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Here are nine style mistakes I used to Make but have since fixed and I'd be Willing to bet a lot of you guys still Make some of these mistakes so I want to Share the outfit photo of myself that Inspired this whole video and I actually Have quite a few photos to share with You but I was just scrolling through my Phone and I came across this outfit that I posted not even that long ago and I Immediately noticed something was off About this outfit it could have been Better this whole video is about having Good clothes but maybe you're just Executing the outfit wrong like you There's just like little tips and tricks I want to share with you guys so this is Me not incorporating the sandwich method Which is what I do almost every day when I get dressed as you can tell I'm very Light on top and then dark and heavy on Bottom it could have been so much better If I used the sandwich method which I Think I've shared maybe a while ago but It's it's a life-changing thing so Here's just an example here's an outfit Where again not that bad but I'm dark on Top and then I'm wearing light shoes on Bottom it's instantly improved if I have A lighter shirt on top and then it Incorporates the lighter shoes on bottom I'm sandwiching those colors together it Looks so much better instantly and the Same goes for loose and tight clothes so

If I'm just bagging loose all over from Head to toe doesn't look good you don't Look put together not a great outfit Also if you're just skin tight from head To toe it also just looks off like it Doesn't look right and so this is a much Better example of a wellth thought out Simple but wellth thought out sandwich Method outfit just a few other quick Sandwich photos just for example so this Is a picture with me and Hayes at his Golf tournament and again I am wearing a Beigy camel color on top it's loose it's Bigger tighter leggings in the middle And then I'm sandwiching the color on The bottom again with that Camel color For the boots um and then we have this Photo I'm wearing a bright pink Blazer And I incorporate bright pink shoes on The bottom now you don't have to do this For every single outfit I'm just telling You that it's kind of like an easy thing To kind of process in your brain and it It just makes the outfit instantly look Good now another mistake I used to make And sometimes I still do but I used to Only ever wear neutrals like I would Never incorporate color and I know a lot Of you probably do wear color but a lot Of you watching this video you stick to Only black white and beige and here's Just an example I'm going to come back To this photo for other reasons but as You can tell here it's just all bland

This outfit is not doing me any favors I Really think that bright true beautiful Colors can really enhance your features And so I want to say a huge shout out to Thread up for teaming up with me for This video I love thread UPS so much I've shared them a lot with you guys in The past and it's just a wonderful Online resale platform where you can get Secondhand clothes like brand new with Tags sometimes excellent condition Amazing prices your favorite Brands Since spring and summer is coming up I Really encourage you guys to you know Maybe just go on there and find some new Things you can incorporate to your Existing wardrobe and maybe some you Know colorful things that you can wear This coming season now I am going to Share with you a few recent items I Ordered from thread up just to share Like the quality and the insane prices That you can get um but I do just want To let you know I'll have them linked Down below you can use my code Shay for $3 5% off your first order and free Shipping and I also am going to have my Favorites linked down below you can just Scroll through my favorites and just Kind of like shop some things that I Personally love um but let's get started With this top this crop top that I Ordered along with these jeans now You're going to notice I went a little

Hog Wild with Zara I just love the brand Zara and I don't have one near me um but You can filter by your size and your Favorite Brands and so this bright Beautiful crop top brand new from Zara The estimated retail price was $49 and I Got it for $11.97 and it's it's just fabulous and These jeans again Zara jeans estimated Retail also $49 and I paid $32.99 I love them they're high-waisted They're like the perfect length I'm Going to get so much wear out of these And then here is another tank top that I Got it's brand new and again I wanted to Incorporate that vibrant true color that Will be perfect for spring but this Green t top I got it for $66.75 I mean it's so good oh and then These jeans um I didn't try them on for You but I just wanted to tell you you Really can get things brand new still With tags so keep that in mind I got a Brand new pair of white jeans because I Think I got a big stain on my other ones And then we have this blue dress which I Just love the color it fits me really Well it's going to be perfect for spring And then this last outfit I just quickly Want to share with you again top and Bottom both from Zara but the green Patterned blouse it's so different and Unique it was only $16 I love it the Pants are casual and comfy but you can

Dress them up so I'm telling you guys You just really give thread up a try Because you can find so many good things At insane prices especially with my code Sheay for 35% off plus free shipping and Then as many of you know and can agree You know just shopping secondhand is Really good for the environment okay Let's move on to a good photo that I Found from 2019 so I'm going to Pat Myself on the back I feel like I was a Little ahead of my time so I found this Photo from years ago it's like it was Like almost 5 years ago actually where As you can see I am wearing some color On top it's bringing out and enhancing My features the shirt is a little bit Shorter um and then the pants are wider Legged they're high-waisted they really Kind of make my legs look a lot longer Than they really are a lot of people Were not wearing this type of outfit Back then but I do think it is really Flattering and so that's what I think You should keep in mind as far as shirts I used to wear a lot of longer torso Shirts and it just was throwing off the Body proportion it just made my legs Look short it like made my torso look Too long and so there are some tricks You can do to really you know flatter Your body and the one thing people are Going to say you know is you know when They tuck in their shirts it's going to

Give a bulge and so here's this photo That I found um this is when I started Incorporating that trick of maybe Tucking in your shirt um or maybe Wearing weing like a shorter shirt to Make your legs and your body look better But as you can see here the problem and Mistake I was making is especially with Sweaters and sweatshirts and bulkier Tops if you tuck it into your pants or Your skirt or whatever you're wearing It's going to give you a slight bulge And the thing is this doesn't look that Bad but this is because I took like 35 Photos and the Bulge was so bad this was Like the best one it was like kind of at An angle I feel like the lighting was Hiding it and so I want to share with You how to fix it so here we are with a Beautiful vibrant sweater that is Actually really thick I love this Sweater but when you just have it out Like you just have it out like hanging Down there you know it's a really Expensive sweater the bottoms are are Actually they're the thread up ones that I already wore but they're you know They're kind of tight but it's like They're good clothes bad execution okay So what you do it's so simple is just Get a maybe elastic belt like a kind of Like a waist belt and then you simply Put it around the sweater and then kind Of pull out the sweater to crop it and

Then you get no bulge but here is the After it's so much better again your Legs will look longer your body Proportion will look more flattering It's such an easy easy trick the next Style mistake is wearing outdated Accessories that fall hat I I wore that Way past its prime I mean the fall hat Was good for like two seasons but then It crashed and burned like many super Trendy things do you know the fall hat Now everyone makes fun of them there's Memes there's jokes there's all the Things about the fall and this was years After that so I feel like that just Dated me instantly and the same goes Like the Gucci belt thing I talked about That recently that was a very popular Thing again now if you wear it you just Look out of style this is a much better Belt option it's it's it it's just a Better option and I love accessories Because really can enhance an outfit and Take it to the next level but it can Also really detract if it's just out of Style okay let's go back to this photo Can you spot the problem with this photo It's the ankle booties you can still get Ankle boots people still wear them I see I I still see it all the time but I just Think they are so unflattering for your Legs really they are they just cut off Your legs they make them look short and Stubby and if you want to wear boots

With a skirt or a dress I would say skip The ankle booties and maybe go for a Taller pair of boots that have some heel And that are kind of in the beige tone Of your legs it doesn't have to match Perfectly but that will elongate your Legs it'll keep you semiwarm you know Because they still are boots but I think This is a much better style option now This next style mistake I couldn't find A photo of it but I know I did it all The time I would just hide it and it was Wearing jeans that were too loose and They would kind of turn into diaper butt Pants um and so I recently in the last Year found these Jean buttons from Amazon I can link them below they're Super cheap but they come in tons of Different button color so that they Match your jeans perfectly and you can Literally fix your jeans in like 10 Seconds flat you just insert the I guess Kind of like a needle or whatever into The one side of the jeans um create a New button ascent entually put the Backing on the back and then you can Clasp the jeans kind of like in a Crossover style so it makes makes the Jeans look so much better on your waist And your butt it makes them instantly Fit better and there is just great to Have on hand so I do this you know not That often but every so often because Even if I get a pair of jeans they might

Initially fit me well but some jeans Just stretch and then they get too big And too loose and so you can you can Incorporate this now I'm also going to Link down below um a jean extender like A button extender so that if maybe you Do gain a little bit of weight you can Actually still wear the jeans and you Can actually extend the button to fit a Bigger size so those are that's another Option to keep in mind the next style Mistake I know so many of you make I Actually don't I pride myself on I never I never actually do this but it is Having a wedding or maybe a a fancy Occasion coming up and you at the last Minute or like I need a new dress and Then you you know make a rash decision Very last minute maybe it's expensive Maybe it doesn't fit you perfectly but You're like under the gun and so you buy Something because you're you ran out of Time essentially um so stop doing that Really think about you know the Functions you have coming up and get Something ahead of time so you can find And spend money on something you Actually love and that you'll want to Wear but that made me think of the Mistake I did used to make which is I Would go to said wedding or said dressy Function in a really pretty dress and Then I would throw on like a dumb casual Puffer coat like I would do this all the

Time stupid no just make sure you have a You know doesn't have to be super fancy But just like a more nice like just a Nicer maybe peac coat or trench coat or Something that actually fits the Aesthetic of the dress you're wearing This is obviously an example of it and By the way I wasn't even planning on Incorporating this but this black dress Is also from thread up I got it like 6 Months ago and I wore it out to a date Night like this fancy restaurant dress I Went to I love it it fits me beautifully I got it for a steel I remember this was Like under 20 bucks I think um and no One would ever no now another mistake I Used to make and I'm trying to stop Because this is a very recent example But it's buying something expensive just Because you liked it on someone Else so this is Daniel Bernstein so she Is the influencer or the fashion person Behind the Instagram account we were What and I Immediately zoomed in on the boots I Love these boots I mean my goodness the First time I saw these boots I just Wanted the boots but they were so Expensive they are so expensive they are Designer they're like $1,000 it's like Embarrassing but I thought about these Boots for weeks finally I pulled the Trigger I treated myself I splurged I Got the boots so here are my boots and

Then here's what I look like in them not Nearly as cool uh as as her um I feel Like I look kind of frumpy because my Legs aren't nearly as long as hers and So I literally never wear the boots ever I've worn them one time and I thought I Looked bad I feel like just because you Don't have the same body or the same Height as somebody I'm not saying you Shouldn't buy it I mean I feel like I Recommend all kinds of clothes and you Should experiment I try to like usually Most things I recommend are affordable And you can kind of experiment with but Expensive Items it can it can crash and burn so That is mistake that I am I am trying to Fix but I hope you got some inspiration From this video again I will have thread Up link down below along with my Favorites and my code Shay for 35% off Your first order and free shipping Please Subscribe if you are new and I'll See you in my next video bye