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Today I'm going to share nine real ways To look younger than your age we're Gonna do some tricks manipulation some Smoke and mirrors and it starts in the Bed yes I'm serious maybe not in the way You're thinking or maybe in the way You're thinking you'll have to find out Now I do just want to say Obviously the Goal is we want to age I mean really we Want to keep getting older however we Want to look good while we're doing it Now I have makeup tricks hair tricks Style tricks but as I said we're Starting in the bed and I'm so excited I'm so excited about this product Because I truly think it's going to help So many people and it's Beam Beam dream Powder I am so excited to share this With you guys I've been wanting to share It because this is for anybody that has Trouble falling asleep has trouble Staying asleep or maybe just once a Really good deep restful sleep if you Get a good amount of sleep you feel Better you literally look younger so This pouch comes with 30 servings and it Also comes with this cool little mixer To mix everything up into a delicious Bedtime drink so this is the cinnamon Cocoa flavor but there's other flavors As well and I'm telling you guys this is So delicious but you do drink this 30 to 45 minutes before bed and it contains Really good ingredients to fully relax

You like in a good way and just Naturally fall asleep and stay asleep And and the way I've been enjoying it is I don't have trouble falling asleep but When I wake up after drinking this the Next morning I'm not groggy but I just Feel like it was a deep deep restful Sleep and so this contains magnesium the Kind of magnesium that just helps you Relax the reishi mushroom extract L-theanine which is really good this Does have broad spectrum CBD but you can Actually get it without Uma does have some melatonin in it There's no sugar in this and it's monk Fruit extract just for sweetness and Taste also keep in mind they have the Regular strength and extra strength and They also have various flavors so you Can get what you think would be the most Delicious now if you want to skip the Nighttime drink even though I assure you You will think it's so delicious but if You want to try the capsules instead you Could do that and it would still give You those same ingredients to sleep Better again it comes in the regular and Extra strength version if you get a good Amount of sleep you feel better you Literally look better you have an Improved immune system a boosted memory Just more energy it's just better all Around and I know this is something that So many people struggle with now I do

Have a code with them which I'm super Excited about because I think it's such A good deal so it's my name Shea and you Get 40 off if you do the subscription Route now you get 40 off the first month And then 20 off every following month Now you can definitely just try this out And cancel like it's super super easy to Cancel so I definitely think you should Get the 40 off if you want to use my Code Shea just for a one-time purchase You can do that that'll only get you 20 Off though but still it's just either Way is a really really good safe savings So I will have them linked Down Below in The description box and in the comment Section now the next couple tricks Involve makeup and so that's why I Wanted to start with sleep because if We're super tired and run down it's Going to be a lot harder for these Makeup tricks to work now as we age we Start to lose the luminosity and the Plumpness in our skin and so the hack or Trick comes in by adding hyaluronic Serum directly to our favorite Foundation now this is by the brand oh Say or OC O'Shea I don't know I I've Never known how to pronounce this but It's a really good hyaluronic serum that Literally plumps up your skin and makes It look so good but usually we only do This at night no now we can add it Directly to our foundation I have this

Little makeup palette I've actually Never shared it before but you can put Your favorite foundation and then one or Two drops of this mix it together with Your foundation brush and apply it to Your face and it seriously just it works So well I mean truly it just brightens Your skin it plumps your skin it makes Your skin look so youthful and my fav Favorite part is you're literally Infusing good ingredients into your skin All day long but let's move on to the Blush or Contour trick now we're gonna Actually try to kind of get away from What we've been taught for probably the Last 50 years which is when you apply Contour or blush you basically want to Put Contour in the hollows of your Cheeks and you want to you want to smile When you're applying blush okay we want Those apples of the cheeks but the Problem is but when you stop smiling Which we don't most people don't just Walk around their whole life and just They're constantly smiling we have just Like a normal face but when you stop Smiling and let your face relax Naturally it droops everything down and It just makes you look a lot older what You need to do is when you're applying Your Contour or your blush don't smile And you really just want to focus it up On the tops of your cheekbones like kind Of like the top of your face in a way

Like under your eye and bring it all Around like you just want to lift it Creates a beautiful lifted effect which Makes you look younger the next trick Into looking younger involves our girls I'm really not This isn't my department I have noticed This unfortunately see the thing is I'm Not going to say you need to be big you Need to be small you know the thing is As we age gravity happens and we we know This but I notice that if people are Very saggy droopy that's when you can Look older than you really are and Here's just a diagram kind of showing That like it's the same I mean granted Kind of like a cartoon but it's the same Body but if it's a little bit droopy it Just instantly makes the person look Older you guys probably know this and This again is something that you know Isn't really my department but I did a Lot of research on this and this is the Number one best-selling lifting bra on Amazon and so people just love this it's Apparently super comfortable it's only 22 dollars it comes in different colors And it just lifts your girls up and it Makes you look younger and I also love How there are different strap options so That you can adjust them to make it work For whatever top you're wearing next Involves a couple fashion tricks into Instantly looking younger I mean like

Years off of your life and one you're Gonna be maybe okay with the other Suggestion a lot of you are going to Hate let's start with the one you'll be More receptive to and that is athleisure Anything that looks a little bit Athletic a little bit sporty it Instantly makes you look younger more Energetic it's so comfortable it's so Easy it's really just a win-win so here I'm wearing some good biker shorts I Threw on a sweatshirt some sneakers some Sunnies I'm telling you this will take Years off of your life in it like not Like you're done I mean like you'll look Younger so that's simple now the other One the one that you're not going to Like is I don't care what you say you Might hate this but if you wear Distressed denim You're gonna look younger I know so many Of you are going to disagree with me and I know so many of you are going to just Not like it because you're like why Would I ever wear jeans with holes in Them I understand but it's a younger Thing to do and when I see women that Are maybe in their 40s or their 50s or In their 60s or 70s and they're wearing Some nice distressed denim I'm telling You they look younger and there's Different levels of it you don't have to Go full on ripped okay you can just have Like a little a little like accent you

Could go simple but I'm telling you this Little detail works like a charm now This next one is a doozy I mean wait Till you see what I'm even talking about And it all has to do with your hair Style and I have some examples that will Prove that your hair alone will make you Look younger or older let's start with The one that's a little bit more Dramatic it's the one that's going Around all of social media Tech talk It's illustrating how Jennifer Lopez and The Golden Girl Rue McClanahan it just Shows them both at age 50. okay so Here's that photo I don't love this Comparison because I really think that JLo's kind of airbrushed and I don't Know but it kind of shows that they're The same exact age but obviously JLo Looks insanely younger now here is Another photo comparison that I found Um this is them when they're both age 51. now this isn't nearly as like Airbrushed and it kind of just shows Their skin texture but really the main Difference here and what I'm trying to Tell you is if you have an older Hairstyle it's gonna make you look darn Old and I know JLo looks great but I Have even more examples to prove this Let's talk about Melissa Joan Hart who Is best known for her time on Sabrina The Teenage Witch I used to watch that Show all the time when I was younger but

I love this comparison because her two Aunts in this photo are ages 32 and 37 Okay but now here's a picture beside That of Melissa Joan Hart present day Age 44 and because of her her hairstyle Look how much younger and Youthful she Looks compared to her aunts back in the Day who in that photo are way younger Than her at age 44. now here's another Side by side comparison of Angela Lansbury and Demi Moore who are both age 58 in these photos now obviously Demi Moore looks a lot younger and I really Think it's because she has a much Younger hairstyle so I just want you Guys to keep this in mind the key Takeaway here is if you've had the same Hairstyle for the last couple decades it Might be time to update it and get a Younger hairstyle this next trick is Kind of weird but I think a lot of you Will really like it if you actually try It and it's applying raw honey to your Face as like a face mask now raw honey Actually does so many good things for Our skin the number one thing though is Adding moisture to the super deep layers Of our skin that's you know a way to Look younger is to plump up our skin With hydration and it reduces the fine Lines and wrinkles but it's also Something that really helps with acne so If you have acne or maybe you know Somebody that struggles with acne they

Should try applying raw honey to their Face because it kills the bacteria that Causes it and it dramatically reduces The inflammation in our skin so it's Kind of enjoyable you can just lay there Maybe lick some off of your face and Then wash it off in five or ten minutes Now if you want to bust out the big guns As far as anti-aging you need to at Least look into the red light face masks Now this is by Dr Dennis gross and I Love it I've had it for a few years now And I love it so much because it has red Light and blue light okay and you can Actually use the red and blue light at The same exact time for only three Minutes a day it's seriously so simple And it's comfortable if you haven't Heard of I mean I'm sure a lot of you Have heard the benefits of red light but I feel like that's the most beneficial For anti-aging and looking younger Because it literally boost collagen Production in your face which is going To make you less wrinkled the blue light Though is great for acne if you have Some acne breakouts this will just give You clearer skin but you just turn it on And you can either do just the red or Just the blue or both at the same time Again only for three minutes it's pricey But guys it works this next one is life Changing I'm so excited to share this One with you because it's legit so back

In 2009 a famous scientist discovered This Elizabeth Blackburn and it was so Good that she literally won a Nobel Prize that year for this discovery so She discovered that at the end of Everyone's chromosomes there's what's Called telomeres and if you have longer Telomeres you age at a much slower pace And you just look way younger now if you Have shorter telomeres that means you're Aging really fast you're starting to Look more wrinkled you probably aren't Feeling so great and so she found two Specific ways to literally lengthen Those telomeres the first one is eating More seaweed And the second one is getting at least Seven hours of sleep which we already Touched upon now eating more seaweed Sounds difficult but really all you need To do is get some of that spirulina Powder and you can just add that into Some smoothies I also have these Chlorella tablets which is also a form Of seaweed and algae that gives those Same benefits that literally lengthen Your telomeres now again if you have Trouble sleeping consider the beam dream Powder this will not only make you just Sleep better and more restful and all of That but you'll actually just fall Asleep and stay asleep so again Everything that I talked about in this Video will be linked Down Below in the

Description box and also pinned in the Comments section but don't forget to use My code Shea for beam to get 40 off your Order and then 20 off the following Months and again you can cancel at any Time Um but I hope you enjoyed this video Please subscribe if you're new and I'll See you in my next one bye okay