Here are 9 of my current OBSESSIONS!!! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. Nécessaire:
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2. Shimmer Highlight Stick:
3. Fleece Zip-Up(S):
4. Aerie Flare Leggings(S):
Amazon Flare Leggings(XS):
5. Fleece Bath Towels:
6. Builder Gel:
OPI Bubble Bath Nail Polish:
7. Truvani Protein Powder:

8. Muffin Mug Recipe – these are approximates!! I usually just eyeball everything!
1/2 Cup Oat Flour
1 Tbsp. Protein Powder
1 Tbsp. Cacao Powder
1 Tsp. Baking Powder
Pinch of Sea Salt
1 Dropper of Stevia Leaf Extract:
(you can use honey or maple syrup instead!)
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Milk (add until mixture is no longer super thick)
Optional: Dark Chocolate Chips
**Microwave for 45 seconds to a minute & ENJOY!!! It doesn’t have to be fully cooked because there is no egg!

9. The Summer I Turned Pretty
The Buccaneers
Outlander (already mentioned that last year)

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Okay guys this is a good video I'm Sharing nine things I'm currently Obsessed with and I am not exaggerating When I'm saying that word like I'm Literally obsessed with these things I Either use them every day or I do this Every day I'll be sharing a muffin mug Recipe that is so simple and easy and Delicious clothes a couple beauty Products um even a couple TV shows that I know you guys would love and I bet you Don't even know is out there so Everything that I talk about I will have Link Down Below in the description box And I'll also pin everything in the Comment section so most of the things in The video I've actually never shared Before I've been making a little list You know saving things up for this video But number one I've definitely talked About before it's NSR I've teamed up With them for this video because I'm Obsessed with them and I know you guys Are too anytime I talk about NS a you Guys go wild just like me and so they Gave me a promo code it is Shay for 15% Off your entire purchase so you can Order or reorder whatever you want it'll Work work on everything um you can stock Up on your favorites or maybe try Something new I want to share my two Personal favorite things that I use Every single day I'm not exaggerating First the body wash this this is

Probably my favorite thing maybe I mean This body wash is the best of the best I Have them in all of my showers I've got My friends and my family hooked on it um I really recommend the eucalyptus scent Which I'm not even a big fragrance Person but this just smells so real and Natural I mean all of their product just so you Know very clean very healthy no bad Ingredients like I love this brand for a Lot of other reasons but this is such a Good um body wash they have Sandalwood Bergamont eucalyptus and they also have A fragrance free option and this just Has like omegas and vitamins and nitami Like it's just so good for your skin so That's number one but then I don't know I really like the body lotion which is Shocking because I'm not a lotion person Like this is the only lotion will put on My body and this is fragrance-free I Think that's the main reason I love it Because it doesn't smell like anything And it's not sticky and gross and it is Winter right now so I just feel like I'm Extra dry especially my legs even my Arms and this is all I will use um but It also has so many vitamins again some Niacinamide it gives you 48 Hours of Continuous moisturization so when you Use it you feel like you're not having To keep slathering it on for like over And over again like it's just so good

Anyway again my promo code Shay will Work for a lot of other things like a Lot of people love their body serum like That's a best seller there's there's a Lot so I will have them linked down Below put sheay um at checkout and You'll get 15% off your purchase so the Next item is kind of a last minute Edition I added it because it works so Good with the body lotion um but it Actually is this body Shimmer so it's a Really good price I just got it on Amazon and in the winter time I really Only use it if we're like going on a Date night or something like that but in The summer oh my gosh does it look Amazing with a swimsuit if you're Outside and like the sun's hitting your Skin this is it's like body Shimmer it's Not glitter it's like a shimmer so the Way I would recommend doing it is put on A little bit of lotion first that just Gives your skin just a teeny bit of grip And then if you notice this has like a Puff at the end and it comes with three Different shades one is more of like a Bronzy shade another is of like a rose Gold shade and then the last is this Like white Shimmer which this is Definitely my least favorite I like Never really use this one I feel like it Could be good depending on your skin Tone um but my two favorites are this And I will just run it over my deete

Like this area rub it in I'll even use It on my arms if it's like in the spring Or the summer and it just makes your Skin look fabulous it is amazing and so I wanted to share this because together Just Chef's k okay let's move on to some Clothing pieces I'm just never taking Off my body like every single day I am Wearing this exact same outfit I might Switch my clothes out to film and then I Put this outfit right back on if I go Somewhere this is what I'm wearing if You see me out and about this is what I'm wearing so this half zip it's not a Half zip it's a full zip that's why I Like it so much it's a full zip fleece Jacket from Amazon and it is so warm and Cozy on the inside and outside like I Just love wearing this I love how it Kind of like days popped up you can wear A little tank top underneath and just Kind of reveal it a little bit or you Can you know zip it the whole way up or It's just so good there's pockets it's Slightly cropped but not really cropped Like some people hate cropped cuz They're revealing their stomach it's Like the perfect length I love the color That I picked but it comes in like 15 Other colors I should probably order Another one the price is amazing the Quality is amazing like it is such a Good find on Amazon now if I'm wearing This zipup jacket or really anything

Else I can almost guar guarantee you That I'm rocking the flared leggings or Yoga pants on the bottom which I have Talked about in recent videos but I have A different brand that I want to mention Today that might be better for some of You so in the past I've recommended an Amazon pair which I stand behind like I Love that pair I still wear those all The time they have a nice crossover Waistline yoga pants or flared leggings I'm telling you are just more Comfortable than regular leggings and They look great around the house they Look great running errands they look Great with everything like they're just Amazing highly recommend them but if you Are taller or shorter the this pair from Airy which is American Eagles brand Might be a better option for you because You can get them in shorts or Longs um And they still have that same crossover Waistline so my assistant Katie she came Over recently and she's really tall and She was wearing these you know yoga Pants and I'm like where are those from Cuz like you're really tall and they Look a little bit longer and so she's The one that told me about these so I Ordered them myself just to test them Out before I I didn't want to recommend Anything but these are really good so Again if you're taller or shorter this Might be a better option for you but I

Will link both the Amazon and the Airy Version now maybe I should have talked About this next Obsession after the body Wash because it does involve taking a Shower but it's these fleece bath towels Guys have you tried the fleece bath Towels I bet so many of you haven't a Lot of you don't even know these exist But believe it or not I've been using These for probably 5 years I talked About these on my channel So many years ago and I still love them The kids have their own Josh has his own I mean I have my own but I actually just Reordered some they launched them in Like a striped version so I just got White and gray but you can get them in Solid colors I think when I showed them On my channel so many years ago it was The beige color they are the softest Bath towels but the kicker is you get Two bath towels that are really large For $23 like the price is amazing but They are the softest material on your Skin and they are incredibly absorbable Too and just the entire towel is like Really nicely sewn and lined and then in The center there's a little Loop if you Want to use that to hang it up even Though you don't have to tons of colors Different patterns as well just humor me And get maybe one pack two of them again For $23 just try it out and I bet you'll Be hooked next let's talk about my nails

Because I get a lot of questions about My nails like whether I use gel or Acrylic or dip which technically is Acrylic and all of that is a no I Actually use what's called Builder gel It's very different get kind of similar To Jill again insert my assistant Katie She's phenomenal I don't know what I Would do without her now like I love her But bonus she's actually a nail tech Like like she used to do that now she Just works with me but she does my nails Like every few weeks and they've never Looked better but she recommends Builder Gel this is something that comes in like A nail polish bottle you could do it on Yourself like I think she'll do it on Herself but usually this is something You would go to a nail salon and ask for But it's similar to gel but it is Stronger and it's more flexible and you Can build up your nail without having to Grind it down and damage your nail it it Strengthens them it nourishes them even Basically you just kind of paint it on Your nails it builds it up so it's a Super smooth surface and then you cure It under a nail lamp for literally 3 Seconds like it's an instant cured thing And then you can paint whatever color on Top you want I usually go with something Neutral today I just have a pink gel Color it's just so much better in my Opinion than acrylic it's better than

Regular gel because that can start to Chip it's just not as strong but this Doesn't damage your nails at all and Again my nails have never looked this Good next I want to share a couple food Items that I'm obsessed with that are Really really healthy I definitely like To eat clean even though I'm not perfect Uh so I want to start with this protein Plant-based protein powder that I found Myself um I think it's the best on the Market there's so many that are really Really bad this only has five Ingredients and that is it uh and then With this I want to share a muffin mug That I make almost daily with this but It's so delicious especially if you love Chocolate oh my gosh but back to this um It's called truvani and it's completely Organic no GMOs there's only five real Ingredients and I do have the vanilla Flavor but you can obviously get Chocolate I mean it literally checks all Of my boxes there's no soy there's no GMOs no gluten no Dairy no gums there's No weird like emulsifiers like seriously If you look on the back of the of most Protein powders I mean truly the list is Like this big this only has five Ingredients and it's like chia seed Protein pea protein pumpkin seed um Vanilla and monk seed extract which is Or monk fruit extract which is like to Make it taste a little bit better it's

Like a a good an actual good sweet Sweetener no sugar at all I love this I Can link this you can put it in Smoothies you can just add it to like Milk or water but I use it a million Different ways but I have started using It in what I call a muffin mug and so uh I made this recipe up myself in fact I Wouldn't even say it is it is really a Recipe because I just eyeball everything Every single day but I will put like a Real recipe Down Below in the Description box if you want to like Really try it out here is just a shot of All of the ingredients so you need some Type of flour now my personal preference Is oat flour but I will take oatmeal and Grind it in my blender until it's like An actual flour consistency or you could Just use almond flour that's another Personal fave I'll do a little little Bit of this um this plant-based protein In there stir it around I also like to Add cacao powder raw cacao powder that Is a super food especially if you like Chocolate that really helps and then I'll add some um uh baking powder just To have it rise a bit so it gets that Muffin or cake like texture I'll do a Little sprinkle of Celtic Sea salt or Himalayan sea salt that really enhances The flavor and then my liquids are Stevia extract now I am not a fan of Stevia a lot of cases because a lot of

It can be very processed but this is the Only one that I really think is good It's whole leaf stevia extract it's not Processed whatsoever but it really gives A nice sweet flavor but again it's not Going to spike any blood sugar it's not Sugar like it is really good so I can Link that if you're interested and then I will add vanilla extract that's always A good thing to add and then some milk Now I love raw milk you don't have to Use raw milk but I kind of just eyeball It I Stir It Up Until It's a nice Liquidy mixture and if I'm feeling Really crazy I'll add some dark Chocolate chips with no sugar in them And that's really good now I'll put that In my microwave for 45 seconds obviously You're going to have to kind of Guesstimate with your microwave because I feel feel like mine's kind of powerful You might have to do it longer but if It's if it doesn't cook the whole way Through I kind of like it a little bit Gloopy at the top because it kind of has That molten lava cake texture and There's no egg in this so you don't have To worry about you know cooking the raw Egg um but it is such a delicious Healthy treat it's something I will do After dinner and it's like a dessert but Literally every single ingredient is a Really really healthy whole food um Ingredient so I hope you enjoy that I'll

Have the recipe down below all right Guys let's talk TV shows because some People like movies some people like Reading some people have all these Hobbies mine I love to find a good TV Show after the kids go to bed so I have Recommended some in the past and you Guys really seem to enjoy it so I have Made another list for you guys to maybe Try so I'm definitely more into like the Romance drama type category I'm not Really into like guns and and Mafia and Mobs and killing that's not my thing Outlander was like my show I think I Talked about like a year ago and love Outlander if you haven't watched that You freaking should but then this is the One that you have I'm sure a lot of you Have heard about and you've watched it The summer I turn pretty if you have not Freaking watched the Summer I Turned Pretty you need to watch that show but This is the one that I feel like so many Of you don't even know exists like I did Not know I discovered this literally Myself um I was just clicking around Deep deep deep deep deep into streaming Things but it's called the Buccaneers But I would say it's similar to Bridgerton you know which is set in like The 1700s but it's like I don't know I Did really like Bridger 10 the Buccaneers is similar but so good oh my Gosh there's like a love triangle and

The acting is so good the whole the way Whole thing they do is just so good it Is on Apple TV so check that out if you Happen to get that there is one show That I was so so into recently I'm not Even going to say what it is but the Full God the whole time I was loving it And at the very end she died and I know A lot of you know what I'm talking about Don't put it in the comments and ruin it For everybody else but I'm not going to Recommend that one no no no no I don't Like a bad ending and that one was Really bad so anyway I hope you enjoyed This video everything that I talked About will be linked down below don't Forget about Ness and my promo code Shay For 15% off all of their products these Are fabulous Please Subscribe if you're New and I'll see you in my next video Bye