very Sophisticated and classy and a lot of The times if I'm not wearing a denim

Short I'm actually wearing these I just Love the color black goes with Everything and it's my favorite color to Wear except is this beautiful off the Shoulder dress uh that I purchased from Revolve it is so stunning and so Beautiful Um I just love how you can wear off Shoulder on your shoulder I've already Mentioned it and shared it so many times I love the skirt detailing uh the way It's done it just looks very flirty very Girly which is definitely my style and This is something I could see myself Wearing for many many years and not Getting sick of it the style is just a Little bit different because it's a Little bit more girly kind of floofy I Guess but it's still classic because It's in a just pure white color it Cinched at the waistline so it looks Very flattering and feminine okay so Last but not least are jeans so of Course I had to include jeans in this Video because investing into jeans is Actually the number one best investment I've ever made in my style because I While I love my other jeans I just did Not wear jeans as much as I do with the Girlfriend Carolina jeans and then the a Goldie Riley jeans those are my two Favorite brands for investment jeans and Then those two are my favorite style First off I guess I'll start with the

Goldie Riley jeans um I have this in two Colors but I'm sharing this one right Here I forgot what the name of it is but I'll put the direct link down below They're very classic blue color if you Look at it it's super classic very Minimal no distressing finished hemline And the back pockets look so flattering There's no logos or anything which is Great and very minimal or no like fading Or whiskering around the hips which is Another thing I like and I love how These are a perfect straight Jean for me Straight jeans are really hard to get Right because the fit can just not it Just doesn't look right A lot of the Time really flattering on the waist hips Thighs is just a perfect straight fit And it just looks fabulous so love the Riley jeans and then the girlfriend Carolina jeans are by far the best along With the Riley jeans so I have these Here that have more of a vintage wash if You look at it this has a more acid kind Of vintage look to it and finished Hemline button fly very flattering these Run Maybe a smidge big so I'm wearing them In my smaller size and they do stretch And give as you wear them so keep that In mind for sizing but you can also go True to size in them and I think they'll Be just fine they'll just be a little Bit of a looser fit

Um but I think these are so flattering Also very classic and really great for Petites I feel like at least for my body Type it just does so well for me all Right you guys so that is it for this Video that was nine wardrobe Staples That are worth the investment so I have Everything Linked In the description box Down below if you happen to be Interested in anything wanted to check It out for yourself I'll put all my Sizing details as well so you can use That for your reference and I know Investing into certain wardrobe pieces Is different for everybody this is just What's worth it for me it may be Different for you but hopefully just me Reviewing these expensive pieces was Very helpful I really hope that so Anyways thank you guys so much for Watching and your love and support and I Will see you next time bye